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Electoral Democracies
It ranks all the independent countries in three categories: Electoral Democracy, Pseudo Democracy and Dictatorship according to their electoral system. It also includes a list of the countries without elections.
Freedom in the World
It ranks all the independent countries according to their political freedoms and civil rights.

It also includes the website Freedom in the Territories which shows the same ranking for the related territories and non-independent regions.

World Rank
It contains a list of all independent countries in the world ranked according to
their HDI (Human Development Index) or living standard.
It means incomes, political situation, health system, social situation,etc....

The site also includes a link to World Rank in the Territories which includes the same statistics of living standard in the related non-independent territories.

A World in Trouble
This site shows the perception of the risk of a coup or a new conflict for every independent country. This perception is ranked in: HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, VERY LOW and NONE.
New Countries
This site shows the possibilities of some territories becoming independent. The statistics includes the short term chances and the long term chances of achieving independence.

It also includes another list which shows the statistics of some independent countries to be annexed into another country in the future.

Military Power Index
The Military power index shows the influence of the military forces in the societies of the independent countries.


Adam Carr's Election Archive It contains a huge database with the results of the past world elections
IFES provides information and links about worldwide elections.
Parties and Elections in Europe This site contains several electoral links.
Electoral Services International (former Code Incorporated) delivers election and registration supplies worldwide and provides customized materials to support secure voting worldwide.
Electoral Management Systems provides consulting services to support Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) and good governance programs that enhance political processes to improve the electoral cycle.
The International Observer also contains an electoral calendar and other political news.
ACE Electoral Knowledge Network provides authoritative information on elections, promotes sustained networking among reputable election professionals and offers capacity development services to electoral management institutions and electoral assistance providers.
Electoral Geography provides a map of elections worldwide.


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  • 14 August-Kiribati,Parliament


2 January-Marshall Islands,President (by the Parliament)
7 January-Bangladesh,Parliament
8 January-Puntland (Somalia),President (by the Parliament)
8 January-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Mayoral by-election in Morell
9 January-Bhutan,Parliament 2nd round
10 January-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Westlock
11 January-Sint Maarten (Netherlands),Parliament
13 January-Taiwan,President and Parliament
13 January-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Stewart
14 January-Japan,Local elections in 4 municipalities
14 January-Comoros,President 1st round
15 January-Iowa (USA),Republican Party Presidential caucases
16 January-Ohio (USA),Recall election in John Day
16 January-Florida (USA),Special election for Florida House of Representatives District 35
17 January-South AFrica,Municipal by-election in Mantsopa (Free State)
17 January-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Mayoral by-election in Northport
20 January-Texas (USA),El Paso City Council District 2 general runoff election
20 January-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Chase
21 January-Liechtenstein,Referendums on amending the law on the electronic health record and on proposals regarding photovoltaic requirements and on adaptation of building regulations
21 January-Japan,Local elections in 20 municipalities
21 January-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Cap-Saint-Ignace #5 and in Saint-Pierre-de-Lamy #2,#3 and #6
23 January-New Hampshire (USA),Republican Party Presidential primary elections and Special general elections for State House Districts Coos #1 and #6,Strafford #11 and Rockingham #21
23 January-Connecticut (USA),Special general election for Connecticut House of Representatives District 115
25 January-Nepal,Indirect Election of one third of the Senate
26 January-Tuvalu,Parliament
28 January-Finland,President 1st round
28 January-Japan,Local elections in 12 municipalities
28 January-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Baie-Johan-Beetz #2 and in Saint-Sévère #1
29 January-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-election in Conception Bay East-Bell Island
30 January-Israel,Municipal elections
30 January-Texas (USA),Special general runoff election for Texas House of Representatives District #2
30 January-South Carolina (USA).Special primary election for South Carolina State House District #109
30 January-Michigan (USA),Special primary elections for Michigan House of Representatives District #13 and #25
30 January-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-election in Conception Bay East–Bell Island
31 January-South Africa,Municipal by-election in Bushbuckridge (Mpumalanga)
3 February-South Carolina (USA),Democratic Party presidential primary election
3 February-Zimbabwe,Parliamentary by-elections in Goromonzi South,Seke,Pelandaba–Tshabalala,Chegutu West,Zvimba East and Mkoba North
4 February-El Salvador,President and Parliament
4 February-Costa Rica,Municipal elections
4 February-Mali,President
4 February-Azores (Portugal),Parliament
4 February-Japan,Local elections in 21 municipalities
6 February-Nevada (USA),Democratic Party presidential primary election
7 February-Azerbaijan,President
7 February-South Africa,Municipal by-election in AbaQulusi (KwaZulu-Natal)
7 February-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Provincial by-election in Borden-Kinkora
8 February-Nevada (USA),Republican Party presidential caucasus
8 February-US Virgin Islands (USA),Republican Party presidential caucasus
8 February-Pakistan,Parliamentary election and Local assembly elections in Punjab,Sindh,Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
11 February-Finland,Presidential runoff election
11 February-Japan,Local elections in 5 municipalities
11 February-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Montebello #2
12 February-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Mayoral by-election in North Rustico
13 February-Northwest Territory (Canada),Municipal election in Enterprise
13 February-Colorado (USA),Recall elections in Denver and Mount Crested Butte
13 February-Georgia (USA),Special elections for State House District 125 and State Senate District 30
13 February-Minnesota (USA).Special elections in Waseca and Wilkin
13 February-Oklahoma (USA),Special general election for Oklahoma House of Representatives District 39 and School board elections
13 February-Oregon (USA),Recall election in King City
13 February-Pennsylvania (USA),Special general election for Pennsylvania House of Representatives District 140
13 February-Washington (USA),Local elections in King county,special election in Thurston and local referendum in Spokane county
13 February-New York (USA),Special election for the 3rd congressional district and State assembly district #77
13 February-Canada,Municipal by-election in Lloydminster
14 February-Indonesia,Presidential,Parliamentary and Regional Council elections
14 February-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 1 municipality each of Free State,Gauteng and North West and in 2 municipalities each in KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape
15 February-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-elections in Kingswood and Wellingborough
18 February-Dominican Republic,Municipal elections
18 February-Portugal,Municipal election in Alvega e Concavada
18 February-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Lac-Frontière #2
18 February-Galicia (Spain),Regional election
18 February-Japan,Local elections in 16 municipalities
18 February-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in District 2, Lac-Frontière; Mayor and Districts 4 & 5, Chapais; District 4, Saint-Cyrille-de-Wendover; Sainte-Marguerite District, Sept-Îles
20 February-Wisconsin (USA),Municipal primary elections
21 February-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Grande Cache, Municipal District of Greenview
24 February-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Hudson's Hope
24 February-South Carolina (USA),Republican Party presidential primary election
25 February-Sardinia (Italy),Regional election
25 February-Comoros,President 2nd round
25 February-Belarus,Parliamentary and local elections
25 February-Cambodia,Indirect Senate election
25 February-Liechtenstein,Referendum on the direct election of the government members
25 February-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in District 4, Mont-Blanc; District 1, Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs; Mayor and District 3, Warwick; District 3, Saint-Adrien; District 3, Saint-Cyprien, Chaudière-Appalaches; Districts 3 & 5, Saint-Fabien; Mayor, Saint-François-d'Assise; District 5, Sainte-Justine; District 2, Saint-Léon-le-Grand, Mauricie; Mayor, Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse; District 3, Saint-Paul-de-la-Croix; Districts 4 & 5, Saint-Paulin
25 February-Japan,Local elections in Kasatsu,Higashikushira and Zao
26 February-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Village of Standard
26 February-Hungary,President (by the Parliament)
26 February-Jamaica,Local elections
27 February-Michigan (USA),Presidential primary elections
27 February-Ohio (USA),Recall election in Buckeye Lake
27 February-Israel,Municipal elections
28 February-South Africa,Municipal by-election in Govan Mbeki (Mpumalanga)
29 February-Palau,State election in Sonsorol
29 February-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election in Rochdale
29 February-Minnesota (USA),Special primary election for Minnesota House of Representatives District 27B
1 March-Iran,Parliament 1st round and Senate
1 March-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-election in Kinkora
2 March-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Chetwynd
2 March-Australia,Parliamentary by-election in Dunkley
2 March-Idaho (USA),Republican Party presidential caucasus
2 March-Michigan (USA),Republican Party Convention
2 March-Missoru (USA),Republican Party-administered presidential preference primary
2 March-Indiana (USA),Libertarian Party state convention
3 March-District of Columbia (USA),Republican Party presidential primary election
3 March-El Salvador,Municipal elections
3 March-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in District 3, Mont-Saint-Pierre; District 1, Cowansville; De La Gare District, Deux-Montagnes; District 3, Mont-Saint-Pierre; District 6, Notre-Dame-des-Bois; District 5, Ormstown; District 1, Saint-Célestin (municipality); Districts 3 & 4, Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu; District 2, Saint-Côme; District 1, Saint-Édouard-de-Fabre; District 2, Sainte-Irène; District 4, Saint-Jean-de-Cherbourg; District 2, Sainte-Thècle; Districts 3 & 6, Scotstown
3 March-Switzerland,Referendum on rising retirement age to 66 and to add a 13th monthly pension and Local elections in St Gallen
3 March-Japan,Local elections in Tsagara and Tsushima
4 March-Canada,Parliamentary by-election in Durham
4 March-North Dakota (USA),Republican Party presidential caucasus
5 March-California (USA),Judicial elections,Municipal primary elections in Los Angeles,Local elections in San Diego,Oakland and Orange,Mayoral elections in Riverside and Sacramento
and Recall election in Shasta county
5 March-United States,Republican Party presidential caucuses in Alabama,Alaska,Maine,Massachusetts,Minnesota,North Carolina,Oklahoma,Tennessee,Texas and Utah,
Democratic Party presidential caucases in American Samoa,Arkansas,California,Colorado and Iowa ,Democratic Party presidential primary elections in Utah,Virginia,Vermont and Virginia
and Republican Party presidential primary elections in Vermont and Virginia
Maine,Massachusetts,Minnesota,North Carolina,Oklahoma,Tennessee,Texas and Utah
5 March-Arkansas (USA),Judicial elections, Special mayoral elections in Bryant and Dyer
5 March-Massachusetts (USA),Special general election for Massachusetts House of Representatives District Worcester 6
5 March-Maine (USA),Special general election for Maine House of Representatives District 122
5 March-OKlahoma (USA),County elections
5 March-Rhode Island (USA),Special county election in Woonsocket
5 March-Tennessee (USA),Primary council and school board elections
5 March-Texas (USA),Judicial election in El Paso
5 March-Vermont (USA),Local election in Montpelier
6 March-Belize,Municipal elections
8 March-Ireland,Referendums on revising the definition of family 
9 March-Pakistan,President (by the Parliament)
9 March-Bangladesh,Local election in Mymensingh
10 March-Portugal,Parliament
10 March-Abruzzo (Italy),Regional election
10 March-Salzburg (Austria),Municipal elections 1st round
10 March-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in District 6, Papineauville; Mayoral by-election in Hatley (municipality); District 2, Lamarche; Laniel; Districts 3 & 4, Rapide-Danseur; District 5, Sainte-Angèle-de-Mérici; District 1, Saint-Étienne-de-Beauharnois; Mayor and District 2 & 3, Saint-Étienne-de-Bolton; Districts 5 & 6, Saint-Félix-de-Dalquier; Districts 2 & 4, Sainte-Florence; Districts 2 & 6, Saint-Léon-le-Grand, Bas-Saint-Laurent; District 2, Sainte-Marguerite-Marie; Mayor, Sainte-Sabine
10 March-Japan,Local elections in 8 municipalities
12 March-Georgia (USA),Republican Party presidential caucasus
12 March-Hawaii (USA),Republican Party presidential caucasus
12 March-Mississippi (USA),Democratic Party presidential primary election
12 March-Washington (USA),Presidential primary elections
12 March-Northern Marianas (USA),Democratic Party presidential primary election
12 March-Arizona (USA),Mayoral election in Tempe
12 March-Georgia (USA),Special general elections runoff for State House District 125 and State Senate 30
and Special council elections in Hazlehurst,Blythe,Homerville,Jackson,Monticello and Pine Lake
12 March-Minnesota (USA),Tonwship elections
12 March-Nebraska (USA),Recall election in Brule
12 March-New Hampshire (USA),Special general elections for State House districts Rockingham 21 and Strafford 11
12 March-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Municipal by-election in St John's #4
12 March-Cook Islands (New Zealand),Local Assembly by-election in Penrhyn
13 March-San Marino,Indirect Elections of two Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of the State)
13 March-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in uMshwathi and Newcastle (KwaZulu-Natal),Moretele (North West) and Emfuleni (Gauteng)
14 March-Vanuatu,Parliamentary by-election in Ambrym
15 March-Northern Marianas (USA),Republican Party presidential caucasus
15-17 March-Russia,President
16 March-Guam (USA),Republican Party Convention
16 March-Texas (USA),Minor party county conventions
16 March-Utah (USA),Conventions
16 March-West Virginia (USA),Libertarian Party convention
16 March-Queensland (Australia),Local government elections,Mayoral elections in Brisbane and Gold Coast and State assembly by-elections in Inala and Ipswich
16 March-South Australia (Australia),First Nations elections
16 March-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Creston
17 March-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Districts 3, 4, 5, & 6, Gallichan; Mayoral by-election in Grosses-Roches; District 4, Guérin; Mayor and Districts 2 & 6, Macamic; Districts 2, 3 & 6, Saint-Pierre-de-Lamy
17 March-Japan,Local elections in 10 municipalities
18 March-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-election in Linkletter
19 March-United States,Republican Party presidential primary elections in Arizona,Florida,Illinois,Kansas and Ohio and Democratic Party presidential primery elections in Illinois,Kansas and Ohio
19 March-California (USA),Special primary for U.S. House California District 20
19 March-Iowa (USA),Special election in Des Moines
19 March-Illinois (USA),Special primary elections for State Senate Districts 5,20 and 53,Special elections in Des Moines,Greater Chicago and Cook county
19 March-Kentucky (USA),Special general elections for State House Districts 24 and 26
19 March-Minnesota (USA),Special general election for Minnesota House of Representatives District 27B
19 March-Ohio (USA),Special primary for U.S. House Ohio District 6
19 March-Utah (USA),Libertarian Party Convention in Weber county
20 March-Utah (USA),Democratic Party Convention in Weber county
21 March-Uganda,Parliamentary by-election in Dokolo
23 March-Louisiana (USA),Presidential primary election and Special primary elections for Caddo Parish Public Schools school board District 7
and for East Baton Rouge Parish School System school board District 8
23 March-Texas (USA),Minor party district conventions
23 March-Utah (USA),Democratic Party conventions in Iron,Salt Lake,Utah and Washington counties
23 March-Missouri (USA),Democratic Party presidential primary election
23 March-Slovakia,President 1st round
23 March-Tasmania (Australia),State election
23 March-South Australia (Australia),State assembly by-election in Dunstan
24 March-Salzburg (Austria),Municipal elections 2nd round
24 March-Senegal,President
24 March-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Kumamoto Prefecture and Local elections in 39 municipalities
24 March-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in District 1, Sutton,District 2, Baie-Sainte-Catherine; District 4, Dupuy; District 4, La Patrie; Districts 3 & 4, La Reine; District 6, Notre-Dame-de-Pontmain; District 3, Portage-du-Fort; Districts 3 & 6, Rémigny; District 2, Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly; District 3, Sainte-Rose-de-Watford; District 4, Saint-Isidore-de-Clifton; District 2, Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce; Districts 3&4, Saint-Joseph-de-Lepage; District 6, Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague; District 6, Saint-Luc-de-Vincennes; District 1, Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud; District 1, Sutton
25 March-Japan,Local election in Kosaka
26 March-Alabama (USA),Special general election for Alabama House of Representatives District 10
27 March-Malta,President (by the Parliament)
28 March-Tonga,Parliamentary by-election in Vava'u #14
28-29 March-Tunisia,Indirect election of the National Council of Regions and Districts
29 March-Utah (USA),Libertarian Party convention in Davis county
30 March-Utah (USA),Democratic Party Convention in Salt Lake and Cache counties
30 March-North Dakota (USA),Democratic Party-administered presidential preference primary
31 March-Turkey,Local elections
31 March-Japan,Local elections in Guyo and Hiraizumi
31 March-Thailand,Local elections in Loei
1 April-Delaware (USA),Municipal elections in Blades,Newport and Odessa
2 April-United States,Presidential primary elections in New York,Rhode Islands and Wisconsin,Nonpresidential primary runoff elections in Arkansas,Connecticut,Delaware and Mississippi
3 April-Pakistan,Indirect Senate election
4 April-Kuwait,Parliament
4 April-Belarus,Indirect election of the Senate
6 April-United States,Democratic Partypresidential primary elections in Alaska,Hawaii and North Dakota
6 April-Slovakia,President 2nd round
7 April-Poland,Provincial and commune elections 1st round
7 April-Switzerland,Local elections in Thurgau
7 April-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Lantier #3
7 April-Japan,Local elections in 11 municipalities
9 April-California (USA),Municipal elections in Berkeley,Lancaster,Stanislaus,Vernon and Whittier
9 April-Delaware (USA),Municipal election in Newark
9 April-Georgia (USA),Special general election for Georgia State House District 139,Special general runoff elections in Douglas,Emanuel,Wilkinson and Monticello
9 April-Minnesota (USA),Special elections in Mounds View and Stacy
10 April-South Korea,Parliament
11 April-Utah (USA),Republican Party Convention in Iron,Cache,Salt Lake City,Weber and Davis counties,Utah Forward Party Convention in Cache,Davis and Salt Lake City counties
and Utah Constitution Party Convention
13 April-Australia,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Cook
13 April-Wyoming (USA),Democratic Party presidential caucasus
13 April-Delaware (USA),Special election in Bethel
13 April-Texas (USA),Green Party Convention
13 April-Philippines,Special Geographic Area Referendum on municipality creation
14 April-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in District 3, Bonsecours; Districts 5&6, Denholm; Mayor and districts, 1,3,4,5,&6, Les Méchins; District 2, Saint-Édouard-de-Fabre; Mayor, Sainte-Hélène-de-Kamouraska; District 6, Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides; District 1, Saint-Roch-Ouest; District 6, Taschereau
14 April-Japan,Local elections in 29 municipalities
14 April-Texas (USA),Libertarian Party Convention
15 April-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-election in Fogo Island-Cape Freels
16 April-Alabama (USA),Nonpresidential primary runoff election
16 April-California (USA),Recall election in Calexico
16 April-Florida (USA),Recall election in Mexico Beach
16 April-Michigan (USA),Special elections for State House of Representatives Districts 13 and 25
16 April-Taiwan,Local by-elections in Taichung,Yunlin,Miaoli,Taitung and Yilan
17 April-Croatia,Parliament
17 April-Solomon Islands,Parliament
19 April-India,Parliament 1st phase and and State assembly elections in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim
19 April-Utah (USA),Republican Party Convention in Tooele
20 April-Utah (USA),Republican Party Convention in Utah County and Libertarian Party/United Utah Party state conventions
20 April-Wyoming (USA),Republican Party presidential Convention
20 April-Delaware (USA),Municipal election in Seaford
21 April-Poland,Commune elections 2nd round
21 April-Basque Country (Spain),Parliament
21 April-Maldives,Parliament
21 April-Puerto Rico (USA),Republican Party presidential primary election
21 April-Ecuador,Referendums on increasing security and fight organized crime
21 April-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Pike River #6
21 April-Japan,Local elections in 54 municipalities
21 April-Kosovo,Referendum in North Kosovo on the dismissal of four mayors
21-22 April-Basilicata (Italy),Regional elections
22 April-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Red Deer
23 April-Pennsylvania (USA),Presidential primary elections and Special general election for Pennsylvania State House District 139
24 April-North Macedonia,President 1st round
24 April-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 3 municipalities of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal,in 2 municipalities of Eastern Cape
and in 1 municipality each of Limpopo,North West,Western Cape and Northern Cape
26 April-India,Parliament 2nd phase
27 April-Delaware (USA),Municipal election in Milford
27 April-Louisiana (USA),Special election in East Baton Rouge and Recall election in Elton
27 April-Utah (USA),Utah State Party Convention and Special convention for Utah State Senate District 12
28 April-Puerto Rico (USA),Democratic Party presidential primary election
28 April-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in District 6, Saint-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud
28 April-Japan,Parliamentary by-election for 3 seats in Tokyo #15,Nagasaki #3 and Shimane #1 and local elections in 7 municipalities
29 April-Togo,Parliamentary and local elections
29 April-Democratic Republic of Congo,Indirect gubernatorial elections and Indirect 1st round of the Senate elections
30 April-New York (USA),Special election for the US Congressional district #26
30 April-Minnesota (USA),Special primary for Hennepin County Commission District 6
1 May-New Mexico (USA),Republican Party Convention
2 May-Ontario (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Lambton—Kent—Middlesex and Milton
2 May-England (United Kingdom),Mayoral elections including London,Manchester and West Midlands and municipal by-election in Blackpool South
4 May-Texas (USA),Municipal,recall and school board elections
4 May-Missouri (USA),Republican Party Convention
4 May-Tasmania (Australia),Legislative council elections
5 May-Panama,Presidential,Parliamentary and municipal elections
5 May-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Saint Sixte #2
6 May-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Norwich
6 May-Chad,President 
7 May-India,Parliament 3rd phase
7 May-Indiana (USA),Presidential primary elections
7 May-Michigan (USA),Special election in Delta,Recall elections in Flint,Ottawa and Ypsilanti and School board elections
7 May-California (USA),Special elections in Pluma,Contra Costa and Marin counties
7 May-Georgia (USA),Special general election runoff for Georgia House of Representatives District 139 and Recall election in Bowman
8 May-North Macedonia,President 2nd round and Parliament
8 May-Saskatchewan (Canada),Municipal by-election in Rural Municipality of Buckland No. 491
10 May-Iran,Parliamentary runoff elections
11 May-Selangor (Malaysia),Legislative Assembly by-election in Kuala Kubu Bahar
12 May-Lithuania,President 1st round and Referendum on double citizenship law
12 May-Catalonia (Spain),Parliament
12 May-Japan,Local elections in Uda,Shiranuka and Okutama
12 May-Lebanon,Municipal elections 1st stage
13 May-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Ramara #4
13 May-India,Parliament 4th phase and State assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh and 1st phase in Odisha
14 May-United States,Presidential primary elections in Maryland,Nebraska and West Virginia and Nonpresidential primary runoff election in North Carolina
14 May-Alaska (USA),Mayoral runoff election in Anchorage
14 May-Arkansas (USA),Special mayoral election in Pocahontas
14 May-Minnesota (USA),Special general election for Hennepin County Commission District 6
14 May-West Virginia (USA),State Treasurer election and municipal election in Wheeling
15 May-South Africa,Municipal by-election at Medbeng 
15 May-Yukon (Canada), Champagne and Aishihik First Nations council by-election
18 May-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Tahsis
19 May-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Chazel #3
19 May-Dominican Republic,President,Parliament and Senate elections
19 May-Japan,Local elections in 11 municipalities
19 May-Lebanon,Municipal elections 2nd stage
20 May-India,Parliament 5th phase and 2nd phase of State assembly elections in Odisha
21 May-United States,Presidential primary elections in Georgia,Idaho and Kentucky and Democratic Party presidential primary election in Oregon
21 May-California (USA),Special election for the US Congressional district #20
21 May-Florida (USA),General election in Orlando City Council Commissioner District 5
21 May-Idaho (USA),Recall election in Betty Heater
21 May-Oregon (USA),Special primary election for Multnomah County Commission District 2
21 May-Nova Scotia (Canada),Provincial by-election in Pictou West
23 May-Idaho (USA),Democratic Party presidential caucasus 
23 May-Texas (USA),Republican Party Convention
24 May-Democratic Republic of Congo,Indirect Senate elections 2nd round
25 May-United States,Libertarian Party National Convention
25 May-Oregon (USA),Republican Party Convention
25 May-India,Parliament 6th phase and 3rd phase of State assembly elections in Odisha
26 May-Peru,Mayoral by-elections in Ninabamba and Pion
26 May-Cambodia,Provincial elections
26 May-Japan,Local elections in 14 municipalities
26 May-Lebanon,Municipal elections 3rd stage
26 May-Madeira (Portugal),Local assembly election
26 May-Democratic Republic of Congo,Indirect Senate elections 3rd round
27 May-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-election in Baie Verte-Green Bay
28 May-Palau,State election in Kayangel
28 May-Texas (USA),Nonpresidential primary runoff elections
28 May-California (USA),Special council election in Berkeley
28 May-South Carolina (USA),Special election in Elloree and primary county election in Hampton
29 May-South Africa,Parliament
29 May-Madagascar,Parliament
29 May-Vanuatu,Referendums on amendments to the Constitution regarding the regulation of political parties and motions of no confidence
31 May-Palau,State election in Tobi
1 June-India,Parliament 7th phase and 4th phase of State assembly elections in Odisha
1 June-Iceland,President
1 June-Taiwan,Local by-elections in Taitung and Hsinchu
2 June-Puerto Rico (USA),Primary elections
2 June-Mexico,President,Parliament,Senate,Local deputees and Municipal elections and Gubernatorial elections in Chiapas,Mexico City,Guanajuato,Jalisco,Morelos,Puebla,Tabasco,Veracruz and Yucatan
2 June-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Barraute #3
2 June-Japan,Local elections in Kozagawa,Shakotan and Minato
2 June-Serbia,City elections in Belgrade
4 June-United States,Presidential primary elections in District of Columbia,Iowa,Montana,New Jersey,New Mexico and South Dakota
4 June-California (USA),Recall elections in Temecula Valley and Anaheim and Special election in Monterey
4 June-Colorado (USA),Recall election in Cherokee
4 June-South Carolina (USA),Mayoral by-election in Burnettown
6 June-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Port Hope #2
6-9 June-European Union,European elections
7 June-Ireland,Local council elections
8 June-US Virgin Islands (USA),Democratic Party presidential caucasus
8 June-Guam (USA),Democratic Party presidential caucasus
8 June-South Dakota (USA),Republican Party convention
8 June-Malta,Local council elections
8 June-Italy,Municipal elections 1st round and Regional election in Piedmont
9 June-Bulgaria,Parliament
9 June-San Marino,Parliament
9 June-Piedmont (Italy),Regional council election
9 June-Belgium,Parliamentary and regional elections and Indirect Senate election
9 June-Germany,Municipal elections in Baden-Württemberg,Brandenburg,Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,Rhineland-Palatinate,Saarland,Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt
9 June-Romania,Local elections
9 June-Hungary,Municipal elections
9 June-Cyprus,Local elections
9 June-Switzerland,Referendums regarding health insurance premiums,vaccinations and against a law of sustainable energy
9 June-Slovenia,Referendums on allowing the cultivation and processing of cannabis,on adopting a law that will regulate the right to medically assisted dying
and on introducing open lists for the elections of deputies to the National Assembly
9 June-South Ossetia (Georgia),Parliament
9 June-Quebec (Canada),Mayoral by-election in Gatineau #6 
9 June-Japan,Local elections in Chizu,Kanuama and Fukuchiyama
10 June-Ontario (Canada),Mayoral by-election in Mississauga
11 June-Ohio (USA),Special election for the 6th congressional district
11 June-United States,Nonpresidential primary elections in Maine,Nevada,North Dakota and South Carolina
11 June-Nevada (USA),Mayoral election in Las Vegas 1st round
11 June-Delaware (USA),Municipal by-election in Delaware City
11 June-North Dakota (USA),Special primary elections for  House of Representatives and Senate districts #9 and #15
13-14 June-South Africa,Indirect elections of the National Council of Provinces
14 June-South Africa,President (by the Parliament) and Municipal by-election in Lempele-Nkumpi
15 June-Indiana (USA),Republican Party state convention
15 June-Michigan (USA),Green Party nominating convention
15 June-South Dakota (USA),Democratic Party convention
15 June-Texas (USA),Municipal runoff elections
16 June-Liechtenstein,Referendum on building a new State Hospital
16 June-Japan,Prefecural assembly election in Okinawa Prefecture and Local elections in Ryuo,Biratori,Nakagusuku and Itoman
18 June-United States,Nonpresidential primary elections in Oklahoma and Virginia and 2nd round in Georgia
18 June-Alabama (USA),Special primary election for Alabama House of Representatives District 52
18 June-Florida (USA),City Council Commissioner runoff election in Orlando #5
18 June-Oklahoma (USA),Special primary election for Oklahoma State Senate Districts #46,#48 and Osage county
18 June-Oregon (USA),Recall election in Gervais
18 June-South Carolina (USA),Special town council election in Great Falls
18 June-Manitoba (USA),Provincial by-election in Tuxedo
19 June-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Cape Town,Beaufort West and in 7 stations in KwaZulu-Natal
22 June-Chad,President 2nd round
23 June-Japan,Local elections in Shimoda and Noda
23 June-Thailand,Local elections in Nakhon Sawan and Ang Thong
23-24 June-Italy,Municipal elections 2nd round
24 June-Canada,Parliamentary by-election in Toronto—St. Paul's
24 June-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Chestermere
25 June-United States,Nonpresidential primary elections in Colorado,New York and Utah and 2nd round in South Carolina
25 June-Colorado (USA),Special election for the 4th congressional district
26 June-Thailand,Indirect Senate election
28 June-Iran,President
28 June-Mongolia,Parliamentary and local elections
29 June-Mauritania,President
29 June-South Dakota (USA),Libertarian Party state convention
30 June-Japan,Local elections in 10 municipalities
30 June-France,Parliament 1st round
30 June-Thailand,Local elections in Pathum Thani
July-India,Indirect Senate (Rajya Sabha) elections
July-Democratic Republic of Congo,Indirect Senate elections 4th round
2 July-South Carolina (USA),Special election for city council in Ridgeway
2 July-Wisconsin (USA),Special primary for Wisconsin State Senate District 4
3 July-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Nikandla and Mogale City
4 July-United Kingdom,Parliament
6 July-Penang (Malaysia),Legislative Assembly by-elections in Sungai Bakap
7 July-France,Parliament 2nd round
7 July-Japan,,Metropolitan Assembly elections and by-elections in Tokyo,Prefectural assembly elections and by-elections in Kagoshima and local elections in 29 municipalities
9 July-Palau,State election in Ngiwal
9 July-Nebraska (USA),Recall election in Tom Phillips 
9 July-South Carolina (USA),Special election in Williamsburg
12 July-United States,Green Party National Convention
14 July-Japan,Local elections in Kitayama,Taiji and Kumenan
15 July-Syria,Parliament
15 July-Indiana (USA),Democratic Party state convention
15-16 July-Rwanda,President and Parliament
15-18 July-United States,Republican Party Convention
16 July-Alabama (USA),Special primary runoff for Alabama House District 52
16 July-New Jersey (USA),State 10th Congressional District special primary election
16 July-Colorado (USA),Recall election in El Paso
17 July-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Amahlathi,Newcastle and Matoslana
20 July-Michigan (USA),Libertarian Party nominating convention
21 July-Japan,Local elections in 12 municipalities
22 July-Oregon (USA),Recall election in Morrow
23 July-California (USA),Recall election in Millbrae
23 July-South California (USA),Special county election in Estill
23 July-Japan,Mayoral election in Oguni
27 July-Taiwan,Local by-elections in Pingtung and Changzhi
27 July-Saskatchewan (Canada),Municipal elections in resort villages
28 July-Venezuela,President
28 July-Japan,Local elections in Mihara,Fujimi and Noboribetsu
30 July-South Dakota (USA),Nonpresidential primary runoff elections
30 July-Arizona (USA),Primary elections
30 July-California,Special Referendums in California City
30 July-Wisconsin (USA),Special general election for Wisconsin State Senate District 4
30 July-South Carolina (USA),Special elections in Bishopville,Cross Hill,Hampton,Van Wyck and Six Mile
August-Palau,State election in Ngarchelong
1 August-Tennessee (USA),Nonpresidential primary elections
6 August-United States,Nonpresidential primary elections in Arizona,Kansas,Michigan,Missouri and Washington
7 August-South Africa,Municipal by-election in Setsoto
10 August-Hawaii (USA),Nonpresidential primary elections
12 August-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Black River-Matheson
13 August-United States,Nonpresidential primary elections in Connecticut,Minnesota,Vermont and Wisconsin
14 August-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 4 municipalities of Eastern Cape and 1 municipality each in Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal
14 August-Kiribati,Parliament 1st round
19 August-Kiribati,Parliament 2nd round
19 August-Sint Maarten (Netherlands),Parliament
19-22 August-United States,Democratic Party Convention
20 August-United States,Nonpresidential primary elections in Alaska,Florida and Wyoming
20 August-Florida(USA),Mayoral election in Miami Dade
24 August-Northern territory (Australia),State elections
27 August-Oklahoma (USA),Nonpresidential primary runoff elections  and mayoral election in Tulsa
28 August-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Johannesbourg,Thswane, 3  municipalities each of North West and Western Cape,
2 municipalities of Mpumalanga and 1 municipality each in Free State,KwaZulu-Natal
September-Styria (Austria),State election
September-San Marino,Indirect Elections of two Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of the State)
September-Macau (China),Indirect election of the Chief Executive
1 September-Azerbaijan,Parliament
1 September-Saxony (Germany),State election
1 September-Thuringia (Germany),State election
7 September-Algeria,President
8 September-Russia,Parliamentary by-election in Khakassia,Gubernatorial elections in Altai,Bashkortostan,Kalmykia,Stavropol,Zabaykalsky,
Astrakhan,Chelyabinsk,Kurgan,Kursk,Lipetsk,Murmansk,Orenburg,Sakhalin,Volgograd,Vologda and Saint Petersburg,
Indirect Gubernatorial elections in Crimea,Ingushetia and Kabardino Balkaria,Local assembly elections in Crimea,Sevastopol,Kabardino Balkaria,Karachay Cherkessia,Mari El,Tatarsat,Tuva,Khabarovsk,Briansk,Tula,Volgograd and Moscow and Widespread Mayoral and local council elections
10 September-United States,Nonpresidential primary elections in Delaware,New Hampshire and Rhode Island
10 September-Jordan,Parliament
11 September-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 3  municipalities of KwaZulu-Natal,,2 municipalities of  North West and 1 municipality each in Limpopo and Free State
14 September-New South Wales (Australia),Local council elections
14 September-Norfolk Island (Australia),Regional council election
18 September-United States,Special election for the New Jersey, 10th congressional district
20-21 September-Czech Republic,Senate elections 1st round
21 September-Edo (Nigeria),Gubernatorial election
22 September-Brandeburg (Germany),State election
22 September-Switzerland,Referendums
24 September-Palau,Presidential primary elections
27-28 September-Czech Republic,Senate elections 2nd round
29 September-Austria,Parliament
October-Sri Lanka,President
October-Ethiopia,President (by the Parliament)
October-Victoria (Australia),Local government elections
October-Palau,State election in Ngardmau
October-Guernsey (UK dependency),Parliament
October-Cape Verde,Municipal elections
6 October-Brazil,Gubernatorial and Municipal elections 1st round
6 October-Bosnia and Herzegovina,Municipal elections
6 October-Brcko (Bosnia and Herzegovina),Local assembly election
6 October-Tunisia,President
9 October-Mozambique,President and Parliament
13 October-Lithuania,Parliament
13 October-Belgium,Municipal elections
13 October-Voralberg (Austria),State election
17 October-Yukon (Canada),Municipal elections
19 October-Nova Scotia (Canada),Municipal elections
19 October-Australia Capital Territory (Australia),General election
19 October-British Columbia (Canada),Provincial elections
20 October-Moldova,Presidential election and Referendum on Constitutional changes
20 October-Kurdistan (Iraq),Parliament
21 October-New Brunswick (Canada),Provincial elections
26 October-Queensland (Australia),State elections
26 October-Georgia,Parliament
27 October-Uruguay,President and Parliament
27 October-Brazil,Municipal elections 2nd round
27 October-Chile,Regional and municipal elections
28 October-Saskatchewan (Canada),Provincial elections
November-Montserrat (UK),Parliament
November-Georgia,President (by the Parliament)
November-Okayama (Japan),Gubernatorial election
November-Toyama (Japan),Gubernatorial election
November-Palau,State election in Angaur
November-Pitcairn Islands (UK),Mayoral election
November-Sark (Guernsey,UK dependency),General election
November-Tanzania,Local elections
5 November-United States,Presidential,Parliamentary,Senate and State legislative elections,Widespread Mayoral elections,Gubernatorial elections in Delaware,Indiana,Missouri,Montana,New Hampshire,
North Carolina,North Dakota,Utah,Vermont,Washington and West Virginia,Judicial elections in Indiana,Missouri,Montana,North Carolina,
Oregon,Pennsylvania,Utah,Vermont,Washington and West Virginia
5 November-Puerto Rico (USA),Gubernatorial election
5 November-American Samoa (USA),Gubernatorial election
5 November-Guam (USA),Mayoral elections
5 November-Northern Marianas (USA),Municipal and Judicial elections
5 November-US Virgin Islands (USA),Local assembly election
5 November-Palau,President and Parliament
6 November-Madagascar,Local elections
13 November-Somaliland,President
16 November-Ondo (Nigeria),Gubernatorial election
24 November-Guinea Bissau,President and Parliament
24 November-Switzerland,Referendums
24 November-Romania,President 1st round
27 November-Namibia,President and Parliament
27 November-Indonesia,Gubernatorial and municipal elections
30 November-Mauritius,Parliament
December-Mauritius,President (by the Parliament)
December-Tochigi (Japan),Gubernatorial election
December-Palau,State election in Peleliu
December-Switzerland,President (by the Parliament)
December-Brcko (Bosnia and Herzegovina),Indirect mayoral election (by the city council)
December-Azerbaijan,Municipal elections
1 December-Romania,Parliament
3 December-Georgia (USA),General runoff elections
7 December-Louisiana (USA),General runoff elections
7 December-Ghana,President and Parliament
8 December-Romania,President 2nd round
22 December-South Sudan,President and Parliament

????-Galmudug (Somalia),President
????-Uganda,Local council elections
????-Kazakhstan,Referendum on the construction of a new nuclear power plant
????-North Korea,Parliament
????-Sri Lanka,Provincial elections
????-Kurdistan (Iraq),President (by the Parliament)
????-Libya,President,Parliament and Referendum on the new Constitution
????-Egypt,Senate elections
????-Tonga,Local elections
????-Timor Leste,Municipal elections
????-Palestine,President and Parliament
????-Sudan,Presidential,Parliamentary,Council of States (Senate),Local assembly,Gubernatorial and local elections
????-Central African Republic,Local elections
????-Lebanon,Municipal elections
????-Lebanon,President (by the Parliament) 13th attempt
????-Bangladesh,Local elections in Mymensingh
????-India,State assembly elections in Haryana,Maharashtra,Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand 
????-Punjab (India),Municipal elections
????-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Municipal elections 
????-Maharashtra (India),Municipal elections 
????-Uttarakhand (India),Municipal elections 


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