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3 January-Oregon (USA),Recall election in Turner
7 January-Namibia,Regional council by-election in Moses/Garoeb
8 January-Benin,Parliament
8 January-Portugal,Local Referendum in Vizela
8 January-Hong Kong (China),Rural village election 1st stage
8 January-Taiwan,Parliamentary by-election in Nantou #2
9 January-Japan,Mayoral election in Happo
13 January-Alberta (Canada),Municipal election in Ryley
13-14 January-Czech Republic,President 1st round
14 January-Kazakhstan,Indirect Senate election
15 January-Japan,Local elections in 11 municipalities
15 January-Karachi (Pakistan),Local government elections
15 January-Hong Kong (China),Rural village election 2nd stage
15 January-Paraguay,Regional by-election in Guaira
18 January-Antigua and Barbuda,Parliament
18 January-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 3 wards of KwaZulu-Natal
19 January-Tonga,Parliamentary by-election in Tongatapu #8 
19 January-Lebanon,President (by the Parliament) 11th attempt
20 January-Trinidad and Tobago,President (by the Parliament) 
20 January-Sahrawi Republic (Morocco), President (by the Parliament)
21 January-Slovakia,Referendum on calling an early parliamentary election
22 January-France,Parliamentary by-elections in Pas de Calais #8,Marne #2 and Charente #1 1st round
22 January-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Yamanashi and Local elections in 23 municipalities
24 January-Colorado (USA),Recall election in Cripple Creek
24 January-New Jersey (USA),Local runoff election in Trenton
24 January-Tennessee (USA),Special primary election for State House #86
24 January-Aimeliik (Palau),State Constitutional Referendum
25 January-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 2 wards of Limpopo and in 1 ward of Eastern Cape
26 January-Tokelau (New Zealand),Island council and mayoral elections
27-28 January-Czech Republic,President 2nd round
28 January-Victoria (Australia),State legislative by-election in Narracan
29 January-France,Parliamentary by-elections in Pas de Calais #8,Marne #2 and Charente #1 2nd round
29 January-Tunisia,Parliamentary runoff election
29 January-Japan,Local elections in 15 municipalities
29 January-Liechtenstein,Referendum on banning casinos
29 January-Lower Austria (Austria),State election
29 January-Portugal,Local Referendum in Sacavém e Prior Velho
31 January-California (USA),City council recall election in Downey
31 January-Alaska (USA),Recall election in Hoonah
31 January-Georgia (USA),Special elections for State House #172 and #119 and State Senate #11 1st round
4 February-Japan,Mayoral election in Mashike
5 February-Aichi (Japan),Gubernatorial election and local elections in 33 municipalities
5 February-Monaco,Parliament
5 February-Ecuador,Municipal elections and Referendum on 8 Constitutional changes
5 February-Vaud (Switzerland),Municipal elections in Eysins and Nyon
5 February-Cyprus,President 1st round
6 February-Ethiopia,Referendum in Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region on Regionalization 
7 February-Missouri (USA),Recall election in Ferguson
7 February-Pennsylvania (USA),Special elections for State House districts #32,#34 and #35
8 February-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 1 ward of Northern Cape and in Cape Town (Western Cape)
9 February-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election in West Lancashire
10 February-Alberta (Canada),Municipal election in Devon
11 February-Queensland (Australia),Regional Council by-election in Longreach
12 February-Cyprus,President 2nd round
12 February-Germany,State elections in Berlin
12 February-Switzerland,Executive Council and Cantonal Council elections in Appenzell-Innerrhoden,Basel-Landschaf and Zürich
12 February-Italy,Regional elections in Lombardy and Lazio
12 February-Portugal,Local Referendum in Benfica
12 February-Japan,Local elections in 8 municipalities
13 February-Bangladesh,President (by the Parliament)
13 February-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal election in Valley Waters
14 February-Alberta (Canada),Municipal election in Delia
14 February-Oklahoma (USA),Municipal election in Oklahoma City
14 February-Washington (USA),Special election in Seattle and municipal election in King county
15 February-South Australia (Australia),Local by-elections in Pukatja,Yunyarinyi,Anilalya and Turkey Bore
15 February-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 2 wards each of KwaZulu-Natal and of Western Cape
16 February-Tripura (India),State assembly election
17 February-Bhutan,Local government by-elections in 4 councils
18 February-Louisiana (USA),Special election for House #93
19 February-Japan,Local elections in 17 municipalities
20 February-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Kingston
21 February-Virginia (USA),Special election for US House #4
21 February-Wisconsin (USA),Municipal primary elections
21 February-Kentucky (USA),Special election for State Senate #19
21 February-New Hampshire (USA),Special election for State House #8
22 February-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 1 ward each of Eastern Cape and Northern Cape
23 February-Alberta (Canada),Municipal election in Halkrik
24 February-Djibouti,Parliament
24 February-Samoa,Parliamentary by-election in Vaimauga #3
24 February-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Robe
25 February-Nigeria,President,Vice President,Parliament and Senate elections
25 February-Philippines,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Cavite #7
25 February-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal elections in Peace River Regional District and Salmo
26 February-Japan,Mayoral elections in Mihama and Yamanouchi 
26 February-Maharashtra (India),Legislative assembly by-elections in Chinchwad #205 and Kasba Peth #215
27 February-Nagaland (India),State assembly election
27 February-Meghalaya (India),State assembly election
27 February-Arunachal Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly by-election in Lumla #1
27 February-Jharkhand (India),Legislative assembly by-election in Ramgarh #23
27 February-Tamil Nadu (India),Legislative assembly by-election in Erode #98
27 February-West Bengal (India),Legislative assembly by-election in Sagardighi #60
27 February-Florida,Special election for city of Miami Commissioner District 2
28 February-Illinois (USA),Municipal election in Chicago 1st round
28 February-Connecticut (USA),Special elections for State districts #6,#140 and #100
28 February-Georgia (USA),Special runoff elections for State House #172 and #119 and State Senate #11
28 February-Japan,Local elections in 6 municipalities
2 March-Vietnam,President (by the Parliament)
4 March-Taiwan,Parliamentary by-election in Taipei #3
4 March-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal elections in Invermere
4 March-Queensland (Australia),Councillor by-election in Woorabinda Aborigenal Shire
5 March-Lithuania,Local elections 1st round
5 March-Liechtenstein,Local elections
5 March-Austria,State election in Carinthia
5 March-Estonia,Parliament
5 March-Japan,Mayoral election in Shiraoi
7 March-Micronesia,Parliamentary elections and Gubernatorial elections in Chuuk and Kosrae States
7 March-Oklahoma (USA),Special election
7 March-California (USA),Special election
7 March-Florida (USA),Special primary election for State House #24 and Municipal election in Tampa
7 March-Maine (USA),Special election in Madison
7 March-Missouri (USA),Municipal primary election in St. Louis
7 March-Vermont (USA),Municipal elections in Montpelier and Burlington
8 March-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 1 district each in Eastern Cape and Western Cape and in 2 districts of KwaZulu-Natal
9 March-Nepal,Indirect Presidential election (by the Parliament and the members of the provincial legislatures)
10 March-China,President (by the Parliament)
11 March-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal elections in Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District
12 March-Switzerland,Local referendums in Bern and Geneve cantons
12 March-Vaud (Switzerland),Municipal elections 
12 March-Appenzell Ausseehoden (Switzerland),Cantonal elections 1st round
12 March-Cameroon,Indirect Senate elections (elected by the members of the municipal councils) 
12 March-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Harrington
13 March-Quebec (Canada),Provincial by-election in Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne
14 March-Arizona (USA),Municipal election in Phoenix
14 March-Tennessee (USA),Special election for State House #86
14 March-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-elections
14 March-Isle of Man (UK dependency),Indirect election of the Legislative council (Senate)
15 March-Netherlands,Provincial elections and Island Council elections in Bonaire,St Eustatius and Saba
15 March-Brcko (Bosnia and Herzegovina),Indirect mayoral election (elected by the District Assembly)
16 March-Ontario (Canada),Provincial by-election in Hamilton Centre
17 March-San Marino,Indirect Elections of two Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of the State)
18 March-Nigeria,Local assembly elections in all States and Gubernatorial elections in 28 States
18 March-Namibia,Regional council by-election in Okaku
18 March-Northern Territory (Australia),Legislative Assembly by-election in Arafura and Local government by-election in Gunbalanya
18 March-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, Watson Ward
19 March-Kazakhstan,Parliamentary and local elections
19 March-Montenegro,President 1st round
19 March-Lithuania,Local elections 2nd round
21 March-Florida (USA),Municipal election in Jacksonville
21 March-Georgia (USA),Special election for State House #75
22 March-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 1 district in Western Cape and in 2 districts of KwaZulu-Natal
22 March-Saskatchewan (Canada),Municipal by-election in Regina Beach
25 March-New South Wales (Australia),Legislative assembly election
25 March-Louisiana (USA),Special election for State House #93 and City primary elections in New Orleans and Baton Rouge
26 March-France,Parliamentary by-election in Ariege #1 1st round
26 March-Turkmenistan,Parliamentary and local elections
26 March-Cuba,Parliament
26 March-Argentina,Gubernatorial and local deputees elections in Corrientes  
26 March-Armenia,Local elections 1st stage
27 March-Northwest Territories (Canada),Municipal by-election in Fort McPherson
28 March-New Hampshire (USA),Special primary election for State House #3 Hillsborough
28 March-Virginia (USA),Special election for State Senate #9
28 March-South Carolina (USA),Special election for Columbia City Council #4
29 March-Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda),Island council election
1 April-Australia,Parliamentary by-election in Aston
1 April-France,Parliamentary by-election in Overseas Residents #2 1st round
2 April-France,Parliamentary by-elections in Overseas Residents #8 and #9 1st round
2 April-Paris (France),Referendum on banning rental electric scooters
2 April-Finland,Parliament
2 April-Bulgaria,Parliament
2 April-Montenegro,President 2nd round
2 April-Andorra,Parliament
2 April-Switzerland,Executive Council and Cantonal Council elections in Ticino,Lucerne and Geneva
2-3 April-Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy),President and Regional Council elections
3 April-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Provincial election
3 April-Alberta,Provincial by-elections in Slave Lake and in Brazeaur county
3 April-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Mount Gambier
4 April-Alaska (USA),Local elections in Anchorage
4 April-Wisconsin (USA),Judicial elections
4 April-Missouri (USA),Municipal elections
4 April-Oklahoma (USA),Municipal elections in Oklahoma City
4 April-Colorado (USA),Mayoral elections in Denver 1st round and Colorado Springs
4 April-Illinois (USA),Municipal runoff elections in Chicago and municipal election in Springfield
4 April-Los Angeles (California,USA),Special election for City Council, District #6
5 April-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 1 district in Gauteng and in 3 districts each of KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga
9 April-Japan,Gubernatorial elections in Hokkaido,Osaka,Oita,Kanagawa,Fukuai,Nara,Tottori,Shimane and Tokushima
and local elections in 64 municipalities
11 April-California (USA),Special election in Vernon
12 April-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Clare and Gilbert Valleys
15 April-Queensland (Australia),Regional Council by-election in Scenic Rim #1
15 April-France,Parliamentary runoff by-elections in Overseas Residents #2 and Ariege #1
16 April-France,Parliamentary by-elections in Overseas Residents #8 and #9 2nd round
16 April-Appenzell Ausseehoden (Switzerland),Cantonal elections 2nd round and Municipal elections 1st round
16 April-Argentina,Gubernatorial and local deputees elections in Neuquen and Rio Negro
16 April-French Polynesia (France),Parliament 1st round
18 April-Delaware (USA),Special election in Dover
19 April-Cuba,President (by the Parliament)
20 April-Bhutan,National Council (Senate) election
23 April-Austria,State election in Salzburg
23 April-Kosovo,Municipal by-elections in 4 municipalities
23 April-Japan,Parliamentary by-elections in Chiba #5,Wakayama #1 and Yamaguchi #2 and #4 and Local elections in 909 municipalities
23 April-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Cedar/ Le Village District, Pointe-Claire
24 April-British Virgin Islands (UK),Assembly election
24 April-New Brunswick (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Bathurst East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore,Dieppe and Restigouche-Chaleur
25 April-Florida (USA),Municipal runoff election in Tampa
25 April-Washington (USA),Special elections in Olympia and in King county
26 April-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 1 district each in Western Cape and in Free State and in 2 districts in KwaZulu-Natal 
29 April-Louisiana (USA),Municipal elections in New Orleans and Baton Rouge
29 April-Niue (New Zealand),Parliament
30 April-Paraguay,President and Parliament
30 April-French Polynesia (France),Parliament 2nd round
30 April-Uzbekistan,Referendum on Constitutional changes including extending the presidential term to 7 years
30 April-Japan,Local elections in Fukuchi
30 April-Gagauzia (Moldova),Gubernatorial election
1 May-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-election in Linkletter
2 May-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Beaverlodge
2 May-Indiana (USA),Municipal election in Fort Wayne and Municipal primary election in Indianapolis
2 May-Massachusetts (USA),Special primary elections for State House districts #9 and #10
2 May-Michigan (USA),Special recall elections in Cato,Belvidere,Adams and Keene
2 May-Ohio (USA),Special primary elections
2 May-Wisconsin (USA),Special county election in Milwaukee
2 May-Lincoln (Nebraska,USA),Mayoral election
2 May-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Beaverlodge
2 May-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Mount Barker
2 May-India,Municipal election in Shimla
4 May-Uttar Pradesh (India),Municipal elections 1st phase
4 May-United Kingdom,Local elections
5 May-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-election in Gumurr Miwatj
6 May-Texas (USA),Municipal elections 1st round
6 May-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Lions Bay
6 May-Tasmania (Australia),Legislative council elections in Launceston,Murchison and Rumney
6 May-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-elections in Alyawarr and Patta
7 May-Chile,Constitutional council election
7 May-Argentina,Gubernatorial and local deputees elections in Jujuy,La Rioja and Misiones
7 May-Sindh (Pakistan),Local government by-elections for 56 seats
9 May-California (USA),Municipal election in Sierra Madre
9 May-India,Municipal election in Chakma
10 May-India,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Jalandhar (Punjab)
10 May-Karnataka (India),State assembly election
10 May-Odisha (India),Legislative assembly by-election in Jharsugada #7
10 May-Uttar Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly by-elections in Suar #34 and Chhanbet #395
11 May-Uttar Pradesh (India),Municipal elections 2nd phase
11 May-Micronesia,President (by the Parliament)
11 May-Bermuda (UK),Municipal elections
12 May-French Polynesia (France),President (by the Parliament)
13 May-Mauritania,Parliamentary and local elections 1st round
14 May-Thailand,Parliament
14 May-Turkey,President 1st round and Parliament
14 May-Pakistan,Provincial assembly election in Punjab
14 May-Germany,State and municipal elections in Bremen and Municipal elections in Schleswig-Holstein
14 May-Appenzell Ausseehoden (Switzerland),Municipal elections 2nd round
14 May-Albania,Local elections
14 May-Argentina,Gubernatorial and local deputees elections in La Pampa,Tierra del Fuego,Salta and Tucuman
14 May-Japan,Local elections in Ishikari and Wanouchi
14 May-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Rivière-Rouge #1
14-15 May-Italy,Municipal elections 1st round
15 May-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Bastard and South Burgess Ward, Rideau Lakes
16 May-Kentucky (USA),Gubernatorial and municipal primary elections and Special election for State Senate #28
16 May-Pennsylvania (USA),Municipal and judicial primary elections and Special elections for State House #108 and #163
16 May-Georgia (USA),Special election for State House #68 1st round
16 May-Arizona (USA),Special election in Tempe
16 May-Colorado (USA),Municipal runoff elections in Colorado Springs and mayoral recall election in Walsenburg
16 May-Florida (USA),Special election for State House district #24 and municipal runoff election in Jacksonville
16 May-New Hampshire (USA),Special election for State House #3
16 May-Oregon (USA),Municipal elections
18 May-Northern Ireland (UK),Local Council elections
20 May-Sierra Leone,Parliament
20 May-Gambia,Municipal elections
20 May-New South Wales (Australia),Local government by-election in Lachland #D
21 May-Greece,Parliament
21 May-Timor Leste,Parliament
21 May-Argentina,Gubernatorial and local deputees elections in Formosa
21 May-Japan,Local elections in Kitaibaraki,Kasai and Adachi
23 May-California (USA),Local Referendums in  Beverly Hills
23 May-Ghana,Parliamentary by-election in Kumawu
24 May-Nigeria,Local Government Councils and Chairmen elections in Cross River State
24 May-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 3 districts of Gauteng and in 2 districts of KwaZulu-Natal 
25 May-Puntland (Somalia),Municipal elections
27 May-Mauritania,Parliamentary and local elections 2nd round
27 May-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Capital Regional District (Salt Spring Island Local Community Commission)
28 May-Turkey,Presidential runoff election
28 May-Spain,Municipal elections and Regional elections in Asturias,Canary Islands,Cantabria,Castilla La Mancha,Madrid,Murcia,La Rioja and Valencia
28 May-Andorra,Municipal elections
28 May-Japan,Local elections in Shimabara and Kunimi
28 May-Quebec (Canada), Municipal by-election for councillors #4 and #5 in Gros-Mécatina,councillor #3 in Saint-Basile,
for councillors #3 and #4 in Saint-Camille-de-Lellis, for councillor #1 in Sainte-Mélanie,
for councillor #5 in Saint-Michel-du-Squatec and for councillor #5 in Saint-Pie-de-Guire
28-29 May-Italy,Municipal elections 2nd round
29 May-Alberta (Canada),Provincial election
29 May-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-election in Summerside #3
30 May-Netherlands,Indirect Senate elections (elected by the members of the Provincial councils)
30 May-Massachusetts (USA),Special elections for State House districts #9 and #10
31 May-Saskatchewan (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Prince Albert #8 and Weyburn
31 May-Latvia,President (by the Parliament)
4 June-Guinea Bissau,Parliament
4 June-Mexico,Gubernatorial elections in Mexico And Coahuila,Local deputees elections in Coahuila and Senatorial by-election in Tamaulipas
4 June-Argentina,Gubernatorial and local deputees in Entre Rios and Local deputees elections in  Corrientes
4 June-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Aomori Prefecture,Metropolitan Assembly-by election in Tokyo and local elections in 10 municipalities
4 June-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in  Rosemère #5,Chute-aux-Outardes #2,Hemmingford #6,Lamarche #4,
La Martre #5,La Reine #6,L'Avenir #4 and #6,Laverlochère-Angliers #1,Les Escoumins #1,
Marsoui #3,Montcerf-Lytton #5,St-Éleuthère #2,Ripon #5,Sainte-Angèle-de-Monnoir #6,Sainte-Anne-du-Lac #1,
Saint-Barnabé #3,Saint-Benjamin #1,Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc #1 and #4 and  Thorne #5
6 June-Kuwait,Parliament
6 June-New Jersey (USA),State House and State Senate primary elections
6 June-Colorado (USA),Mayoral elections in Denver 2nd round
6 June-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections
10 June-Texas (USA),Municipal elections 2nd round
11 June-Montenegro,Parliament
11 June-Argentina,Gubernatorial and local deputees elections in San Luis
11 June-Luxembourg,Municipal elections
11 June-Portugal,Local elections in Ribeirao
11 June-Armenia,Local elections 2nd stage
11 June-Japan,Local elections in 10 municipalities
11 June-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Mgr-Blanche District, Sept-Îles,Authier-Nord #1 and #3,
Calixa-Lavallée #6,Laforce #3 and #5,Moffet #4,Normétal #3,Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours #1,Palmarolle #3,
Plaisance,Poularies #2,Saint-Aimé-du-Lac-des-Îles #5,Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu #5,Saint-Félix-de-Dalquier #2 and #4,
Saint-Pierre-de-Lamy #4,Saint-Ulric #4 and #6 and for the Prefect of the Minganie Regional County 
12 June-Guyana,Local government elections
12-13 June-United Kingdom,Indirect House of Lords by-election for 1 seat
13 June-Georgia (USA),Special election for State House #68 2nd round
13 June-Maine (USA),Special election for State House #45,Special election in Augusta and Municipal election on Portland
13 June-Oklahoma (USA),Local Referendums
14 June-Lebanon,President (by the Parliament) 12th attempt
14 June-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 2 districts of Eastern Cape and in 1 district of KwaZulu-Natal
15 June-Tennessee (USA),Special primary elections for State House #52 and #86
16 June-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-elections in Anmatjere,Rodinga,Luritja Pintubi and Southern Tanami
18 June-Mali,Referendum on the new Constitution
18 June-Argentina,Gubernatorial and local deputees elections in Cordoba 
18 June-Vaud (Switzerland),Municipal elections in Bursinel,BUssigny,Dizy,Orzens,Roche and Vucherens
18 June-Switzerland,Referendums on a global minimum tax on businesses,on a net-zero climate law 
and on the amendment of the COVID-19 Act
18 June-Japan,Local elections in 12 municipalities
18 June-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Wentworth #6,Armagh #4, mayoral by-elections in Biencourt and Cloridorme,
mayoral and councillor #3 by-elections in La Corne, mayoral and councillor #6 by-elections in Rémigny,
Rivière-Éternité #6,Saint-Charles-Garnier #5,Saint-Édouard-de-Maskinongé #4, for mayor and councillors #1 and #5 in Saint-Élie-de-Caxton,
Saint-Léonard-de-Portneuf #5, for mayor and councillor #1 in Saint-Luc-de-Bellechasse,Saint-Pierre-de-l'Île-d'Orléans #3
and for mayor and councillor #4 in Wickham
19 June-Canada,Parliamentary by-elections in Winnipeg South Centre,Portage—Lisgar,Oxford and Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Westmount
19 June-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Haldimand County ward #4
19 June-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-elections in North Rustico
19 June-North Dakota (USA),Recall election in Gladstone
20 June-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections
20 June-Virginia (USA),State House and State Senate primary elections
20 June-Missouri (USA),Municipal election in Kansas City
20 June-Wisconsin (USA),Special primary election for State House #24
20 June-Oregon (USA),Recall election in Gervais
22 June-Tennessee (USA),Special primary election for State House #3
23 June-Qatar,Municipal elections
24 June-Sierra Leone,Presidential and Local council elections
24 June-British Columbia (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Langford-Juan de Fuca and Vancouver-Mount Pleasant
25 June-Greece,Parliament
25 June-Guatemala,President 1st round,Parliament and municipal elections
25 June-Spain,Regional elections in Aragon,Balearic Islands,Extremadura and Navarra
25 June-Japan,Local elections in 11 municipalities 
25-26 June-Molise (Italy),Regional elections
26 June-Toronto (Canada),Mayoral by-election
27 June-New York (USA),Municipal primary elections
27 June-California (USA),Municipal election in Los Angeles county district #6
27 June-Colorado (USA),Recall election in Dacono
27 June-Ghana,Parliamentary by-election in Assin North
28 June-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Johannesburg and Thane (Gauteng),in 2 districts each of Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal and in Cape Town (Western Cape)
30 June-Vanuatu,Municipal election in Port Vila
2 July-Argentina,Gubernatorial and local deputees elections in San Juan
2 July-Japan,Local elections in 6 municipalities
4 July-Micronesia,Referendum on Constitutional amendments
5 July-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Mundare
8 July-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-elections in North Saanich and Stewart
8 July-Botswana,Parliamentary by-election in Serowe West
9 July-Japan,Local elections in 12 municipalities
9 July-Uzbekistan,President
9 July-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Franquelin #3,Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire #1 and #2,
Rapide-Danseur #3, for mayor of Sainte-Brigide-d'Iberville and Sainte-Émélie-de-l'Énergie #6
11 July-California (USA),Special election for Kirkwood Meadows Public Utility District
11 July-Wisconsin (USA),Recall election in Columbia county
11 July-Tasmania (Australia),Mayoral by-election in Launceston
13 July-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-election in Belyuen
13 July-Tonga,Parliamentary by-election in Tongatapu #10
15 July-Australia,Parliamentary by-election in Fadden
15 July-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-election in Katherine
16 July-Japan,Local election in Myoko
16 July-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Louis-Laberge District, L'Assomption,Hinchinbrooke #6,
Lantier #2,Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette #3,Notre-Dame-de-Lorette #5,Saint-Alexandre-des-Lacs #4,
Sainte-Élizabeth-de-Warwick #4,Saint-Léandre #1 and #2,Saint-Luc-de-Bellechasse #5,Sainte-Marguerite-Marie #1,
Saint-Norbert-d'Arthabaska #2,Saint-Théophile #1 and #3,Stratford #1 and for mayor and councillor #1 in Stukely-Sud
17 July-Bhutan,Local government by-elections in 5 councils
18 July-Alabama (USA),Special general election for Jefferson County Commission District 5
18 July-Wisconsin (USA),Special general election for WI State Assembly District 24 and Recall election in Taylor county
18 July-Aimaliik (Palau),State Constitutional Referendum
19 July-Japan,Local election in Iide
19 July-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 2 municipalities of 2 KwaZulu-Natal and in 1 municipality each of Eastern Cape,Free State,North West and Western Cape
19 July-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Tumby Bay
20 July-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-elections for 3 seats in Selby and Ainsty,Somerton and Frome and Uxbridge and South Ruislip
23 July-Spain,Parliamentary and Senate elections
23 July-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Gunma and local elections in 17 municipalities
23 July-Cambodia,Parliament
23 July-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Municipal by-election for councillors #3 and #4 in Esprit-Saint and for councillor #5 in Saint-Adalbert
24 July-Canada,Parliamentary by-election in Calgary Heritage
25 July-Massachusetts (USA),Special election for Boston City Council District 8
25 July-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Flinders Ranges
27 July-Ontario (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Kanata—Carleton and Scarborough—Guildwood
29 July-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Hudson's Hope
29 July-Western Australia (Australia),Legislative Assembly by-election in Rockingham
30 July-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in for councillor #6 in Causapscal
30 July-Central African Republic,Referendum on removing presidential term limits
30 July-Japan,Local elections in 16 municipalities
31 July-Massachusetts (USA),Recall election in Dartmouth
1 August-Arizona (USA),Municipal primary election in Tucson
1 August-Kansas (USA),Municipal primary elections
1 August-New Hamèshire (USA),Special primary election for New Hampshire House of Representatives Rockingham District 1
1 August-Washington (USA),Municipal primary elections and Recall election in Mason County
3 August-Tennessee (USA),Special general elections for Tennessee House of Representatives Districts #3,#52 and #86,Special election primary for Tennessee House of Representatives District #51
and Mayoral election in Nashville 1st round
6 August-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in  for councillors #1, #5 and #6 in Arundel and for councillor #2 in Ripon
6 August-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Saitama Prefecture and municipal elections in 28 municipalities
8 August-Colorado (USA),Recall election in Custer county
8 August-Alabama (USA),Special general election runoff for Jefferson County Commission District 5
8 August-Michigan (USA),Municipal primary election in Lansing
8 August-Minnesota (USA),Special municipal elections
8 August-Ohio (USA),Special municipal elections
8 August-Missouri (USA),Local Referendums in St. Louis and Cole county
8 August-Oklahoma (USA),Special election in Tulsa
8 August-Mississippi (USA),Gubernatorial,State House,State Senate and 1st round of municipal primary elections
8 August-Nova Scotia (Canada),Provincial by-election in Preston
10 August-Saskatchewan (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Lumsden-Morse,Regina Coronation Park and Regina Walsh Acres
12 August-Malaysia,State elections in Kedah,Kelantan,Terengganu,Penang,Selangor and Negeri Sembilan
13 August-Portugal,Local Referendum in Mazedo and Cortes 
13 August-Japan,Local elections in Morioka,Ide and Wazuka
13 August-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in District 3, Val-des-Monts and for councillor #4 Martinville
14 August-Trinidad and Tobago,Local elections
15 August-California (USA),Special election primary for San Diego County Board of Supervisors District 4
15 August-North Dakota (USA),Special election in Horace
15 August-Japan,Mayoral election in Fukushima
16 August-Ontario (Canada),Nishnawbe Aski Nation Grand Chief by-election 
16 August-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Renmark Paringa
17 August-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-election in Timber Creek
20 August-Japan,Local election in Hinode
20 August-Ecuador,Presidential 1st round,Parliamentary elections and Referendum on oil exploitation in the Yasuní National Park and a Local Referendum on metallic mining in the Chocó Andino area
20 August-Guatemala,Presidential runoff election
20 August-Congo Brazzaville,Indirect election of 1/2 of the Senate
20 August-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in  for councillor #1 in Gallichan and for councillor #3 in Saint-Cyprien
22 August-Alabama (USA),Municipal election in Montgomery 1st round
22 August-New Hampshire (USA),Special election for New Hampshire House of Representatives Grafton District 16
23 August-Zimbabwe,Presidential,Parliamentary and local elections
23 August-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 1 municipality each in the States of
Eastern Cape,Gauteng and North West
26 August-Gabon,Presidential,Parliamentary and local elections
26 August-Ontario (Canada),Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Seaway Claim referendum
26 August-Victoria (Australia),State by-election in Warrandyte
27 August-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in  Chénéville #,Lac-des-Plages #2,#3 and #6,Lac-Saguay #1,
Notre-Dame-Auxiliatrice-de-Buckland #4, for mayor and councillor #3 in Saint-Edmond-les-Plaines,Saint-Félix-de-Dalquier #4 and #5,
for mayor and councillors #2 and #3 in Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu and for councillor #4 in Saint-Mathieu-de-Rioux
29 August-California (USA),Special elections in Monterey and Stanislaus county
29 August-Mississippi (USA),Municipal primary runoff elections
29 August-Virginia (USA),Special general election for Virginia House of Delegates District 6
31 August-Japan,Local elections in 31 municipalities
1 September-Singapore,President
2 September-Cote d'Ivoire,Regional elections
2 September-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-election in Lyons
3 September-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Iwate and local elections in 13 municipalities
3 September-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections for councillor #4 in Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc
5 September-Rhode Island (USA),Special primary elections for State House #1 and State Senate #1
5 September-South Carolina (USA),Special primary elections for State Senate #42
5 September-Utah (USA),Special primary elections for US House #2
5 September-Colorado (USA),Recall election in Elizabeth
5 September-Georgia (USA),Recall election in Woodbury
5 September-Uttar Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly by-election in Ghosi #354
5 September-Jharkhand (India),Legislative assembly by-election in Dumri #33
5 September-Kerala (India),Legislative assembly by-election in Puthuppally #98
5 September-Tripura (India),Legislative assembly by-elections in Boxangar #20 and Dhanpur #33
5 September-Uttarakhand (India),Legislative assembly by-election in Bageshwar #47
5 September-West Bengal (India),Legislative assembly by-election in Dhupguri #15
6 September-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Penhold
7 September-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Taber
7 September-Vanuatu,Parliamentary by-elections in Tanna and Malekula
7 September-Sark (Guernsey,Uk dependency),Parliamentary by-elections for 3 seats
9 September-Maldives,President 1st round
9 September-Artsakh (Azerbaijan),President (by the Parliament)
9 September-Malaysia,Parliamentary by-election in Pulai
9 September-Johor State (Malaysia),State assembly by-election in Simpang Jeram
9 September-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-election in Kakadu
10 September-Argentina,Gubernatorial and local deputees elections in Santa Fe
10 September-Russia,Parliamentary by-elections,Gubernatorial elections in 21 Republics and Territories,Presidential election in Khakassia Republic,
Mayoral election in Moscow,Local assembly elections in 16 Republics and Territories and Local elections
10 September-Japan,Local elections in 16 municipalities
10 September-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections for councillor #6 in Calixa-Lavallée and for councillor #3 in Saint-Sévère
11 September-Norway,Local elections
12 September-Connecticut (USA),Municipal primary election in Hartford
12 September-Massachusetts (USA),City primary election in Boston
12 September-North Carolina (USA),Municipal primary election in Charlotte
12 September-Nebraska (USA),Recall election in Crofton
12 September-New York (USA),Special election for New York State Assembly District 27
12 September-Oklahoma (USA),Special general election for Cleveland County Commissioner District 2
12 September-Oregon (USA),Recall election in Grants Pass
12 September-South Dakota (USA),Recall election in Baltic
12 September-American Samoa (USA),Special election for State House #1
13 September-South Africa,Municipal by-election in Mbhashe
14 September-Tennessee (USA),Special election for Tennessee House of Representatives District #51 and Mayoral runoff election in Nashville
15 September-San Marino,Indirect Elections of two Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of the State)
15 September-Samoa,Parliamentary by-election in Faleata #4
16 September-Cote d'Ivoire,Indirect Senate election
16 September-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Harrison Hot Springs
17 September-Japan,Local elections in 9 municipalities
17 September-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections Dolbeau-Mistassini #2,Cookshire-Eaton #1,Montmagny #1,
Saint-Augustin #3,Saint-David #6,Sainte-Euphémie-sur-Rivière-du-Sud #2,St-Joseph-de-Coleraine #3
and for councillor #3 in Saint-Pie
17 September-Argentina,Gubernatorial and local deputees elections in Chaco
17 September-Armenia,City council elections in Yerevan
18 September-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Mayoral and municipal by-election in Alberton
18 September-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Norwich #2
18 September-Dominica,Village council election in Campbell/Despor
19 September-New Hampshire (USA),Special general election for New Hampshire House of Representatives Rockingham District 1 and
Special primary election for New Hampshire House of Representatives Hillsborough District 3
19 September-Pennsylvania (USA),Special general election for Pennsylvania House of Representatives District 21
19 September-United Kingdom,Indirect House of Lords by-election for 1 seat
24 September-Argentina,Gubernatorial and local deputees elections in Mendoza
24 September-France,Indirect Senate elections for 1/3 of the members
24 September-Madeira (Portugal),Regional Assembly election
24 September-Japan,Local elections in 20 municipalities
24 September-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Biencourt #3,Bolton-Est #4,La Bostonnais #4 and #5,
Laurierville #2,Lingwick #5,Piopolis #3, for mayor and councillor #1 in Saint-Albert,Sainte-Brigitte-de-Laval #3,
Saint-Charles-Borromée #3,Sainte-Rose-de-Watford #2 and #3 and for councillors #3 and #4 in Stanstead
25 September-Dominica,Village council election in Loubiere/Madrelle/Fond Baron
26 September-Alabama (USA),Special primary elections for Alabama House of Representatives Districts #55 and #16
26 September-Malawi,Parliamentary by-elections in Mtiya Ward (Zomba Central Constituency) and Mwasa Ward (Mangochi Central Constituency)
27 September-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 1 municipality each of the States of KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo and in 2 municipalities in North West
27 September-Dominica,President (by the Parliament)
28 September-Bhutan,Local govenment by-elections in 5 councils
29 September-Eswatini,Parliamentary and local elections and Indirect Senate elections
30 September-Slovakia,Parliament
30 September-Maldives,President 2nd round
1 October-Japan,Local elections in 18 municipalities
1 October-Quebec (Canada),Mayoral and municipal by-election for councillor #2 in Godbout, for councillor #3 in Lorrainville,
Municipal by-elections in Saint-Benoît-Labre #3,Saint-Bruno-de-Guigues #2,for mayor of Saint-Cyprien,
Saint-Philémon #1 and #2,Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies #4,Saint-Simon-de-Rimouski #2,Saint-Zacharie #4 and Tadoussac and in Témiscaming #
2 October-Quebec (Canada),Provincial by-election in Jean Talon
3 October-Manitoba (Canada),Provincial election
3 October-Japan,Town Assembly election in Suttsu
3 October-Alaska (USA),Municipal election in Juneau
3 October-Alabama (USA),City runoff election in Montgomery
3 October-California (USA),Local Referendums in Anaheim
3 October-Colorado (USA),Recall elections in Louisville and Englewood
3 October-Oregon (USA),Recall election for State House #8
3 October-Florida (USA),Special primary election for Florida House of Representatives District 118
4 October-Ladakh (India),Autonomous Hill Development Council-Kargil elections
5 October-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election in Rutherglen and Hamilton West
5 October-Tennessee (USA),Mayoral election in Memphis
5 October-Bermuda (UK),Parliamentary by-election in constituency #8
6 October-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-election in Never Never
7 October-United Arab Emirates,Parliament
7 October-Pahang State (Malaysia),State assembly election in Pelangai
8 October-Luxembourg,Parliamentary and municipal elections
8 October-Germany,State elections in Bavaria and Hesse
8 October-Argentina,Gubernatorial and local deputees elections in Chubut
8 October-Pakistan,Provincial assembly election in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
8 October-Greece,Local elections 1st round
8 October-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election for councillor #6 in L'Île-Dorval and for councillor #3 in Paspébiac
8 October-Japan,Local elections in Hamanaka,Itsuki and Gamagori
8 October-South Korea,Municipal by-election in Seoul
9 October-Svalbard (Norway),Local council elections
10 October-Massachusetts (USA),Special primary election for Massachusetts State Senate Worcester and Hampshire District
10 October-North Carolina (USA),Municipal primary election in Durham and Municipal primary runoff election in Charlotte
10 October-Nebraska (USA),Recall election in Bronwville
10 October-Oklahoma (USA),Special primary election for Oklahoma State Senate District 32
10 October-Liberia,President 1st round,Parliament and Senate elections
11 October-Mozambique,Local elections
11 October-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 3 wards of Nothern Cape and 1 ward each in
Mpumalanga and North West
12 October-Gibraltar (UK),Parliament
14 October-New Zealand,Parliament
14 October-Australia,Referendum on creating a body called the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice
14 October-Louisiana (USA),Gubernatorial,State House and State Senate elections 1st round,Special election in New Orleans and Special primary in East Baton Rouge Parish
15 October-Ecuador,Presidential runoff election
15 October-Poland,Parliamentary and Senate elections and Referendums on privatisation of state-owned enterprises, increase in the retirement age,
admission of immigrants under the EU relocation mechanism and removal of the barrier on Poland's border with Belarus
15 October-Greece,Local elections 2nd round
15 October-Aland (Finland),Parliament
15 October-Japan,Local elections in 5 municipalities and Metropolitan assembly by-election in Tokyo
15 October-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election for mayor and councillor #3 in Berthierville, de l'Anse District, L'Île-Perrot, Murray
16 October-Dominica,Village council election in Grand Fold
18 October-Australian Capital Territory (Australia),Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander by-election
19 October-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-elections in Mid Bedfordshire and Tamworth
21 October-Western Australia (Australia),Local government elections
21 October-Christmas Island (Australia),Parliament
21 October-Cocos Islands (Australia),Island council election
22 October-Japan,Parliamentary by-election in Nagasaki #4,Senate by-elections in Tokushima and Kochi and Local elections in 27 municipalities
22 October-Switzerland,Federal Parliament,National Council and 1st round of Council of States elections
22 October-Trentino Alto Adige (Italy),Regional elections
22 October-Argentina,Gubernatorial and local deputees elections in Buenos Aires,Catamarca and Santa Cruz
22 October-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections for councillor #6 in Abercorn, councillors #1 and #4 in Macamic, councillor #3 in Saint-Alphonse, for mayor and councillor #5, Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière, for councillors #1 and #5, Sainte-Anne-du-Lac, for councillors #2, #3, and #4, Sainte-Paul, for councillor #6 in Saint-Justin, for mayor and for councillors #1 and #4, Saint-Louis-de-Blandford, for councillor #1, Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague, for councillor #4, Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse, for councillor #1, Saint-Prosper-de-Champlain, for councillor #6, Saint-Télesphore, for councillor #4 in Saint-Thuribe, for councillor #5 in Weedon, and for councillor #5 in Wotton
22-23 October-Italy,Senate by-election for 1 seat in Monza #6 and Municipal by-elections in Foggia,San Giuseppe Jato,Bolognetta and Calatabiano 1st round
23 October-Nunavut (Canada),Municipal elections
23 October-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal by-election in Beaurivage #2 and #6;Campobello Island #2,
Grand Lake #2;Grand Manan #4,Hanwell;Neguac #2,Southern Victoria #1, Sunbury-York South; Tacy; and Upper Miramich #1 and mayoral election in, Fredericton Junction
24 October-South Carolina (USA),Special primary election for State Senate #19
24 October-Japan,Town Council Election in Kuromatsunai
24 October-Alabama (USA),Special primary runoff elections for State House Districts 16 and 55
24 October-South Carolina (USA),Special primary election for State House #19
24 October-Antigua and Barbuda,Parliamentary by-election in St.Mary's South
25 October-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 3 wards of Mpumalanga and 1 ward each in
Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal
25 October-Saskatchewan (Canada),Mayoral by-election in Balgonie
27 October-Malaysia,Indirect King election (elected by the Conference of Rulers)
29 October-Mali,Parliament
29 October-Oman,Parliament
29 October-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election  for councillor #2 in Bryson, mayor and councillor #3 in Maricourt, mayor and councillor #6 in Marieville, councillor #6 in Marsoui, councillor #4 in Nédélec, councillor #4 in Notre-Dame-Auxiliatrice-de-Buckland, mayor and councillors #1, #3 and #4 in Padoue, and councillor #2 in Saint-Joseph-des-Érables
29 October-Argentina,President,Parliament and Senate elections
29 October-Colombia,Regional elections
29 October-Armenia,Local elections 3rd stage
29 October-Bulgaria,Local elections
29 October-Japan,Local elections in 11 municipalities 
30 October-Nauru,President (by the Parliament)
30 October-Philippines,Villages elections and Local referendums in Bulacan and San Jose del Monte about merging
30 October-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Breadalbane and Victoria
4 November-Sarawak State (Malaysia),State assembly by-election in Jepak
5 November-Moldova,Local elections
5 November-Japan,Local elections in Oishida and Kaita
5 November-Quebec (Canada),Municipal elections for councillor #5 in Aguanish, councillor #5 in Dosquet, mayor and councillor #2 in East Farnham, councillor #3 in Hope Town, councillors #2, #4 and #6 in Lac-des-Plages, Les Boisés District, Léry, councillors #1 and #2, Saint-Donat, councillor #4, Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc (parish), for mayor of Sainte-Thècle, for councillor #5, Saint-Eugène-d'Argentenay, councillors #2 and #6, Saint-François-Xavier-de-Viger, councillor #3, Sainte-Hedwidge, for mayor and councillor #6, Saint-Jean-de-Cherbourg, for councillor #6, Saint-Michel-des-Saints, for councillors #3 and #4, Saint-Omer, for councillor #5, Saint-Paul-de-l'Île-aux-Noix, and for councillors #1 and #2, Shannon
6 November-Northern Territory (Australia),Local council by-election in Belyuen
6 November-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-election in Murray Harbour
7 November-United States,Gubernatorial elections in Kentucky and Mississippi,State legislative elections in Mississippi,New Jersey and Virginia
and Municipal elections including Arlington,Cary,Charleston,Charlotte,Chicago,Colorado Springs,Columbus,Dallas,Fort Worth,Indianapolis,
Kansas City,Nashville,San Antonio,San Francisco,Tampa,Tucson,Wichita,Evansville,Houston,Jacksonville,Memphis,Philadelphia,Portland,Raleigh,Tucson,Glendale,Hartford,Orlando,Miami,Atlanta,Des 
Moines,Polk,Pella,Marion,Ada,Boise,Indianapolis,Fort Wayne,Wichita,Topeka,Jefferson,Boston,Minneapolis,Durham,Guiford,Concord,
Albuquerque,Santa Fe,Bernalillo,Buffalo,Columbia and Laramie,
Local council elections in Boston,Chicago,Cleveland,Los Angeles,New York and Seattle and Special elections in Phoenix,Fort Bragg,Mount Shasta,Orange Cove,De  Kalb,Kansas City,Jackson county,
Clay,St Louis,Marion,Multnomah and Lane
7 November-Pennsylvania (USA),Municipal elections
7 November-Colorado (USA),Municipal elections and Recall election in Broomfield
7 November-Ohio (USA),Municipal elections
7 November-Kansas (USA),Municipal elections
7 November-Virginia (USA),Municipal elections
7 November-Washington State (USA),Municipal elections
7 November-New Jersey (USA),Municipal elections
7 November-Michigan (USA),Municipal and recall elections
7 November-Minnesota (USA),Municipal elections
7 November-Mississippi (USA),Municipal elections
7 November-California (USA),Local referendums in Riverside
7 November-Oregon (USA),Recall election in Brookings
7 November-Florida (USA),Municipal Primary election in Hialeah
7 November-Texas (USA),Special general election for Texas House of Representatives District #2,Municipal elections and Recall election in La Marque
7 November-South Carolina (USA),Special general election for South Carolina State Senate District 42
7 November-Rhode Island (USA),Special general elections for State Senate District 1 and State House #1
7 November-Kentucky (USA),Special general election for Kentucky House of Representatives District 93
7 November-Massachusetts (USA),Special general election for Massachusetts State Senate Worcester and Hampshire District
7 November-Maine (USA),Municipal elections and Special general election for Maine House of Representatives District 50
7 November-New Hampshire (USA),Special general election for New Hampshire House of Representatives Hillsborough District 3
7 November-Mizoram (India),State assembly election
7 November-Chhattisgarh (India),State assembly election 1st phase
8 November-Pitcairn Islands (UK),Island council and Deputy mayor elections
8 November-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 1 ward each of Gauteng,Limpopo,Mpumalanga and Western Cape
11 November-Nigeria,Gubernatorial elections in Bayelsa,Imo and Kogi States
11 November-Zimbabwe,Parliamentary by-election in Gutu West
12 November-Japan,Prefectural assembly in Fukushima and Local elections in 22 municipalities
12 November-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in des Arpents-Verts District, L'Ange-Gardien, councillor #4 in Massueville, councillors #3 and #6, Rémigny, councillor #2, Saint-Dominique-du-Rosaire, councillors #2, and #3, Sainte-Rose-de-Watford, for mayor and councillors for Marie-Immaculée and Mgr-Blanche Districts, Sept-Îles, and for councillor #5, Verchères
13 November-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Cambridge #1
13 November-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-election in Brackley
14 November-Liberia,Presidential runoff election
14 November-California (USA),Recall election in Santa Ana #4
14 November-Nebraska (USA),Recall election in Crofton
14 November-Northwest Territories (Canada),Legislative assembly election
14 November-Aimeliik (Palau),State election
14 November-Pohnpei (Micronesia),Gubernatorial election
15 November-South Africa,Municipal by-election in Eastern Cape-Mhlontlo ward
16 November-Madagascar,President 
16 November-Minnesota (USA),Special primary election for Minnesota House of Representatives District 52B
16 November-Tennessee (USA),Municipal runoff election in Memphis
16 November-Alberta (Canada),Mayoral and council by-election in Hinton
17 November-Chhattisgarh (India),State assembly election 2nd phase
17 November-Madhya Pradesh (India),State assembly election
18 November-Victoria (Australia),District by-election in Mulgrave
18 November-Louisiana (USA),Gubernatorial,State House and State Senate runoff elections and Special general election in East Baton Rouge Parish
18 November-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Logan Lake and Greenwood
19 November-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election for mayor and Centre District, Desbiens, councillor #6, Normandin and mayor of Sainte-Lucie-des-Laurentides
19 November-Argentina,Presidential runoff election
19 November-Switzerland,Council of States runoff elections 1st phase
19 November-Japan,Local elections in 18 municipalities
19 November-Moldova,Local elections 2nd round
20 November-Marshall Islands,Parliamentary elections and Referendum on Constitutional amendments
21 November-Utah (USA),Special general election for U.S. House Utah District #2 and Mayoral election in Salt Lake City
21 November-Florida (USA),Municipal runoff election in Miami and municipal election in Hialeah
21 November-South Carolina (USA),Municipal runoff election in Columbia
21-22 November-United Kingdom,Indirect House of Lords by-election for 1 seat
22 November-Netherlands,Parliament
22 November-South Africa,Municipal by-election in KwaZulu-Natal-Msunduzi ward
22-23 November-Italy,Municipal runoff-elections  
23 November-Rajasthan (India),State assembly election 
25 November-New Zealand,Parliamentary by-election in Port Waikato
25 November-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Hope
26 November-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election for councillor #3, Portage-du-Fort, and for councillor #2, Saint-Bernard
26 November-Portugal,Municipal elections and by-elections
26 November-Switzerland,Council of States runoff elections 2nd phase
26 November-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Kochi Prefecture and local elections in 7 municipalities
26 November-North Korea,Provincial and municipal elections
27 November-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-election in Mount Steward
28 November-Mississippi (USA),Municipal runoff elections
28 November-Oregon (USA),Recall election in Lakeside
29 November-South Africa,Municipal by-election in Free State-Mangaung ward
30 November-Bhutan,National Assembly (Parliament) election 1st round
30 November-Telangana (India),State assembly election 
30 November-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-elections for Ward 20 Scarborough Southwest, Toronto and in Kitchener Centre
1 December-Victoria (Australia),City council by-election in Barngeong
2 December-Malaysia,Parliamentary by-election in Kemaman
3 December-Venezuela,Referendum on claims to the Guayana Esequiba region 
3 December-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election for councillor #4, Saint-Charles-de-Bellechasse
3 December-Japan,Local elections in 6 municipalities
4 December-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Mayoral and Municipal by-elections in Murray River
5 December-Florida (USA),State House election for House of Representatives District 118 and Mayoral runoff election in Orlando
5 December-Minnesota (USA),Special general election for Minnesota House of Representatives District 52B
5 December-New Hampshire (USA),Special elections primary for New Hampshire House of Representatives Districts Coos #1 and #6
5 December-Ohio (USA),Recall election in East Cleveland
5 December-Idaho (USA),Mayoral runoff election in Boise
5 December-Palau,State election in Ngaremlengui
6 December-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Mkhambathini,Ramotshere and Saldanha Bay
6 December-Saskatchewan (Canada),Municipal by-election in Balgonie
9 December-Philippines,Parliamentary by-election in Negros Oriental #3
9 December-Texas (USA),Municipal runoff election in Houston and Special election for El Paso City Council District #2
9 December-Zimbabwe,Parliamentary by-elections in 9 constituencies
10 December-Hong Kong (China),District council elections
10 December-Japan,Local elections in 6 municipalities
10 December-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election for councillors #2 and #5, Lamarche and councillor #5, Saint-Gervais
10-12 December-Egypt,President
11 December-Northwest Territories (Canada),Municipal elections
11 December-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-election in Clyde River
12 December-Palau,State election in Melekeok
12 December-Nebraska (USA),Recall elections
12 December-Oklahoma (USA),Special primary elections for Oklahoma House of Representatives Districts #32 and #39
13 December-Switzerland,Indirect Federal Council and Presidential elections (by the Parliament)
13 December-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Rand West City,eThekwini,iNkosi Langalibalele and Ray Nkonyeni 
17 December-Serbia,Parliamentary and local elections
17 December-Vojvodina (Serbia),Parliament
17 December-Chile,Referendum on the new Constitution
17 December-Chad,Referendum on the new Constitution
17 December-Japan,Local elections in 4 municipalities
17 December-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève
18 December-Iraq,Provincial elections
18 December-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-election in Miscouche
19 December-Ghana,Local government elections
20 December-Congo Kinshasa,Presidential,Parliamentary and local elections
21 December-Delaware (USA),Special general election for Delaware House of Representatives District #37
24 December-Japan,Local elections in 6 municipalities
24 December-Tunisia,National Council of Regions and Districts elections