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????-South Ossetia (Georgia),Local government elections

?? January-Emerson (Manitoba,Canada),Council by-election
2 January-Israel,Mayoral election in Givatayim
6-7 January-Hong Kong (China),Village representative elections 1st stage
7 January-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Pickens
13 January-Regional District of Fraser-Fort George (British Columbia,Canada),Council by-election
13-14 January-Hong Kong (China),Village representative elections 2nd stage
13-14 January-France,UMP Party: Internal leadership election
14 January-Belarus,Municipal elections
14 January-Germany,District elections in Soltau-Fallingbostel
14 January-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Espinho
16 January-Micronesia,Gubernatorial runoff election in Kosrae 
16 January-Alabama (USA),Special elections in Morgan and Talladega counties
16 January-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Greenville
16 January-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Silerton
16 January-Texas (USA),Special runoff election of the State Representative #29
19 January-Congo Kinshasa,Senate elections
20-21 January-Hong Kong (China),Village representative elections 3rd stage
21 January-Serbia,Parliament
21 January-Mauritania,Indirect Senate elections 1st round
21 January-Japan,Municipal elections,mayoral by-election in Fukagawa and gubernatorial elections
in Miyazaki, Yamanashi and Ehime
23 January-Alabama (USA),Special primary election for the State House district #22
and special municipal election for the council district #4 in Mobile
23 January-Florida (USA),Special election in Miami Dade
23 January-Massachusetts (USA),Special election for Newton North Site Plan
23 January-Ghana,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Fomena
25 January-Gambia,Parliament
27 January-Congo Kinshasa,Gubernatorial elections 1st stage
27-28 January-Hong Kong (China),Village representative elections 4th stage
28 January-Germany,Mayoral election in Frankfurt Am Main
28 January-Pahang (Malaysia),State assembly by-election in Batu Talam for 1 seat
31 January-South Africa,Municipal by-election in Limpopo
1 February-India,Municipal corporation elections in Mumbai and in 108 wards of Maharashtra State
2 February-Samoa,Parliamentary by-election in Fa'asalele'aga #2
3 February-Western Australia (Australia),State assembly by-election in Peel
3-4 February-Hong Kong (China),Village Representative elections 5th stage
4 February-Mauritania,Indirect Senate elections 2nd round
4 February-Rikuzentakata (Japan),Mayoral election
4 February-Italy,Ulivo Coalition Parties: Municipal primary elections
6 February-Washington State (USA),Special election
6 February-Idaho (USA),City council elections
6 February-Florida (USA),Council primary election in Longboat Key
6 February-Ohio (USA),Special election
6 February-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Union and Kershaw
6 February-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Jefferson
7 February-Cook Islands (New Zealand),Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Titikaveka
7 February-South Africa,Municipal by-elections for 8 wards
8 February-Manipur (India),State assembly elections 1st stage
8 February-Ontario (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Burlington,Markham and York South Weston
8 February-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Kilbride,Ferryland and Port Au Port
8 February-Burundi,FDD Party: Internal leadership election
8 February-Tennessee (USA),Local elections in Middleton and Whiteville
9 February-Turks and Caicos (UK),Parliament
10 February-Congo Kinshasa,Gubernatorial elections 2nd stage
10 February-New South Wales (Australia),Local council by-election in Narromine
11 February-Turkmenistan,President
11 February-Basel-Landschaft (Switzerland),Government council and
Cantonal council elections
11 February-Portugal,Referendum on introducing a more permissive abortion law
11 February-Abkhazia (Georgia),Local government elections
12 February-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-election in Humber Valley
13 February-Punjab (India),State assembly elections
13 February-Oklahoma (USA),Special primary election in Wachita county
13 February-Florida (USA),County election in Brooker,
primary and county elections in Broward county and in Winter Park
13 February-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
13 February-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Humber Valley and Labrador West 
13 February-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in the town of Spirit River
14 February-Manipur (India),State assembly elections 2nd stage
17 February-Lesotho,Parliament
17 February-New South Wales (Australia),Local council by-elections in Hornsby and Dungog
18 February-Miyota (Japan),Mayoral election
18 February-Albania,Local elections
18 February-Corrientes Province (Argentina),Constituent assembly election to reform the province Constitution
20 February-Wisconsin (USA),Local primary elections
20 February-Florida (USA),Council election in Golden Beach
20 February-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Berkeley
20 February-Marshall Islands,Special election to fill the Enewetak/Ujelang and
Kwajalein Electoral Districts vacant seats 
21 February-Uttarakhand (India),State assembly elections
23 February-Manipur (India),State assembly elections 3rd stage
24 February-Punjab (India),Delayed State assembly elections in 27-Valtoha Assembly Constituency
24 February-Louisiana (USA),Special primary elections for House districts #1,#4 and #40
25 February-Senegal,President
25 February-Lithuania,Municipal and local council elections
25 February-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Mundao
25 February-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Vercheres #2 and in Saint Calixte #1 
27 February-Illinois (USA),Primary municipal elections and primary mayoral election in Chicago
27 February-Kansas (USA),Primary municipal elections st round
27 February-Michigan (USA),Special election
27 February-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Orangeburg and York
28 February-Japan,Local elections in Higashikawa,Naganuma and Okuryu
?? March-Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda),Local council elections
2 March-Chechnya (Russia),Presidential election (by the Parliament)
3 March-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Coquitlam 
3 March-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Moonee Valley
4 March-Estonia,Parliament
4 March-Abkhazia (Georgia),Parliament 1st round
5 March-Jammu and Kashmir (India),State Council of State by-elections for 8 seats
5 March-New Brunswick (Canada),Provincial by-election for 1 seat in Moncton East
5 March-Saskatchewan (Canada),Provincial by-elections for 1 sear in Martensville 
5-6 March-United Kingdom,Indirect House of Lords by-election for 1 seat
6 March-Micronesia,Parliament
6 March-Vermont (USA),Township elections
6 March-Alabama (USA),Special primary runoff election for the State House district #22
6 March-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in Belington and Elkins
6 March-Florida (USA),County elections in Keystone Heights,in the Flager County,
first round in Tampa City,Aventura,Hialeah Gardens
6 March-New Mexico (USA),Municipal election in Silver City
6 March-Desert Hot Springs (California,USA),Local referendum on rotating
the mayor's position amongst 5 elected council members
6 March-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
6 March-West Virginia (USA),Municipal primary election in Charleston and
municipal elections in Belington and Elkins
6 March-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Paris
7 March-New Mexico (USA),Municipal election in Santa Fe
7 March-Northern Ireland (United Kingdom),Local assembly and local elections
7 March-Netherlands,Provincial council elections
8 March-India,Parliamentary by-elections in Madhya Pradesh 3-Gwalior and 10-Sidhi
8 March-Madhya Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly by-election in 153-Udaypura
8 March-Nagaland (India),Legislative assembly by-elections in 54-Tuensang Sadar-II
and in Dimapur-1
10 March-Malta,Local elections in 22 municipalities
10 March-Louisiana (USA),Special primary election for House district #94
11 March-Punjab (India),Delayed State assembly elections in 12-Beas Assembly Constituency
11 March-India,Legislative assembly by-election in  Bihar 179-Islampur
11 March-Mauritania,President 1st round
11 March-Switzerland,Referendum on reforming the public health insurance system
11 March-Appenzell-Ausserrhoden (Switzerland),Cantonal council elections
11 March-Germany,Mayoral elections in Wiesbaden and in Kaiserslautern
11 March-Russia,Gubernatorial elections in Dagestan Republic,Komi Republic,
Stavropol Krai and Leningrad,Moscow,Murmansk,Omsk,Orel',Pskov,Saint Petersburg,
Samara,Tyumen and Vologda Oblasts
11 March-Russia,Local Referendums on merger of Chita Oblast' and Aginsk Buryat Autonomous Okrug
11 March-Catamarca (Argentina),Gubernatorial and provincial council elections
11 March-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Bonaventure 
11 March-Taiwan,Mayoral primary by-elections in Keelung
11 March-Hong Kong (China),District council by-election in Sha Tin
12 March-Connecticut (USA),Municipal primary elections
13 March-Washington State (USA),Special election
13 March-Oregon (USA),Local elections
13 March-New Hampshire (USA),Township elections
13 March-Minnesota (USA),Township elections
13 March-Florida (USA),County elections in Broward,Okaloosa,Pinella and Orange counties,
Orange Park,Sebring,Greenville,Longboat Key,Tri-Par Estates Park & Recreat,
Holiday Park & Recreation,Sarasota City
13 March-Florida (USA),Special referendum in the Sarasota County
13 March-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
13 March-Arizona (USA),City Council Primary elections
13 March-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Collegedale
13 March-West Virginia (USA),Municipal primary election in Logan
13 March-Ghana,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Nkoranza North
13 March-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-election in Labrador West
14 March-San Marino,Internal election of 2 Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of the State)
16 March-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Richland
17 March-Northern Territory (Australia),Local council by-election in Katherine
17 March-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Baw Baw
18 March-Finland,Parliament
18 March-Abkhazia (Georgia),Parliament 2nd round in 17 constituencies
18 March-Entre Rios (Argentina),Gubernatorial and provincial council elections
18-19 March-Italy,Local Referendum in the municipality of Carema on switching from
the Piemonte Region to the Aosta Valley Region
19 March-Tristan da Cunha (Saint Helena and Ascension, United Kingdom),Island council election
20 March-Georgia (USA),Special election
20 March-North Dakota (USA),Township elections
20 March-Florida (USA),Council elections in Jupiter Island and St.Cloud, 
council runoff elections in Aventura and Hialeah Gardens and council primary election
in Osceola
20 March-Massachusetts (USA),Special primary election for Worcester #14 representative district
20 March-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
21 March-Norfolk Island (Australia),Assembly election
24 March-New South Wales (Australia),State legislative elections
24 March-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in the district of 100 Miles 
24 March-Bihar (India),Legislative council by-election 
24 March-South Africa,DA Party: Leadership election in Limpopo province
24 March-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Mountain City
25 March-Mauritania,Presidential runoff election
25 March-Hong Kong (China),Indirect Chief Executive election
25 March-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Lac Beauport council #5 
25 March-Lower Austria (Austria),Municipal elections in Waidhofen an der Ybbs
26 March-Egypt,Referendum on amending the Constitution about
the creation of an Upper House
26 March-Quebec,Provincial elections
27 March-Florida (USA),City runoff election in Tampa City
27 March-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
27 March-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Tennessee Ridge
28 March-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Free State, Gauteng,
KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and North West for 7 wards in a total of 40 districts
29 March-Chhatisgarh (India),Local assembly by-election in 11-Rajnandgaong
29 March-Jharkhand (India),Local assembly by-election in 13-Plamu
29 March-Punjab (India),Council of States by-election for 1 seat
29 March-Haryana (India),Council of States by-election for 1 seat
29 March-Palau,Gubernatorial election in Ngatpang 1st attempt failed
29 March-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Florence
31 March-Benin,Parliamentary elections
31 March-Louisiana (USA),Municipal primary elections
??-Principe (Sao Tome and Principe),Internal presidential election
1 April-Qatar,Municipal elections
1 April-Canton Ticino (Switzerland),Council of State election election
1 April-Lucerne (Switzerland),Great council and government council elections
1 April-Cambodia,Municipal elections
1 April-Canada,Municipal by-election in Saint-Pie council #4 (QC)
3 April-Missouri (USA),Municipal elections
3 April-Wisconsin (USA),Local elections and township election in the town of Oregon
3 April-Kansas (USA),Primary municipal elections 2nd round
3 April-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in Logan
and municipal primary elections in Follansbee,Wellsburg,Gary,Keyser and Barboursville
3 April-Las Vegas (Nevada,USA),City council primary elections
3 April-Oklahoma (USA),Special election in Wachita county
3 April-Florida (USA),County elections in the Polk county and in
Green Cove Springs,Bal Harbour Village,
Bay Harbor Island,Springs and 1st round in Plant City
3 April-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
4 April-Madagascar,Referendum on the new Constitution
5 April-New Delhi (India),Municipal elections
7 April-India,Parliamentry by-election for 1 seat in 60-Bilhaur (Uttar Pradesh)held in 5 districts
7 April-Uttar Pradesh (India),Local assembly election 1st stage
7 April-Taiwan,KMT Party: Internal leadership by-election (provisional)
7 April-Alaska (USA),Special election
7 April-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Jacksboro
8 April-Japan,Gubernatorial elections in Hokkaido,Iwate,Tokyo,
Aichi,Aomori,Ehime,Oita,Tokushima,Nara prefectures 1st round
8 April-Japan,Prefectural assembly members elections in 44 prefectures (all but
Ibaraki, Tokyo and Okinawa)and in the cities of Saitama and 11 other municipalities
8 April-Japan,645 Mayoral and 1622 municipal elections 1st stage
9 April-Timor Leste,President 1st round
9 April-India,Parliamentary by-elections in Maharashtra constituencies of
16-Erandol, 17-Jalgaon and 22-Ramtek
10 April-Alabama (USA),Special general election for the State House district #22
10 April-Florida (USA),Council elections in Jackson and Pasco counties,
Coral Gables,Miami Shores,Fernandina Beach and council runoff of the 13/3
elections in Sarasota City and in the Orange county districts of
Maitland,Ocoee,Winter Garden and Belle Isle and in the Pinella county districts of
Indian Rocks Beach and Madeira Beach
10 April-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Farragut
10 April-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections 1st stage
10 April-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
10 April-West Virginia (USA),Municipal primary election in Hinton and Keyser
12 April-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Chester
12 April-Iowa (USA),County elections
12 April-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Spring Hill
12 April-Malacca (Malaysia),State assembly by-election for 1 seat in Machap
13 April-Uttar Pradesh (India)-Local assembly election 2nd stage
13-14 April-Czech Republic,Senatorial by-election for 1 seat in Chomutov 1st round
14 April-Nigeria,Gubernatorial and state assemblies elections
14 April-Delaware (USA),Special election for the 7th representative discrict
15 April-Japan,City elections in Shinagawa,Inagi,Chuo and Meguro 
15 April-Ecuador,Referendum on establishing a Constituent Assembly to draft a new constitution 
15 April-Zurich (Switzerland),Cantonal council and the government council elections
15 April-Krasnoyarsk Krai (Russia),Parliament
17 April-Illinois (USA),Mayoral election in Chicago and municipal elections
17 April-Florida (USA),Council runoff election in Miami Springs and in the
Pinella County districts of St.Pete Beach and Treasure Island
17 April-Massachusetts (USA),Special primary election for Norfolk #11 representative district
17 April-Massachusetts (USA),Special election for Worcester #14 representative district
17 April-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
18 April-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Dayton
18 April-Uttar Pradesh (India)-Local assembly election 3rd stage
20 April-Netherlands Antilles (Netherlands),Island council elections in
Bonaire,Curacao,Saba,Sint Maarten and Sint Eustatius
20-21 April-Czech Republic,Senatorial by-election for 1 seat in Chomutov 2nd round
21 April-Nigeria,Presidential 1st round,Parliamentary and Senate elections
21 April-Florida (USA),Council election in St.Marks
22 April-France,President 1st round
22 April-Japan,Mayoral,city assembly members by-elections 2nd stage
and gubernatorial and mayoral runoff elections
22 April-Germany,District elections in Saxony-Anhalt,mayoral election
in Dessau-Rosslau and territorial elections in Daun,Vulkaneifel and Cochem Cell
22 April-Wallis and Futuna (France),Territorial Assembly election
22-23 April-Syria,Parliament
23 April-Uttar Pradesh (India)-Local assembly election 4th stage
23 April-Samoa,Parliamentary by-election in Faleata East
24 April-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in Morgantown
24 April-Florida (USA),Council elections in Gasden County and Osceola
and council runoff election in St.Cloud and in the Pinella County district of Seminole
24 April-Washington State (USA),Special election
24 April-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
24 April-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Johnson City
27-28 April-Canada,Nova Scotia Liberal Party: Internal leadership election
28 April-Selangor (Malaysia),State assembly by-election for 1 seat in Ijok
28 April-Uttar Pradesh (India)-Local assembly election 5th stage
28 April-Canada,Municipal by-election in the district of Tofino (BC)
28 April-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
29 April-Mali,President
29 April-Switzerland,Early parliamentary election in Appenzell Innerrhoden canton
1 May-Turkey,President (by the Parliament) 1st round -invalidated by the Constitutional Court
1 May-Colorado (USA),City council elections including Denver
1 May-Virginia (USA),Township elections
1 May-District of Columbia (USA),Special election
1 May-Florida (USA),City runoff election in Plant City and Bay Harbor Islands
and local council election in North Miami Beach and Panama City
1 May-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections 1st stage 2nd round
1 May-South Carolina (USA),Local elections and Special Republican election for Senate #46 1st round
1 May-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
1 May-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Labrador City and Wabush
2 May-Taiwan,KMT Party: Internal presidential primary election
2 May-Bahamas,Parliament
3 May-England (United Kingdom),Local council elections
3 May-Scotland (United Kingdom),Local assembly and local elections
3 May-Wales (United Kingdom),Local assembly and local elections
3 May-Tennessee (USA),Local elections in Hohenwald and Sevierville
3 May-India,Parliamentry by-elections for 2 seats in 49-Robertsganj held in 5 districts
and in 50-Mirzapur (Uttar Pradesh) held in 5 districts
3 May-Uttar Pradesh (India),Local assembly election 6th stage
4 May-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Fairfield
4-6 May-Canada,Green Party of Nova Scotia: Internal leadership election
5 May-Louisiana (USA),Municipal elections
5 May-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
5 May-Tasmania (Australia),Local council by-elections in Montgomery,Nelson and Pembroke
5-6 May-South Africa,DA Party: Internal leadership election
6 May-France,President 2nd round
6 May-Turkey,President (by the Parliament) rerun of the 1st round -invalidated
6 May-Germany,Territorial election in Ahrweiler
6 May-Quebec (Canada),Municipal election in Granby and municipal by-elections
in La Bostonnais #5 and #6,in Longueuil #6 and in Rivie-du-Loup -Mairie
6 May-Burkina Faso,Parliament
6 May-Madeira (Portugal),Local government election
6 May-Samoa,Parliamentary by-election in Vaimauga West
6-7 May-Italy,Local Referendums in the municipalities of Asiago, Roana,
Rotzo, Gallio, Enego, Foza, Lusiana and Conco on switching from the
Veneto Region to the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region
7 May-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in Milton and Mitchell Heights
7 May-Connecticut (USA),Municipal elections 1st round
7 May-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal by-elections in 13 municipalities for a total of 16 seats
7 May-Nove Scotia (Canada),Green Party: Internal leadership election
8 May-Michigan (USA),Local elections
8 May-Ohio (USA),Municipal and mayoral primary elections and local referendums
8 May-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in New Cumberland and War
8 May-New Hampshire (USA),Township elections
8 May-Indiana (USA),Primary municipal elections
8 May-Florida (USA),Council election in North Miami and Sweewater and
runoff council election in North Miami Beach and Fernandina Beach
8 May-Delaware (USA),School Board elections
8 May-Montana (USA),District and school board elections
8 May-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
8 May-Tennessee (USA),Local elections in Pigeon Forge and Jackson
8 May-Uttar Pradesh (India),Local assembly election 7th stage
8 May-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Municipal by-election in Deer Lake 
9 May-Timor Leste,Presidential runoff election
9 May-Iran,Indirect mayoral election in Tehran (elected by the city council)
9 May-Palau,Senate by-election for 1 seat
9 May-Palau,Gubernatorial election in Ngatpang 1st round
9 May-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Waverly
10-11 May-Seychelles,Parliament
11 May-Micronesia,Internal Presidential,Vice presidential and
congressional leaders elections (by the Parliament)
11 May-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in Spartanburg and Horry
12 May-Armenia,Parliament
12 May-Iceland,Parliament
12 May-Texas (USA),Local council elections and special local referendum about providing school tax relief to eldery and disabled taxpayers
12 May-Taiwan,DPP Party: Internal presidential primary election
13 May-Bremen State (Germany),State and local elections
13 May-Bremerhaven (Germany),Local elections
13 May-Lubeck (Germany),Territorial election
13-14 May-Sicily (Italy),Municipal elections
14 May-Philippines,Parliament,Renewal of 1/2 of the Senate,provincial,
municipal and city officials elections
14 May-Muslim Mindanao (Philippines),Local governments and regional elections
14 May-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in Piedmont
14 May-Kenya,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Magarini 
15 May-Pennsylvania (USA),Municipal primary elections
15 May-Arizona (USA),City council elections
15 May-Oregon (USA),Local elections
15 May-Washington State (USA),Special election
15 May-Florida (USA),Mayoral runoff in Panama City
15 May-Massachusetts (USA),Special election for Norfolk #11 representative district
15 May-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in Beaufort and York and Special Republican election for Senate #46 2nd round
15 May-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
15 May-California (USA),Special election for assembly district #39
16 May-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Spartanburg
17 May-Algeria,Parliament
17 May-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in Charleston
17 May-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Bolivar
19 May-Romania,Referendum on the president's impeachment
19 May-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in Point Pleasant
19 May-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Mc Ewen
19 May-New South Wales (Australia),Aboriginal Land Council Election and local council by-elections in Waverley and Wentworth
19 May-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Latrobe City
19 May-Montenegro,DPS Party: Internal leadership election
20 May-Vietnam,Parliament
20 May-Bulgaria,European parliamentary elections
20 May-Yucatan (Mexico),Gubernatorial,local parliamentary and 106 municipal elections
20 May-Rio Negro (Argentina),Gubernatorial and local deputees elections
20 May-Taiwan,Mayoral by-election in Keelung
20 May-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Mandeville 
20 May-Hong Kong (China),District council by-election in Kai Yip
22 May-Manitoba (Canada),Provincial elections
22 May-Idaho (USA),City council elections
22 May-Kentucky (USA),Gubernatorial and municipal primary elections
22 May-Florida (USA),Council runoff elections in North Miami and Sweewater
22 May-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in Beckley
22 May-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in Colleton and Chesterfield
22 May-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Ethridge
23 May-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Eastern Cape, Free State,
Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, North West and the Western Cape for a total of 13 wards
24 May-Ireland,Parliament
24 May-India,Council of State by-elections for 2 seats in Assam and for 1 seat i  West Bengal
26 May-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Milledgeville
27 May-Syria,Presidential Referendum election
27 May-Hong Kong (China),Village representative by-elections
27 May-Spain,Regional and local elections
27 May-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Arcas
27-28 May-Italy,Municipal elections 1st round
27-28 May-Aosta Valley (Italy),Regional council and gubernatorial elections 1st round
27-28 May-Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy),Regional council election 1st round
27-28 May-Sicily (Italy),Mayoral runoff elections in 21 municipalities including Agrigento
28 May-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Provincial election
28 May-Canada,Municipal by-election in Melancthon Township
28 May-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in Bruceton Mills
28 May-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Florence
28 May-Israel,Labour Party: Internal leadership election 1st round
29 May-Connecticut (USA),Municipal elections 2nd round
29 May-Massachusetts (USA),Special primary elections for 1st Suffolk and Middlesex senate districts
29 May-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in Jasper and Greenville
29 May-Netherlands,Indirect Senate election (elected by the provincial councils)
31 May-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in Cherles Town
31 May-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Burns
31 May-Latvia,President (by the Parliament)
2 June-Goa (India),State legislative election
2 June-India,Parliamentary by-elections for 10 seats in the Parliament
2 June-India,Local assembly by-elections in the legislative assemblies of the states of
Chhatisgarh and Manipur for 2 seats each, of the states of Jharkhand,Karnataka
and Madhya Pradesh for 1 seat each
2 June-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in South Charleston
2 June-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Springfield
2 June-French Polynesia(France),Special election for 2 deputees in the French Parliament 1st round
3 June-Senegal,Parliamentary,local and regional elections
3 June-Moldova,Local elections 1st round
3 June-Buenos Aires City (Argentina),Gubernatorial and local deputees elections 1st round
3 June-Neuquen Province (Argentina),Gubernatorial and local deputees elections
3 June-Germany,Mayoral election in Frankenthal and territorial election in Ahrweiler
3 June-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Saint-Christophe-d'Arthabaska #6 
3 June-Warabi (Japan),City elections
4 June-Russia,People's Democratic Union Party: Internal leadership election
5 June-Las Vegas (Nevada,USA),City council elections
5 June-California (USA),Municipal elections in Riverside councils #1,3,5 and 7
5 June-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections 1st stage
5 June-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections 2nd stage
5 June-New Jersey (USA),Municipal primary elections
5 June-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
5 June-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
5 June-Alaska (USA),Local elections in Skagway
7 June-Tennessee (USA),Local elections in Shelbyville and Luttrel
7 June-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in Paden City
9 June-Mauritania,Indirect Senate elections 3rd round for 3 seats
9 June-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Metchosin 
10 June-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Lyster 
10 June-France,Parliament 1st round
10 June-Reunion (France),Special election for 5 deputees in the French Parliament 1st round
10 June-Mayotte (France),Special election for two representatives in
in the French Senate and for one representative in the French Parliament 1st round
10 June-Belgium,Parliamentary and Senate elections
10 June-Comoros,Local presidential elections in the islands of Grande Comore and Moheli 1st round
10 June-Anjouan (Comoros),Presidential elections -organized by the separatist leader
and not recognized by Comoros nor by the International Community
10 June-Hong Kong (China),District council by-election in Hong Lok Yuen
10-11 June-Italy,Municipal elections 2nd round
10-11 June-Aosta Valley (Italy),Regional council and gubernatorial elections 2nd round
10-11 June-Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy),Regional council election 2nd round
11 June-Egypt,Senate (Shura Council) elections for 88 of the 176 members 1st round
12 June-US Virgin Island (USA),Constitutional Convenin elections
12 June-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections 2nd stage (in most of the counties)
12 June-Florida (USA),Council election in Sopchoppy
12 June-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
12 June-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
12 June-Maine (USA),Special elections
12 June-Virginia (USA),Municipal primary elections
12 June-Alberta (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Calgary Elbow and Drumheller-Stettler
12 June-Israel,Labor Party: Internal leadership election 2nd round
13 June-Israel,President (by the Parliament) 1st attempt
14 June-Israel,President (by the Parliament) 2nd attempt
14 June-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in Dorchester and Charleston
14 June-Tennessee (USA),Local elections in Cornersville and Sweetwater
14 June-Ontario (Canada),Local council by-election in Milton ward #2
15 June-Tamil Nadu (India),Council of State by-elections for 6 seats
16 June-Samoa,President (by the Parliament)
16 June-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Collinwood
16 June-French Polynesia(France),Special election for 2 deputees in the French Parliament 2nd round
17 June-France,Parliament 2nd round
17 June-Reunion (France),Special election for 5 deputees in the French Parliament 2nd round
17 June-Mayotte (France),Special election for two representatives in
in the French Senate and for one representative in the French Parliament 2nd round
17 June-Germany,Mayoral election in Manheim and Heilbronn
17 June-Switzerland,Referendum on disability insurance
17 June-Luzern (Switzerland),Referendum on merging Luzern with Littau
17 June-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Vendas Novas
17 June-Moldova,Local elections 2nd round
17 June-Tierra del Fuego (Argentina),Gubernatorial and local deputees elections 1st round
18 June-Egypt,Senate (Shura Council) elections for 88 of the 176 members 2nd round
19 June-Georgia (USA),Special election
19 June-South Dakota (USA),Municipal and school baord elections 3rd stage
19 June-South Carolina (USA),Special election for Senate district #46 and special Republican primary election for Senate #44
19 June-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Smithville
20 June-Albania,President (by the Parliament) 1st attempt
24 June-Congo Brazzaville,Parliament 1st round
24 June-Germany,Mayoral election in Plauen
24 June-Thailand,Mayoral election in Chiang Mai
24 June-United Kingdom,Labour Party: Internal leadership election
24 June-Comoros,Local presidential elections in the islands of Grande Comore and Moheli 2nd round
24 June-Argentina,Runoff of the Gubernatorial and local deputees elections in
Buenos Aires City and in the Terra del Fuego province
26 June-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections 2nd stage 2nd round
26 June-Massachusetts (USA),Special elections for 1st Suffolk and Middlesex senate districts
26 June-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in Greenville and Oconee
26 June-California (USA),Special primary election for US congressional district #37
26 June-Tamil Nadu (India),State assembly election for 1 seat in 142-Madurai West
27 June-Albania,President (by the Parliament) 2nd attempt
27 June-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and the Western Cape for 3 wards
30 June-Timor Leste,Parliament
from 30 June to 10 July-Papua New Guinea, Parliamentary elections
1 July-Mali,Parliament 1st round
1 July-Saint Martin (France),Territorial council elections 1st round
1 July-Saint Barthelemy (France),Territorial council elections
1 July-Mexico,Local parliamentary and municipal elections in
the states of Durango,Chihuahua and Zacatecas
1 July-Sankt Wendel (Germany),Territorial election
2 July-Sierra Leone,SLPP Party: Internal presidential party nomination
3 July-Micronesia,Special elections in the States of Chuuk and Kosrae for 2 seats in the Parliament
3 July-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Berkeley and special Republican primary election for Senate #44 2nd round
3 July-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Mt. Pleasant
5 July-Uttar Pradesh (India),Local assembly by-elections for 2 seats
7 July-Latvia,Referendum on security laws
7-8 July-Russia,Other Russia Party: Internal presidential candidate election
8 July-Albania,President (by the Parliament) 3rd attempt -1st round held
8 July-Saint Martin (France),Territorial council elections 2nd round
8 July-Saint Barthelemy (France),Territorial council elections 2nd round
9 July-Puerto Rico (USA),Referendum on establishing a one-house legislative system
10 July-Alabama (USA),Municipal election in Dothan
10 July-West Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in Kimball
10 July-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections and school board elections 3rd stage 2nd round
10 July-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Horry
10 July-Russia,People for Democracy and Justice Party: Internal presidential candidate nomination
11 and 14 July-Albania,President (by the Parliament) 4th and 5th attempts
15 July-Lisbon (Portugal),Mayoral and municipal council elections
15 July-South Africa,Communist Party: Internal leadership election
15 July-Germany,Mayoral election in Weiden
15 July-Congo Brazzaville,Rerun of the 1st round of parliamentary elections in
Brazzaville, Pointe-Noire and Kouilou
17 July-Florida (USA),County election in La Belle and in Bascom
17 July-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Abbeville
19 July-United States,US House by-election for 1 seat in Georgia #10
19 July-India,President (by the Parliament)
19 July-Nagorno Karabakh (Azerbaijan),President 
19 July-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-elections in Ealing-Southall and Sedgefield
20 July-Albania,President (by the Parliament) 6th and final attempt
21 July-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Boroondara
22 July-Turkey,Parliament
22 July-Cameroon,Parliamentary and local elections
22 July-Mali,Parliament 2nd round
23-24 July-Ireland,Indirect Senate election
24 July-Vietnam,Indirect presidential election (by the Parliament)
24 July-Minnesota (USA),Special primary elections for the House district #28B
25 July-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Limpopo #21 and #23
and in Western Cape #2
25 July-Jersey,Constable elections in Grouville and St Saviour
28 July-Northern Territory (Australia),State assembly by-election in Greatorex
28 July-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Burlison
29 July-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Medas
29 July-Japan,Senate election
29 July-Hong Kong (China),District council by-election in Hung Hom Bay
31 July-Jordan,Municipal elections
31 July-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Richland
2 August-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
5 August-Congo Brazzaville,Parliament 2nd round
5 August-Lebanon,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats
5 August-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Ribeira de Farrio
5 August-Mexico,Local parliamentary and municipal elections in
the states of Aguascaliente
5 August-Baja California (Mexico),Gubernatorial,local parliamentary and 5 municipal elections
5 August-Muko (Japan),City elections
7 August-Mississippi (USA),Gubernatorial primary elections 1st round
7 August-Idaho (USA),City council elections
7 August-Ohio (USA),Special elections
7 August-Michigan (USA),Local elections
7 August-Minnesota (USA),Special elections for the House district #28B
7 August-Alabama (USA),Special primary elections for the Senate district #32
7 August-South Carolina (USA),Local elections and special election for Senate district #44
7 August-New Caledonia (France),Indirect presidential election
8 August-Jakarta (Indonesia),Gubernatorial election
8 August-Japan,City council elections in Sendai
9 August-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Savannah
10 August-India,Vice Presidential election (by the Parliament)
11 August-Sierra Leone,President and Parliament
12 August-San Juan (Argentina),Gubernatorial and local deputees elections
14 August-Alabama (USA),Local referendums 
14 August-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Saluda
14 August-Mississippi (USA),Special elections in Jackson and Flowood
16 August-Uganda,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Kalangu East
18 August-Kazakhstan,Parliamentary and local elections
18 August-Maldives,Referendum on the new Constitution
18 August-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Trenton
19 August-Thailand,Referendum on the new Constitution
19 August-San Luis (Argentina),Gubernatorial and local deputees elections
19 August-Senegal,Indirect election of 1/3 of the Senate 
20 August-UK Virgin Island (United Kingdom),Assembly election
20 August-Turkey,President (by the Parliament) 1st attempt
21 August-United States,US House by-election for 1 seat in California #37
21 August-Washington State (USA),Municipal primary  elections
21 August-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Mayoral by-election in the Kensington 
21 August-Alabama (USA),Local referendums 
21 August-Mississippi (USA),Special election in Quitman
21 August-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Spartanburg
21 August-Alaska (USA),Local elections in Deltana
21 August-District of Columbia (USA),Special election
22 August-Kiribati,Parliament 1st round
22 August-Palau,Gubernatorial runoff election in Ngatpang
22 August-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal,
Mpumalanga and North West provinces in 9 wards
24 August-Turkey,President (by the Parliament) 2nd attempt
24 August-Thailand,PPP Party: Internal leadership election
25 August-Nauru,Parliament
25 August-British Columbia (Canada),Council by-election in Island Trust 
25 August-Canada,Quebecois Party: Internal leadership election
25 August-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Michie
26 August-Syria,Local government elections
26 August-Tucuman Province (Argentina),Gubernatorial, municipal and local council elections
26 August-Soest (Germany),Territorial election
27 August-Nevis (Saint Kitts and Nevis),Assembly by-election for 1 seat
28 August-Nauru,President (by the Parliament)
28 August-Turkey,President (by the Parliament) 3rd attempt
28 August-Alabama (USA),Municipal election in Talladega and Montgomery and
Local referendums 
28 August-Florida (USA),Council election in Jacob
28 August-Mississippi (USA),Gubernatorial primary elections 2nd round
28 August-California (USA),District elections in Elsinore,Fern Valley,
High Valleys,Lee Lake,Idyllwild,Rancho California and Pine Cove
28 August-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
29 August-India,Parliamentary by-elections for 1 seats in Jharkhand 9-Jamshedpur constituency
29 August-Uttarakhand (India),State assembly by-election in 30-Dhumakot
30 August-Kiribati,Parliament 2nd round for 26 seats
31 August-Uttar Pradesh (India),State assembly by-elections in
20-Swar Tanda, 25-Gunnaur and 296-Farukhabad
1 September-Sierra Leone,Indirect election of 12 parliamentary members 
(elected by traditional Chiefs)
1 September-Kenya,ODM Coalition Parties: Internal leadership election
2 September-Mexico,Local parliamentary and municipal elections in
the state of Veracruz
2 September-Santa Fe,Salta and Cordoba provinces (Argentina),Gubernatorial and local deputees elections
3 September-Jamaica,Parliament
4 September-Baltimore (Maryland,USA),Mayoral primary elections
4 September-Florida (USA),Council election in Winter Haven and Primary council
elections in Punta Gorda and Monticello
4 September-Massachusetts (USA),Special primary election for the 5th Congressional district
4 September-Mississippi (USA),Special elections in Oakland and Louisville
4 September-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Beaufort and special Republican primary election for State House #124 1st round
4 September-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Tellico Plains
4 September-Missouri (USA),Special elections for State Senate #23
5 September-Chuuk State (Micronesia),State by-election for 1 seat in Faichuk #9
6 September-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Alexandria
7 September-South Carolina (USA),Local election in Spartanburg
7 September-Morocco,Parliament
8 September-Sierra Leone,Presidential runoff election
8 September-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Vonore
9 September-Guatemala,Presidential 1st round,Parliamentary and municipal elections
9 September-Germany,Territorial elections in Marburg-Biedenkopf
9 September-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Travanca
10 September-Norway,Local elections
11 September-Utah (USA),Municipal primary elections
11 September-Montana (USA),Municipal primary elections
11 September-Minnesota (USA),Township primary elections
11 September-Iowa (USA),School Board Elections
11 September-Connecticut (USA),Municipal primary elections
11 September-Florida (USA),County elections in Bradford,Clewiston,Campbellton,Malone,Virginia Gardens,Callahan
primary elections in the Flager County district of Palm Coast
11 September-Alabama (USA),Special primary runoff election for state senate seat #32
11 September-Massachusetts (USA),Special primary elections in Suffolk,Essex and Middlesex Senate seats
11 September-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
12 September-Rhode Islands (USA),Municipal primary elections
13 September-Mississippi (USA),Special election in Batesville
13 September-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Lexington
14 September-French Polynesia (France),President (by the Parliament)
15 September-Victoria (Australia),State assembly by-elections for 2 seats in Albert Park and Williamstown 
15 September-West Kalimantan (Indonesia),Gubernatorial election
16 September-Greece,Parliament
16 September-Chaco Province (Argentina),Gubernatorial and municipal elections
16 September-Germany,Territorial elections in Nordfriesland
17 September-Canada,Parliamentary by-elections in Outremont,Saint Hyacinthe-Bagot and Roberval-Lac Saint Jean
18 September-Alabama (USA),Local referendum in Mobile
18 September-Oregon (USA),Local elections
18 September-Georgia (USA),Special election
18 September-Arkansas (USA),School elections 1st round
18 September-Mississippi (USA),Special elections in Noxubee and Ellisville
18 September-South Carolina (USA),Local elections,special Republican primary election for State House #124 2nd round and special Republican primary election for State Senate #25 1st round
18 September-San Marino,Internal election of 2 Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of the State)
20 September-Mississippi (USA),Special election in Houston
20 September-Tennessee (USA),Local elections in Arlington and Lakeland
23 September-Madagascar,Parliament
23 September-Higashiosaka (Japan),City elections
23 September-Japan,LDP Party: Indirect leadership election
24 September-Quebec (Canada),Provincial by-election in Charlevoix
25 September-Lebanon,President (by the Parliament) 1st attempt -failed for not reaching the quorum
25 September-Florida (USA),Primary council of the 6/11 election in Saint Petersburg
25 September-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Knoxville
25 September-Massachusetts (USA),Special primary election in Suffolk #1 House seat
26 September-South Africa,Municipal by-elections for 9 wards in a total of
32 voting districts in the provinces of Free State,Gauteng,KwaZulu-Natal,
North West and Western Cape
27 September-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Dickson
29 September-South Africa,UDM Party: Internal leadership election
29 September-Germany,CSU Party: Internal leadership election
30 September-Ukraine,Parliament
30 September-Ecuador,Constituent Assembly election
30 September-Cameroon,Rerun of the parliamentary elections in 5 districts
1 October-Uttar Pradesh (India),Council of States by-election
1 October-Northwest Territories (Canada),Territorial elections
2 October-Nova Scotia (Canada),Provincial by-election in Cole Harbour-Eastern Passage 
2 October-Alaska (USA),Local elections
2 October-Utah (USA),Municipal primary elections
2 October-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in Florence and Mc Cormick and special Republican primary election for State Senate #25 2nd round
4 October-Tennessee (USA),Special primary election for State Senate district #10
and local election in Memphis
6 October-Tennessee (USA),Local elections in Centerville and Adamsville
6 October-Pakistan,Indirect Presidential elections (by the Parliament and the provincial assemblies)
7 October-Costa Rica,Referendum on the Free Trade Treaty with the
United States and Central America
7 October-Chiapas (Mexico),Local parliamentary and municipal elections
7 October-Austria,Local elections in Krems and Burgerland
9 October-Ethiopia,President (by the Parliament)
9 October-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial elections
9 October-New Brunswick (Canada),Referendum in Saint John on a proposal regarding how its Common Council would be composed in the future
9 October-Iowa (USA),City primary elections
9 October-Alabama (USA),Municipal elections in Birmingham and Montgomery
and special election in Mobile county #11
9 October-North Carolina (USA),Municipal primary elections
9 October-Arkansas (USA),School elections 2nd round
9 October-Florida (USA),Special primary election for the House #34
9 October-Massachusetts (USA),Special elections in Suffolk,Essex and Middlesex Senate seats
9 October-South Carolina (USA),Local elections in Oconee and Hampton
9 October-Bavaria (Germany),Internal prime minister election (by the Landtag)
9-10 October-Italy,Referendum on new proposed laws about the welfare
10 October-Netherlands,Mayoral election in Utrecht
10 October-Ontario (Canada),Provincial elections and Referendum on Electoral Reform
10 October-Saskatchewan (Canada),Council by-election in Melfort 
11 October-Gibraltar (UK),Assembly election
13 October-New Zealand,Local elections
13 October-Canada,New Brunswick New Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
13 October-Queensland (Australia),State legislative by-election in Central Brisbane
14 October-Togo,Parliament
14 October-Mexico,Local parliamentary and municipal elections in the state of Sinaloa
14 October-Nagorno Karabakh (Azerbaijan),Local elections
14 October-Italy,Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
from 15 October 2007 to February 2008-China,Staggered Parliamentary elections
15 October-Alberta (Canada),Municipal elections and local referendum in the city of Brooks
about smoking ban in public sites
15 October-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Provincial by-election for 1 seat in Belfast-Murray River
16 October-Alabama (USA),Special election for Senate seat #32 
16 October-United States,US House by-election for 1 seat in Massachusetts #5
from 16 to 30 October-Tasmania (Australia),Local government elections
16 October-Mississippi (USA),Special election in Inverness
16 October-South Carolina (USA),Local elections and special Republican primary election for State House #94 1st round
17 October-Kiribati,President
20 October-Louisiana (USA),Gubernatorial election
20 October-Western Australia (Australia),Local government elections
20 October-Christmas Islands (Australia),Island council election
20 October-Cocos Islands (Australia),Island council election
20 October-Tokelau (New Zealand),Referendum on self-government in
free association with New Zealand 1st stage in the community of Apia (Samoa)
20-21 October-Canada,Green Party of British Columbia: Leadership Convention
21 October-Switzerland,Parliament and 1st stage of the Council of States elections
21 October-Poland,Parliamentary and Senate elections
21 October-Slovenia,President 1st round
21 October-Kyrgyzstan,Referendum on the new Constitution
21 October-Cuba,Municipal elections 1st round
21 October-Aland (Finland),Assembly and local council elections
21 October-Turkey,Referendum on Constitutional changes
22 October-China,Communist Party: Internal leadership elections
22 October-Nunavut (Canada),Referendum in Kugluktuk on establishing a Alcohol Education Committee
22 October-Tokelau (New Zealand),Referendum on self-government in
free association with New Zealand 2nd stage in Fakaofo
23 October-Tokelau (New Zealand),Referendum on self-government in
free association with New Zealand 3rd stage in Nukunonu
23 October-Mississippi (USA),Special election in Winstonville
23 October-Massachusetts (USA),Special election in Suffolk #1 House seat
23 October-South Carolina (USA),Special election for House district #124
23 October-Rhode Island (USA),Special primary election for State Rep. district #22
23 October-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Franklin
24 October-Tokelau (New Zealand),Referendum on self-government in
free association with New Zealand 4th stage in Atafu
25 October-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Lebanon
27 October-Oman,Assembly election
28 October-Brunei,Village chief elections
28 October-Argentina,President and Parliament
28 October-Argentina,Election for 1/3 of the Senate and Deputees Senate elections in
Buenos Aires, Chaco, Entre Rios, Neuquen, Rio Negro, Salta, Santiago del Estero and Tierra del Fuego
28 October-Argentina,Gubernatorial and local deputees elections in the provinces of Buenos Aires,Chubut,Formosa,
Jujuy,La Pampa,La Rioja,Mendoza,Santa Cruz and Misiones
and provincial elections in Corrientes
28 October-Colombia,Gubernatorial and local elections
28 October-Cuba,Municipal elections 2nd round
28 October-Bulgaria,Local council and municipal elections
28-29 October-Italy,Local referendums in the municipalities of
Cortina d'Ampezzo, Livinallongo del Col di Lana and Colle Santa Lucia about
switching from Veneto region to Trentino Alto Adige region
29 October-Philippines,District and Youth Councils elections
30 October-India,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in 2-Marmugao constituency (Goa State)
30 October-Madhya Pradesh (India),State assembly by-election for 1 seat in 88-Lanji constituency
30 October-Florida (USA),Special primary election for the House #101
30 October-South Carolina (USA),Local election in York and special Republican primary election for
House district #94 2nd round
31 October-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in KwaZulu-Natal and North West provinces
for a total of 5 wards in 22 voting districts
2 November-Uttar Pradesh (India),Legislative council by-election in Varanasi Division Teachers constituency
3 November-South Africa,ACDP Party: Internal leadership election
3 November-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Oneida and Gilt Edge
3 November-Delaware (USA),Special election for the Senate 14th district
4 November-Guatemala,Presidential runoff election
4 November-Quebec (Canada),School board elections
5 November-Trinidad and Tobago,Parliamentary and local government elections
6 November-United States,Widespread mayoral and local council elections
6 November-Boston City (Massachusetts,USA),City council elections 
6 November-Kentucky (USA),Gubernatorial and municipal elections
6 November-Kansas (USA),Municipal elections
6 November-Massachusetts (USA),Municipal elections
6 November-Connecticut (USA),Municipal elections
6 November-Mississippi (USA),Gubernatorial and general elections
6 November-Minnesota (USA),Township elections
6 November-Rhode Island (USA),Municipal and special elections
6 November-Virginia (USA),Municipal elections
6 November-Indiana (USA),Municipal elections and special election in Clear Lake
6 November-North Carolina (USA),Municipal elections
6 November-Pennsylvania (USA),Mayoral elections including Philadelphia and mayoral by-election in Pittsburgh
6 November-Montana (USA),Municipal elections
6 November-Maryland (USA),Mayoral elections including Baltimore
6 November-Georgia (USA),Municipal elections 1st round and special election for the
State House district #127
6 November-New Jersey (USA),General elections
6 November-Oregon (USA),Special district elections
6 November-Ohio (USA),Municipal elections and  Congressional Primary by-election for 1 seat
6 November-Utah (USA),Municipal and special elections
6 November-Washington State (USA),Municipal elections
6 November-Montana (USA),Municipal elections
6 November-Iowa (USA),City elections 1st round
6 November-San Francisco (California,USA),Mayoral election
6 November-California (USA),Local elections in 37 municipalities
6 November-Texas (USA),Referendums on 16 issues ,Local council elections,mayoral election in Houston, School board elections in Dallas and special election for State House #97 1st round
6 November-Idaho (USA),City council elections
6 November-Michigan (USA),Local elections
6 November-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
6 November-South Carolina (USA),Local elections and special election for Senate district #25
6 November-Florida (USA),Local council elections in several municipalities,
special referendum in the Sarasota county and special election for the House #34
6 November-Washington State (USA),Referendums on regional transportation and
on sound transit regulation
6 November-Maine (USA),Referendum on allowing a ractrack casino in Washington county and
on banning the slot machines statewide
and Special State Representative District Elections
6 November-Utah (USA),Referendum on creating the nation's first statewide
school voucher program open to all, even affluent families in well-performing districts
6 November-New Jersey (USA),Referendum on borrowing  $450 million over 10 years
to finance stem cell research
6 November-Oregon (USA),Referendum on raising the cigarette tax by
84.5 cents a pack to $2.02 to fund health insurance for about 100,000 children
and to clarify right to build homes, to limit large developments and to protect farms,
forests and groundwater
6 November-Streetsboro (Ohio,USA),Referendum on raising the legal age
to run for mayor or council from 18 to 23
6 November-Denver (Colorado,USA),Referendum on whether to make the private use and
possession of marijuana the city's lowest law enforcement priority
6 November-Hailey (Idaho,USA),Referendum on whether to relax marijuana restrictions
6 November-United States,Referendum amongst the Passamaquoddy Indians on the
approval to operate a racetrack casino with up to 1,500 slot machines in the town of Calais, Maine
6 November-Northern Marianas (USA),Parliamentary and Senate elections
6 November-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial election in Grand Falls-Windsor-Buchans (not held on 9 October for the death of a candidate)
7 November-Saskatchewan (Canada),Provincial elections and municipal elections for even-numbered rural municipalities
8 November-Tennessee (USA),Local elections in Ardmore and Pulaski
10 November-Rhode Island (USA),Special election in Lincoln
10 November-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Stony Creek ward
10-16 November-Papua New Guinea,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Rai Coast constituency
11 November-Slovenia,Presidential runoff election
11 November-Switzerland,Council of States elections 2nd stage
11 November-Michoacan (Mexico),Gubernatorial,local parliamentary and 113 municipal elections
11 November-Mexico,Local parliamentary and municipal elections in
the states of Tamaulipas,Tlaxcala and Puebla
12 November-Iowa (USA),County elections
13 November-Denmark,Parliament
13 November-Florida (USA),Runoff of the 6/11 council elections in Miami and
first round in Sunny Isles Beach and council election in Auburndale
13 November-Alabama (USA),Special primary election House district #12 1st round
13 November-Massachusetts (USA),Special primary election in Middlesex #4 Senate seat
13 November-Rhode Island (USA),Special election in Smithfield and 
special primary election for State Rep. district #75
13 November-Aimeliik (Palau),State election 
13 November-Pohnpei (Micronesia),State election
14 November-Himachal Pradesh (India),State elections 1st phase
14 November-Madagascar,Rerun of the parliamentary elections for 2 seats
15 November-Tennessee (USA),Special election for State Senate district #10
17 November-Kosovo (UN Administrated Territory of Serbia),Parliamentary elections and 1st round of the local elections
18 November-Paraguay,Municipal by-election in Teniente Esteban Martinez
18 November-Hong Kong (China),District council elections
18 November-Switzerland,Council of States elections 3rd stage
19 November-Marshall Islands,Parliamentary and local government elections
20 November-Jordan,Parliament
20 November-Florida (USA),Runoff of the 6/11 council elections in Hialeah and Miami Beach
and Special election for the House #101
20 November-South Carolina (USA),Local election in York
20 November-Alaska (USA),Local election
24 November-Australia,Parliamentary and Senate election
24-25 November-Armenia,FRA Party: Presidential primary election
25 November-Croatia,Parliament
25 November-Romania,European parliamentary elections
25 November-Switzerland,Council of States elections 4th stage
25 November-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Caldas de Sao Jorge
25 November-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Kochi prefecture
27 November-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
27 November-Rhode Island (USA),Special election for State Rep. district #22
28 November-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal
and Mpumalanga for a total of 8 wards
29 November-Algeria,Local elections
30 November-Namibia,SWAPO party: Internal leadership election
1 December-Tennessee (USA),Local elections in Ashland City and Pickeville
2 December-Russia,Duma (Parliament) election
2 December-Russia,Local parliamentary elections in the Republics of Buryatia,
North Ossetia-Alania and Udmurdt,in Penza, Saratov and Smolensk Oblasts and
in Kamchatka Krai
2 December-Chechnya (Russia),Referendum on extending the presidential term from 5 to 7 years and
the term of the MPs from 4 to 5 years, on giving the Parliament the power
to amend the Constitution, on adding the Chechen language as state language along with Russian,
and on switching to a single chamber parliamentary system with 41 MPs
2 December-Venezuela,Referendum on Constitutional changes
2 December-Germany,Mayoral election in Ulm
2 December-Hong Kong (China),Legislative council by-election for 1 seat
2 December-Andorra,Municipal elections
2 December-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Quebec City
4 December-Iowa (USA),City runoff elections
4 December-Georgia (USA),Municipal runoff elections
4 December-Florida (USA),Council elections in Bell, Trenton,Bayshore Gardens,
Trailer Estates,Biscayne Park,Fort Pierce and runoff of the 6/11 council election in Stuart
4 December-South Carolina (USA),Local elections and special election for House district #94
4 December-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Clinton
4 December-Ngeremlengui (Palau),State election
5 December-Jamaica,Local elections
5 December-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Western Cape
in 11 electoral districts for a total of 5 contested wards
8 December-Kosovo (UN Administrated Territory of Serbia),Municipal runoff elections
8 December-Tennessee (USA),Local elections in Tazewell and Ducktown 
9 December-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Val-d' Oise #8 1st round
9 December-Turkmenistan,Senate,provincial and local council elections
9 December-Pitcairn Island (UK),Mayoral and Island Council elections
9 December-Paraguay,PDC Party: Internal leadership election
10 December-Zimbabwe,ZANU-PF Party: Internal leadership elections
10 December-Nunavut (Canada),Referendum in Coral Harbour and Kimmirut on mantaintaining liquor prohibition in the communities
11 December-Ohio (USA),US House by-election for the House seat #5
11 December-Virginia (USA),US House by-election for the House seat #1
11 December-Florida (USA),Council runoff election in Sunny Isles Beach and Fort Pierce
11 December-California (USA),Special primary election for assembly district #55
11 December-Massachusetts (USA),Special election in Middlesex #4 Senate seat
11 December-Melekeok (Palau),State election
11 December-Krasnoyarsk Krai (Russia), Indirect mayoral and council elections 
11 December-Gujarat (India),State elections 1st phase
12 December-Switzerland,Indirect Federal council and Presidential elections (by the Parliament)
12 December-Madagascar,Municipal elections
12 December-India,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in 24-Khargone constituency (Madhya Pradesh)
12 December-Madhya Pradesh (India),Local assembly by-election for 1 seat in 185-Sanwer constituency
12 December-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Local assembly by-election for 1 seat in 87-Poonch constituency
14 to 21 December-Western Sahara (Morocco),Polisario Front:Congress and internal leadership elections
15 December-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Truemans Ward
(postal voting started in November)
15 December-Guam (United States),Territorial legislature special election for 1 seat
16 December-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Val-d' Oise #8 2nd round
16 December-Kyrgyzstan,Parliament
16 December-Paraguay,Colorado Party: Internal leadership election
16 December-Gujarat (India),State elections 2nd phase
16 December-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Outremont
18 December-Bermuda (UK),Parliament
18 December-Florida (USA),Council election in Ocean Breeze Park
18 December-Alabama (USA),Special primary election House district #12 2nd round
18 December-Minnesota (USA),Special primary election for State Senate #25
18 December-Georgia (USA),Special election for the
State House district #72 1st round
18 December-Texas (USA),Special election for House district #97 2nd round
18 December-Rhode Island (USA),Special election for State Rep. district #75
19 December-South Korea,President
19 December-Himachal Pradesh (India),State elections 2nd phase
20 December-Solomon Islands,Internal Prime Minister election (by the Parliament)
23 December-Thailand,Parliament
23 December-Uzbekistan,President
23 December-Paraguay,PPS Party: Internal leadership election
27 December-Kenya,Presidential,Parliamentary and local elections
29 December-India,Parliamentary by-elections for 1 seat in Uttar Pradesh 39-Ballia
and for 1 seat in 36-Bikramganj constituencies
29 December-West Bengal (India),Local assembly by-election for 1 seat in 188-Balagarh constituency
30 December-Pakistan,PPP Party: Internal leadership election
31 December-Bhutan,National Council (Senate) election