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5 January-Croatia,President 2nd round
5 January-Uzbekistan,Parliament and local elections 2nd round
6 January-Marshall Islands,President (by the Parliament)
9 January-St Marteen (Netherlands),Assembly election
10 January-Japan,Local by-election in Kagawa
11 January-Taiwan,President and Parliament
12 January-Japan,Local election in Tomari
12 January-Cyprus,Municipal election in Ayia Napa
12 January-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Canicada and Soengas
12 January-Japan,Village election in Tomari
13 January-Bangladesh,Parliamentary by-election in Chittagong #8
15 January-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 10 municipal wards of North West province
15 January-Namibia,Regional council by-elections in Gobabis, Keetmanshoop Urban, Khomasdal and Walvis Bay Constituencies
16 January-Vanuatu,Provincial election in Sanma
16-17 January-Uzbekistan,Indirect Senate election
17-18 January-Rajasthan (India),Village elections 1st phase
18 January-Malaysia,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Kimanis
18 January-Cuba,Indirect gubernatorial election (elected by the municipal councils)
18 January-British Columbia (Canada),District by-election in Sea to Sky school district
19 January-Comoros,Parliament 1st round
19 January-Japan,Local elections in 12 municipalities and prefectural by-election in Iwate
20 January-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Olds
22 January-Greece,President (by the Parliament)
22-23 January-Rajasthan (India),Village elections 2nd phase
22 January-Telangana (India),Municipal elections
23 January-Tokelau (New Zealand),Island council and mayoral elections
23 January-Nepal,Indirect National assembly (Senate) election
24 January-Maharashtra (India),Legislative council by-election for 1 seat
25 January-Nigeria,Parliamentary by-elections in Agwara/Borgu and Cross River
25 January-Cuba,Indirect mayoral elections (elected by the municipal councils)
25 January-British Columbia (Canada),School District by-election in Kootenay-Columbia 
26 January-Peru,Parliament
26 January-Italy,Regional elections in Emilia Romagna and Calabria
26 January-Burgenland (Austria),State elections
26 January-Lower Austria (Austria),Municipal elections
26 January-Japan,Local elections in 20 municipalities
27 January-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Sioux Lookout
27 January-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Fox Creek
28 January-Chhattisgarh (India),Local elections 1st phase
29-30 January-Rajasthan (India),Village elections 3rd phase
30 January-Galmudug (Somalia),President
30 January-Bangladesh,Municipal elections in Dhaka North and Dhaka South
30 January-Malawi,Parliamentary by-election in Lilongwe South
31 January-Maharashtra (India),Legislative council by-election for 1 seat in Yavatmal
31 January-Chhattisgarh (India),Local elections 2nd phase
2 February-Costa Rica,Municipal elections
2 February-Germany,Municipal election in Leipzig 1st round
2 February-Japan,Local elections in 11 municipalities
3 February-Iowa (USA),Democratic and Republican Parties:Presidential caucuses
3 February-Chhattisgarh (India),Local elections 3rd phase
5 February-South Africa,Municipal by-election in Nelson Mandela Bay
7 February-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Division 2, Municipal District of Lesser Slave River
8 February-Ireland,Parliament
8 February-Delhi (India),Legislative Assembly election
9 February-Karnataka (India),Local elections
9 February-Azerbaijan,Parliament
9 February-Cameroon,Parliamentary and local elections
9 February-Switzerland,Referendums on promoting the supply of affordable housing as well as legal measures
against discrimination based on sexual orientation,
Local Referendum in Aargau,Municipal elections in Vaud and Cantonal by-elections in Appenzell Ausserhoden
9 February-Japan,Local elections in 23 municipalities and Prefectural by-election in Yamanashi
10 February-Nunavut (Canada),Mayoral by-election in Hall Beach
11 February-New Hampshire (USA),Democratic and Republican Parties:Presidential primary elections
11-12 February-Egypt,Parliamentary by-elections in Giza #1 and Minya Mallawi
13 February-Zambia,Parliamentary by-election in Chilubi and local government by-elections in 3 districts of the Western Province
14 February-Bhutan,Local government by-elections in 2 municipalities
15 February-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Squamish-Lillooet Regional District and Shishalh Nation Chief and Council election
16 February-Hungary,Parliamentary by-election in Fejer #4
16 February-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Mindelo 
16 February-Japan,Local elections in 15 municipalities
21 February-Iran,Parliamentary 1st round and Assembly of Experts (Senate) elections
22 February-Togo,President 
22 February-Nevada (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
22 February-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Tahsis
23 February-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Lac-Blouin/Centre-ville District, Val-d'Or
23 February-Comoros,Parliament 2nd round and local elections
23 February-Hamburg (Germany),State elections
23 February-Italy,Senate by-election for 1 seat in San Carlo all'Arena
23 February-Japan,Local elections in 6 municipalities
23 February-Thailand,Parliamentary by-election in Kamphaeng Phet #2
24 February-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-elections in Port Adelaide Enfield,Yankalilla and Franklin Harbour
24 February-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Ward 3, Barrie
26 February-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in one municipality each of the states of Eastern Cape,KwaZulu-Natal,Limpopo and Western Cape
27 February-Ontario (Canada),Provincial by-election in Ottawa—Vanier and Orléans
28 February-Sonsorol (Palau),State election
29 February-Slovakia,Parliament
29 February-South Carolina (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
29 February-Northern Territory (Australia),Legislative assembly by-election in Johnston and Regional council by-election in Darwin City-Lyons Ward 
29 February-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Zeballos and Bulkley-Nechako Regional District
1 March-Tajikistan,Parliamentary and regional elections
1 March-Italy,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Trionfale
1 March-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in District 3, Mille-Isles
1 March-Japan,Local elections in 4 municipalities
1 March-Germany,Municipal election in Leipzig 2nd round
1 March-Argentina,Municipal primary election in San Guillermo
2 March-Israel,Parliament
2 March-Guyana,Parliamentary and regional elections
2 March-Jamaica,Parliamentary by-election in South East Clarendon
3 March-Alabama (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections,US Congress primary elections 1st round and Referendum on Appointed Education Board 
3 March-Arkansas (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections,US Congress primary elections and judicial elections
3 March-Maine (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections and Referendum on Vaccination Exemptions Repeal
3 March-Massachusetts (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
3 March-Oklahoma (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
3 March-California (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections,US Congress primary elections,US House special election for the 25th district and
mayoral elections in Fresno and Sacramento
3 March-Colorado (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
3 March-North Carolina (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections,Gubernatorial primary elections  US Congress primary elections
and US Congress special primary election for the 11th district
3 March-Minnesota (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
3 March-Utah (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
3 March-Vermont (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
3 March-Virginia (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
3 March-Tennessee (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
3 March-Texas (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections and US Congress primary elections 1st round
3 March-American Samoa (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
8 March-Italy,Senate by-election for 1 seat in Terni
8 March-St Gallen (Switzerland),Gubernatorial 1st round and cantonal council elections
8 march-Uri (Switzerland),Executive council and cantonal parliamentary elections
8 March-Japan,Local elections in Misawa and Sannohe
9 March-Namibia,Parliamentary by-elections in Opuwo and Otjiwarongo
10 March-Idaho (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
10 March-Michigan (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
10 March-North Dakota (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
10 March-Mississippi (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections and US Congress primary elections 1st round
10 March-Washington State (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
10 March-Missouri (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
10 March-Nova Scotia (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Cape Breton Centre and Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River
12 March-Isle of Man (UK dependency),Indirect election of the Legislative council (Senate)
14 March-Northern Marianas (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential caucuses
14 March-Japan,Local elections in 14 municipalities
14 March-Nigeria,Parliamentary by-election in Magama/Rijau
15 March-France,Municipal elections 1st round
15 March-Guadeloupe (France),Municipal elections 1st round
15 March-Martinique (France),Municipal elections 1st round
15 March-Saint Barthelemy (France),Municipal elections 1st round
15 March-Saint Martin (France),Municipal elections 1st round
15 March-Mayotte (France),Municipal elections 1st round
15 March-Reunion (France),Municipal elections 1st round
15 March-French Polynesia (France),Municipal elections 1st round
15 March-New Caledonia (France),Municipal elections 1st round
15 March-St Pierre et Miquelon (France),Municipal elections 1st round
15 March-Bavaria (Germany),Municipal elections 1st round
15 March-Appenzell Ausserhoden (Switzerland),Cantonal and 1st round of municipal by-elections
15 March-Thurgau (Switzerland),Executive council Grand council elections
15 March-Switzerland,Municipal council elections in Geneva 1st round
15 March-Dominican Republic,Municipal elections
17 March-Arizona (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
17 March-Florida (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
17 March-Illinois (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections and US Congress primary elections
and 1 municipality each of Limpopo and Northern Cape 
18 March-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 4 municipalities of the Gauteng state, in 2 each of KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga and in 1 each of Limpopo and Northern Cape
18 March-San Marino,Elections of two Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of the State)
19-20 March-Vanuatu,Parliament
21 March-Andhra Pradesh (India),District elections 
21 March-Bangladesh,Parliamentary by-elections in Dhaka-10,Gaibandha-3 and Bagerhat-4
21 March-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Strathbogie 
22 March-Abkhazia (Georgia),President
22 March-Schwyz (Switzerland),Executive council 1st round and Cantonal elections
22 March-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Kumamoto Prefecture and Local elections in 23 municipalities
22 March-Guinea,Parliamentary election and Referendum on allowing a third term for the president
22 March-Cameroon,Parliamentary by-elections in the Anglophone regions for 13 seats
23 March-Japan,Local election in Kosaka
23 March-Andhra Pradesh (India),Municipal elections
26 March-India,Indirect Senate elections and by-elections 1st stage
27 March-Tajikistan,Indirect Senate elections 
27 March-Andhra Pradesh (India),Village elections 1st phase
28 March-Queensland (Australia),Local government elections and Legislative assembly by-elections in Bundamba and Currumbin
29 March-Mali,Parliament 1st round
29 March-Voralberg (Austria),Municipal elections 2nd round
29 March-Bavaria (Germany),Municipal elections 2nd round
29 March-Japan,Local elections in 16 municipalities
29 March-Andhra Pradesh (India),Village elections 2nd phase
30-31 March-Ireland,Indirect Senate election (elected via mail voting)
31 March-Artsakh (Azerbaijan),President 1st round and Parliament
3 April-Zambia,Local government by-election in Nangula in the West Province
4 to 18 April-Papua New Guinea,Parliamentary by-election in Menyamya
5 April-Vaud (Switzerland),Municipal election in Perroy
5 April-Geneva (Switzerland),Municipal council elections 2nd round
5 April-Japan,Local elections in 6 municipalities
7 April-California (USA),Special recall election in Westminster (by postal voting)
8 April-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 3 municipalities of Gauteng State,2 of KwaZulu-Natal and 1 of Free State
10 April-Alaska (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections (by postal voting)
12 April-Japan,Local elections in 33 municipalities and Prefectural by-elections in Hiroshima and Ibaraki
14 April-Kiribati,Parliament 1st round
14 April-Artsakh (Azerbaijan),Presidential runoff election
15 April-South Korea,Parliament
17 April-Western Australia (Australia),Local government by-election in the Shire of Boddington
19 April-Mali,Parliament 2nd round
19 April-Japan,Local elections in 29 municipalities
19 April-St Gallen (Switzerland),Gubernatorial election 1st round
22 April-Kiribati,Parliament 2nd round
26 April-Appenzell Ausserhoden (Switzerland),Municipal by-elections 2nd round
26 April-Japan,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Shizuoka and Local elections in 35 municipalities
2 May-Kansas (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections (by postal voting)
2 May-Guam (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
3 May-Japan,Local elections in Motoyama and Uda
10 May-Japan,Local election in Yakushima
11 May-Malaysia,Indirect Senate election 1st stage
11 May-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Adelaide central
12 May-United States,US House special election for California 25th district (by postal voting)
12 May-California (USA),State Senate special election for the district 28th (by postal voting)
12 May-New Jersey (USA),Special municipalities elections in Old Bridge,West Amwell and Atlantic City (by postal voting)
12 May-Nebraska (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections and US Congress primary elections
17 May-Benin,Municipal elections
17 May-Japan,Local elections in 6 municipalities
17 May-Schwyz (Switzerland),Executive Council election 2nd round
19 May-Oregon (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections,US Congress primary elections and mayoral election in Portland
19 May-Idaho (USA),US Congress primary elections and Judicial elections (by postal voting)
19 May-Massachsetts (USA),Special elections for Senate 2nd Hampden and Hampshire District and Senate Plymouth and Barnstable District 
19 May-Virginia (USA),Municipal elections in Norfolk, Chesapeake, Clifton and Vienna
20 May-Burundi,Presidential,Parliamentary and local elections
21 May-Maharashtra (India),Legislative council by-elections (elected by the member of the Legislative assembly)
22 May-Hawaii (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections (by postal voting)
23 May-Canada,Yukon Party: Internal leadership election
24 May-Japan,Local elections in 16 municipalities
25 May-Suriname,Parliamentary and local elections
26 May-Kayangel (Palau),State election
29 May-Hatobei (Palau),State election
30 May-Niue (New Zealand),Parliament
31 May-Japan,Local election in Kosuge
2 June-Montana (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections,Gubernatorial primary elections and US Congress primary elections (by postal voting)
2 June-Maryland (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections,US Congress primary elections and US House Special election for the #7th district (by postal voting)
2 June-Pennsylvania (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections and US Congress primary elections
2 June-New Mexico (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections and US Congress primary elections
2 June-South Dakota (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections and US Congress primary elections 1st round
2 June-Indiana (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections,Gubernatorial primary elections and US Congress primary elections
2 June-Connecticut (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
2 June-Rhode Island (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
2 June-Massachsetts (USA),Special elections for House 3rd Bristol District and House 37th Middlesex District 
2 June-Ohio (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections and US Congress primary elections
2 June-Delaware (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
2 June-Iowa (USA),US Congress primary elections
2 June-Missouri (USA),Municipal elections
4 June-North Carolina (USA),Republican Party:Convention
5 June-Saint Kitts and Nevis,Parliament
5-6 June-Czech Republic,Senate by-election in Teplice 1st round
6 June-US Virgin Islands (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential caucuses
6 June-Taiwan,Mayoral recall election at Kaohsiung
7 June-Japan,Prefectural assembly election in Okinawa and Local elections in 12 municipalities
8 June-Alberta (Canada),Municipal election in Innisfail
9 June-Wisconsin (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections,Judicial elections and Municipal election in Milwaukee
9 June-West Virginia (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections,Gubernatorial primary elections,US Congress primary elections and Judicial elections
9 June-Nevada (USA),US Congress primary elections (by postal voting)
9 June-Georgia (USA),US Congress Primary elections 1st round,Judicial elections and Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
9 June-North Dakota (USA),Gubernatorial and US Congress primary elections (by postal voting)
9 June-South Carolina (USA),US Congress primary elections 1st round and municipal elections
9 June-Zambia,Local government by-elections in 3 constituencies
9-11 June-Victoria (Australia),Shire council by-election in Corongamite (by postal vote)
12 June-Western Australia (Australia),Local government by-election in the Shire of Koorda
12-13 June-Czech Republic,Senate by-election in Teplice 2nd round
13 to 27 June-Papua New Guinea,Parliamentary by-election in Goroka
14 June-Japan,Local elections in 3 municipalities
16 June-District of Columbia (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
19 June-India,Indirect Senate elections and by-elections 2nd stage
20 June-Thailand,Parliamentary by-election in Lampang #4
21 June-Serbia,Parliamentary and municipal elections
21 June-Vojvodina (Serbia),Parliament
21 June-Schwyz (Switzerland),Municipal runoff elections
21 June-Japan,Local elections in 3 municipalities
22 June-Kiribati,President
23 June-Malawi,President
23 June-Virginia (USA),US Congress primary elections
23 June-New York (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections,US Congress primary elections (by postal voting) and US Congress special election for the #27 district
23 June-Mississippi (USA),US Congress primary elections 2nd round
23 June-Kentucky (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections and US Congress primary elections
23 June-South Carolina (USA),US Congress primary elections 2nd round
23 June-North Carolina (USA),Republican Party:Special primary runoff election for the US 23th Congressional district
23 June-Utah (USA),Gubernatorial primary elections
24 June-Mongolia,Parliament
25 June to 1 July-Russia,Referendum on constitutional changes
27 June-Iceland,President
27 June-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Corangamite central
28 June-Poland,President 1st round
28 June-France,Municipal elections 2nd round
28 June-Guadeloupe (France),Municipal elections 2nd round
28 June-Martinique (France),Municipal elections 2nd round
28 June-Saint Barthelemy (France),Municipal elections 2nd round
28 June-Saint Martin (France),Municipal elections 2nd round
28 June-Mayotte (France),Municipal elections 2nd round
28 June-Reunion (France),Municipal elections 2nd round
28 June-French Polynesia (France),Municipal elections 2nd round
28 June-New Caledonia (France),Municipal elections 2nd round
28 June-St Pierre et Miquelon (France),Municipal elections 2nd round
28 June-Styria (Austria),Municipal elections
28 June-Japan,Local elections in 8 municipalities
29 June-Anguilla (UK),Parliament
29 June-Karnataka (India),Indirect Legislative Council elections for 7 seats (elected by the members of the Legislative Assembly)
30 June-Colorado (USA),US Congress primary elections
30 June-Oklahoma (USA),US Congress primary elections 1st round 
30 June-Utah (USA),US Congress primary elections
4 July-Australia,Parliamentary by-election in Eden-Monaro
5 July-Croatia,Parliament
5 July-Dominican Republic,President,Parliament and Senate elections
5 July-Japan,Gubernatorial and metropolitan elections in Tokyo and local elections in 11 municipalities
6 July-Andhra Pradesh (India),Indirect Legislative Council election for 1 seat (elected by the members of the Legislative Assembly)
6 July-Bihar (India),Indirect Legislative Council elections for 9 seats (elected by the members of the Legislative Assembly)
7 July-Iowa (USA),Municipal elections
7 July-New Jersey (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections and US Congress primary elections
10 July-Singapore,Parliament
11 July-Louisiana (USA),Democratic Party:Presidential primary elections
12 July-Poland,President 2nd round
12 July-Spain,Regional elections in Galicia and Basque country
12 July-Japan,Prefectural assembly election in Kagoshima,Prefectural assembly by-election in Osaka and Local elections in 8 municipalities
13 July-Suriname,President (By the Parliament)
13 July-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Mount Remarkable-Telowie Ward
14 July-Alabama (USA),US Congress primary elections 2nd round
14 July-Maine (USA),US Congress primary elections
14 July-Texas (USA),US Congress primary elections 2nd round and special election for State Senate District 14th
14 July-Ngiwal (Palau),State and legislative assembly election
14 July-Bangladesh,Parliamentary by-elections in Bogra #1 and Jessore #6
15 July-North Macedonia,Parliament
19 July-Syria,Parliament
19 July-Japan,Local elections in 8 municipalities
20 July-Burundi,Indirect Senate elections
20 July-Ondo (Nigeria),Local elections
21 July-Japan,Local elections in Oguni
21 July-Georgia (USA),US Congress primary elections 2nd round
26 July-Japan,Local elections in 3 municipalities
27 July-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Kagoshima Prefecture
31 July-Western Australia (Australia),Local government by-election in Ravensthorpe
1 August-Tasmania (Australia),Legislative council by-elections in Huon and Rosevears
2 August-Paraguay,Municipal primary elections
2 August-Guyana,President (by the Parliament)
2 August-Japan,Local elections in 5 municipalities
3 August-Canada,Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador,Internal leadership election
4 August-Arizona (USA),US Congress primary elections
4 August-Kansas (USA),US Congress primary elections
4 August-Michigan (USA),US Congress primary elections
4 August-Missouri (USA),Gubernatorial and US Congress primary elections
4 August-Washington State (USA),Gubernatorial and US Congress primary elections
5 August-Sri Lanka,Parliament
6 August-Tennessee (USA),US Congress primary elections and judicial elections
8 August-Hawaii (USA),US Congress primary elections and mayoral primary election in Honululu
9 August-Belarus,President
9 August-Japan,Local elections in 8 municipalities
9 August-Thailand,Parliamentary by-election in Samut Prakan #5
10 August-Trinidad and Tobago,President and Parliament
10 August-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-elections in the City of Mitcham - Gault Ward
10 August-Malaysia,Indirect Senate election 2nd stage
11 August-Connecticut (USA),US Congress primary elections
11 August-Minnesota (USA),US Congress primary elections
11 August-Vermont (USA),Gubernatorial and US Congress primary elections
11 August-Wisconsin (USA),US Congress primary elections
11 August-Georgia (USA),US Congress primary elections 2nd round
11 August-South Dakota (USA),US Congress primary elections 2nd round
11 August-Libya,Municipal election in Ghat
11-12 August-Egypt,Senate election 1st round
12 August-Kazakhstan,Indirect election of half of the Senate
12 August to 1 September-Bougainville (Papua New Guinea),President and Parliament
15 August-Taiwan,Mayoral by-election at Kaohsiung
16 August-Japan,Local elections in Taketomi
17-20 August-United States,Democratic Party:Convention 
18 August-Alaska (USA),US Congress primary elections
18 August-Florida (USA),US Congress primary elections and mayoral primary election in Miami Dade
18 August-Wyoming (USA),US Congress primary elections
21 August-Canada,Conservative Party: Internal leadership election
22 August-Northern Territory (Australia),State legislative election
23 August-Appenzell Innerhoden (Switzerland),Grand council elections
23 August-Japan,Local elections in 10 municipalities
24 August-Burundi,Mayoral and Colline (local) elections
24 August-Nunavut (Canada),Mayoral by-election in Pangnirtung
24 August-Andhra Pradesh (India),Indirect Legislative Council election for 1 seat (elected by the members of Legislative Assembly)
24 August-India,Council of States elections for 1 seat each in the States of Uttar Pradesh and Kerala
24-27 August-United States,Republican Party:Convention
25 August-Oklahoma (USA),US Congress primary elections 2nd round and mayoral election in Tulsa
25 August-Ngarchelong (Palau),Legislative assembly election
25 August-Malaysia,Indirect Senate election 3rd stage
26-29 August-Latvia,City council election in Riga
27 August-Isle of Man (UK dependency),Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Douglas South
27 August-Mizoram (India),Local elections
28 August-Samoa,Local government by-election in Gagaifomauga #3
28 August-Western Australia (Australia),Local government by-election in Nedlands
29 August-Quebec (Canada),First Nation band council election in Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg
29 August-Saskatchewan (Canada),Resort Villages elections
29-30 August-Tunisia,Municipal by-elections
30 August-Montenegro,Parliamentary and local elections
30 August-Liechtenstein,Referendums on equal representation of women in political bodies,on allowing dual citizenship for naturalised citizens, and on funding a railway line expansion
30 August-Schaffhausen (Switzerland),Executive council elections
30 August-Japan,Local elections in 18 municipalities
1 September-Tasmania (Australia),Mayoral and local council by-elections in Glamorgan-Spring Bay Council (elected by postal vote)
3 September-Jamaica,Parliament
3 September-Libya,Municipal election in Misurata
5-13 September-Green Party:Internal leadership election
6 September-Japan,Local elections in 3 municipalities
6 September-Glarus (Switzerland),Local Referendums
7 September-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-elections in 3 councils
8 September-New Hampshire (USA),Gubernatorial and US Congress primary elections
8 September-Rhode Island (USA),US Congress primary elections
8-9 September-Egypt,Senate election 2nd round
9 September-Tigray (Ethiopia),Parliament
11 September-Iran,Parliament 2nd round
11 September-Uttar Pradesh (India),Council of States by-election for 1 seat
11 September-Western Australia (Australia),Local government by-election in Boddington
12 September-British Columbia (Canada),Gubernatorial election in Ucluelet First Nation
11-13 September-Russia,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Kursk,Gubernatorial elections in Sevastopol,Irkutsk,Jewish Autonomous Region,
Bryansk,Krasnodar,Leningrad,Kamchatka,Kostroma,Smolensk,Arkhangelsk,Penza,Tambov,Rostov,Kaluga and Chuvash,Presidential election in Tatarstan,
Indirect gubernatorial election in Khanty-Mansi (by the local assembly),Local assembly elections in Komi,Belgorod,Voronezh,Kaluga,Kostroma,Kurgan,Magadan,Novosibirsk,
Ryazan,Chelyabinsk and Yamal Nenets and municipal elections in 22 municipalities
12 to 25 September-Papua New Guinea,Parliamentary by-elections
13 September-North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany),Municipal elections 1st round
13 September-Japan,Local elections in 9 municipalities
13 September-Vorarlberg (Austria),Municipal elections 1st round
13 September-Portugal,Referendum in Chaves municipality
13 September-Malaysia,Indirect Senate election 4th stage
14 September-New Brunswich (Canada),Municipal elections
14 September-Ontario (Canada),Mayoral and Local council by-elections in North Shore #2
15 September-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Pelham #1
15 September-Delaware (USA),Gubernatorial and US Congress primary elections
15 September-Massachusetts (USA),US Congress primary elections
17 September-Zambia,Parliamentary by-election in Lukashya and Mwansabombwe
18 September-San Marino,Elections of two Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of the State)
18 September-Western Australia (Australia),Local government by-election in York
19 September-Edo (Nigeria),Gubernatorial election
20 September-Japan,Local elections in 6 municipalities
20 September-France,Parliamentary by-elections in Haut-Rhin #1,Maine-et-Loire #3,Réunion #2,Seine-Maritime #5,Val-de-Marne #9 and Yvelines #11 1st round
20-21 September-Italy,Referendum on reducing the number of parliamentarians,Senate by-elections in Sassari and Villafranca di Verona,First round of the Municipal elections and Regional elections in Trentino Alto Adige,Apulia,Campania,Veneto,Tuscany,Liguria and Marche
22 September-Palau,Presidential and parliamentary primary elections 
24 September-Falkland Islands (UK),Referendum on switching to a single constituency
25 September-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Alexandria ward,North Glengarry and in Tache #5
25 September-Manitoba (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Tache #5
26 September-British Columbia (Canada),Mayoral by-election in Fort St James
26 September-Bangladesh,Parliamentary by-election in Pabna #4
26 September-Sabah (Malaysia),Legislative assembly election
27 September-Uruguay,Municipal elections
27 September-Argentina,Municipal election in Rio Cuarto
27 September-France,Indirect Senate elections for 1/3 of the members and Parliamentary by-elections in Haut-Rhin #1,Maine-et-Loire #3,Réunion #2,Seine-Maritime #5,Val-de-Marne #9 and Yvelines #11 1st round
27 September-Switzerland,Referendums on reasonable immigration,change of the hunting law,change of federal law on direct federal tax,change of purchase replacement law
and on a procurement of new combat aircraftand,Municipal elections in Basel Land and Schwyz,Municipal election in Essertines-on-Rolle (Vaud),Cantonal elections in Schaffhausen 
27 Vorarlberg (Austria),Municipal elections 2nd round
27 September-North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany),Municipal elections 2nd round
27 September-Romania,Local elections
27 September-Japan,Local elections in 13 municipalities 
28-29 September-Rajasthan (India),Village elections 4th phase
29 September-United States,US House of Representative by-election for 1 seat for Georgia #5 1st round
1 October-Bermuda (UK),Parliament
2-3 October-Czech Republic,Senate and Regional elections 1st round
3 October-Slovakia,Municipal by-elections
3-4 October-Rajasthan (India),Village elections 5th phase
3-4 and 6-7 October-Guernsey (UK dependency),Parliament
4 October-Kyrgyzstan,Parliament
4 October-Japan,Local elections in 14 municipalities
4-5 October-Italy,Municipal elections 2nd round
4-5 October-Sicily (Italy),Municipal elections 1st round
4 October-New Caledonia (France),Referendum on the independence
5 October-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Cumberland Ward, Ottawa and Ward 5 in Windsor
6 October-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-election in Humber-Gros Morne
6 October-Nunatsiavut (Canada),President
6-7 October-Rajasthan (India),Village elections 6th phase
9 October-Canada,Quebec Party: Internal leadership election
9 October-Telanagana (India),Legislative council by-election for 1 seat
10 October-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal and mayoral by-elections in Greenwood
10 October-Ondo (Nigeria),Gubernatorial election
10-11 October-Rajasthan (India),Village elections 7th phase
11 October-Lithuania,Parliament 1st round
11 October-Northern Cyprus,President 1st round
11 October-Tajikistan,President
11 October-Hungary,Parliamentary by-election in  Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen #6
11 October-Vienna (Austria),State and municipal elections
11 October-Japan,Local elections in 9 municipalities
13 October-Manitoba (Canada),Municipal by-election in Thompson
15 October-Mongolia,Provincial elections and City Council election in Ulan Bataar
15 October-Libya,Municipal elections
16 October-Western Australia (Australia),Local government by-election in Cambridge
16 October-Ladakh (India),Local elections in Leh
16-17 October-October-Czech Republic,Senate and Regional elections 2nd round
17 October-Nova Scotia (Canada),Municipal elections
17 October-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Dawson Creek and Smithers
17 October-Australian Capital Territory (Australia),State legislative election
17 October-Western Australia (Australia),Local government by-elections in the Shire of Perenjori and in the towns of Perth and Port Hedland
17 October-New Zealand,Parliamentary election and Referendums on legalizing the cannabis and the euthanasia
17 October-Bangladesh,Parliamentary by-elections in Dhaka and Naogoan
18 October-Bolivia,Presidential,Parliamentary and Senate elections
18 October-Guinea,President
18 October-Northern Cyprus,President 2nd round
18 October-Coahuila (Mexico),Local representatives elections
18 October-Hidalgo (Mexico),Municipal elections
18 October-Switzerland,Executive council elections in Aargau (1st round),Gubernatorial and Cantonal elections in Jura and Municipal election in Verzasca
18 October-French Guiana (France),Municipal elections 1st round
18 October-Japan,Local elections in 34 municipalities
18-19 October-Sicily (Italy),Municipal runoff elections
19 October-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Crossfield
20 October-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Municipal by-election in St. John's #2
20 October-Rajasthan (India),Municipal Corporation, Municipal Councils and Town Councils elections
21 October-Sint Eustatius (Netherlands),Island council election
22 October-Bihar (India),Legislative council by-elections for 8 seats
22 October-Isle of Man (UK dependency),Commissioners by-election in Onchanan
22-24 October-Seychelles,President
24 October-British Columbia (Canada),Provincial elections and Mayoral by-election in Lake Cowichan
24-25 October-Egypt,Parliament 1st round 1st phase
25 October-Lithuania,Parliament 2nd round
25 October-Chile,Referendum on Constitutional reforms
25 October-Ukraine,Municipal elections 1st round
25 October-Azores (Portugal),Parliament
25 October-Cape Verde,Municipal elections
25 October-Japan,Gubernatorial elections in Okayama and Toyama and local elections in 37 municipalities
25 October-Switzerland,Executive Council elections in Basel Stadt 1st round and Grand council election
25 October-French Guiana (France),Municipal elections 2nd round
25-26 October-Sardinia (Italy),Municipal elections 1st round
26 October-Saskatchewan (Canada),Provincial elections and Rural municipalities elections
26 October-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Crowsnest Pass
26 October-Canada,Parliamentary by-elections in the constituencies of Toronto Centre and York Centre
28 October-Tanzania,Presidential,Parliamentary and local elections
28 October-Zanzibar (Tanzania),Presidential,Parliamentary and local elections
28 October-Bihar (India),Legislative Assembly elections 1st stage
28 October-Karnataka (India),Legislative council by-elections for 4 seats
29 October-India,Municipal Corporation, Municipal Councils and Town Councils elections in Rajasthan,Jaipur,Jodhpur and Kota 1st phase
29 October-Japan,Local election in Litoyo
31 October-Cote d'Ivoire,President 
31 October-Georgia,Parliament 1st round
31 October-Queensland (Australia),State legislative election and local council by-election in Aukurun
31 October-Nigeria,Senate by-elections in  Bayelsa Central,Cross River North,Imo North and Lagos East and local government elections in Cross River and Beneue states
31 October-Kerala (India),Municipal elections
1 November-Moldova,President 1st round
1 November-Niger,Local elections
1 November-Algeria,Referendum on Constitutional changes
1 November-Japan,Local elections in 9 municipalities
1 November-India,Municipal Corporation, Municipal Councils and Town Councils elections in Rajasthan ,Jaipur,Jodhpur and Kota 2nd phase
2 November-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Provincial by-election in Charlottetown-Winsloe
2 November-India,Indirect Senate elections 3rd stage
3 November-United States,President,Half of the Parliament and the Senate elections,Congressional special election for North Carolina 11th district,
Senate special election for 1 seat in Arizona,Congressional runoff election for 1 seat in Minnesota,Gubernatorial elections in
Delaware,Indiana,Missouri,Montana,New Hampshire,North Carolina,North Dakota,Utah,Vermont,Washington and West Virginia and Widespread Judicial elections and mayoral elections in
Baltimore,Baton Rouge,El Paso,Honolulu,Miami-Dade,Montpelier,Phoenix,Portland,Richmond and San Diego 
3 November-Alabama (USA),Judicial elections and Referendum on voting only for citizens
3 November-Arkansas (USA),Referendum on legislative referral requirements
3 November-California (USA),Referendum on Replacing Cash Bail with Risk Assessments
3 November-Colorado (USA),Referendum on voting only for citizens
3 November-Florida (USA),Referendums on voting only for citizens and on minimum wage
3 November-Illinois (USA),Referendum on Graduated Income Tax
3 November-Mississippi (USA),Referendum on State flag
3 November-Iowa (USA),Referendum on Constitutional Convention
3 November-Louisiana (USA),US Congress primary elections and Referendum on abortion
3 November-Montana (USA),Referendum on Removing Local Authority to Regulate Firearms 
3 November-Nevada (USA),Referendums on Renewable Energy Standards and on Voting Rights  
3 November-New Jersey (USA),Referendum on legalizing the cannabis
3 November-New Mexico (USA),Referendum on Appointing a Public Regulation Commission
3 November-Rhode Island (USA),Referendum on changing the states' full formal name
3 November-North Dakota (USA),Referendum on choosing between a Double Election or a Legislative Approval
3 November-Oregon (USA),Referendum on Campaign Finance Limits
3 November-South Dakota (USA),Referendum on legalizing the cannabis for medical purposes
3 November-Puerto Rico (USA),Gubernatorial election,mayoral elections and Referendum on whether Puerto Rico should become a U.S. state
3 November-American Samoa (USA),Gubernatorial election
3 November-Guam (USA),Mayoral elections
3 November-Northern Marianas (USA),Municipal and Judicial elections
3 November-US Virgin Islands (USA),Local assembly election
3 November-Palau,President and Parliament and State election in Angaur
3 November-Bihar (India),Legislative Assembly elections 2nd stage
5 November-Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,Parliament
5 November-Scotland (UK),Local government by-elections in Kincorth/Nigg/Cove and Craigentinny/Duddingston
7 November-India,Parliamentary by-election in Valmiki Nagar
7 November-Bihar (India),Legislative Assembly elections 3rd stage
7 November-Manipur (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 3 seats
7 November-Gambia,Parliamentary by-election in Niamina West
7-8 November-Egypt,Parliament 1st round 2nd phase
8 November-Myanmar,Parliamentary and Senate elections
8 November-Germany,Mayoral election in Stuttgart
8 November-Switzerland,Gubernatorial election in Jura 2nd round
8 November-Japan,Local elections in 14 municipalities
8-9 November-Sardinia (Italy),Municipal runoff elections
9 November-Saskatchewan (Canada),Cities elections
9 November-Nunavut (Canada),Liquor plebiscites in Arviat and Coral Harbour
9 November-India,Council of States elections in the states of Uttarakhand for 1 seat and Uttar Pradesh for 10 seats
10 November-India,Mayoral elections in Rajasthan,Jaipur,Jodhpur and Kota 
10 November-Jordan,Parliament
10 November-Malaysia,Indirect Senate election 5th stage
10 November-Malta,Local council by-election in Rabat
11 November-Belize,Parliament
11 November-Barbados,Parliamentary by-election in St George North
11 November-Hiraan-Shabelle state (Somalia),President (by the Parliament)
11 November-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 96 wards
12 November-Bangladesh,Parliamentary by-elections in  Dhaka-18 and Sirajganj-1
12 November-Saskatchewan (Canada),Municipal election in Swift Current
13 November-Saskatchewan (Canada),Municipal election in Saskatoon
14 November-Alderney (Guernsey,UK),President
14 November-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Port Clements
15 November-Moldova,President 2nd round
15 November-Bosnia and Herzegovina,Municipal elections
15 November-Brcko (Bosnia and Herzegovina),Local assembly election
15 November-Ukraine,Municipal elections 2nd round 1st phase
15 November-Brazil,Senate by-election in Mato Grosso, Mayoral elections 1st round
15 November-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Tochigi and local elections in 26 municipalities
15 November-Gilgit Baltistan (Pakistan),Local assembly election
16 November-Saskatchewan (Canada),Municipal election in Maple Creek
18 November-Solomon Islands,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Honiara and Guadalcanal
19 November-Bhutan,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat and local by-elections in 6 villages
21 November-Georgia,Parliament 2nd round
21 November-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Sayward and Queen Charlotte
22 November-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Pas-de-Calais's #6 1st round
22 November-Ukraine,Municipal elections 2nd round 2nd phase
22 November-Mauritius,Village council elections
22 November-Burkina Faso,President,Parliament and Referendum on adopting a semipresidential system
22 November-Japan,Local elections in 6 municipalities
23 November-Rajasthan (India),District Councils and Township Councils 1st phase
23-24 November-Egypt,Parliament 2nd round 1st phase
24 November-Malta,Local council by-election in Hal Qormi
25 November-Namibia,Regional and local elections
25 November-Namibia,Indirect Senate elections (elected by regional councils)
27 November-Rajasthan (India),District Councils and Township Councils 2nd phase
28 November-Australia,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Groom
28 November-Paraguay,Municipal elections
28 November-Alderney (Guernsey,UK),Half of Parliament elections
28 November-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Cowichan Valley Regional District and Rossland
28 November-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Municipal elections and by-elections 1st phase
28 November-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Northern Grampians Shire Council- South West Ward
28 November-Ukraine,Municipal elections 2nd round 3rd phase
29 November-Bolivia,Presidential runoff election
29 November-Brazil,Municipal elections 2nd round
29 November-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Pas-de-Calais's #6 2nd round
29 November-Switzerland,Referendums on responsible companies to protect human beings and the environment and for a ban on financing producers of war material
29 November-Aargau and Basel Stadt (Switzerland),Executive council runoff elections
29 November-Transnistria (Moldova),Parliamentary and local council elections
29 November-Japan,Local elections in 18 municipalities
29 November-India,Municipal elections in the states of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh
29 November-Kosovo,Municipal elections in Podujeva and North Mitrovica
1 December-United States,US House of Representative by-election for 1 seat for Georgia #5 2nd round
1 December-Karnataka (India),Council of States by-election for 1 seat
1 December-Maharashtra (India),Legislative Council elections in 5 constituencies
1 December-Uttar Pradesh (India),Legislative Council elections in 11 constituencies
1 December-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Municipal elections and by-elections 2nd phase
1 December-Rajasthan (India),District Councils and Township Councils 3rd phase
1 December-Telangana (India),Municipal elections in Hyderabad
4 December-Palau,State election in Ngardmau
4 December-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Hindmarsh Shire Council -East Ward (elected by postal voting)
4 December-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Municipal elections and by-elections 3rd phase
4 December-Mizoram (India),Local council elections in Lai
5 December-Rajasthan (India),District Councils and Township Councils 4th phase
5 December-Kuwait,Parliament
5 December-Malaysia,Parliamentary by-election in Batu Sapi
5 December-Louisiana (USA),US Congress runoff elections for 5th district and Judicial elections
5 December-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Grand Forks
5 December-Nigeria,Senatorial by-elections for 2 seats in Bayelsa state
6 December-Romania,Parliamentary and Senate elections
6 December-Ukraine,Municipal elections 2nd round 4th phase
6 December-Venezuela,Parliament
6 December-Cameroon,Indirect Regional elections 
6 December-Japan,Local elections in 5 municipalities and prefectural assembly by-election in Oita
7 December-Ghana,President and Parliament
7 December-Assam (India),Territorial Council election in Bodoland 1st phase
7 December-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Municipal elections and by-elections 4th phase
7 December-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Bradford West Gwillimbury #2
7-8 December-Egypt,Parliament 2nd round 2nd phase
7-12 December-Venezuela,Referendum on calling general elections (organized by the opposition and not recognized by the facto govt.)
8 December-Liberia,Senate elections and Referendums on reducing the length of presidential terms and on the right to dual nationality
8 December-Dominica,Village council election in Bagatelle/Fond St. Jean/ Pointe Carib
8 December-Kerala (India),Municipal and village elections 1st phase
9 December-Indonesia,Gubernatorial and municipal elections
9 December-Switzerland,President (by the Parliament)
9 December-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 6 wards in Western Cape,in 5 wards in Mpumalanga,in 3 wards in Gauteng,in 2 wards each in Limpopo,Northern Cape,Eastern Cape and Free State and in 1 ward each in KwaZulu-Natal and North West
10 December-Assam (India),Territorial Council election in Bodoland 2nd phase
10 December-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Municipal elections and by-elections 5th phase
10 December-Kerala (India),Municipal and village elections 2nd phase
10 December-Bangladesh,Municipal elections and by-elections 1st phase 
10 December-Malaysia,Indirect Senate election 6th stage
11 December-Madagascar,Indirect Senate election
12 December-Texas (USA),Mayoral runoff election in El Paso and municipal runoff election in Houston
12 December-Alderney (Guernsey,UK),Plebiscite to nominate the two Members who represent Alderney at Guernsey's States of Deliberation
12 December-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Victoria
12 December-Goa (India),District council elections
13 December-Quebec (Canada),Mayoral by-election in L'Ancienne-Lorette and municipal by-election in Du Faubourg District, Sorel-Tracy
13 December-Portugal,Local election in Ervededo
13 December-Niger,Municipal elections  
13 December-Japan,Local elections in 5 municipalities
13 December-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Municipal elections and by-elections 6th phase
13 December-Rajasthan (India),Municipal and township elections
14 December-Bihar (India),Council of States by-election for 1 seat
14 December-Kerala (India),Municipal and village elections 3rd phase
14 December-Northwest Territories (Canada),Hamlet elections
15 December-Texas (USA),Municipal runoff election in Austin
15 December-Kenya,Parliamentary by-election in Msambweni
16 December-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Municipal elections and by-elections 7th phase
17 December-Assam (India),Local elections in Kamrup,Morigaon,Nagaon and Tiwa
17 December-Vanuatu,Parliamentary by-election in Ureparapara
19 December-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Lytton
19 December-Queensland (Australia),Regional Council By-election in Torres Strait Island (elected by postal voting)
19 December-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Municipal elections and by-elections 8th phase
20 December-Thailand,Provincial and mayoral elections and gubernatorial election in Bangkok
20 December-Japan,Local elections in Funahashi and Sagae
22 December-Arunachal Pradesh (India),Municipal elections
22 December-Karnataka (India),Village Councils elections 1st phase
23 December-Brcko (Bosnia and Herzegovina),Indirect mayoral election (by the city council)
27 December-Karnataka (India),Village Councils elections 2nd phase
27 December-Central African Republic,President and Parliament 1st round
27 December-Niger,President 1st round and Parliament
27 December-Japan,Local elections in Obuse,Unzen,Shijonawate and Ashikita
27 December-Haryana (India),Municipal elections
28 December-Bangladesh,Local elections 1st phase