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????-Maldives,Parliamentary by-elections in Male and in the Raa Atoll
?? January-Tokelau (New Zealand),Island council election
4 January-Uganda,Local government councillors elections
6 January-Altai Republic (Russia),President 2nd round
8 January-Oklahoma (United States),US House by-election for 1 seat in the
congressional district #1 and runoff of primary district election in Tulsa
8 January-Virginia (USA),Special election for State House #12
10 January-Uganda,Slated Local council elections
12 January-Hungary,MSZP and FDPC Party:Internal parliamentary primary elections
13 January-Adygei Republic (Russia),Gubernatorial election
13 January-Sakha Republic (Russia),Gubernatorial election
13 January-Kabardino-Balkaria Republic (Russia),Gubernatorial election
13 January-Bolivar (Colombia),Mayoral elections
15 January-Minnesota (USA),Special primary elections for State Senate #6 and #67
17 January-Gambia,Parliament 
18 January-Netherland Antilles (Netherlands),Parliament
19 January-Perils (Malaysia),State assembly By-election in Indera Kayangan
19 Januray-Dallas (Texas,USA),Mayoral election
20 January-Congo Brazzaville,Referendum on the new constitution
20 January-Dominican Republic,PLD Party:Internal leadership election
21 January-Essex (ON,Canada),Mayoral by-election
23 January-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
26 January-Portugal,Socialist Party: Secretary general internal election
26 January-Taiwan,City council and Local townships chiefs elections
27 January-Uzbekistan,Referendum on changes in the Constitution:
extending the presidential term and switching into a bicameral parliament 
27 January-North Ossetia-Alaniya Republic (Russia),Gubernatorial election
28 January-Iowa (USA),Special election for State House #28
29 January-Minnesota (USA),Special elections for State Senate #7 and #67
1 February-England (UK),18 local referendums on introducing US-style
directly elected mayors to Britain
2 February-New Orleans (Lousiana,USA),Mayoral primary election and Referendum on raising the city's minimum wage by $1 an hour
3 February-Costa Rica,President 1st round and Parliament
3 February-Cambodia,Local elections
3 February-Baja California (Mexico),Municipal and local elections
3 February-Nago (Okinawa Prefecture,Japan),Mayoral election
3 February-Nagasaki Prefecture (Japan),Gubernatorial election
6 February-Bermuda (UK),Parliamentary by-election
7 February-Ogmore (Wales,UK),Byelection
8-10 February-California (USA),Republican Party:Convention
9 February-South Australia (Australia),State election
10 February-Dominican Republic,PRD Party:Parliamentary and municipal primary elections
1st day
12 February-Shawnee (Oklahoma,USA),County school board election 1st round
12 February-Tulsa (Oklahoma,USA),District election
12 February-Saratoga Springs (NY,USA),Byelection in the 100th Assembly District
12 February-Chillicothe (Missouri,USA),Special general election
12 February-New York (USA),Senate and Assembly by-elections
13 February-Punjab (India),State legislative elections
14 February-Manipur (India),State legislative elections 1st day
14 February-Uttaranchal (India),State legislative elections
14 February-Uttar Pradesh (India),State legislative elections 1st day
14 February-Kampala (Uganda),Mayoral election
14 February-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Ogmore
15 February-California (USA),Democrat Party:Convention 
15 February-Minnesota (USA),Special primary election for State House #45
16 February-Uganda,Slated Local council elections 3rd phase
16 February-Dallas (Texas,USA),Mayoral election 2nd round
17 February-Mexico,Local elections in Quintana Roo and Hidalgo
17 February-Cancun (Mexico),City elections
17 February-Quintana Roo (Mexico),Municipal elections
17 February-Dominican Republic,PRD Party:Parliamentary and municipal primary elections
2nd day
18 February-Uttar Pradesh (India),State legislative elections 2nd day
19 February-Wisconsin (USA),County Primary elections
19 February-Alaska (USA),Local election
19 February-Iowa (USA),Special election for State Senate #39
19 February-Tasmania (Australia),State government by-election in Lanceston council
21 February-Manipur (India),State legislative elections 2nd day
21 February-Uttar Pradesh (India),State legislative elections 3rd day
21 February-India,By-elections for 6 Lok Sabha Constituencies and
for 6 Assembly Constituencies
22 February-Albania,Internal Prime Minister election (by the parliament)
23 February-Camden Town (Delaware,USA),Mayoral election
23 February-New South Wales (Australia),State assembly by-election for 1 seat in Hornsby
24 February-Laos,National Assembly election
24 February-Mexico,PRI Party:Popular election of the party leader
24 February-Dominican Republic,PRD Party:Parliamentary and municipal primary elections 3rd day
25 February-Mauritius,President (by the Parliament)
26 February-Shanghai (China),Internal mayoral election (elected by the Shanghai People's Congress)
27 February-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
27 February-Bahamas,Referendum on boosting the women's rights
28 February-Hong Kong (China),Chief Executive Election (appointed by the
Chinese premier Zhu Rongji by a council decree)
?? March-Laos,President (by the Parliament)
?? March (second half)-Sao Tome and Principe,Rerun of the parliamentary election in 1 constituency
1 March-Tver Oblast (Russia),Referendum on changing the region's terms for
the governor, legislators and election commission members from four years to five
2 March-Abkhazia (Georgia),Parliament
2 March-Thailand,Rerun of the parliamentary elections in 14 constituencies
2 March-New Orleans (Lousiana,USA),Mayoral election
2 March-League City (Texas,USA),Council elections
3 March-Sao Tome and Principe,Parliament
3 March-Switzerland,Referendum on joining the United Nations and city election in Winterhur
3 March-Nicaragua,Regional assembly elections in the autonomous regions of
North Caribe and Costa Atlantica
3 March-Kosovo (UN Administration),Indirect election of the president and
the Prime Minister (by the parliament)
3 March-Bavaria (Germany),Local elections
4 March-Minnesota (USA),Special election for State House #47A
5 March-Salt Lake City (Utah,USA),Council election
5 March-California (USA),Gubernatorial Primary election
5 March-San Francisco (California),Referendum on adopting the runoff system election for the local and mayoral elections
5 March-Minnesota(USA),Precint Caucus elections for the Nov.5
parliamentary elections
5 March-Maine (USA),Special elections
5 March-New Mexico (USA),Municipal elections
5 March-Torrance (Nevada,USA),Mayoral election
5 March-Flint (Michigan,USA),Mayoral election
5 March-Portland (Maine,USA),Senate by-election
5-20 March-Canada,Canadian Alliance Party: Leadership election (by mail)
6 March-Netherlands,Municipal elections
6 March-Ireland,Referendum on allowing abortion in cases where women's lives are endangered
6 March-Adel County (Texas,USA),By-election
6 March-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
6-7 March-Tonga,Election of 9 deputies of the Kingdom's Legislative
Assembly election (elected by the Nobles)
9 March-Malta,Local elections 
9 March-Mexico,PAN Party:Internal leadership election
9-10 March-Harare (Zimbabwe),Mayoral and council elections
9-10-11 March-Zimbabwe,President
9 March to 27 April-South Korea,MDP Party:Primary presidential election
10 March-Colombia,Congressional and Senate elections
10 March-Congo-Brazzaville,President 1st round
10 March-Bulgaria,UDF Party:Internal leadership election
10 March-Wallis and Futuna (France),Territorial Assembly election
10 March-Samut Prakan (Thailand),Municipal elections
11 March-River Crossing (Brtish Columbia,Canada),Municipal by-election
12 March-Lac du Bonnet (Manitoba,Canada),Provincial by-election
12 March-Texas (USA),Gubernatorial primary elections 1st round
12 March-Minnesota(USA),Township elections
12 March-Florida (USA),City elections
12 March-Iowa (USA),Special election for State Senate #10
14 March-Ghana,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Bimbilla
14 March-South Lanarkshire's (Scotland,UK),By-election
16 March-Abkhazia (Georgia),Rerun of the parliamentary elections in 4 constituencies
16 March-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-elections in Lord and East Litchfield
16 March-Victoria (Australia),Local council elections in 16 councils
17 March-Portugal,Parliament
17 March-Samut Prakan (Thailand),Rerun of the municipal elections at
the 7th polling unit
17 March-Mexico,PRD party:Internal leadership election
17 March-Tuva Republic (Russia),Gubernatorial election
17 March-Grande Comore (Comoros Federation),Presidential primary election
17 March-Brazil,Workers Party's: Presidential primary election
17 March-Bavaria (Germany),Local elections
17 March-Lower Austria (Austria),Municipal elections in Waidhofen an der Ybbs
17 March-Ishikawa Prefecture (Japan),Gubernatorial election
16-18 March-Nicaragua,FSLN Party: Internal leadership election
18 March-Essex (Ontario,Canada),Council by-election -Ward 3
18 March-Canada,Toronto District School Board By-election- Ward 1,
Etobicoke North
19 March-Atlanta (Georgia),Local referenda
19 March-Illinois (USA),Primary elections
19 March-Alaska (USA),Local elections in Talkeetna
19 March-Roseville (Illinois),Referendum on increasing the education tax rate 
19 March-Allegany County (New York,USA),Village election
19 March-Grande Comore (Comoros Federation),Referendum on the new local constitution
20 March-Canada,Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance: Internal
Leadership election 1st round
20 March-Piney (Manitoba,Canada),Municipal by-election
20 March-Sri Lanka,Local council elections in the central,southern and western regions
23 March-Canada,Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario: Internal Leadership election
24 March-Omskaya Oblast (Russia),Parliamentary elections
24 March-Orenburgskaya Oblast (Russia),Parliamentary elections
24 March-Orlovskaya Oblast (Russia),Parliamentary elections
24 March-Vologodskaya oblast (Russia),Parliamentary elections-rotation of 17 districts
24 March-Fiji,Parliamentary by-election in Tailevu North for one vacant seat left by G.Speight
24 March-Basque Region (Spain),Socialist Party: Internal leadership election
24 March-Khanty-Mansii (Russia),State Duma by-election
25 March-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal by-elections in 4 municipalities
26 March-Tarpon Springs (Florida,USA),Referendum on impose term limits on officeholders
26 March-Woodbridge School District (Delaware,USA),Referendum on increasing the current expense tax
27 March-India,Senate by-elections for 5 parliamentary seats in Bihar and 2 seats in Jharkhand
27 March-New Delhi (India),Municipal elections
31 March-Ukraine,Parliament
31 March-Crimea (Ukraine),Legislative elections
31 March-Nizhegorodskaya Oblast (Russia),Parliamentary elections
31 March-Pskovskaya oblast (Russia),Parliamentary elections
31 March-Nizhnii Novgorod Oblast (Russia),Duma by-election
31 March-Pahang (Malaysia),State assembly by-election in Ketari
31 March-Yokohama (Japan),Mayoral election
31 March-Japan,Local referendums in Maihara and Shiga prefectures on proposing
for the town to merge with three neighboring municipalities
31 March-Comoros,Local presidential elections in Moheli and Anjouan
31 March-Southwestern Somalia (Somalia),Internal presidential election
1 April-San Marino,Indirect election of two Capitani Reggenti(Chiefs of State)
1 April-South Korea,MDP Party: Seoul Mayoral primary election (internal)
2 April-Wisconsin (USA),County elections
2 April-Columbia County (Wisconsin ,USA),By-elections for 3 seats in the Village Board
2 April-Barron (Wisconsin,USA),Mayoral and district elections
2 April-Colorado (USA),County elections
2 April-Evans (Colorado,USA),Referendum on approving a 3 percent sales tax on food purchased for home consumption
2 April-Georgetown (Colorado,USA),Referendum on ousting the current mayor
2 April-Silverton (Colorado,USA),Town Board elections
2 April-Folly Beach (Carolina,USA),Mayoral elections 1st round
2 April-Shawnee (Oklahoma,USA),County school board election 2nd round
2 April to 15 May (postal vote)-British Columbia (Canada),Referendum on Aboriginal Treaty Negotiations 
4 April-Canada,Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance: Internal leadership election
6 April-Louisiana (USA),Municipal primary elections
6 April-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Latrobe City
6 April-Canada,Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario: Leadership election 2nd round
7 April-Costa Rica,Presidential and Vice-Presidential
runoff elections 
7 April-Hungary,Parliament 1st round
7 April-Ingushetia Republic (Russia),President
7 April-Kyoto Prefecture (Japan),Gubernatorial election
7 April-Yatsushiro (Japan),Mayoral election
7 April-Italy,RC Party: Internal leadership election
7 April-Cote D'Ivoire,PDCI Party: Leadership election
8 April-Wainwright (Alberta,Canada),Provincial by-election
9 April-Texas (USA),Gubernatorial primary elections 2nd round
9 April-Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage (California,USA),
Local city council elections
10 April-Sierra Leone,RUFP Party: Internal presidential primary election
11 April-Calne Town (UK),Council by-election
11 April-Sao Tome and Principe,Internal election of Principe's president of the
Regional government
12 April-Azerbaijan,Parliamentary by-elections 
in 3 districts
12-13 April-Nova Scotia (Canada),Liberal Party: Leadership Convention
13 April-Prince Edward Island (Canada),New Democratic Party:Internal Leadership election
14 April-Comoros Federation,Presidential election
14 April-East Timor,Presidential election
14 April-Penza Oblast (Russia),Gubernatorial
and parliamentary elections
14 April-Lipetsk Oblast (Russia),Gubernatorial and parliamentary elections
14 April-Sverdlovsk Oblast (Russia),Parliamentary elections-rotation
of the half of the deputies
14 April-Quebec (Canada),Municipal elections in Beauharnois and St Hyacinthe
14 April-Mardyan (Afghanistan),Local elections
15 April-Quebec (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Viger,Saguenay and Anjou
16 April-West Virginia (USA),Primary elections
16 April-Folly Beach (Carolina,USA),Mayoral elections 2nd round
16 April-Gainesville City (USA),Runoff of the by-elections for 2 seats
17 April-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
18 April-Republik Karelia (Russia),Parliamentary elections
18 April-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Mascouche
18 April-Teith Ward (Scotland),By-election
20 April-Nova Scotia (Canada),Mayoral by-election in Stewiacke 
20 April-Victoria (British Columbia,Canada),Referendum on a Civic Multipurpose Facility
20 April-Oak Bay District (British Columbia,Canada),Referendum on Recreation Centre Redevelopment
20 April-Taiwan,DPP Party:Internal leadership election
20 April-Bulgaria,Municipal elections in Psarevo,Omurtag,Ruse and Blagoevgrad 1st round
20-21 April-Canada,Marijuana Party of Canada:  Leadership Convention
21 April-Niue,Parliament
21 April-France,President 1st round
21 April-Hungary,Parliament 2nd round
21 April-Chad,Parliament
21 April-Saxony-Anhalt (Germany),State elections
22 April-Montenegro (Serbia and Montenegro),Municipal elections
23 April-Winooski (Vermont,USA),Rerun of the School Board election
25 April-Gambia,Local elections
25 April-Bangladesh,Local elections in Dhaka, Rajshahi and Khulna
26-28 April-Ghana,NDP Party: Internal leadership election
27 April-South Korea,MDP Party: Primary presidential, leadership and council members elections
27 April-Bulgaria,Runoff of the municipal elections in Ruse and Blagoevgrad
27 April-Canyon (Texas,USA),Mayoral election
28 April-Mali,President 1st round
28 April-Republik Karelia (Russia),Gubernatorial election
28 April-Ingushetia Republic (Russia),Runoff of the presidential election
28 April-Japan,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats
(one for the Lower House in
Wakayama and one for the Upper House in Niigata)
28 April-Tokushima (Japan),Gubernatorial election
28 April-Chile,PPD Party:Leadership election
29 April-Norton (Massachusetts,USA),Local elections
30 April-Faroe Islands(Denmark),Dieta (Parliament) election
30 April-Pakistan,Referendum on extending the presidential term of the current president Musharraf
30 April-Lynn Haven (Florida,USA),Mayoral election
30 April-Wilber (Nebraska),By-election in the 32nd district
May tru the first week of June-Afghanistan,Staggered Local representatives elections for the Loya Jirga
?? May-Cocos Islands (Australia),Island Council election
2 May-Bahamas,General elections
2 May-Vanuatu,General election
2 May-Middlesbrough (England,UK),Mayoral election
2 May-Newham (England,UK),Mayoral election
2 May-England (UK),Council elections
2 May-Ontario (Canada),Provincial by-elections for 2 seats in Nipissing and in Dufferin-Peel-Wellington-Grey
2 May-Tasmania (Australia),Local council elections
3-5 May-Norway,H�yre Party: Convention
4 May-Louisiana (USA),Municipal elections and Special election in Amite to renew the existing landfill
tax for the rural areas of Tangipahoa Parish
4 May-Wichita Falls (Texas),Mayoral election
4 May-Plano (Texas,USA),City elections
4 May-Porter (Texas,USA),By-electons
4 May-Shelby (Mississippi,USA),Mayoral election 1st round
5 May-France,President 2nd round
5 May-Burkina Faso,Parliament
5 May-Jammu and Kashmir (Pakistan),Legislative assembly election
5 May-Quebec (Canada),Municipal elections in the towns of Thetford Mines and Repentigny
7 May-Leesburg (Virginia,USA),Mayoral election
7 May-Virginia (USA),City council elections for 6 seats
7 May-Indiana (USA),Primary elections
7 May-Ohio (USA),Primary elections
7 May-Florida,Legislative Primary elections
7 May-Tennessee (USA),County primary elections
7 May-Dumfries (North Virginia,USA),Mayoral election
9 May-South Korea,GNP Party: Presidential primary election - last day
9 May-Bahrain,Municipal elections 1st round
10 May-Sierra Leone,Early presidential election for the army,policemen and firefighters
10-11 May-New Brunswick (Canada),Liberal Party: Convention
11 May-British Columbia (Canada),Local Referendum in the Township of Esquimalt on the Esquimalt Recreation Center
11 May-Shelby (Mississippi,USA),Mayoral election 2nd round
12 May-Senegal,Local and regional elections
12 May-Spratly Islands (Vietnam),Early parliamentary elections
12 May-Mali,Runoff of the presidential election
12 May-Ciudad Juarez (Mexico),Municipal election
12 May-Grande Comore (Comoros),Local presidential election 1st round
12 May-Israel,Likud Party: Internal leadership election
13 May-Canada,Parliamentary by-elections for 7 seats in Windsor West,Saint Boniface,Saint Leonard-Saint Michel,Bonavista-Trinity-Conception,
Verdun-Saint Henri-Saint Paul-Point Saint Charles,Gander-Grand Falls and in Calgary Southwest
13 May-St Stephen (N.B.,Canada),Municipal by-election
14 May-Nebraska (USA),Primary elections
14 May-West Virginia (USA),Congressional primary elections
14 May-Sierra Leone,President 1st round and Parliament
15 May-Netherlands,Parliament 1st camera
15 May-Montenegro (Serbia and Montenegro),Municipal elections
15 May-Lod (Israel),Local elections
15 May-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
16 May-Dominican Republic,Parliamentary,Senatorial and municipal elections
16 May-Bahrain,Municipal elections 2nd round
17 May-Ireland,General election
18 May-Massachusetts (USA),Local Referendum in Lunenburg
18 May-Sukhum (Abkhazia),Rerun of the parliamentary election
19 May-Vietnam,National Assembly Election
19 May-Grande Comore (Comoros),Local presidential election 2nd round
19 May-Smolensk Oblast (Russia),Gubernatorial and parliamentary elections
19 May-Armenia,Parliamentary by-election in the constituency No. 75
19 May-Israel,Moledet Party: Internal leadership election
20 May-Sri Lanka,Local council elections in 16 councils including Colombo
21 May-Oregon(USA),Primary district elections
21 May-Lane County (Oregon,USA),County elections
21 May-Arkansas (USA),Primary elections
21 May-Pennsylvania (USA),Primary elections
21 May-Tucson (Arizona),Referendums on: approving a half-cent-per-dollar
sales-tax increase to fund transportation improvements and approving a
10-year transportation spending plan for the tax proceeds
21 May-Canyon County (Idaho,USA),Referendum on raising the taxes every day
25 May-Lesotho,General election
25 May-Iceland,Municipal elections
26 May-Colombia,President
26 May-Tunisia,Referendum on extending the presidential term
26 May-Congo-Brazzaville,Parliament 1st round
26-27 May-Italy,Municipal elections 1st round
26-27 May-Italy-Provincial elections in Genoa, Vercelli, Varese,
Como, Treviso, Vicenza, La Spezia, Ancona, Campobasso
and Reggio Calabria 1st round
27 May-Prince Edward Island (Canada),School Board Elections
28 May-Idaho (USA),Primary and local elections
28 May-Kentucky (USA),Primary and local elections
30 May-Algeria,Parliament
30 May-Goa (India),State assembly elections
31 May-India,Parliamentary and state by-elections
31 May to 2 June-Nova Scotia (Canada),New Democratic Party: Leadership Convention
2 June-Lebanon,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat
2 June-Georgia,Local elections
2 June-Switzerland,Referendum on changes to the abortion law
2 June-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Seixo de Manhoses
4 June-Alabama (USA),Primary elections 1st round
4 June-Iowa (USA),Primary elections
4 June-Mississippi (USA),Primary elections 1st round
4 June-Montana (USA),Primary elections
4 June-New Jersey (USA),Primary elections
4 June-South Dakota (USA),Primary and local council elections
4 June-New Mexico (USA),Gubernatorial primary election
6-8 June-Finland,Social Democratic Party:Internal leadership election
8 June-Taiwan,Village elections
9 June-France,National Assembly elections 1st round
9 June-Italy,Municipal elections 2nd round and runoff of the provincial elections
in Campobasso, Treviso and Vercelli
9 June-Lester B. Pearson (Canada),School Board By-election
9 June-Bulgaria,Socialist party: Internal leadership election
9-10 June-Quebec (Canada),Referendum on the dissolution of the village of Murdochville
10 June-Fort Saskatchewan (AB,Canada),Referendum 
on a new Activities Centre
11 June-Arkansas (USA),Primary elections 2nd round and local elections
11 June-Maine (USA),Primary elections and local referendums
11 June-North Dakota (USA),Primary elections
11 June-South Carolina (USA),Primary and council elections
11 June-Tega Cay (South Carolina,USA),Referendum on changing the local administartion
11 June-Virginia (USA),Primary elections
12 June-Afghanistan,Internal presidential election (elected by the Grand Assembly - or Loya Jirga)
13 June-Seoul (South Korea),Mayoral election
13 June-Gyeonggi province (South Korea),Gubernatorial election
13 June-Canada,Municipal by-election in Vaughan (ON)
13-17 June-Mozambique,Frelimo Party: Internal leadership election
14-15 June-Czech Republic,Parliament (lower house) 
15 June-Costa Rica,PUSC Party: Internal municipal primary elections
15 June-Finland,Centre Party: Internal leadership election
15 June-Papua New Guinea,Parliament
16 June-France,National Assembly elections 2nd round
16 June-Canada,Yukon Party: Leadership election
16 June-Georgia,Local elections in the autonomous republics of
Adzharia and South Ossetia
16 June-Brazil-Social Democratic Party: Internal presidential primary election
16 June-Mayotte (France),Election of 1 parliament member for the French assembly
17 June-Quebec (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Berthier,Joliette,Lac Saint Jean and Vimont
19 June-Dekalb (Georgia,USA),School Board election
19 June-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
20 June-Mayo (VT,Canada),Mayoral by-election
23 June-Congo Brazzaville,Parliamentary runoff elections 
23 June-Buryatiya Republic (Russia),Gubernatorial and
parliamentary elections
23 June-Albania,President (by the Parliament)
23 June-Portugal,Municipal by-elections in Viana do Alentejo,Santana da Carnota,
Pacos de Brandao,Esmoriz,Escudeiros,Eixo,Castelo Novo and Avintes
23 June-Kashmir (India),National Conference  Party: Internal leadership election
24 June-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Sainte Anne de Madawaska and Balmoral 
24 June-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Mannville 
25 June-Alaska (USA),Local elections in Haines
25 June-Alabama (USA),Primary elections 2nd round
25 June-Mississippi (USA),Primary elections 2nd round
25 June-South Carolina (USA),Primary elections 2nd round
25 June-Utah (USA),Primary elections
25 June-Taiwan,Primary mayoral elections for the Taipei December election
29 June-Georgia,SMK Party: Internal leadership election
29-30 June-Malaysia,MCA Party: Internal elections
30 June-Bolivia,President and Parliament
30 June-Cameroon,Legislative and municipal elections
30 June-Congo Brazzaville,Local elections
30 June-Guinea,Parliament
30 June-Northern Cyprus,Local elections
30 June-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Duas Igrejas
1-2 July-Nigeria,PDP Party:Local primary elections 
2 July-India,State assembly by-elections in Andra Pradesh,Orissa and West Bengal
6 July-Belgium,Ecolo Party: Internal leadership election
7 July-Cote d'Ivoire,Local elections
7 July-Nayarit (Mexico),Municipal and local elections
7 July-Shiga Prefecture (Japan),Gubernatorial election
11 July-Congo Brazzaville,Indirect Senate elections (elected by district, local and regional councils)
13 July-Oneida Indigenous Groups (USA),Tribal elections 
14 July-Mali,Parliament 
14 July-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Sande Vila Nova
15 July-India,Internal presidential election (by the Parliament
15 July-Philippines,District and Youth Councils elections
16 July-Ireland,Indirect Senate election
18 July-Malaysia,Parliamentary by-election in Pendang and State assembly by-election in Kedah State in Anak Bukit
20 July-Tasmania (Australia),State election
20 July-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Brimbank City
20-21 July-Costa Rica,PLN Party: Internal municipal primary elections
21 July-Chavash Republic (Russia),Parliament
21 July-Portugal,Municipal by-elections in Nine and Landim
23-24 July-Vietnam,Internal presidential election (elected by the parliament and approved
the day after)
24 July-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-election in Bonavista North 
24 July-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
25 July-Vietnam,Internal prime minister election (by the parliament)
25 July-Tuvalu,General election
26 July-Manitoba (Canada),Municipal elections in Dunnottar, Victoria Beach
and Winnipeg Beach
27 July-New Zealand,Parliamentary election
27 July-Costa Rica,PUSC and PAC Parties: Internal municipal primary elections
27-28 July-Kadoma (Zimbabwe),Mayoral election
28 July-Mali,Parliamentary runoff elections
28 July-Pakistan,People Party: Internal leadership election
28 July-Serbia (Serbia and Montenegro),Local governments elections in
Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac
28 July-Portugal,Municipal by-elections in Varzea and Canasde Senhorim
1 August-Virginia (USA),Council and State primary elections
1 August-Tennessee (USA),Gubernatorial and State primary elections
3 August-Bolivia,Internal presidential election
6 August-Ghana,Local government elections
6 August-Kansas (USA),Primary elections
6 August-Alaska (USA),Local election
6 August-Missouri (USA),Primary elections
6 August-Virginia (USA),Special elections for State House #89 and State Senate #37
6 August-Worth County (Missouri,USA),Referendum on a proposed property tax
6 August-Michigan (USA),County and primary elections
6 August-Ohio (USA),District primary elections
6 August-Glasgow (Idaho,USA),Mayoral recall election
6 August-Samoa,Parliamentary by-election in Faleata East
8 August-South Korea,Parliamentary by-elections for 13 seats in the parliament
8 August-Uttarakhand (India),Parliamentary by-election
13 August-Colorado (USA),Primary elections
13 August-Aspen (Colorado,USA),Referendum on saving six antique
trolley cars currently stored at Cozy Point Ranch
15-18 August-Canada,Green Party: Internal leadership election
16 August-Wallingford (Washington,USA),Primary elections
18 August-Portugal,Municipal by-elections in Almeida and Santa Maria
19 August-Village of Cowley (AB,Canada),Municipal by-election
20 August-Georgia (USA),Primary elections 1st round
20 August-Wyoming (USA),Primary elections
22-25 August-Canada,FPC Party: Internal elections of the officers
24 August-Namibia,SWAPO Party: Internal party elections
24 August-Azerbaijan,Referendum on changes on the laws about the separation of powers,
the election of the president and parliament and the functions of law-enforcement
bodies in the protection of human rights
25 August-Quebec (Canada),Local referendum on the dissolution of the
village of Murdochville 
25 August-Canada,School board by-election in Quebec District N.7
25 August-Kagawa Prefecture (Japan),Gubernatorial election
25 August-Norfolk Island (Australia),Referendum on allowing mobile phones in the territory
26 August-Philippines,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Zamboanga del Norte #1
27 August-Alaska (USA),Primary elections
27 August-Alaska (USA),Referendum on implementing the IRV (instant runoff voting)
for federal and state elections
27 August-Oklahoma (USA),Primary elections 1st round
27 August-Micronesia,Referendum on 14 proposed amendments to the Constitution
28 August-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
August and September-Philippines,Staggered local elections in more than 238 polling stations
postponed for the floods
1 September-Nagano Prefecture (Japan),Gubernatorial election
3 September-Nevada (USA),Primary elections
5 September-Bangladesh,Internal presidential election (by the Parliament)
7 September-Delaware (USA),Primary elections
7 September-Guam (US Territory),Primary elections
7 September-Puerto Princesa (Philippines),Mayoral recall election
7 September-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Wellington Shire
7 September-Lithuania,LSDP Party: Internal presidential primary election
8 September-Saratov Oblast (Russia),Parliament
8 September-Krasnoyarsk Kray (Russia),Gubernatorial election 1st round
9 September-Windsor (ON,Canada),Municipal by-election
10 September-Arizona (USA),Primary elections
10 September-Connecticut (USA),Primary elections
10 September-District of Columbia (USA),Primary elections
10 September-Florida (USA),Primary elections
10 September-Maryland (USA),Primary elections
10 September-New Hampshire (USA),Primary elections
10 September-New York (USA),Primary elections
10 September-Rhode Island (USA),Primary elections
10 September-Vermont (USA),Primary elections
10 September-Wisconsin (USA),Primary elections
10 September-Minnesota(USA),Primary elections
10 September-North Carolina,(USA),Primary elections
11 September-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
14 September-US Virgin Islands (US Territory),Primary elections
15 September-Sweden,Parliamentary and local administration elections
15 September-Macedonia,General election
15 September-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Regadas
15 September-Cameroon,Rerun of the parliamentary elections in 9 constituencies
for 17 seats in the Parliament for fraud allegations
15 September-Egypt,National Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
15 September-Russia,Mayoral elections in Nizhnii Novgorod 1st round
16 September-Jammu and Kashmir (India),State elections
17 September-Massachusetts (USA),Primary elections
17 September-Oklahoma (USA),Primary elections 2nd round
17 September-Washington State (USA),Primary elections
17 September-Lakeland (Florida,USA),Referendum on expanding the city center
17 September-Benton County (Oregon,USA),Local referendums
18 September-Kenya,NAK Party: Internal presidential primary election
20-21 September-Slovakia,Parliamentary election
21 September-Hawaii (USA),Primary elections
21 September-Yukon (Canada),Yukon New Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
21 September-Austria,Freedom Party of Austria: Internal leadership election
22 September-Germany,General election
22 September-Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (Germany),State election
22 September-Switzerland,Referenda on deregulating the Swiss energy market
and on financing the Swiss Solidarity Fund by using the special proceeds from the sale of gold
22 September-Krasnoyarsk Kray (Russia),Gubernatorial election 2nd round
23 September-Japan,Minshuto Party: Internal leadership
23 September-Camrose (AB,Canada),Referendum on the Casino
24 September-Jammu and Kashmir (India),State elections 2nd stage
24 September-Canada,Municipal by-election in Grand Falls-Windsor (NF)
25 September-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
27 September-Morocco,Parliament 1st chamber
28-29 September-Zimbabwe,Local elections
29 September-Serbia,President 1st round
29 September-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Marieville #4 and in Salaberry de Valleyfield 
29 September-Russia,State Duma By-election in single-mandate district in Omsk Oblast
29 September-Nizhnii Novgorod (Russia),Mayoral elections 2nd round
29 September-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Souto da Casa
29 September-Rodrigues (Mauritius),Regional assembly elections
29 September-Paraguay,Municipal by-election in Itapua
30 September-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal by-elections in 7 municipalities
October 2002 to March 2003-China,Staggered parliamentary elections
1 October-San Marino,Indirect election of two Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of State)
1 October-Jammu and Kashmir (India),State elections 3rd stage
1 October-Alaska (USA),Local election in Haines 1st round
1 October-Ghana,Parliamentary by-election in Kumawu 
4 October-Saskatchewan (Canada),Provincial by-election in Kindersley 
5 October-Latvia,Parliament
5 October-Bosnia and Herzegovina:Tri-presidential, parliamentary elections;
Serb Republic and Muslim Croat Federation: Assembly elections
5 October-Louisiana (USA),General primary elections 1st stage
6 October-Guerrero (Mexico),Municipal and local elections
6 October-Brazil,President 1st round,Parliament and State Governors elections
6 October-Quebec (Canada),Municipal election in Rouyn-Noranda 
6 October-Gagauzia (Moldova),Gubernatorial elections 1st round
6 October-Krems (Austria),Local elections
7 October-Town of Olds (AB,Canada),Plebiscite
on a borrowing by-law for a new RCMP building
7 October-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Didsbury 
7 October-Likud Party (Israel),Parliamentary Primary election and internal party election
7 October-Trinidad and Tobago,Parliamentary election
8 October-Jammu and Kashmir (India),State elections 4th stage
10 October-Algeria,Local elections
10 October-Pakistan,Parliamentary elections and Legislative assembly elections in Balochistan
12 October-Fiji,Municipal elections
12 October-Louisiana (USA),General primary elections 2nd stage in places affected by Hurricane Lili
13 October-Kenya,KANU Party: Internal presidential primary election
13 October-Serbia,Presidential runoff election
13 October-Greece,Local elections 1st round
15 October-Iraq,Referendum on giving another 7 year term to president Hussein
16 October-Jamaica,General election
16 October-Jersey (UK),Elections of the 6 Senators
19 October-Ireland,Referendum on the Treaty of Nice
19 October-Australia,Parliamentary by-election in Cunningham
20 October-Greece,Local elections 2nd round
20 October-Estonia,Local elections
20 October-Hungary,Municipal elections
20 October-Armenia,Local elections
20 October-Cuba,Municipal elections
20 October-Montenegro,Parliament
20 October-Ecuador,President and Parliament 1st round
20 October-Kalmykiya Republic (Russia),Presidential 1 st round and parliamentary elections
20 October-Russia,By-election in single-mandate district in Khanty-Mansii Autonomous Okrug
20 October-Kyrgyzstan,Parliamentary by-elections for 4 seats in Ala-Buka, KaraKuldja, Leilek and Osh-3000 1 st round
20 October-Gagauzia (Moldova),Gubernatorial elections 2nd round
21 October-Burgerland (Austria),Local elections
21 October-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in the town of Taber 
21 October-Northwest Territories (Canada),Municipal elections for cities, towns and villages
22 October-Kenya,NARC Party: Internal presidential primary election
23 October-Manitoba(Canada),Municipal elections
24 October-Bahrain,Parliamentary elections
25-26 October-Czech Republic,Senate 1st round
26 October-Alberta (Canada),Social Credit Party: Internal leadership election
26 October-Kosovo (UN Administration),Local authorities elections
26-27 October-Zimbabwe,Parliamentary by-election in Insiza in Matabeleland South
27 October-Togo,Parliament
27 October-Brazil,Presidential and gubernatorial runoff elections
27 October-Coahuila (Mexico),Municipal and local elections
27 October-Poland,Local elections 1st round
27 October-Somaliland,Municipal elections 1st stage
27 October-Japan,Parliamentary by-elections for the Upper House in Chiba
and Tottori prefectures and in Yamagata No.4, Kanagawa No.8, Niigata No.5,
Osaka No.10 and Fukuoka N.6 districts for the Lower House
27 October-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Champneuf and Notre Dame de Lourdes
27 October-Kalmykiya Republic (Russia),Presidential runoff election
28 October-Czech Republic,CSSD Party: Presidential primary election
28 October-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Grand Bay Westfield and Maisonette
29 October-Tasmania (Australia),Local government elections
30 October-Weyburn (Canada),Municipal by-elections for 2 seats
30 October-Saskatchewan (Canada),Municipal by-election in Star City 
30 October-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
1 November-Ascension Island (Saint Helena and Ascension, United Kingdom),Island council election
1-2 November-Czech Republic,Senate 2nd round and municipal elections
3 November-Quebec(Canada),Municipal elections and by-elections
3 November-Turkey,General election
3 November-Kyrgyzstan,Parliamentary by-election in Kara-Kuldja 2nd round
3 November-Hong Kong (China),District Council by-election in Kowloon City Kai Tak Council
4 November-Yukon (Canada),Territorial election
4 November-Iqaluit (NU,Canada),Municipal by-election for 2 seats
4 November-Mississippi (USA),Gubernatorial election
5 November-United States,Parliament and renewal of 113 seats of the Senate
and special election for the Senate for 1 seat in Missouri
5 November-United States,Gubernatorial elections in 34 states
5 November-Maine (USA),Referendums about state bond issues
5 November-Florida (USA),By-election in the District 29
5 November-Florida (USA),Referendum on whether every
4-year-old in the state
5 November-Virginia (USA),Judicial elections,Referendums on tax exemption, judicial jurisdiction, bond issues,education and recreation facilities,
special elections for US House #1 to #9 and for State Senate #39 and State House #24
should have access to free pre-kindergarten by 2005
5 November-Key West (Florida),Referendum on approving the creation of a citizen review board
5 November-California (USA),Mayoral and local council elections
5 November-Arkansas (USA),Mayoral elections and local referendums
5 November-Wyoming (USA),Referendums on allowing a majority of the elected members of each house to convene a special legislative session,
on allowing the legislative leaders of each house to call a special session to resolve a dispute, on limiting the governor's partial veto authority and
on providing that amendments to the Wyoming Constitution proposed by the Wyoming Legislature will be submitted to the electors of the state without prior presentment to the Governor
5 November-Washington State (USA),Referendum on transportation fees and on capping state motor vehicle excise taxes
5 November-Washington DC (USA),Mayoral election
5 November-Los Angeles (California,USA),Referendum on whether separate Hollywood from Los Angeles city
5 November-Palm Springs (California,USA),Referendum on a proposed repeal of the city�s 5 percent utility tax 
5 November-Texas (USA),Special election for State Senate #17 and county elections in Houston
5 November-Seattle (Washington,USA),Referendum on the construction of a monorail (sky train) in the city
5 November-King County (Washington,USA),Referendums on adding a 9% fuel tax to improve the road system
and on capping state vehicle taxes at $30
5 November-Indiana,Special election in Benton
5 November-Alaska (USA),Local elections in Haines 2nd round
5 November-American Samoa (US Territory),Parliamentary election
5 November-US Virgin Islands (US Territory),Senate and gubernatorial elections
5 November-Guam (US Territory),Parliamentary and gubernatorial elections
6 November-Saskatchewan (Canada),Regional Municipalities elections
7 November-Ohio (USA),Gubernatorial election
7 November-Gibraltar (UK),Referendum on British
proposals for shared
sovereignty with Spain -not recognized by the UK
10 November-Slovenia,President 1st round
10 November-Hidalgo (Mexico),Municipal elections
10 November-Poland,Local elections 2nd round
10 November-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Ile Cadieux and Piopolis
12 November-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-election in in Conception Bay South 
12 November-Alaska (USA),Local election
12 November-Pakistan,Indirect election of the Senate
8-16 November-China,Communist Party: Convention with  internal elections
16 November-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal elections
17 November-Okinawa Prefecture (Japan),Gubernatorial election
17 November-Amagasaki (Japan),Mayoral election
17 November-Montreal (Canada),School Board Elections
17 November-Cap Chat (Quebec,Canada),Municipal by-election
17 November-Peru,Regional and municipal elections
19 November-American Samoa (USA),Senate election
19 November-Israel,Labor Party: Parliamentary primary election
21 November-Blackburn (UK),Council by-election
24 November-Switzerland,Referendum on to pass a hard refugees immigration policy
24 November-Austria,General election
24 November-Ecuador,Presidential runoff election
24 November-Quebec (Canada),Municipal elections in Grenville sur Rouge,Lac Poulin and Saint-Benoit-Labre
24 November-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Gatimeau, Lyster,
Riviere-Pierre, Sainte Luce, Saint Theodore d'Acton and Varennes
25 November-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Kitchner 
26 November-Taimyr Autonomous Okrug (Russia),Gubernatorial election
26 November-Wyoming (USA),Special election for State House #36 in Natrona county
26 November-Bermuda (UK),Parliamentary by-election
27 November-Jersey (UK),Elections of the 29 Deputies
27 November-Canada,Municipal by-election in Hague (SK)
27 November-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
27 November-Solomon Islands,Parliamentary by-elections in South Gadalcanal and Gao-Bugotu 
28 November-Israel,Likud Party: Leadership election
29 November-Kiribati,Parliament 1st round
30 November-United States,US House by-election for 1 seat in Hawaii #2
30 November-Victoria (Australia),State elections and assembly by-elections in
East Yarra and Western Province
30 November-Estonia,Moderates Party: Internal leadership election
30 November-Latvia,People's Party: Internal leadership election
30 November-Samoa,Parliamentary by-election in Alataua West
?? December-Eritrea,Regional and judicial elections
1 December-Slovenia,Presidential runoff election
1 December-Costa Rica,Municipal,provincial and district elections
1 December-Quebec (Canada),Municipal election in Magog
1 December-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in 9 municipalities
3 December-Greenland (Denmark),Parliamentary election
3 December-Mexico,Local election in the town of Rosario (Sonora State)
4 December-Switzerland,Indirect Federal Council by-election for 1 seat and Presidential election (by the Parliament)
4-6 December-Seychelles,Parliament
6-7 December-Slovakia,Municipal elections
7 December-Taiwan,Mayoral and city council elections
7 December-Louisiana (USA),Runoff of the Senate and Congressional elections
8 December-France,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Nord #23 and Yvelines #3 1st round
8 December-Kiribati,Parliament 2nd round
8 December-Austria,Freedom Party: Internal leadership election
8 December-Serbia,Rerun of the runoff presidential election
8 December-Mexico City (Mexico),Referendum on going on with the mayor's term
8 December-Saint Petersburg (Russia),Parliament
8 December-Novgorod (Russia),Mayoral election
8 December-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Aupaluk 
9 December-Canada,Parliamentary by-elections in Berthier-Montcalm and Lac SaintJean-Saguenay 
9 December-Northwest Territories (Canada),Municipal elections for Hamlets and Settlements
9 December-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Airdrie 
9 December-Nunavut (Canada),Municipal elections 
9-16 December-Israel,Likud Party: Presidential primary election
10 December-Malaysia,Parliamentary by-election in Gaya
12 December-Gujarat (India),State elections
12 December-India,Parliamentary By-elections in Uttaranchal and Jharkhand 
12 December-India,State assembly by-elections in Arunachal Pradesh,Assam and Rajastan
14 December-Texas (USA),Special election for State House #62 1st round
14 December-Mauritius,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Rodrigues #21
15 December-Equatorial Guinea,President
15 December-Madagascar,Parliament
15 December-Benin,Municipal elections
15 December-Somaliland,Municipal elections 2nd stage
15 December-France,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Nord #23 and Yvelines #3 2nd round
15 December-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Matane #5
15 December-Turkey,True Path Party: Internal  leadership election
16 December-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Edson 
17 December-Virginia (USA),Special election for State House district #40
19 December-South Korea,President
19 December-Wallis and Futuna (France),Assembly elections 
22 December-Montenegro,President
22 December-Lithuania,Presidential,local council and municipal elections 1st round
22 December-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Apulia
24 December-Volgograd Oblast (Russia),Gubernatorial election
24 December-Pitcairn Islands (UK),Island Magistrate and Island Council elections
26 December-Bangladesh,Awami League Party: Internal leadership election
27 December-Kenya,President and Parliament
28 December-Kazakhstan,Parliamentary by-elections in Pavlodar, Karaganda and Atyrau 
29 December-Gabon,Municipal elections