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from 15 October 2007 to February 2008-China,Staggered parliamentary elections
January (postal vote)-Tasmania (Australia),Local referendum in George Town
about a proposed pulp mill 
3 January-Iowa (USA),US Presidential caucuses
3 January-Minnesota (USA),Special election for State Senate #25
3 January-Falkland Islands (UK),Legislative council by-election for 1 seat in Stanley
5 January-Georgia,President and Referendums on bringing the parliamentary elections
forward to April and on joining the NATO
5 January-Wyoming (USA),Republican Party: US Presidential and Congressional
primary elections 1st phase -elections for 12 of 28 delegates
6 January-Hong Kong (China),Village Representative by-election 
7 January-Marshall Islands,President (by the Parliament)
8 January-New Hampshire (USA),US Presidential primary elections
8 January-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
8 January-Kentucky (USA),Special elections for State House #63 and #72
8 January-South Africa,ANC party: Internal leadership election
9 January-Kosovo,President (by the Parliament)
9 January-Jersey,Constable election in St Helier
12 January-Taiwan,Parliament and Referendums on transitional justice
and the treatment of contentious properties acquired by the Kuomintang
and a counter-referendum initiated by the Kuomintang on alleged corruption in politics
13 January-Thailand,Parliamentary by-elections in Nakhon Ratchasima constituency #3 
13 January-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Belide
15 January-Barbados,Parliament
15 January-Georgia (USA),Special election for the
State House district #72 2nd round
15 January-Michigan (USA),US Presidential primary elections
16 January-Mozambique,Provincial elections
17-19 January-Tokelau (New Zealand),Island council and mayoral elections
19 January-Faroe Islands (Denmark),Parliament
19 January-Nevada (USA),US Presidential primary caucuses
19 January-South Carolina (USA),Republican Party: US Presidential primary elections and local elections
20 January-Serbia,President 1st round
20 January-Cuba,Parliament 
20 January-Thailand,Parliamentary by-elections in the provinces  of Nakhon Ratchasima,
Sakon Nakhon,Udon Thani,Lampang,Phrae,Nakhon Nayok for a total of 6 seats
20 January-Styria (Austria),Local elections in Graz
20 January-Japan,Mayoral elections in Suzaki,Otsu,Susaka and Komagane
22 January-Florida (USA),Local election in Florida City 1st round
23 January-South Africa,Municipal by-elections for the ward #21 in Ulundi
and for the ward #9 in Ntambana
23 January-Saxony (Germany),Local elections
24 January-Gambia,Municipal elections
26 January-South Carolina (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential primary elections
27 January-French Polynesia (France),Parliament 1st round
27 January-France,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Hauts de Seine #12 and Eure et Loir #1 1st round
27 January-Hesse (Germany),State election
27 January-Lower Saxony (Germany),State election
27 January-Wetteraukreis (Germany),District elections
27 January-Osaka Prefecture (Japan),Gubernatorial election
27 January-Japan,Mayoral elections in Hachiozi,Fuchu and Izumi Sano
28 January-Yukon (Canada),School board by-elections
29 January-Bhutan,National Council (Senate) elections in 5 districts (delayed from December 31st)
29 January-Florida (USA),Referendums on property tax exemptions,US Presidential primary elections,special election in Miami Beach,
Special primary election for the House #32,local election in Baldwin,Longboat Key,
Midway Fire District and in the Okaloosa and Pinellas counties,
and 1st round of local elections in Bonita Springs and Orange county
29 January-Orlando (Florida,USA),Mayoral election
29 January-Alabama (USA),Special election for the State House district #12
29 January-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
1-3 February-Maine(USA),Republican Party: US Presidential caucus
2 February-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
3 February-Serbia,President 2nd round
3 February-Monaco,Parliament
3 February-France,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Hauts de Seine #12 and Eure et Loir #1 2nd round
3 February-Baja California Sur (Mexico),Local deputees elections and muncipal elections in 5 municipalities
3 February-Quintana Roo (Mexico),Local deputees elections and muncipal elections in 8 municipalities
3 February-Japan,Mayoral elections in Ageo and Toyota
4 February-Chhattisgarh (India),Local assembly by-election for 1 seat in 63-Keshkal
4 February-Jharkhand (India),Local assembly by-election for 1 seat in 26-Simariya
5 February-Alabama (USA),US Presidential Primary elections and
county elections in Pike and Macon
5 February-Alaska (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential and Congressional primary caucuses
5 February-Arizona (USA),US Presidential Primary elections
5 February-Arkansas (USA),US Presidential Primary elections
5 February-California (USA),US Presidential Primary elections and
special election for the assembly district #55
5 February-Colorado (USA),US Presidential Primary caucuses
5 February-Connecticut (USA),US Presidential primary elections
5 February-Delaware (USA),US Presidential Primary elections
5 February-Georgia (USA),US Presidential primary elections
5 February-Idaho (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential caucus
5 February-Illinois (USA),US Presidential primary elections
and special election for the House assembly seat #14
5 February-Kansas (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential primary caucus
5 February-Minnesota (USA),US Presidential primary elections 1st round
5 February-Missouri (USA),US Presidential Primary elections and special elections for House districts #16,#65 and #158
and special elections for House district #16,#65 and #158
5 February-New Jersey (USA),US Presidential Primary elections
5 February-New Mexico (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential Primary caucuses
5 February-New York (USA),US Presidential primary elections
5 February-North Dakota (USA),US Presidential primary caucuses
5 February-Oklahoma (USA),US Presidential Primary elections
5 February-Tennessee (USA),US Presidential Primary elections,local elections and
special election for the Chattanooga City Council
5 February-Utah (USA),US Presidential Primary elections
5 February-Florida (USA),Local election in Longboat Key 1st round and in Florida City 2nd round
5 February-South Carolina (USA),Local elections and special Republican primary election for State House #92
5 February-Kentucky (USA),Special elections for State House #6 and #95 and State Senate #30
5-12 February-United States (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential and Congressional
primary elections for Democrats abroad
7 February-Belize,Parliament and Referendum on having direct Senatorial elections
8 February-Djibouti,Parliament
8-9 February-Czech Republic,President (by the Parliament) 1st attempt (failed)
9 February-Kansas (USA),Republican Party: US Presidential caucus
9 February-Louisiana (USA),US Presidential and municipal primary elections
9 February-Washington State (USA),US Presidential  primary elections and special election
9 February-Nebraska(USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential caucus
9 February-Virgin Islands (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential caucus
10 February-Maine(USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential caucus
10 February-French Polynesia (France),Parliament 2nd  round
10 February-Japan,Mayoral election in Iwakuni
10 February-Portugal,Municipal by-elections in Milhazes and Cristoval
11 February-Trinidad and Tobago,President (by the Parliament)
11 February-Nunavut (Canada),Referendum on different questions relating to the management of liquor in their communities
12 February-District of Columbia (USA),US Presidential  primary elections
12 February-Maryland (USA),US Presidential and Congressional primary elections
12 February-Virginia (USA),US Presidential primary elections
and primary township,city and school board elections
12 February-Florida (USA),Local election in South Miami 1st round
13 February-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Mpumalanga wards #2 and #3
in a total of 5 voting districts
14 February-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
15 February-Czech Republic,President (by the Parliament) 2nd attempt
15 February-Florida (USA),Local election in Indian Creek Village
17 February-Cyprus,President 1st round
17 February-Hidalgo (Mexico),State elections
17 February-Japan,Mayoral elections in Kyoto,Yawata,Motosu,Maebashi and Fujisawa
17-19 February-Western Sahara (Morocco),National Council election (elections held in the Free Zone and in the refugee camps in Algeria)
18 February-Pakistan,Parliamentary and provincial elections
19 February-Armenia,President
19 February-Hawaii(USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential primary elections
19 February-Wisconsin(USA),US Presidential primary elections and judicial primary elections
19 February-Indiana (USA),Special elections
19 February-Virginia (USA),Special election for State House #99
19 February-Florida (USA),Local elections in Gainesville and Sun' N Lake Improvement Dist.
20 February-Florida (USA),Local elections in St.Marks
23 February-Tripura (India),Local assembly election
23 February-French Polynesia (France),President (by the parliament)
23 February-Western Australia (Australia),State by-election in Murdoch
23-24 February-Thailand,Senate elections -advanced voting
24 February-Cyprus,President 2nd round
24 February-Cuba,President (by the Parliament)
24 February-Switzerland,Referendum on business tax reform
24 February-Thurgau (Switzerland),Government council elections
24 February-Switzerland,Local referendums in the cantons in Berne,Aargau,Basel Country,
Geneva,Grisons,Jura,Luzerne,Obwalden,Sant Gallen,Schaffhausen,Schwyz,Uri and Zurich
24 February-Hamburg (Germany),State and municipal elections
24 February-Washington State (USA),Republican Party: US Congressional primary election
24 February-India,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in 2-Garhwal (Uttarakhand)
24 February-Japan,Mayoral election in Kusatsu
25-27 February-Kenya,Mayoral elections
26 February-Kansas (USA),City primary elections
26 February-Florida (USA),Special election for the House #34 and runoff of the local elections in St.Cloud City and in the Orange county
March (postal vote)-Victoria (Australia),Shire Council by-elections at Goldfields,
Colac Otway and Pyrenees shires
26 February-Selma City (Alabama,USA),Referendum on Bond Measure
26 February-New York (USA),Special election for State Senate seat #48
26 February-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
28 February-Delaware (USA),Special referendum in Red Clay
29 February-Sonsorol (Palau),State election and local referendums
1 March-Florida (USA),Local elections in Eatonville
2 March-Russia,President
2 March-Ingushetia (Russia),Parliament
2 March-Russia,Legislative assembly elections in Rostov and Sverdlovsk Regions
2 March-Bavaria (Germany),Local elections 1st round
2 March-Thailand,Senate elections
2 March-Japan,Mayoral election in Tsushima
2 March-Canada,Liberal Party: Internal leadership election
3 March-Meghalaya (India),Local assembly election
3 March-Alberta (Canada),Provincial elections
4 March-Massachusetts (USA),US Presidential primary elections
4 March-Ohio (USA),US Presidential and Congressional primary elections and local referendums
4 March-Rhode Island (USA),US Presidential primary elections
4 March-Texas (USA),US Presidential and 1st round of the Congressional primary elections
4 March-Vermont (USA),US Presidential primary elections
4 March-Minnesota (USA),US Presidential primary elections 2nd round
4 March-Florida (USA),Local election in Keystone Heights City
4 March-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
4 March-New Mexico (USA),Municipal elections
5 March-Illinois (USA),US Congressional primary elections
5 March-Nagaland (India),Local assembly election
8 March-United States,US House by-election for 1 seat in Illinois #14
8 March-Malaysia,Parliamentary and local state elections
8 March-Malta,Parliamentary and local elections
8 March-Wyoming (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential and Congressional caucus
8 March-Louisiana (USA),Municipal elections
9 March-Spain,Parliament
9 March-Andalusia (Spain),Regional elections
9 March-France,Cantonal and municipal elections 1st round
9 March-New Caledonia (France),Municipal elections 1st round
9 March-French Polynesia (France),Municipal elections 1st round
9 March-Mayotte (France),Parliament 1st round
9 March-Reunion (France),General council elections 1st round
9 March-Hungary,Referendum on revoking the doctor and hospital visit fees and the university fees
9 March-Lower Austria (Austria),State election
9 March-Magdeburg (Germany),Mayoral election
9 March-Nigeria,PDP Party: Internal leadership election
9-10 March-Italy,Local referendums in the municipalities of
Pedemonte about switching from Veneto to Trentino Alto Adige Region,
of Sappada about switching from Veneto to Friuli Venezia Julia Region,
of Monte Grimano Terme e Mercatino Conca about switching from Marche to Emilia Romagna Region
10 March-Sri Lanka,Local elections in the eastern provinces 1st stage
10 March-American Samoa (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential and Congressional caucus
11 March-United States,US House by-election for 1 seat in Indiana #7
11 March-Mississippi (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential primary elections 1st round
11 March-Florida (USA),Local elections in Micanopy,La Crosse,Orange Park City,Madison City,
Key Colony Beach,Apopka and in the Broward and Pinellas counties,
1st round in Cutler Bay and Islamorada 
and runoff of the local election in South Miami and Longboat Key
11 March-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
13 March-San Marino,Indirect election of two Capitani Reggenti (Heads of State) (by the Parliament)
14 March-Iran,Parliament 1st round
15 March-China,President (by the Parliament)
15 March-Queensland (Australia),Local government elections
15 March-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Colac Otway 
16 March-Bavaria (Germany),Local elections 2nd round
16 March-France,Cantonal and municipal elections 2nd  round
16 March-New Caledonia (France),Municipal elections 2nd round
16 March-French Polynesia (France),Municipal elections 2nd round
16 March-Mayotte (France),Parliament 2nd round
16 March-Reunion (France),General council elections 2nd round
16 March-Schwytz and Sankt Gallen (Switzerland),Government council and Cantonal elections
16 March-Parchim (Germany),District elections
16 March-Ecuador,Provincial elections in Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas and in Santa Elena
16 March-Gagauzia (Moldova),Parliament 1st round
16 March-San Marino,Referendums on 1-abolishing the temporary work permits (art.17),
2-abolishing the law for the promotion of development and employment (art.18),
3-recalculating the wages every year according to the previous year inflation rate
4-on switching to a one-candidate-per-list electoral system
16 March-Japan,Mayoral election in Matsumoto
17 March-Canada,Parliamentary by-elections in Vancouver Quadra,Toronto Centre,Willowdale and Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River 
17 March-Nunavut (Canada),Referendum in Taloyoak on forming an Alcohol Education Committee
18 March-North Dakota (USA),Township elections
18 March-Florida (USA),Local election in Surfside
18 March-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
18 March-Kentucky (USA),Special election for State House #84
18 March-Uganda,Parliamentary by-election in Bukhooli North
19 March-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Western Cape for 5 seats
in 3 municipalities (Cape Town,Beufort West and Stellenbosch)
22 March-Taiwan,Presidential election and Referendums on joining the UN with the name Taiwan
and about stolen assets recovery
22 March-Victoria (Australia),Shire by-election in Ballarat City and Pyrenees Shire
23 March-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Kumamoto and mayoral elections in
Hyuga,Owase and Hoku
24 March-Bhutan,Parliament
25 March-Alabama (USA),County elections in Silver Hills Fire and in Mobile
25 March-South Carolina (USA),Local elections and special election for State House #92
26 March-India,Council of States elections in 17 States for a total of 56 seats,
Council of States by-election for 1 seat in Bihar 
and Indirect Legislative council
elections in Bihar and Maharashtra for a total of 18 seats
27 March-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
27 March-Solomon Islands,Parliamentary by-election in East Malaita
28 March-Solomon Islands,Parliamentary by-election in Aoke-Langalanga
29 March-Zimbabwe,Presidential,parliamentary,Senate and municipal elections
29 March-Kogi State (Nigeria),Gubernatorial election
29 March-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government elections
30 March-Japan,Mayoral elections in Gujo and Obu
30 March-Gagauzia (Moldova),Parliament 2nd round
30 March-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Pedro Miguel
1 April-Mississippi (USA),US Congressional primary elections
1 April-Kansas (USA),City elections
1 April-Delaware (USA),Municipal elections in Delaware City,Odessa and Newport
1 April-Florida (USA),Local elections in Green Cove Springs City,Medley and in the Polk county
1 April-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
1 April-Wisconsin (USA),Judicial elections
2 April-South Africa,Municipal by-elections for 1 seat in Eastern Cape,
for 2 seats in Free State and for 2 seats in KwaZulu-Natal
3 April-Uganda,Parliamentary by-election in Bukomansimbi
5 April-Nigeria,Senatorial by-election for 1 seat in Abuja
6 April-Montenegro,President
6 April-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Vendee #5 
6 April-Thurgau (Switzerland),Grand council elections
6 April-Uri (Switzerland),Government council and land council elections
6 April-Gustrow (Germany),District elections
6 April-Japan,Mayoral elections in Tokushima and Aki Takeda
8 April-Egypt,Local council elections
8 April-United States,US House by-election for 1 seat in California #12
8 April-Missouri (USA),Municipal elections
8 April-Florida (USA),Local elections in Bay Harbor Island and Alachua 1st round,in Jackson county and West Miami and runoff of the local elections
in Bonita Springs,Islamorada and Cutler Bay
8 April-Texas (USA),US Congressional primary elections 2nd round
8 April-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections 1st stage
8 April-Delaware (USA),Municipal election in Newark
8 April-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
9 April-South Korea,Parliament
10 April-Nepal,Constituent Assembly election
12 April-India,Parliamentary by-elections in Madhya Pradesh 17-Betul,
in Uttar Pradesh 32-Khalilabad and 41-Azamgarh
12 April-Orissa (India),State assembly by-election in 83-Laxmipur
12 April-Uttar Pradesh (India),State assembly by-elections in 74-Bilgram,
147-Colonelganj, 41-Kharba and 373-Muradnagar
13 April-Benin,Communal and municipal elections 1st round
13 April-Ethiopia,Parliamentary by-elections for 39 seats and Local elections
13 April-Germany,District elections in Doberan,Nordvorpommern,
Nordwestmecklenburg and Schwalm Eder and mayoral election in Greifswald
13 April-Japan,Mayoral elections in Sado,Komoro,Sakado,Miyati,Omaezaki,
Geru,Ibaraki,Daito,Takasago,Iki and Kudamatsu
13 April-Indonesia,Gubernatorial elections in West Java
13-14 April-Italy,Parliamentary,municipal and provincial elections
13-14 April-Sicily (Italy),Regional elections
13-14 April-Friuli Venezia Julia (Italy),Regional elections
15 April-Russia,United Russia Party: Internal leadership election
15 April-Maryland (USA),Prince George's County Council District 5 and
Montgomery County Council District 4 primary elections
15 April-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
16 April-Indonesia,Gubernatorial elections in North Sumatra
17 April-Malta,Parliamentary by-elections for 10 seats
20 April-Paraguay,Presidential,Parliamentary and gubernatorial elections 
20 April-Lucerne (Switzerland),Local council and municipal parliaments elections
20 April-Ticino Canton (Switzerland),Local council and municipal parliaments elections
20 April-Japan,Mayoral elections in Meguro,Aga Noichi,Uozu,Izu,Hekinan,
20 April-Madagascar,Indirect Senate election
20 April-Portugal,Elections for the Communities Council for Azores and Madeira 
22 April-Pennsylvania (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential primary elections 
and Congressional primary elections
22 April-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
23 April-Guernsey (UK),Assembly elections
23-24 April-Tonga,Parliament
24 April-Malawi,United Democratic Front: Internal leadership election
24 April-Isle of Man (UK),Local Authority elections
25 April-Iran,Parliamentary runoff elections for 17 seats
26 April-Nauru,Parliament
26 April-Switzerland,Green Party: Internal leadership elections
26 April-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
27 April-Japan,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Yamaguchi #2 and mayoral elections in
Eime west,Mine,Tango,Kurashiki,Mobara and Murakami
27-28 April-Italy,Regional,provincial and municipal runoff elections
27-30 April-Gabon,Local elections
28 April-Bihar and Uttar Pradesh States (India),State Legislative Councils elections from
Graduates' and Teachers' Constituencies
29 April-Florida (USA),Local elections in Gadsden county and runoff of the local elections in
Alachua and Bay Harbor Islands
29 April-Nigeria,State election in Adamawa
30 April-Tuvalu,Referendum on becoming a Republic
30 April-Uganda,Parliamentary by-election in Buikwe South
1 May-Wales (UK),Local council elections
1 May-England (UK),Local elections in 143 local authorities
1 May-London (England,UK),Mayoral election, local borough councils elections,
1/3 of metropolitan district elections and 1/3 of the shire elections
1 May-Benin,Communal and municipal elections 2nd round
3 May-Guam (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential  caucus
3 May-United States,US House by-election for 2 seats in Louisiana #1 and #6
3 May-Delaware (USA),Municipal election in Townsend
3 May-Victoria (Australia),Shire Council by-elections at Deakin Ward and Central Goldfield Shire
3 May-Tasmania (Australia),Legislative council elections in Huon and Rosevears
3 May-New South Wales (Australia),Local Referendums in Manly on educational facilities
4 May-Equatorial Guinea,Parliamentary and municipal elections
4 May-Santa Cruz Province (Bolivia),Referendum on a broad autonomy
(referendum not recognized by the Bolivian central government)
6 May-Indiana (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential primary elections and Congressional primary elections
6 May-North Carolina (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential primary election 1st round
and Congressional primary elections
6 May-Tennessee (USA),County primary elections
6 May-Virginia (USA),Township,city and school board elections
6 May-Wyoming (USA),Township elections
6 May-Florida (USA),Local election in Port St.Joe
6 May-Maryland (USA),Prince George's County Council District 5 election
6 May-Nunatsiavut Government (Newfoundland and Labrador,Canada),Presidential election
6 May-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
6 May-Alaska (USA),Local elections in Wrangel
7 May-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in KwaZulu-Natal Mtubatuba #3
from 8 to 21 May (by mail)-United Kingdom,Indirect House of Lords by-election for 1 seat
9 May-West Virginia (USA),US Congressional primary elections
10 May-Myanmar,Referendum on the new Constitution
10 May-Karnataka (India),Local assembly election 1st phase
10 May-Sri Lanka,Local elections in the eastern provinces 2nd stage
11 May-Serbia,Parliamentary and local elections
11 May-Vojvodina (Serbia),Parliament
11 May-West Bengal (India),Local council elections 1st stage
11 May-Japan,Mayoral election in Fussa
12 May-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal elections and Referendum on proportional representation
12 May-Quebec (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Bourget,Hull and Pointe aux Trembles
13 May-United States,US House by-election for 1 seat in Mississippi #1
13 May-West Virginia (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential primary elections
13 May-Nebraska (USA),US Congressional primary elections
13 May-Delaware (USA),School board elections
13 May-Maryland (USA),Montgomery County Council District 4 election
13 May-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
14 May-West Bengal (India),Local council elections 2nd stage
15 May-England (UK),Local council by-election in Branksome East
16 May-Dominican Republic,President
16 May-Karnataka (India),Local assembly election 2nd phase
17 May-Kuwait,Parliament
17 May-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
18 May-Germany,District elections in Ludwig and Ostvorpommern
18 May-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Alpes Maritimes #5 1st round
18 May-Cape Verde,Local elections
18 May-West Bengal (India),Local council elections 3rd stage
18 May-Argentina,Provincial (intendente) election in San Carlos de Bariloche
18 May-Japan,Mayoral elections in Odawara and Kashiba
20 May-West Bengal (India),Rerun of the local council elections in 77 councils
20 May-Kentucky (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential primary elections
and Congressional primary elections
20 May-Oregon (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential primary elections
and Congressional primary elections
20 May-Arkansas (USA),US Congressional primary elections and judicial elections 1st round
21 May-Georgia,Parliament
21 May-South Africa,Municipal by-elections for 12 wards in a total of 46 voting districts in
Eastern Cape,Gauteng,KwaZulu-Natal,North West, Northern Cape and Western Cape 
22 May-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-elections in Cheshire #167 Crewe and Nantwich districts (England)
22 May-India,Parliamentary by-elections in Maharashtra 10-Thane and in Meghalaya 2-Tura
22 May-Karnataka (India),Local assembly election 3rd phase
22 May-India,Local Legislative assembly elections for  2 seats in Haryana and for 2 seats in Punjab
22-26 May-United States,Libertarian Party: Convention and internal nomination
of the US presidential candidate
24 May-Myanmar,Referendum on the new Constitution in 40 districts in the Yangon province and
in 7 districts in the other southern areas (postponed from May 10th for typhoon)
24 May-Bayelsa and Sokoto States (Nigeria),Gubernatorial elections
24 May-Malta,Local council by-election in L-Imtarfa
25 May-Lebanon,President (by the Parliament)
25 May-Schleswig-Holstein (Germany),Municipal elections
25 May-France,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Alpes Maritimes #5 2nd round and 1st round in Rhone #11  
25 May-Aosta Valley (Italy),Regional elections
25 May-Trentino Alto Adige (Italy),Municipal election at Bronzolo
25 May-Kiev (Ukraine),Mayoral and local council elections
25 May-Taiwan,DPP Party: Internal leadership elections
25 May-Japan,Mayoral elections in Kanuma,Gobo and Fujieda
25 May-Hong Kong (China),Village Representative by-election 
26 May-Prince Edward Island (Canada),School board elections 
27 May-Idaho (USA),US Presidential Preference Primary elections and Congressional primary elections
29 May-India,Parliamentary by-elections in Andhra Pradesh 35-Adilabad,
37-Karimnagar,38-Hanamankonda and 39-Warangal
29 May-India,Local Legislative assembly elections for 18 seats in Andhra Pradesh
31 May-New Jersey (USA),Municipal elections
June (postal vote)-Tasmania (Australia),Local referendum in West Coast
on moving the Council administration from Zeehan to Queenstown
1 June-Macedonia,Parliament
1 June-Romania,Local elections 1st round
1 June-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Rhone #11 2nd round
1 June-Switzerland,Referendums on people's initiative against publicly funded
information campaigns by the government, on retain the right of deciding on
the naturalisation of foreign citizens through a vote at municipal level
and on counterproposal to the withdrawn people's initiative on the Krankenversicherungsgesetz
1 June-Germany,District elections in Koblenz
1 June-Beni and Pando Provinces (Bolivia),Referendum on a broad autonomy
(referendum not recognized by the Bolivian central government)
1 June-Puerto Rico (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential primary elections
and Congressional primary elections
1 June-Japan,Mayoral election in Aioi
2 June-Kuwait,Municipal by-elections for Sharq #1
3 June-Montana (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential primary elections
and Congressional primary elections
3 June-South Dakota (USA),Democratic Party: US Presidential primary elections
and Congressional primary elections 1st stage and 3 Municipal elections 2nd stage
3 June-New Mexico (USA),US Congressional primary elections
3 June-Alabama (USA),US Congressional primary election 1st round 
3 June-California (USA),US Congressional primary election and special recall election for 
Senate district #12
3 June-Iowa (USA),US Congressional and county primary elections
3 June-New Jersey (USA),US Congressional primary elections
3 June-Florida (USA),Local election in Greenwood
4 June-South Korea,Local by-elections in 23 local districts
7 June-Niue (New Zealand),Parliament 
8 June-Tyrol (Austria),State elections
8 June-Saxonia (Germany),Local elections
8 June-Germany,Mayoral election in Dresden
8 June-Japan,Mayoral election in Itoman and Gose
8 June-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
10 June-Arkansas (USA),US Congressional primary elections 2nd round
10 June-North Dakota (USA),US Congressional primary elections and city elections
10 June-South Carolina (USA),US Congressional primary elections 1st round and local elections
10 June-Virginia (USA),US Congressional primary elections
10 June-Maine (USA),US Congressional primary elections and special elections
10 June-Florida (USA),Local election in Sopchoppy City and 1st round in Hawtorne
11 June-Kenya,Parliamentary by-elections for 5 seats in Ainamoi,Embakasi,Emuhaya,
Kilgoris and Wajir North constituencies 
12 June-Ireland,Referendum on the Lisbon Treaty
15 June-Romania,Local elections 2nd round
15 June-Macedonia,Parliamentary rerun elections at 186 polling stations
15 June-Anjouan (Comoros),Local presidential election 1st round
15 June-Japan,Mayoral elections in Minato,Shimoda and Hukuti
15-16 June-Sicily (Italy),Provincial elections in 8 provinces and
municipal elections in 147 municipalities
16 to 21 June-Australian Capital Territory (Australia), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander elections
17 June-United States,US House by-election in 4th Congressional District of Maryland
17 June-South Dakota (USA),US Congressional primary elections 2nd stage and
Municipal elections 3rd stage
22 June-Tarija Province (Bolivia),Referendum on a broad autonomy
(referendum not recognized by the Bolivian central government)
22 June-Slovenia,Referendum on establishing thirteen provinces
22 June-India,Parliamentary by-election in Jalandhar central district #41
22 June-Argentina,Provincial (intendente) and local council elections in Rio Cuarto
22 June-Japan,Mayoral elections in Komae and Noda
22 June-Indonesia,Gubernatorial elections in East Java and Central Java
22 June-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Gaula
23 June-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Balmoral, Bas Caraquet Ward 3, 
Drummond, Eel River Crossing, Millville, Neguac, Oromocto Ward 2 and Rogersville
24 June-South Carolina (USA),US Congressional primary elections 2nd round and locale elections
24 June-North Carolina (USA),US Congressional primary elections 2nd round
24 June-Utah (USA),US Congressional primary elections
24 June-Florida (USA),Local election in Hawtorne 2nd round
25 June-Kuwait,Municipal by-elections for the Hawalli #4
25 June-Saskatchewan (Canada),Provincial by-election in Cumberland
26 June-Pakistan,Parliamentary by-elections in N-11 Mardan III, NA-52 Rawalpindi III,
NA-55 Rawalpindi VI, NA-119 Lahore II, NA-123 Lahore VI, NA-131 Sheikhupura I,
NA-147 Okara V, and NA-207 Larkana-Shikarpur-Kamber Shadatkot
26 June-Pakistan,Provincial assembly by-elections in Balochistan for 3 constituencies,
in North West frontier Province for 7 constituencies, in Punjab for 17 constituencies and in Sindh for 3 constituencies
26 June-Karnataka (India),Legislative council elections for Graduates and Teachers
for a total of 4 seats and
legislative council by-election for 1 seat in the Dakshina Kannada constituency
26 June-India,Council of States elections in Karnataka for 4 seats and in Mizoram for 1 seat
26 June-India,Council of States by-elections in the states of Bihar,Nagaland and West Bengal
for 1 seat each
26 June-India,Legislative assembly elections in Karnataka for 7 seats
and legislative assembly by-elections in Andhra Pradesh for 1 seat
26 June-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Henley
27 June-Zimbabwe,Presidential runoff election
27 June-Seychelles,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Mount Fleuri
28 June-Australia,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Gippsland
28 June-Victoria (Australia),State assembly by-election for 1 seat in Kororoit
29 June-Mongolia,Parliament
29 June-Anjouan (Comoros),Local presidential election 2nd round
29 June-Congo Brazzaville,Local elections
29 June-Chuquisaca (Bolivia),Gubernatorial election
29 June-Japan,Mayoral elections in Natori and Nichinan
1 July-Somaliland,Local elections
1 July-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
3 July-Micronesia,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats
5 July-Sierra Leone,Municipal elections
6 July-Nayarit State (Mexico),State and municipal elections
6 July-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Macieira de Sarnes
7 July-Indonesia,Gubernatorial election in East Kalimantan 1st round
8 July-Grenada,Parliament
8 July-Florida (USA),Local elections in Taylor county 1st round
8 July-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
9 July-Indonesia,Gubernatorial election in Bali
10 July-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-elections in Haltemprice and Howden (England)
13 July-Japan,Mayoral elections in Ayase,Niikura,Inzai,Habikino and Sakaiminato
and gubernatorial election in Kagoshima prefecture
14 July-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal by-election in Saint John Ward 2
15 July-Georgia (USA),US Congressional primary elections 1st round
15 July-Alabama (USA),Congressional primary election 2nd round
15 July-Florida (USA),Local elections in La Belle and Bascom
15 July-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
15 July-Maharashtra (India),Legislative Council elections and by-elections for Graduates and Teachers
16 July-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Eastern Cape,Gauteng,KwaZulu-Natal,
Northern Cape and Western Cape in a total of 15 wards
19-20-21 July-Nepal,President (by the Parliament) 
20 July-Italy,PDCI Party: Internal leadership elections
20 July-Japan,Mayoral elections in Fujimi,Kohama and Sukagawa
22 July-Florida (USA),Local elections in Taylor county 2nd round
24 July-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election in Glasgow East
up to 26 July (postal vote)-Victoria (Australia),Shire by-election in Moorabool shire for Bungal ward
27 July-Cambodia,Parliament
27 July-Italy,PRC Party: Internal leadership election
27 July-Japan,Mayoral elections in Mashita,Nagano,Tochigi and Tsunoda
27 July-Aragua State (Venezuela),Gubernatorial primary election
29 July-Oklahoma (USA),US Congressional primary elections 1st round
2 August-Latvia,Constitutional Referendum on allowing one-tenth of the total
registered electorate to initiate a popular referendum to dissolve the parliament
3 August-Japan,Mayoral election in Ibaraki
4 August-Bangladesh,City elections in 4 cities and municipal elections in 9 municipalities
5 August-Congo Brazzaville,Indirect Senate elections (elected by district, local and regional councils)
5 August-Kansas (USA),US Congressional primary elections
5 August-Missouri (USA),US Congressional primary elections
5 August-Michigan (USA),US Congressional primary elections
5 August-Georgia (USA),US Congressional primary elections 2nd round
5 August-Ohio (USA),Special elections about taxes and bond issues
5 August-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
7 August-Tennessee (USA),US Congressional primary election and county elections
7 August-Mississippi (USA),US Congressional primary elections 1st round
7 August-Western Australia (Australia),Gubernatorial election in East Pilbara
9 August-Northern Territory (Australia),State elections
10 August-Bolivia,Presidential, Vicepresidential and
gubernatorial recall referendums
10 August-Japan,Mayoral elections in Noboribetsu and Fukuyama
11 August-Muslim Mindanao (Philippines),Gubernatorial and legislative assembly elections
12 August-Colorado (USA),US Congressional primary elections
12 August-Nevada (USA),US Congressional primary elections
12 August-Connecticut (USA),US Congressional primary elections
12 August-Florida (USA),Local election in Alford
12 August-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
12 August-Ngiwal (Palau),State elections
14 August-Western Australia (Australia),Gubernatorial election in Gosnells
17 August-Thailand,Parliamentary by-election in Chiang Rai district #3
19 August-Wyoming (USA),US Congressional primary elections
19 August-Washington State (USA),US Congressional primary elections
23 August-Sri Lanka,Provincial elections in North Central Province and
South Eastern (Sabaragamuva) Province
23 August-Latvia,Referendum on a new pensions law
23 August-Nigeria,State election in Cross River
24 August-Japan,Mayoral elections in Minoo and Goto
25-28 August-United States,Democratic Party: Convention and US presidential
candidate formal election
26 August-Malaysia,Parliamentary by-election in Permatanh Pauh constituency for 1 seat in Dewan Rakyat
26 August-Alaska (USA),US Congressional primary elections
26 August-Florida (USA),US Congressional primary elections and local elections
in Wewahitchka,Clermont,Miami Gardens,Palatka,Jay,Milton and Jacob
26 August-Oklahoma (USA),US Congressional primary elections 2nd round
26 August-Alabama (USA),Municipal elections 1st round
26 August-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
27 August-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Baie Verte-Springdale and Cape St.Francis
28 August-Missouri (USA),US Congressional primary elections 2nd round
31 August-Switzerland,Government council elections
31 August-Germany,Mayoral election in Duesseldorf
31 August-Argentina,Provincial (intendente) and local council elections in Santa Rosa
31 August-Japan,Mayoral election in Aku
1-4 September-United States,Republican Party: Convention and US presidential
candidate formal election
2 September-Arizona (USA),US Congressional primary elections
2 September-Alabama (USA),Municipal election in Phenix City
2 September-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
2 September-Vanuatu,Parliament
3 September-Saint Helena (United Kingdom Territory),Assembly by-election for 1 seat in the west electoral area
3 September-Indonesia,Gubernatorial elections in Lampung and South Sumatra
5 September-Zambia,MMD Party: Presidential primary election
5-6 September-Angola,Parliament
6 September-Pakistan,President
6 September-Louisiana (USA),US Congressional primary elections 1st round
6 September-Guam (USA),US Congressional primary elections
6 September-Australia,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Mayo and Lyne
6 September-Western Australia (Australia),State election
7 September-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Eure et Loir #1 1st round
7 September-Armenia,Local elections
7 September-Hong Kong (China),Legislative council elections
7 September-Japan,Mayoral elections in Otsu and Arita
8 September-US Virgin Islands (USA),US Congressional primary elections
8-9 September-Maryland (USA),Municipal elections
9 September-Vermont (USA),US Congressional primary elections
9 September-New Hampshire (USA),US Congressional primary elections
9 September-New York (USA),US Congressional primary elections
9 September-Rhode Island (USA),US Congressional primary elections
9 September-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
9 September-Washington State (USA),US Congressional primary elections
9 September-Wisconsin (USA),US Congressional primary elections
9 September-Delaware (USA),US Congressional primary elections
9 September-Minnesota (USA),US Congressional primary elections
9 September-District of Columbia (USA),US Congressional primary elections
9 September-Iowa (USA),School Board elections
9 September-Florida (USA),Local election in Campbellton
9 September-Hale County (Alabama,USA),Ad Valorem Tax Referendum
10 September-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Mantsopa (Free State), Westonaria (Gauteng),
Mkhambathini (KwaZulu-Natal) and Greater Letaba (Limpopo) 
11 September-Western Australia (Australia),Gubernatorial election in Brookton
13 September-New South Wales (Australia),Local government elections
14 September-Germany,Mayoral election in Schwerin
14 September-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Eure et Loir #1 2nd round
14 September-Japan,Mayoral elections in Settsu
15 and 16 September-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
15-18 September-Rwanda,Parliament
16 September-Massachusetts (USA),US Congressional primary elections
16 September-Arkansas (USA),School Board elections
16 September-San Marino,Indirect election of two Capitani Reggenti (Heads of State) (by the Parliament)
17 September-Thailand,Indirect prime minister election (by the Parliament)
17 September-Israel,Kadima Party: Internal leadership election
19 September-Swaziland,Parliament
19 September-Mauritius,President (by the Parliament)
19 September-Morocco,Parliamentary by-elections in Marrakech, Tiznit, Safi e Mohammedia
20 September-Hawaii (USA),US Congressional primary elections
21 September-Slovenia,Parliament
21 September-France,Indirect elections of half of the Senate (elected by municipal officials)
21 September-Japan,Mayoral elections in Bibai,Isehara and Zama
21 September-Mayotte (France),Election for 2 members for the French Senate
21 September-Saskatchewan (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Regina Douglas Park and Saskatoon Riversdale
22 September-Quebec (Canada),Provincial by-election in Jean-Talon
22 September-Japan,LDP Party: Internal leadership election
23 September-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
23 September-Palau,Presidential primary election
23 September-Solomon Islands,Parliamentary by-election in Lau Mbaelelea
25 September-Solomon Islands,Parliamentary by-election in East Honiara
25 September-South Africa,President (by the Parliament)
27 September-New South Wales (Australia),Local government elections and local referendums
28 September-Austria,Parliament
28 September-Belarus,Parliament
28 September-Bavaria (Germany),State elections
28 September-Brandenburg (Germany),Municipal elections
28 September-Switzerland,Local referendums in Basel City,Luzern,Nidwalden,Sant Gallen and Zurich
28 September-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Cambeses
28 September-Armenia,Local elections in 5 districts of Yerevan
28 September-Ecuador,Referendum on the new Constitution
28 September-Japan,Mayoral elections in Takahashi,Hukutsu and Iwade
29 September-Quebec (Canada),Provincial by-election in Jean-Talon
30 September-Florida (USA),Local election in Jacksonville Beach
30 September-Citronelle (Alabama,USA),Annexation referendum
30 September-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
30 September-Trento (Italy),Provincial referendum about school system reforms
4 October-Louisiana (USA),US Congressional primary elections 2nd round
4 October-Kazakhstan,Indirect election of half of the Senate
5 October-Bangkok (Thailand),Gubernatorial election
5 October-Guerrero State (Mexico),State and municipal elections
5 October-Bosnia and Herzegovina,Local elections
5 October-Kyrgyzstan,Local elections
5 October-Japan,Mayoral elections in Okazaki,Yokkaido,Akishima,Sabae and Hakui
5 October-Hong Kong (China),District council by-election in Yau Tsim Mong
6 October-Yukon (Canada),School board elections
7 October-Alaska (USA),Local elections
7 October-Florida (USA),Primary local election in Key Biscayne and 1st round of local election
in Miami Lakes
7 October-Alabama (USA),Municipal runoff elections and annexation elections in
Moffett Rd. Area/City of Mobile,Theodore Area/City of Mobile,Windmill Place Area/City of Mobile and
Dominion-Wellington Area/City of Mobile
7 October-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
8 October-Vicenza (Italy),Referendum on approving or rejecting a new american military base
8 October-Maldives,President 1st round
12 October-Lithuania,Parliament 1st round
12 October-Chechnya (Russia),Parliament
12 October-Japan,Mayoral elections in Yasu and Hunan
12 October-Mongolia,Local elections
14 October-Canada,Parliament
14 October-Florida (USA),Local election in Newberry
14 October-Ohio (USA),Special primary election for Congressional district #11
14 October-Ascension Island (Saint Helena and Ascension, United Kingdom),Island council election
15 October-Azerbaijan,President
15 October-Jersey (UK),Senatorial and constable elections and Referendum on adopting the Central European Time
15 October-South Africa,Municipal by-elections for Johannesburg Alexandra ward 76
and Ekurhuleni Brakpan ward 30
17 October-UNITED NATIONS,Security council election
17-18 October-Czech Republic,Elections for 1/3 of the Senate 1st round and regional elections in 13 regions 
18 October-Nova Scotia (Canada),Municipal elections
18 October-Canada,New Brunswick Progressive Conservative Party: Internal leadership election
18 October-Australian Capital Territory (Australia),State assembly election
18 October-New South Wales (Australia),State assembly by-elections in
Cabramatta,Lakemba,Port Macquarie and Ryde
18 October-Western Australia (Australia),Gubernatorial election in Broomehill-Tambellup
19 October-Cohauila State (Mexico),State elections
19 October-Azores (Portugal),Gubernatorial elections
19 October-Japan,Mayoral elections in Kawauchi,Yasugi,Shima,Irima,Ida and Utashinai
20 October-Northwest Territories (Canada),Taxed communities elections
21 October-Florida (USA),Runoff of the local election in Miami Lakes
23 October-Bangladesh,District,parish and city elections
23 October-Maharashtra (India),State legislative by-election for 1 seat
23 October-Indonesia,Gubernatorial election in East Kalimantan 2nd round
24-25 October-Czech Republic,Elections for 1/3 of the Senate 2nd round
25 October-Germany,CSU Party: Internal leadership election
25 October-Northern Territory (Australia),Shire and Rural Council elections
26 October-Lithuania,Parliament 2nd round
26 October-Finland,Municipal elections
26 October-Bolzano (Italy),Provincial election
26 October-Chile,Municipal elections
26 October-Quebec (Canada),School board by-elections in Lester-B.-Pearson #12 and #15
26 October-Japan,Mayoral elections in Ehime east,Ziyouiti,Yoshino,Hannan,Koka,
Namazu,Tsukuba,Nanao and Shiraishi
27 October-Nunavut (Canada),Provincial elections
27 October-Uganda,Parliamentary by-election in Kyadondo
28 October-Maldives,Presidential runoff election
28 October-Baldwin County (Alabama,USA),Referendum on Planning & Zoning District 18
29 October-Bougainville (Papua New Guinea),President
29 October-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Nxuba and Port St Johns (Eastern Cape)
and in Kannaland (Western Cape)
29 October-British Columbia (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Vancouver-Burrard and
in Vancouver-Fairwiev 
30 October-Zambia,President
31 October-Malta,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat
31 October-Karnataka (India),Legislative council by-elections in Dharwad,Kodagu and Belgaum
2 November-Florida (USA),Local elections in Marathon
2 November-Japan,Mayoral election in Kushiro
3 November-Nunavut (Canada),Provincial by-election in South Baffin
3 November-New Brunswick (Canada),Provincial by-election in New Maryland-Sunbury West
4 November-United States,President,Parliament and 1/3 of the Senate elections
4 November-Indiana (USA),Gubernatorial election
4 November-Ohio (USA),Referendums on early voting,on bonds issue,on protecting private property in lakes and watercourses,on cash lending and on a new casino near Wilmington
4 November-North Dakota (USA),Gubernatorial election
4 November-Vermont (USA),Gubernatorial election
4 November-Utah (USA),Gubernatorial election
7 4 November-North Carolina (USA),Gubernatorial election
4 November-West Virginia (USA),Gubernatorial election
4 November-Virginia (USA),Special election for US House #5
4 November-Missouri (USA),Gubernatorial election
4 November-Montana (USA),Gubernatorial election
4 November-New Hampshire (USA),Gubernatorial election
4 November-Delaware (USA),Gubernatorial and county elections
4 November-Iowa (USA),County elections
4 November-Washington State (USA),State general and gubernatorial elections
4 November-Louisiana (USA),Municipal elections ,7 referendum on constitutional amendments and
municipal primary elections in Terrebonne and Cameron parishes
4 November-Mississippi (USA),US Senate special election for 1 seat and 1st round of local elections
4 November-Wyoming (USA),Special election for State House #22 and Referendums on oath of office taken by all elected and appointed officials and
on changing the requirement for petition signatures for an initiative or referendum
4 November-New Mexico (USA),Local council elections
4 November-Arkansas (USA),Municipal and county elections and judicial runoff, special elections and referendums
4 November-Kentucky (USA),Mayoral elections
4 November-California (USA),Referendum on a constitutional amendment
limiting marriage to unions between men and women 
4 November-New York (USA),Referendum on giving 
additional civil service
4 November-Maine (USA),Special elections
credit for members of the armed forces of the United States
4 November-Florida (USA),State and local referendums,Local and local primary elections
4 November-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
4 November-Texas (USA),Special elections for State Senate #17 1st round,and for State Representative Districts #55 and #81
4 November-Nevada (USA),Referendums on amending Nevada Constitution,on Nevada Property Owner's Bill of Rights and Sale and use Tax of 1955
4 November-Hawaii (USA),Constituent Referendum
4 November-Puerto Rico (USA),Gubernatorial, parliamentary and senate elections
4 November-American Samoa (USA),Gubernatorial 1st round and parliamentary elections
and US Congressional primary elections
4 November-US Virgin Islands (USA),Local elections 1st round
4 November-Guam (USA),Parliament
4 November-Palau,President,Parliament,Senate elections and Referendum on 22 proposed
amendments to the Constitution
5 November-Saskatchewan (Canada),Municipal elections for odd-numbered rural municipalities
6 November-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Glenrothes (Scotland)
8 November-New Zealand,Parliament
8 November-US Virgin Islands (USA),Local elections 2nd round
9 November-San Marino,Parliament
9 November-Trentino (Italy),Provincial election
9 November-Hidalgo State (Mexico),Municipal elections
9 November-Nicaragua,Municipal and local council elections
9 November-Japan,Mayoral elections in Niihama,Iga,Toyohashi and Arakawa
11 November-Israel,Municipal elections
11 November-Florida (USA),Local election in Bristol
14 November-Chhattisgarh (India),State assembly elections 1st phase
15 November-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal elections
15 November-Uttar Pradesh (India),State assembly by-election in 70-Hardoi
16 November-Guinea Bissau,Parliament
16 November-France,Socialist Party: Internal leadership election 1st round
16 November-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Tochigi prefecture and mayoral elections in
Naha,Yame,Saijo,Unnan,Tanba,Setouchi,Nishinomiya,Ena,Kosai,Uto Tochigi,Akanashi,Uonuma,
Toyama South and Kashiwazaki
17 November-Jammu and Kashmir (India),State assembly elections 1st phase
17 November-Prince Edward Island (Canada),School Board by-election in district zone #4 
18 November-American Samoa (USA),Gubernatorial runoff election
18 November-United States,US House by-election for 1 seat in Ohio #11
18 November-Mississippi (USA),Local elections 2nd round
18 November-Florida (USA),Local elections in El portal,North Bay Village,
Palmetto Bay and Pinecrest 2nd round
18 November-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
19 November-Mozambique,Municipal and local elections
20 November-Chhattisgarh (India),State assembly elections 2nd phase
21 November-India,Council of States elections for 1 seat in Uttarakhand,
for 10 seats in Uttar Pradesh and for 4 seats in Jammu and Kashmir and
Council of States by-election for 1 seat in West Bengal
21 November-France,Socialist Party: Internal leadership election 2nd round
22 November-Slovakia,Municipal elections
23 November-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Gironde #8 1st round
23 November-Venezuela,Regional,municipal and township elections
23 November-Jammu and Kashmir (India),State assembly elections 2nd phase
23 November-Gabon,Local by-elections in 7 districts, due to irregularities found in April 27th polls
23 November-Japan,Mayoral elections in Agatamori,Etajima and Nakano
23 November-Hong Kong (China),Village representative by-election
25 November-Greenland (Denmark),Referendum on greater autonomy and local elections
25 November-Wyoming (USA),Special election for the House District #22
25 November-Arkansas (USA),Municipal and county  runoff elections
25 November-Florida (USA),Local election in Pensacola 2nd round
25 November-Alaska (USA),Local election
26 November-Jersey (UK),Deputies elections
26 November-Goa (India),State assembly by-election for 1 seat at 17-Pale constituency
27 November-Madhya Pradesh (India),State assembly elections
27 November-Plateau State (Nigeria),Local government elections
29 November-Victoria (Australia),Local council elections
29 November-New South Wales (Australia),Local council by-elections in
Bland,Warren -A ward and Wellington
29 November-NCT of Delhi (India),State assembly elections
28 November-Romania,Parliamentary and Senate elections
30 November-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Gironde #8 2nd round
30 November-Jammu and Kashmir (India),State assembly elections 3rd phase
30 November-Japan,Mayoral elections in Kagoshima,Isaiti,Kuwana,Shimabara,Yokkaichi,
Hashima,Chiryu,Shiroi and Katsuyama
30 November-Hong Kong (China),District council by-election in Wong Tai Sin
30 November-Santiago del Estero (Argentina),Gubernatorial and municipal elections
30 November-Switzerland,Referendums on 1-For a sensible cannabis policy with
effective protection of the youth, 2-people's initiative for the
restriction of the Verbandsbeschwerderecht, 3-Against statute-barrment of pornographic
crimes against children, 4-For a flexible AHV age
and local cantonal referendums
30 November-Honduras,Presidential primary elections
30 November-Germany,District elections in Bad Kreuznach
30 November to 2 December-Germany,CDU Party: Convention and Internal leadership election
1 December-Nunavut (Canada),Municipal elections (hamlets)
2 December-Mizoram (India),State assembly elections
2 December-Georgia (USA),Senate runoff election for 1 seat
2 December-Florida (USA),Local election in Waldo 1st round and in Neptune Beach,Astatula,
Trailer Estates
2 December-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
4 December-Rajasthan (India),State assembly elections
4 December-Bermuda (UK),Parliamentary by-election  
6 December-Alderney (Guernsey,UK),General elections
6 December-Louisiana (USA),US Congressional by-elections for 2 seats #2 and #4
and municipal elections in Terrebonne and Cameron parishes
7 December-Ghana,President 1st round and Parliament
7 December-Jammu and Kashmir (India),State assembly elections 4th phase
7 December-Thailand,Puea Thai Party: Internal leadership election
7 December-Japan,Mayoral elections in Uji
7 December-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Marne #1 1st round
8 December-Quebec (Canada),Provincial elections
8 December-Northwest Territories (Canada),Hamlets and settlements elections
8 December-Israel,Likud Party: Parliamentary primary elections
9 December-Florida (USA),Local election in Penney Farms City
9 December-South Carolina (USA),Local elections
9 December-North Carolina (USA),Local elections in Pembroke and Clayton
9 December-Karnataka (India),Indirect Legislative council by-election for 1 seat for 2 seats
(elected by the Legislative assembly)
10 December-North Carolina (USA),Special election in Wallace
10 December-Switzerland,Indirect Federal council by-election for 1 seat and presidential election (by the Parliament)
10 December-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 17-Matjhabeng and 2-Nketoana (Free State),
in 4-Nokeng Tsa Taemane,2-Mogale City and 22-Tshwane Metro (Gauteng),
in 56-Thekwini,2-Umngeni,1-Mooi Mpofana,20-Emnambithi/Ladysmith,16-Nongoma,
24-Ulundi,12-Jozini and 8-Mandeni (KwaZulu-Natal),in 5-Dikgatlong (Northern Cape) and for a total of 27 wards in the Western Cape including 8 in Cape Town
10 December-Ngardmau (Palau),State election
10 December-Sark (Guernsey,UK),General elections
13 December-Jammu and Kashmir (India),State assembly elections 5th phase
13 December-Northern Territory (Australia),Municipal by-elections in
MacDonnell Shire in Iyarrka Ward
14 December-Turkmenistan,Parliament 1st round
14 December-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Marne #1 2nd round
14 December-Paraguay,Municipal by-election in Nueva Esperanza
14-15 December-Abruzzo (Italy),Regional elections
15 December-Andhra Pradesh (India),Legislative council by-election for 1 seat for
Medak-Nizamabad-Adilabad-Karimnagar Graduatesi Constituency
15 December-Thailand,Internal PM election (by the Parliament)
15 December-Nunavut (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Akulliq
16 December-Florida (USA),Local election in Waldo 2nd round
16 December-Virginia (USA),Special election in Fredericksburg
16 December-Texas (USA),Special election for State district #17 2nd round
17 December-Jammu and Kashmir (India),State assembly elections 6th phase
20 December-Ekiti State (Nigeria),Local government elections
21 December-Paraguay,Municipal by-election in Yabebyry
24 December-Jammu and Kashmir (India),State assembly elections 7th phase
27 December-Karnataka (India),State assembly by-elections in the constituencies
of 138-Madhugiri,7-Hukkeri,8-Arbhavi,56-Devadurga,77-Kanwar,130-Turuvekere,
180-Doddaballapur and 187-Maddur
27 December-Manipur (India),State assembly by-election in 27-Moirang constituency
27 December-West Bengal (India),State assembly by-election in the consituency of 240-Para
28 December-Ghana,Presidential runoff election
28 December-Turkmenistan,Parliament 2nd round
29 December-Bangladesh,Parliament