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????-Samoa,Parliamentary by-elections for 9 seats

2 January-Ghana,Presidential runoff election in Tain constituency -delayed from December 28th 2007
5 January-West Bengal (India),State assembly by-elections in the constituencies of
48-Sujapur and 206-Nandigram
5 January-Jharkhand (India),State assembly by-election in 58-Tamar consituency
6 January-Virginia (USA),Special elections for the House districts #70 and #81
7 January-Uganda,Parliamentary by-elections in Sembabule,Bujumba and Isingiro
8 January-Puntland (Somalia),President (by the Parliament)
9 January-Indiana (USA),Special election in Noblesville
9 January-Tamil Nadu (India),Legislative assembly by-election for 1 seat in 137-Thirumangalam
11 January-Thailand,Parliamentary by-elections for 29  seats in the Parliament
11 January-Bangkok (Thailand),Gubernatorial election
11 January-Japan,Mayoral election in Usuki
12 January-Malta,President (by the Parliament)
12 January-Bangladesh,Delayed Parliamentary election for 1 seat in Noakhali-1 constituency
13 January-California (USA),Special recall election in San Fernando (Los Angeles county)
13 January-Florida (USA),Special election in South Miami
13 January-Indiana (USA),Special election in Kankakee
13 January-Virginia (USA),Special election for the House district #46
16 January-Maharashtra (India),Legislative council by-election for 1 seat in Nagpur
17 January-Malaysia,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Kuala Terengganu
17 January-South Australia (Australia),State by-election for 1 seat in Frome
18 January-El Salvador,Parliamentary and municipal elections
18 January-Hesse (Germany),State elections
18 January-Gabon,Indirect Senate election (by local and departmental councillors)
18 January-Japan,Mayoral elections in Towada and Isesaki
18 January-Paraguay,Municipal by-elections in Carmelo Peralta,Tembiapora and Tebicuary
19 January-Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago),Parliament
20 January-South Dakota (USA),Special election in Vermillion
22 January-Nashville (USA),Referendums on whether to ban the use of all languages
apart from English in local government business
and on making it easier to amend the charter by petition-driven ballot measures
22 January-Uttar Pradesh (India),State assembly elections for 12 seats and by-election for 1 seat
22 January-Madhya Pradesh (India),Council of States by-election for 1 seat
22 January-Bangladesh,District elections
24 January-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Statonville
25 January-Bolivia,Referendums on the new Constitution and on
whether to allow private land possession to 5000 or to 10000 hectares
25 January-Bolivia,Gubernatorial elections in La Paz and Cochabamba and local council elections
25 January-Thailand,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Nonthaburi #2 constituency
25 January-Japan,Gubernatorial elections in Yamagata and Gifu and mayoral elections in
Kawagoe,Kikukawa,Gifu,Iwakura,Matsusaka,Komatsushima,Takashima,Ozu,Karatsu,Yamaga,Saito and Miyako
25 January-Germany,District election in Kassel
25 January-Viana do Castelo (Portugal),Referendum on merging the municipality into Minho-Lim municipality
25 January-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Alfena
27 January-Florida (USA),Local elections in Winter Garden
27 January-New Jersey (USA),Special election
28 January-South Africa,Municipal by-elections  in  a total of 99 voting districts
in Eastern Cape,Free State,Gauteng,KwaZulu-Natal,Limpopo and Northern Cape for a total of 27 wards
30-31 January-Somalia,President (by the Parliament)
31 January-Iraq,Provincial elections
1 February-Japan,Mayoral elections in Nishinoomote,Kumamoto,Gontenba,Kameyama,Chiyoda Ku and Nomi
1 February-Quintana Roo (Mexico),Municipal elections in in Tulum
3 February-Iowa (USA),Special election
3 February-Idaho (USA),Local elections
3 February-Ohio (USA),Local elections and Special elections about tax and bonds issue
3 February-Maine (USA),Special election for the US House #89 and school board elections
3 February-Washington State (USA),Special election
3 February-Rhode Island (USA),Special primary election in Central Falls
3 February-Florida (USA),Local elections in Palm Beach
3 February-Indiana (USA),Special election in Clinton
3 February-Virginia (USA),Special election in Fairfax
3 February-Pennsylvania (USA),Local referendum in Luzerne County
5 February-Tennessee (USA),Local elections in Whiteville and Middleton
5 February-Maine (USA),State House special election for district #85 
6 February-Andhra Pradesh (India),Indirect Legislative Council and
Authorities and School board elections (elected by the Legislative assembly)
8 February-Switzerland,Referendum on the treaty within the European Union on
the freedom of movement and its extension to the citizens of Bulgaria and Romania
and local referendums in the cantons of Luzern,Zurich and Nidwalden
8 February-Liechtenstein,Parliament
8 February-Turkmenistan,Parliamentary election 3rd round for 1 seat
8 February-Japan,Mayoral elections in Tsu,Urazoe,Kashiwabara,Imabari and West Tokyo
10 February-Israel,Parliament
10 February-Oklahoma City (USA),School board elections 1st round
10 February-Florida (USA),Local elections in Wilton Manors,Ocean Ridge and
primary elections in Winter Park
10 February-Kentucky (USA),Special election for State Senate #32
11 February-Bangladesh,President (by the Parliament)
11 February-Mozambique,Runoff of the 19-11-08 local elections in the constituency of Nacala
11 February-French Polynesia (France),President (by the Parliament)
13 February-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Council of State elections for 4 seats
13 February-Kerala (India),Council of State election for 1 seat
15 February-Venezuela,Referendum on abolishing the presidential terms limit
15 February-Sri Lanka,Provincial elections in the central and northwestern provinces
15 February-Japan,Mayoral election in Omi
15-16 February-Sardinia (Italy),Regional elections
17 February-Wisconsin (USA),Non partisan county and judicial primary elections
17 February-Rhode Island (USA),Special election in Central Falls
17 February-Florida (USA),Local elections in Golden Beach and Jupiter Inlet Colony
19 February-Tennessee (USA),City elections in Kingsport
19 February-Delaware (USA),Special county election in New Castle county  #5
21 February-Sri Lanka,Rerun of the provincial elections in Puttalam district
21 February-Italy,PD Party: Internal leadership election
22 February-Japan,Mayoral elections in Aso,Maibara,Uenohara,Tsugaru and Hakusan
24 February-Illinois (USA),Municipal and township primary elections
24 February-Michigan (USA),Local elections
24 February-California (USA),City primary and school elections in Burbank
26 February-Meghalaya (India),Local assembly by-elections for 1 seat at 9-Umroi constituency
26 February-Uttar Pradesh (India),Local assembly by-elections for 1 seat at 233-Bhadohi constituency
26 February-West Bengal (India),Local assembly by-elections for 1 seat at 111-Bishnupur constituency
27 February-Florida (USA),Local elections in Golden Beach 2nd round
27,28 February and 1 March-Mauritius,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Moka Quartier Militaire #8
28 February-Western Australia (Australia),Special election in Albany
1 March-Austria,State and local elections in Carinthia and Salzburg
1 March-Basque Regions (Spain),Parliament
1 March-Galicia (Spain),Regional elections
1 March-Russia,Local assembly elections in 9 regions and township elections 1st round
1 March-Japan,Mayoral elections in Yanai,Kamogawa and Asaka
1 March-Mauritius,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat at Moka Quartier Militaire #8
2 March-Connecticut (USA),State House special election for district #70 
2 March-Nunavut (Canada),Provincial by-election in Akulliq
3 March-Micronesia,Congressional elections and 1st round of gubernatorial election in Chuuk
3 March-California (USA),County and municipal elections
3 March-Missouri (USA),Charter city and charter council elections
3 March-Los Angeles (California,USA),Mayoral primary election
3 March-San Antonio (Texas,USA),Mayoral election
3 March-Kansas (USA),Municipal primary elections
3 March-Maryland (USA),Municipal primary election in Salisbury
3 March-Vermont (USA),Local elections
3 March-Virginia (USA),Local primary elections
3 March-Oklahoma (USA),Municipal elections in Edmond 1st round
3 March-New Mexico (USA),Local elections
3 March-Florida (USA),Local elections in Flager Beach,Bunnel,Beverly Beach,
Aventura,Manalapan and Hialeah Gardens
3 March-Pennsylvania (USA),Special election for State Senate district #29
3 March-Iowa (USA),Special election
3 March-Tennessee (USA),Local elections in Collegedale and Chattanooga
4 March-Pakistan,Senate elections for 50 seats
5 March-Ontario (Canada),Provincial by-election in Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock
5 March-Western Australia (Australia),Special elections in Swan and Cockburn
6 March-Western Australia (Australia),Local referendum in Claremont on local tax system changes
7 March-Western Australia (Australia),Special election in Canning
7 March-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Pyrenees council
7 March-Mississippi (USA),School board elections 1st round
7 March-Florida (USA),Local elections in Eatonville
7 March-Louisiana (USA),Special election
7 March-Ontario (Canada),New Democratic Party of Ontario: Internal leadership election
7 March-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Legislative council by-elections for 3 seats and
Indirect Council of State elections for 8 seats (elected by the Legislative Assembly) 
8 March-North Korea,Parliament
8 March-Germany,District election in Odenwaldkreis
8 March-Catamarca (Argentina),Deputees,Senatorial and local council elections
8 March-Ontario (Canada),New Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
9 March-Connecticut (USA),Municipal primary elections
9 March-New Brunswick (Canada),Provincial by-election in Restigouche La Vallee'
10 March-Oregon (USA),County elections 1st stage
10 March-Arizona (USA),Municipal and council primary elections in Cave Creek
10 March-Washington State (USA),Special election
10 March-Minnesota (USA),County elections and special election for the US House district #4
10 March-Florida (USA),Local elections in Micanopy, La Crosse,Belle Isle,Edgewood,
Ocoee,Maitland,Windermere,Winter Garden,Sarasota City,Winter Park,Holiday Park
and in the Palm Beach and Pinellas counties
10 March-New Jersey (USA),Special election
10 March-Virginia (USA),Special elections in Fairfax and Norfolk
10 March-South Carolina (USA),Special primary election for House disctrict #30 in Cherokee county 1st round
12 March-Antigua and Barbuda,Parliament
12 March-Peleliu (Palau),State election
14 March-Latvia,Municipal elections
14 March-New South Wales (Australia),Local council by-elections in
Palerang,Richmond Valley and Wellington
15 March-El Salvador,President
15 March-Japan,Mayoral elections in Mima and Shimonoseki
15 March-Germany,Mayoral election in Kiel
15 March-Russia,Mayoral and township elections 2nd round
16 March-London (United Kingdom),Local councilmen elections
17 March-Georgia (USA),Special election 1st round
17 March-Florida (USA),Local elections in Longboat,Longboat Key,St.Cloud and Jupiter Island
and runoff elections in Hialeah Gardens
17 March-Vancouver (BC,Canada),Municipal by-election for Winnipeg #1 
18 March-Azerbaijan,Referendum on abolishing the presidential terms limit
18 March-San Marino,Indirect election of the two Capitani Raggenti (Chiefs of the State)
21 March-Slovakia,President 1st round
21 March-Mississippi (USA),School board elections 2nd round
21 March-Queensland (Australia),State elections
22 March-Macedonia,Presidential 1st round and local elections
22 March-Japan,Mayoral elections in Saga and Hagi
22 March-Senegal,Local elections
23 March-Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda),Local council by-elections for 5 seats
23 March-Andhra Pradesh (India),Council of States by-election for 1 seat
23 March-Jamaica,Parliamentary by-election in Portland Western
24 March-Tennessee (USA),Local elections in Tennessee Ridge
24 March-Florida (USA),Local elections in Gainesville
24 March-South Carolina (USA),Special Republican Party primary election for House disctrict #30 in Cherokee county 2nd round
24 March-California (USA),Special primary election for US Senate district #26
24 March-Manitoba (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Elmwood and The Pas
25 March-South Africa,Municipal by-elections for 2 seats in Western Cape
at Mitchells Plain #79 and Parow #2, for 4 seats in Eastern Cape at Nelson Mandela Bay
and in 3 wards in the Nkonkobe municipality, for 1 seat in Northern cape at Ritchersveld #61,
for 3 seats in Free State at Mantsopa #173, for 1 seat in Kwazulu-Natal at Ulundi #266
and for 5 seat in North West at Makikeng #383, Ramotshere Moiloa #385, Potchefstroom #402,
Matlosana #403 and Merafong City #405
24-28 March-Malaysia,UMNO Party: Internal leadership election
28 March-Switzerland,SVP Party: Internal leadership election
28 March-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Mountain City
29 March-Montenegro,Parliament
29 March-Turkey,Local elections
29 March-Mayotte (France),Referendum on becoming an Overseas department of France
29 March-Japan,Mayoral elections in Akaiwa,Hamura and Komatsu
and gubernatorial election in Chiba prefecture
29 March-Hong Kong (China),District council by-election in Sha Tin
30 March-Andhra Pradesh (India),Legislative council elections for 9 constituencies
31 March-United States,US Congressional by-election for 1 seat in New York 20th district
31 March-Virginia (USA),Special election in Buckingham
1 April-Florida (USA),Local elections in Polk county
4 April-Slovakia,President 2nd round
4 April-Louisiana (USA),Municipal primary elections and special election
for State Senate district #16
4 April-New South Wales (Australia),Local council by-election in Upper Hunter Shire
4 April-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Jacksboro
5 April-Macedonia,Presidential runoff election
5 April-Moldova,Parliament
5 April-Japan,Mayoral elections in Tamura,Isahaya and Kodaira
5 April-Chile,Concertacion Coalition Party: Presidential primary elections
7 April-Malaysia,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Bukit Gantang 
and state assembly by-elections for 1 seat in Bukit Selangau,Kedah State assembly and for 1 seat in Batang Ai,Sarawak State assembly
7 April-United States,US Congressional by-election for 1 seat in Illinois #5
7 April-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Farragut
7 April-Illinois (USA),Municipal and township elections
7 April-Missouri (USA),Municipal elections
7 April-Kansas (USA),City elections
7 April-Wisconsin (USA),Non partisan county and judicial elections
7 April-Colorado (USA),Municipal elections
7 April-Maryland (USA),Municipal election in Salisbury
7 April-Las Vegas (Nevada,USA),Municipal primary elections
7 April-Oklahoma (USA),Runoff of School board elections in Oklahoma City
and runoff of the municipal election in Edmond
7 April-California (USA),School elections in Glendale and Inglewood
7 April-Florida (USA),Local elections in Bal Harbour Village,Bay Harbor Islands and Miami Springs
7 April-Iowa (USA),Special election
7 April-Virginia (USA),Special election in Madison
7 April-Ghana,Parliamentary by-election in Jirapa
9 April-Algeria,President
9 April-Indonesia,Parliamentary,Senate and local elections
9 April-North Korea,President (by the Parliament)
9 April-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Spring Hill
9 April-Micronesia,Gubernatorial election in Chuuk 2nd round
11 April-Delaware (USA),Municipal election in New Castle
12 April-Japan,Mayoral elections in 35 cities and
gubernatorial election in Akita prefecture
14 April-California (USA),Municipal runoff election in Burbank and local election in Monrovia
14 April-Florida (USA),Local elections in Newberry,Alachua,Coral Gables,Miami Shores
and runoff in Gainesville,Belle Isle,Maitland,Ocoee,Winter Garden and Sarasota City and referendum in
Brevard about annexation of Melbourne
14 April-West Virginia (USA),Municipal primary elections in Hinton,Saint Albans and Williamson
15 April-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Dayton
15 April-Andhra Pradesh and Orissa States (India),Legislative assemblies elections 1st stage
16 April-Georgia (USA),Special election 2nd round
16 April-India,Parliamentary (Lok Sabah) elections 1st stage
19 April-Northern Cyprus,Parliament
19 April-Haiti,Senate elections for 12 seats of 30 1st round
19 April-Japan,Mayoral elections in 19 prefectures
20 April-Oklahoma (USA),Municipal elections
21 April-California (USA),School elections in Arcadia,municipal runoff
elections in Pasadena and city primary elections in Campton
21 April-Florida (USA),Local elections in St. Cloud 2nd round
21 April-Indiana (USA),Special election in Southwest Allen
21 April-New Hampshire (USA),State Senate special election for district #3
21 April-Japan,Mayoral elections in 19 cities
22 April-South Africa,Parliamentary and provincial elections
23 April-Hawaii (USA),Special mayoral election in Honolulu #3
23 April-India,Parliamentary (Lok Sabah) elections 2nd stage
23 April-Andhra Pradesh and Orissa States (India),Legislative assemblies elections 2nd stage
23 April-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Legislative assembly by-election for 1 seat in 54-Bhaderwah
25 April-Sri Lanka,Provincial elections in the Western provinces
25 April-Delaware (USA),Municipal election in Elsmere
25 April-Tennessee (USA),City elections
25 April-Iceland,Parliament
25-26 April-Nigeria,Rerun of the gubernatorial elections in the Ekiti State
26 April-Andorra,Parliament
26 April-Ecuador,Presidential,Parliamentary,gubernatorial and municipal elections
26 April-Mali,Municipal elections
26 April-Germany,District elections in Hersfeld-Rotenburg and Darmstadt-Dieburg
26 April-Berlin (Germany),Local Referendum on whether children should have a choice
between classes in secular ethics or religion
26 April-Russia,Mayoral election in Sochi
26 April-Austria,BZO Party: Internal leadership election
26 April-Japan,Mayoral elections in 14 cities including Nagoya
28 April-Washington State (USA),Special election
28 April-Florida (USA),Local elections in Gadsden county and runoff in Bay Harbor Islands
and Miami Shores
28 April-New Hampshire (USA),State House special election for district #4 
28 April-South Carolina (USA),Special election for House disctrict #30 in Cherokee county
28 April-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Johnson City
28 April-Japan,Mayoral election in Nagoya
30 April-India,Parliamentary (Lok Sabah) elections 3rd stage
30 April-Sikkim State (India),Legislative assembly  election
30 April to 3 May-Canada,Liberal Party: Internal leadership election
2 May-New South Wales (Australia),Local council by-election in Willoughby City
2 May-Tasmania (Australia),Legislative council elections in Derwent,Mersey and Windermere
2 May-Louisiana (USA),Municipal elections
2 May-Tennessee (USA),Local elections 
2 May-Canada,Liberal Party: Internal leadership election
3 May-Panama,Presidential,Vice Presidential,Parliamentary,municipal and council elections
3-4 May-Trentino Alto Adige (Italy),Municipal elections in 10 municipalities
4 May-Connecticut (USA),Municipal elections
4 May-Maryland (USA),Municipal elections
5 May-Mississippi (USA),Municipal primary elections 1st round
5 May-Michigan (USA),Local elections
5 May-Ohio (USA),Primary,Local and special elections
5 May-Virginia (USA),Local elections in Vienna and Alexandria
5 May-Florida (USA),Local elections in North Miami Beach and runoff in Alachua
5 May-Iowa (USA),Special election
5 May-Tennessee (USA),Local election in Morristown
6 May-South Africa,President (by the Parliament)
6 May-South Africa,Municipal by-election for 1 seat in Gelvandale #10
6 May-Solomon Islands,Parliamentary by-election in Central Gadalcanal
7 May-India,Parliamentary (Lok Sabah) elections 4th stage
7 May-Delhi (India),Legislative assembly election for 1 seat in 64-Rohtash Nagar constituency
7 May-Western Australia (Australia),Special election in Wanneroo
7 May-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
7 May-Switzerland,Local referendum in Geneva
9 May-Maldives,Parliament
9 May-Texas (USA),Local elections
9 May-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
9 May-New South Wales (Australia),Local council by-election in Murrumbidgee Shire Council - West Ward
9 May-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-election in Wagait Shire 
10 May-New Caledonia (France),Parliament
11 May-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Blacks Harbour, Nackawic,
Neguac, Sainte Marie-Saint Raphael, Sainte Anne de Madawaska and Tracadie-Sheila
12 May-Maryland (USA),Municipal elections
12 May-British Columbia (Canada),Provincial Election and and Referendum on Single Transferable Vote
12 May-California (USA),City runoff election in Redondo Beach
12 May-Florida (USA),Local elections in North Miami,Sweetwater
and runoff in North Miami Beach
12 May-Tasmania (Australia),Legislative council elections
12 May-New Jersey (USA),Municipal elections
12,13 May-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
13 May-India,Parliamentary (Lok Sabah) elections 5th stage
15,16 May-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
16 May-Kuwait,Parliament
16 May-Western Australia (Australia),Referendum on the Daylight Saving proposal
and State by-election for 1 seat in Fremantle
16 May-Japan,DPJ Party: Internal leadership elections
16-17 May-Finland,Green League Party: Internal leadership election
17 May-Lithuania,President 1st round
17 May-Croatia,Municipal elections
17 May-Switzerland,Referendum on the introduction of the biometric passport and local referendums
17 May-Comoros,Referendums on increasing the central president's powers,
on declaring the Islam as national religion and on postponing all national elections to 2011
19 May-Malawi,President and Parliament
19 May-Mississippi (USA),Municipal primary elections 2nd round
19 May-Pennsylvania (USA),Municipal primary elections,special election for legislative district #124
and Local referendums in Cumberland,Lancaster and Luzerne counties
19 May-California (USA),Statewide special elections,Special election for the US Senate district #26,special primary election for the US Congressional district #32 and mayoral election in Los Angeles
19 May-Oregon (USA),Local elections 2nd stage
19 May-Arizona (USA),Municipal and council elections in Cave Creek
19 May-Washington State (USA),Special election
19 May-Florida (USA),Local elections in North Miami 2nd round
19 May-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
19 May-Indiana (USA),Special elections 
19 May-Massachusetts (USA),State special primary election for 1 seat in Suffolk #3
20 May-Moldova,President (by the Parliament) 1st attempt -failed
20 May-Cayman Islands (UK),Parliamentary election and Referendum on a draft Constitution
21 May-Uganda,Local government,township,county,district elections
and local by-elections 1st stage
23 May-Germany,President (by the Parliament)
23 May-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
24 May-Mongolia,President
24 May-Japan,Mayoral election in Saitama
25 May-Uganda,Local government,township,county,district elections
and local by-elections 2nd stage
26 May-Idaho (USA),Local elections
26 May-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
28 May-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
28 May-India,Local assembly by-elections for 1 seat in Uttarakhand 42-Kapkot,
1 seat in Bihar 186-Fatuha, 1 seat in Punjab 36-Nur Mahal and 1 seat in Tripura 8-Town Barowali
30 May-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 2 seats in 18-Hazratbal and 24-Sonawar
30 May-New South Wales (Australia),Local council election in Ku-ring-ngai council Wahroonga ward
30 May-Louisiana (USA),Special election
31 May-South Ossetia (Georgia),Parliament
31 May-Yerevan (Armenia),Municipal elections
31 May-Hong Kong (China),Village Representative by-election 
31 May-Costa Rica,PAC Party: Internal presidential primary election
31 May-Penang (Malaysia),State assembly by-election for 1 seat in Penanti
2 June-Greenland (Denmark),Parliament
2 June-New York (USA),Special elections for assembly district #77 and #85
2 June-New Jersey (USA),Gubernatorial primary elections
2 June-Mississippi (USA),Municipal elections
2 June-Nevada (USA),City elections and mayoral election in Las Vegas
2 June-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
2 June-California (USA),City runoff election in Campton
3 June-Moldova,President (by the Parliament) 2nd attempt -failed
4 June-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
4 June-England (United Kingdom),Local government elections
4 June-Northern Ireland (United Kingdom),Local government elections 
4 June-Scotland (United Kingdom),Local government elections
4-7 June-European Union,Parliament
5 June-Ireland,Local elections and parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Dublin South and Dublin Central 
5 June-Petrozavodsk (Russia),Mayoral election
5 June-New Caledonia (France),Indirect presidential election
6 June-Malta,Local elections
6 June-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
6 June-Nova Scotia (Canada),Provincial elections
6-7 June-Italy,Provincial elections in 63 provinces, municipal elections in 4260 municipalities
and regional elections in Sardinia 1st round
7 June-Rio Gallegos City (Argentina),Local Constituent assembly election
7 June-Costa Rica,PLN Party: Internal presidential primary election
7 June-Luxembourg,Parliament
7 June-Belgium,Regional elections
7 June-Germany,Local elections in Baden-Wurttemberg,Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,Rhineland-Palatinate,
Saarland,Saxony,Saxony-Anhalt,Thuringia,mayoral election in Neumenster and
district elections in Bergstrasse and Giessen
7 June-Denmark,Referendum on proposed change of male preference requirement in royal succession
7 June-Lebanon,Parliament
7 June-Saskatchewan (Canada),New Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
9 June-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
9 June-Virginia (USA),County primary elections and Democratic Party Gubernatorial primary election
9 June-Florida (USA),Local elections in Hawthorne
9 June-Mississippi (USA),Special election in Lauderdale #82 1st round
9 June-Alabama (USA),Special election for Senate disctrict #7
11 June-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
12 June-Iran,President 
12 June-Morocco,Municipal elections
13 June-New Zealand,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Mount Albert
13 June-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-elections in Thamarrurr/Pindi Pindi,Barrah and Daguragu
14 June-Japan,Mayoral election in Chiba
16 June-Georgia (USA),Special election 1st round
16 June-California (USA),City runoff election in Inglewood
16 June-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
16 June-Indiana (USA),Special elections in Porter and Lake counties
16 June-Massachusetts (USA),State special election for 1 seat in Suffolk #3
16 June-Jamaica,Parliamentary by-election in St. Catherine North Eastern
20 June-Indiana (USA),Special election in Miami county
20 June-Maharashtra (India),Internal Legislative council by-election for 1 seat
20 June-Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh (India),Council of States by-elections for 2 seats each
20 June-New South Wales (Australia),Local council election in Goulburn Mulwaree council
21 June-Haiti,Senate elections for 12 seats of 30 2nd  round
21 June-Thailand,Parliamentary by-elections for 1 seat in Sakon Nakhon and for 1 seat in Si Sa Keht
21 June-Hong Kong (China),District council by-election in Wan Chai
21-22 June-Italy,Runoff of the provincial,municipal and regional elections
and referendum on the new electoral law
22 June-Quebec (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Marguerite-Bourgeoys and in Riviere du Loup 
23 June-Florida (USA),Local elections in Hawthorne 2nd round
24 June-South Africa,Municipal by-elections for 2 seats in Eastern Cape,
for 3 seats in Free State, for 1 seat in Gauteng, for 6 seats in KwaZulu-Natal,for 1 seat in Mpumalanga, for 2 seats in Northern Cape and
for 10 seats in Western cape
25 June-Kuwait,Municipal elections
27 June-Ontario (Canada),PCPO Party: Internal leadership election
27 June-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
28 June-Albania,Parliament
28 June-Guinea Bissau,President 1st round
28 June-Argentina,Elections for 1/2 of the Parliament and 1/3 of the Senate
n the provinces of Chubut,Cordoba,Corrientes,La Pampa,Mendoza,Santa Fe and Tucuman
28 June-Corrientes (Argentina),Local deputees,local senators and communal elections
28 June-Uruguay,Presidential primary elections
30 June-Iowa (USA),Special election
30 June-Mississippi (USA),Special election in Lauderdale #82 2nd round
30 June-Japan,Mayoral election in Yokosuka
1 July-Kenya,Mayoral election in Olkejuado
from 3 to 14 July (by mail)-United Kingdom,Indirect House of Lords by-election for 1 seat
5 July-Bulgaria,Parliament
5 July-Mexico,Parliament
5 July-Mexico,Gubernatorial elections in Colima,Campeche,Nuevo Leon,Queretaro,
San Luis Potosi and Sonora
5 July-Mexico,Local deputees and municipal elections in Colima,Mexico State,Distrito Federal,Campeche,
Guanajuato,Jalisco,Morelos,Nuevo Leon,Queretaro,San Luis Potosi and Sonora
5 July-Germany,District election in Waldeck-Frankenberg
5 July-Japan,Gubernatorial elections and prefectural assembly by-elections in
Shizuoka and Hyogo prefectures and local elections in Naha and Awazi cities
5 July-Paraguay,Municipal by-election in General Jose Maria Bruguez
6 July-Bihar (India),Legislative council by-election for 1 seat in Kosi Teachers Constituency
7 July-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
8 July-Indonesia,Presidential election and Rerun of the parliamentary elections in South Nias district (North Sumatra) and in in some subdistricts of Yahukim (Irian Jaya) 
8 July-South Africa,Municipal by-elections for 2 seats in Eastern Cape and for 6 seats in
the Free State
10 July-Kenya,Mayoral election in Kakamega
11 July-New South Wales (Australia),Local council elections in Gwydir and Wakool- C Ward Shire councils
12 July-Congo Brazzaville,President 1st round
12 July-Japan,Metropolitan assembly elections in Tokyo,mayoral election in Nara
and local city by-election in Nagoya
13 July-Bihar (India),Legislative council elections for 24 seats
14 July-United States,US Congressional by-election for 1 seat in California #32
14 July-Alabama (USA),Special election for House disctrict #6
14 July-Dothan (Alabama,USA),Mayoral and commisioners elections
14 July-Georgia (USA),Special election 2nd round
14 July-Florida (USA),Local elections in Horshoe Beach City
14 July-Alabama (USA),Special election for House disctrict #6
14 July-Jamaica,Local by-election in Westmoreland Central 
14 July-Kelantan State (Malaysia),Local assembly by-election in Manek Urai
18 July-Mauritania,President 
19 July-Japan,Mayoral election in Asahi
19 July-Paraguay,Municipal by-election in Mariano Roque Alonso
23 July-Kyrgyzstan,President
23 July-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Norwich North
25 July-Kurdistan (Iraq),President and Parliament
25 July-Saskatchewan (Canada),Resort villages elections
26 July-Guinea Bissau,Presidential runoff election
26 July-Japan,Mayoral elections in Sendai and Souka and city elections in Matsuzaka
26 July-Turkmenistan,Local elections
26 July-Macau (China),Indirect Chief Executive election
26 July-Taiwan,KMT Party: Internal leadership election
29 July-Moldova,Parliament
31 July to 21 August-New Zealand,Referendum on corporal punishment of children by parents
1 August-Kurdistan (Iraq),Referendum on the Constitution
1 August-Louisiana (USA),Special election
1 August-Tasmania (Australia),Legislative council by-election in Pembroke
2 August-Japan,Prefectural Assembly by-election in Niigata
3 August-Delaware (USA),Special election for State Senate district #19
3 August-Punjab (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 3 seats in
70-Banur,5-Kanhuwan and 93-Jalalabad
4 August-Niger,Referendum on allowing the current president to run for a third term
4 August-Idaho (USA),Local elections
4 August-Ohio (USA),Local elections and referendums 
4 August-Michigan (USA),Local elections and city primary elections
4 August-Iowa (USA),Special election
4 August-Florida (USA),Special election for Senate disctrict #28
4 August-Palestine,Al Fatah Movement: Internal leadership elections
6 August-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
6 August-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-election in
Roper Gulf Shire council in Yugul Mangi Ward
8 August-Hawaii (USA),Special mayoral election in Honolulu #5
8 August-Sri Lanka,Provincial council elections in Southern and Uva provinces
and municipal council elections in Jaffna and Vavunya
10 August-India,Council of States by-elections for a total of 13 seats
12 August-Bihar (India),Indirect legislative council by-elections for 3 seats
12 August-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 5 municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal,
in Northern Cape Khai Ma municipality and in Southern Cape Witzenberg municipality
13 August-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
18 August-Washington State (USA),State primary elections
18 August-Alabama (USA),Special election for Senate disctrict #19
18 August-Tamil Nadu (India),Local assembly by-elections for 5 seats in 197-Ilayangudi,103-Thondumuthur
134-Cumbum,78-Bargur and 226-Srivaikuntam
18 August-West Bengal (India),Local assembly by-elections for 2 seats in
145-Bow Bazar Kolkata and 156-Sealdah  Kolkata
18 August-Uttar Pradesh (India),Local assembly by-elections for 4 seats in
18 August-Ghana,Parliamentary by-elections in Akwatia and Wulensi
16-Moradabad West,391-Morna,291-Bidhuna and 3-Malihabad 
18 August-Karnataka (India),Local assembly by-elections for 5 seats in 185-Channapatha
166-Govindrajnagar,40-Chittapur,183-Ramanagar and 222-Kollegal
18 August-Meghalaya (India),Local assembly by-election for 1 seat in 17-Laitumkhrah
20 August-Afghanistan,President 1st round and local elections
22 August-New South Wales (Australia),Local council election in Singleton council-B Ward
22 August-Lesotho,Local government by-elections in Maseru,Thaba-Tseka,Qachas'nek and Mokhotlong
23 August-Japan,Mayoral and city elections in Yatsushiro
25 August-Alabama (USA),County elections in Mobile and Tuscaloosa
25 August-Kentucky (USA),Special election for State Senate #18
25 August-Penang (Malaysia),Local assembly by-election in Permatang Pasir
27 August-Bermuda (UK),Parliamentary by-election 
27 August-Tennessee (USA),Special primary election for the House district #62
29 August-Louisiana (USA),Special election
29 August-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
29 August-Northern Territory (Australia),Local council by-elections in Yugul Mangi
30 August-Japan,Parliamentary election,mayoral election in Yokohama,gubernatorial election in Ibaraki 
and city elections in Nemuro
30 August-Gabon,President
30 August-Paraguay,Municipal by-election in San Carlos de Concepcion
30 August-Germany,State elections in Saarland,Saxony and Thuringia
and mayoral election in North Rhine-Westphalia and Saarland
31 August-New Brunswick (Canada),Local referendum in local Service District of the Parish of Saint-L�onard 
1 September-Arizona (USA),City elections 1st stage and city primary elections
1 September-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
1 September-Iowa (USA),Special election for State House #90
1 September-Florida (USA),Local elections in Winter Haven and Local council primary elections
in St.Petersburg
1 September-California (USA),Special primary election for assembly district #51 and special primary election for US Congressional district #10
1-2 September-Vanuatu,Indirect Presidential election
2 September-South Africa,Municipal by-elections for 4 seats in Gauteng,
for 2 seats in KwaZulu-Natal and for 1 seat each in Eastern Cape,Limpopo,
Northern Cape and Western Cape
3 September-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
4 September-Jamaica,Parliamentary by-election in Clarendon North Western
6 September-Hong Kong (China),District council by-election in Kwai Tsing East Estate
8 September-New York (USA),Municipal primary elections
8 September-Iowa (USA),School board elections
8 September-Oklahoma (USA),Special primary election for the state district #55
8 September-Florida (USA),Local elections in Starke,Virginia Gardens and Hampton
9 September-Montserrat (UK),Parliament
10 September-India,Local assemblies by-elections for 7 seats in Gujarat,
for 2 seats in Madhya Pradesh and for 1 seat each in Sikkim,Uttarakhand and Andhra Pradesh
10 and 12 September-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
12 September-Delaware (USA),Special election for House disctrict #37
13 September-Corrientes (Argentina),Gubernatorial election
13 September-Japan,Mayoral elections in Iwaki and Okayama and
Prefectural Assembly by-election in Ibaragi
13 September-Arenys de Munt (Catalonia,Spain),Referendum on the independence of Catalonia from Spain
14 September-Norway,Parliament
14 September-Alberta (Canada),Provincial by-election in Calgary-Glenmore
15 September-New York (USA),Special election for assembly district #38 
15 September-Oregon (USA),County elections 3rd stage
15 September-Georgia (USA),Special election 1st round
15 September-Michigan (USA),Village elections and city primary elections
15 September-Connecticut (USA),Municipal primary elections
15 September-North Carolina (USA),Municipal primary elections
15 September-South Carolina (USA),Special primary election for State House in York county seat #48
15 September-Utah (USA),Municipal primary elections
15 September-Florida (USA),Local council primary elections in Palm Coast
15 September-Minnesota (USA),Municipal primary elections
15 September-Andhra Pradesh (India),Indirect legislative council by-elections
in Anantapur and Kadapa
15 September-Jammu and Kashmir (India),Legislative council by-election for 1 seat
15 September-San Marino,Indirect election of the two Capitani Raggenti (Chiefs of the State)
16 September-Switzerland,Indirect Federal council by-election for 1 seat (by the Parliament)
17 September-Bihar (India),Legislative council elections
17 September-NCT of Delhi (India),Legislative assembly by-election for 2 seats
17 September-Ontario (Canada),Provincial by-election in St.Paul
17 September-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
19 September-Ondo State (Nigeria),Local assembly by-election for 1 seat in Akure North
19 September-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Strathbogie Shire
19 September-Nova Scotia (Canada),Municipal by-election in District 6 (Dartmouth East-Lakes) on Halifax Regional Council
20 September-Macau (China),Parliament 
20 September-Austria,State elections in Vorarlberg and Upper Austria
20 September-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Yvelines #10 1st round
21 September-Quebec (Canada),Provincial by-election in Rousseau
21 September-Saskatchewan (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Regina Douglas Park and Saskatoon
24 September-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
25 September-Aruba (Netherlands),Parliament
26 September-Yukon (Canada),New Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
27 September-Portugal,Parliament
27 September-Germany,Parliamentary election,state election in Schleswig-Holstein and
Brandenburg, mayoral election in Koblenz and district election in Offenbach
27 September-Switzerland,Referendum on a limited increase of VAT to continue
and local referendums
27 September-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Yvelines #10 2nd round
financing the help to disable 
27 September-Salta (Argentina),Provincial deputees and senatorials elections
27 September-Japan,Mayoral election in Sakai
28 September-Japan,LDP Party: Internal leadership election
29 September-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Municipal elections
29 September-New Jersey (USA),Special election
29 September-Pennsylvania (USA),Special election for Senate disctrict #24
29 September-Ghana,Parliamentary by-election in Chereponi
2 October-Ireland,Referendum on Lisbon Treaty
3 October-Morocco,Indirect election of 1/3 of the House of Councillors (Senate) 
3 October-Puducherry (India),Council of State by-election for 1 seat
3 October-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
4 October-Greece,Parliament
4 October-Tyrol (Austria),Municipal election in Reith
6 October-Alaska (USA),Local elections
6 October-Iowa (USA),City primary elections
6 October-Florida (USA),Local council primary elections in Homestead
and special election for State Senate district #8
6 October-New Mexico (USA),Mayoral election in Albuquerque
9 October-Idaho (USA),City election in Coeur d'Alene
11 October-Russia,Gubernatorial elections in 75 constituent territories,
Deputees Duma elections in Moscow and Tula Region,
state elections in the
Republic of Mary-El and local elections and local referendums for a total of 6696 local polls including in Chechnya and Ingushetia Republics
11 October-Portugal,Municipal elections
11 October-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Yvelines #12 1st round
11 October-Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia),Local assembly by-election for 1 seat in Bagan Pinang
13 October-Arkansas (USA),Special primary election for State Senate district #4
13 October-Oklahoma (USA),Special election for the State House district #55
13 October-Tennessee (USA),Special election for the State House district #62
13 October-Arunachal Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly election
13 October-Maharashtra (India),Legislative assembly election
13 October-Haryana (India),Legislative assembly election
13 October-Birmingham (Alabama,USA),County elections
13 October-Georgia (USA),Special election 2nd round
13 to 27 October-Tasmania (Australia),Local government elections
14 October-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 4 constituencies of
Eastern Cape, in 6 constituencies of Kwazulu-Natal, for 1 constituency of
Northern Cape and for 2 constituencies of Western Cape
15 October-Yukon (Canada),Municipal elections
15 October-Tennessee (USA),Special primary election for the Senate district #31
16 October-Botswana,Parliamentary and local government elections 
17 October-Louisiana (USA),State primary elections
17 October-Christmas Island (Australia),Parliament
17 October-Cocos Islands (Australia),Island council election
17 October-Western Australia (Australia),Local government elections
17 October-Manitoba (Canada),New Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
17 October-Alberta  (Canada),Wildrose Alliance Party: Internal leadership election
18 October-Quebec (Canada),Democratic Action Party: Internal leadership election
18 October-Estonia,Municipal elections
18 October-France,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Yvelines #12 2nd round
18 October-Tabasco (Mexico),Local deputees and municipal elections
19 October-Northwest Territories (Canada),Cities,towns and villages elections (taxed communities)
19 October-Nunavut (Canada),Cities,towns and villages elections
20 October-Niger,Parliament
20 October-Nova Scotia (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Antagonish and Inverness
23 October-Nunavut (Canada),Referendum in Pangnirtung and Rankin Inlet about liquor prohibition
24 October-Easter Island (Chile),Referendum on limiting the number of new residents
from mainland Chile
25 October-Tunisia,President and Parliament
25 October-Uruguay,President 1st round,Parliament and referendums on
an amnesty for the police and army during the crime committed during the military rule
and for the postal voting for uruguayan citizens residents abroad
25 October-Tanzania,Municipal elections
25 October-Italy,Democratic Party: Leadership elections
25 October-Japan,Senate by-elections for one seat each in Kanagawa and Shizuoka Prefectures,
gubernatorial election in Miyagi prefecture and mayoral elections in Kawasaki,Nagano and Kobe
26 October-Marshall Islands,President (by the Parliament)
26 October-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal by-elections in 9 municipalities
27 October-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in The Straits-White Bay North
27 October-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-election for 1 seat in
The Straits-White Bay North
27 October-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
28 October-Mozambique,President and Parliament
28 October-Saskatchewan (Canada),Urban municipalities elections
28 October-Coahuila (Mexico),Municipal elections
29 October-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-election in Gunbalanya 
29 October-Solomon Islands,Parliamentary by-election in Savo-Russells
1 November-Quebec (Canada),Municipal elections
2 November-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal elections except in Charlottetown, Cornwall, Stratford and Summerside
2 November-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-elections in
Central Desertic Share in Anmatjere and Southern Tanami wards
3 November-United States,US Congressional by-election for 2 seat in California #10 and
New York #23
3 November-United States,Mayoral elections in several towns:New York,Boston,Houston,Miami,Detroit,
Austin,Santa Barbara,San Diego,Atlanta,
Minneapolis,Atlantic City,San Francisco,... and State special elections for
Alabama House District #65,Michigan Senate District #19,South Carolina House District #48,
Georgia House Districts #75,#129 and #141,Missouri House District #73
and Senate District #4,New Hampshire House District #11,Washington House Districts #9,#15 and #16  
3 November-Virginia (USA),State House assembly,Gubernatorial and county elections
3 November-Georgia (USA),Municipal and special elections 1st round
3 November-Washington State (USA),Municipal elections
3 November-Utah (USA),Municipal elections
3 November-Pennsylvania (USA),Municipal elections and Local referendums in Monroe,Montgomery and Pike counties
3 November-Michigan (USA),City elections
3 November-Maryland (USA),Municipal elections
3 November-Idaho (USA),County elections
3 November-Ohio (USA),Municipal elections and referendums on bonds, livestock and a new casino
3 November-Minnesota (USA),Municipal elections
3 November-Oregon (USA),County elections 4th stage
3 November-California (USA),County and school board elections
and special election for the Congressional district #10
3 November-San Diego (California,USA),Mayoral election
3 November-Connecticut (USA),Municipal elections
3 November-Florida (USA),Local county elections and primary elections
3 November-North Carolina (USA),Municipal elections
3 November-Iowa (USA),City elections and special elections
3 November-Texas (USA),Local elections and referendums on 11 issues
3 November-New Hampshire (USA),Local elections
3 November-Massachusetts (USA),Mayoral and City elections
3 November-Montana (USA),Mayoral elections
3 November-Arizona (USA),City elections 2nd stage
3 November-Mississippi (USA),School board  elections 1st round
3 November-Indiana (USA),Special elections
3 November-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
3 November-Rhode Island (USA),Local elections in Jamestown,Central Falls,
North Kingstown and Woonsocket
3 November-Maine (USA),Referendums on civil marriage and religious freedom,
on automobile tax and promoting energy, on school district laws,
on tax relief and on medical use for marijuana
3 November-South Carolina (USA),Special election for State House in York county seat #48
4 November-Saint Helena (UK),Parliament
4 November-Saskatchewan (Canada),Northern municipalities elections
5 November-Falkland Islands (UK),Parliament
6-7 November-Czech Republic,Parliament
7 November-Northern Marianas (USA),Gubernatorial 1st round, parliamentary and Senate elections
7 November-India,Parliamenttary by-election for 1 seat in 20-Fizorabad (Uttar Pradesh)
and local assembly by-elections for 1 seat in Chhattisgarh,for 2 seats
in Assam, Himachal Pradesh and Rajastan, for 3 seats in Kerala, for 10 seats
in West Bengal and for 11 seats in Uttar Pradesh
7 November-Pakistan,Parliamentary by-elections in constituencies 55 Rawalpindi-VI,
123 Lahore-VI and 271 Kharan-cum-Washuk-cum-Panjgur for one seat each
8 November-Mauritania,Indirect Senate election (elected by municipall councillors) 1st stage
8 November-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Hiroshima Prefecture
and mayoral elections in Fukushima and Yamaguchi
9 November-Canada,Parliamentary by-elections for 4 seats in Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley,Hochelaga,
Montmagny-L'Islet-Kamouraska-Riviere-du-Loup and New Westminster-Coquitlam 
10 November-New Jersey(USA),Gubernatorial and county elections
10 November-Florida (USA),Local elections in Bristol City and Sunny Isles Beach and runoff in Miami
10 November-Rhode Island (USA),Local election in Providence
and special election for State House district #10
10 November-Alabama (USA),Special runoff election for State House district #56
10 November-Moldova,President (by the Parliament) 1st attempt -failed
10 November-Koror (Palau),State election
12 November-Ngaraard (Palau),State election
12 November-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
12 November-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Glasgow North East
13 November-Ontario (Canada),Green Party: Internal leadership election
13-15 November-Germany,SPD Party: Internal leadership election
14 November-Louisiana (USA),State elections
14 November-Slovakia,Regional elections
15 November-Kosovo,Local elections
15 November-Mauritania,Indirect Senate election (elected by municipal councillors) 2nd stage
17 November-Denmark,Regional and municipal elections
17 November-Florida (USA),Local elections in Hialeah and runoff in Miami Beach and Fort Pierce
17 November-California (USA),Special primary election for assembly district #72
18 November-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 4 municipalities each of Gauteng
and KwaZulu-Natal,in 3 municipalities of Mpumalanga, in 2 municipalities of Western Cape
and in 1 municipality of Eastern Cape
19 November-European Union,Indirect presidential and foreign affair high representative elections
19 November-Zambia,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Solwezi Central
22 November-Romania,President 1st round and referendum on introducing a unicameral Parliament
23 November-Northern Marianas (USA),Gubernatorial runoff election
23 November-Ontario (Canada),Local council by-election in Markham #3
23 November-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-election in Eastern School District Zone 1
24 November-French Polynesia (France),President (by the Parliament)
24 November-Mississippi (USA),School board  elections 2nd round
24 November-Iowa (USA),Special election for House district #33
25 November-Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,Referendum on the new Constitution about becoming a Republic
25 November-Jharkhand (India),Legislative assembly election 1st phase
25 November-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-elections in Southern Tanami and Anmatjere 
26 November-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial by-election for 1 seat in Terra Nova
27 November-Ngchesar (Palau),State election
27-28 November-Namibia,President and Parliament 
28 November-Western Australia (Australia),State by-election for 1 seat in Willagee
29 November-Honduras,Presidential,Vice-presidential,parliamentary and mayoral elections
29 November-Uruguay,Presidential runoff election
29 November-Equatorial Guinea,President
29 November-Switzerland,Referendums on a ban on minarets,a ban on
exporting weapons and war materiel and on a prescription that
money raised from taxes on aviation fuel should be used for aviation matters
29 November-Italy,Municipal elections in the towns of Cles, Nago Torbole, Strembo and Velturno
29 November-Liberia,Senate by-election for 1 seat in Montserrado county
?? December-Vanuatu,Parliamentary by-election in the constituency of Futuna, Aniwa, Erromango and Aneityum
1 December-Tennessee (USA),Special primary election for the House district #83,
Special election for the Senate district #31 and local election
1 December-Georgia (USA),Municipal and special elections 2nd round
1 December-Florida (USA),Local elections in Lawtey and Biscayne Park
2 December-Jharkhand (India),Legislative assembly election 2nd phase
2 December-Switzerland,President (by the Parliament)
5 December-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
5 December-Australia,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Higgins and Bradfield
5 December-New South Wales (Australia),Local council elections in Bega Valley,
Gwydir and Wentworth shires and in Broken Hill City 
5 December-Taiwan,Municipal and judicial elections
6 December-Bolivia,Presidential,parliamentary and municipal elections
6 December-Romania,President 2nd round
6 December-Comoros,Parliament 1st round
7 December-Nunavut (Canada),Municipal elections (hamlets)
7 December-Moldova,President (by the Parliament) 2nd attempt -failed
8 December-United States,US Senate primary by-election for 1 seat in Massachusetts #1
8 December-Arkansas (USA),Special election for State Senate district #4
8 December-Florida (USA),Local elections in Waldo,Trailer Estates Park,Bayshore Gardens Park
and Sumter county and and runoff in Sunny Isles Beach
8 December-Kentucky (USA),Special elections for House district #96
and for Senate district #14
8 December-New Jersey (USA),Special election
8 December-Jharkhand (India),Legislative assembly election 3rd phase
8 to 22 December (postal voting)-Tasmania,Local government by-election in East Coast
9 December-Northern Territory (Australia),Local government by-election in
Gulf Shire council in Nyirranggulung ward
9 December-South Africa,Municipal by-elections for 3 seats in KwaZulu-Natal and for 1 seat in Gauteng,Northern Cape and Limpopo
9 December-Northern Territory (Australia),Local council by-election in Nyirranggulung
11 December-Pitcairn (UK),Island council elections
11-12 December-Zimbabwe,ZANU PF: Internal leadership elections
12 December-Jharkhand (India),Legislative assembly election 4th phase
12 December-Tennessee (USA),Local elections
12 December-Abkhazia (Georgia),President
12 December-Sant Jaume de Frontanya (Catalonia,Spain),Referendum on the independence of Catalonia from Spain
13 December-Catalonia (Spain),Referendum on the independence of Catalonia from Spain (held in 166 municipalities)
13 December-Chile,Presidential 1st round,Parliamentary and Senate elections
15 December-Florida (USA),Local elections in Waldo and Biscayne Park 2nd round
18 December-Dominica,Parliament
18 December-Jharkhand (India),Legislative assembly election 5th phase
18 December-Karnataka (India),Legislative council elections for 25 seats
from 20 local authorities' constituencies
18 December-Maharashtra (India),Legislative council elections for 8 seats
from 7 local authorities' constituencies and legislative council by-election for 1 seat
19 December-Andhra Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 1 seat in 248-Pulivendla
19 December-Manipur (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 1 seat in 14-Yaiskul
19 December-Tamil Nadu (India),Legislative assembly by-elections for 2 seats in 225-Tiruchendur and 51-Wandiwash
20 December-Comoros,Parliament 2nd round
23 December-Azerbaijan,Local council elections
27 December-Croatia,President 1st round
27 December-Uzbekistan,Parliament 1st round,regional,district and municipal councils elections
27 December-Niger,Local elections
29 December-Algeria,Indirect election of the Council of Nation (Senate)
29 December-Nigeria,Senate by-election for 1 seat in Osun-east
29 December-Oyo State (Nigeria),Local assembly by-election for 1 seat in Osogbo
29 December-Rhode Island (USA),Local elections in East Providence and Pawtucket
and special election for State House district #62