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Electoral Calendar
It is an electoral calendar that includes general, presidential, legislative, gubernatorial, regional, municipal, local council  elections, referenda and party conventions dates. Updated weekly.
Electoral Democracies
It ranks all the independent countries in three categories: Electoral Democracy, Pseudo Democracy and Dictatorship according to their electoral system. It also includes a list of the countries without elections.
Freedom in the World
It ranks all the independent countries according to their political freedoms and civil rights.

It also includes the website Freedom in the Territories which shows the same ranking for the related territories and non-independent regions.

A World in Trouble
This site shows the perception of the risk of a coup or a new conflict for every independent country. This perception is ranked in: HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, VERY LOW and NONE.
New Countries
This site shows the possibilities of some territories becoming independent. The statistics includes the short term chances and the long term chances of achieving independence.

It also includes another list which shows the statistics of some independent countries to be annexed into another country in the future.

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Military Power Index
The Military power index shows the influence of the military forces in the societies of the independent countries.

This site ranks all the dependent territories according to their living standard. Besides these territories, the list includes those self-proclaimed independent countries in which the main government currently has not any control. The rank considers standard data such as political, economical, health and social situation, incomes,life expectancy, number of doctors, nurses, records of crime,etc There is a special note for the territories under an authoritarian rule, civil war or facing guerrilla activity. The site World Rank has been created with my personal opinion about the living standard of the dependent territories. The site is updated every time there is a situation which changes the living standard of a particular territory, making it better or worse to live in than others. The situation can be: a civil war,a coup, a heavy flood, a strong drought, a strong economical crisis due to a bad economical situation, or the opposite: a strong growth, etc The update will be made as soon as the situation will change the standard of life of the population. The site includes the dependences, oversea territories and commonwealths. The + and the - indicate an improvement or a worsening in the living standard.


Last update: 27/02/22


1-Ceuta and Melilla (Spain)
2-Reunion (France)
3-Saint Helena,Ascension and Tristan da Cunha (UK) 
4-Mayotte (France)
5-Somaliland (Somalia)      
6-Western Sahara (Morocco) 


1-Bermuda (UK)         
2-Cayman Islands (UK)
3-Falkland Islands (UK) +            
4-Aruba (Netherlands) 
5-Curacao (Netherlands)
6-Bonaire (Netherlands)
7-Sint Maarten (Netherlands)
8-Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France)
9-Sint Eustatius (Netherlands)
10-UK Virgin Islands (UK)
11-Martinique (France) 
12-Guadeloupe (France) 
13-Saint Martin (France)
14-Saint Barthelemy (France)
15-Saba (Netherlands)
16-US Virgin Islands (USA) 
17-Turks and Caicos (UK)
18-Anguilla (UK) 
19-Puerto Rico (USA) 
20-Montserrat (UK) 
21-French Guiana (France) 
22-Greenland (Denmark)


1-Hong Kong (China) 
2-Macau (China) 
3-French Polynesia (France)
4-Guam (USA) 
5-New Caledonia (France) 
6-Northern Marianas (USA) -
7-Christmas Island (Australia)
8-American Samoa (USA) 
9-Cocos Islands (Australia)
10-Cook Islands (New Zealand) 
11-Niue (New Zealand) 
12-Pitcairn (UK)
13-Wallis and Futuna (France)
14-Tokelau (New Zealand)
15-Bougainville (Papua New Guinea)


1-Jersey (UK Dependency)
2-Guernsey (UK Dependency)
3-Isle of Man (UK)
4-Gibraltar (UK)
5-Canary Islands (Spain)
6-Aland (Finland)
7-Madeira (Portugal)    
8-Azores (Portugal)
9-Faroe Islands (Denmark)             
10-Northern Cyprus (Cyprus) 
11-Svalbard (Norway)
12-Kosovo (Serbia)         
13-Transnistria (Moldova)  
14-Artsakh (Azerbaijan) 
15-Abkhazia (Georgia)      
16-South Ossetia (Georgia) 
17-Palestine (Israel) 

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