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4 January-Dominica,Village council election in Good Hope
5 January-Georgia (USA),US Senate runoff elections for 2 seats
5 January-Virginia (USA),Special elections for House districts #2 and #90
7 January-Libya,Municipal elections in  Gasr Akhyar,Zliten,Hay al-Andalus and Swani Bin Adam
9 January-Portugal,Municipal election in Touca
10 January-Kyrgyzstan,Presidential election and Referendum on boosting government powers
10 January-Kazakhstan,Parliamentary and local council elections
10 January-Himachal Pradesh (India),Municipal and village elections
11 January-Libya,Municipal elections in Awjila, Jalu and Jikharra
12 January-South Carolina (USA),Special elections in Olar,Williston,Lamar and Kershaw and local election in Gaston
14 January-Uganda,President and 1st round and Parliament
15 January-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Scarborough—Agincourt ward #22
15 January-Maharashtra (India),Village council elections
16 January-Nova Scotia (Canada),Municipal by-election in the Municipality of the District of St. Mary's
16 January-Bangladesh,Municipal elections 2nd phase
16 January-Kano (Nigeria),Local government council elections
16-29 January-Papua New Guinea,Parliamentary by-election
17 January-Japan,Local elections in 12 municipalities
17 January-Himachal Pradesh (India),District Councils,Township Councils and Village Councils elections 1st phase
18 January-Pakistan,Parliamentary by-election in Umer Kot
19 January-Himachal Pradesh (India),District Councils,Township Councils and Village Councils elections 2nd phase
19 January-Japan,Mayoral election in Kuromatsunai
19 January-Alabama (USA),Special election for State House district #33
19 January-South Carolina (USA),Special primary election in Spartanburg
19 January-Ohio (USA),Village council recall election in Woodmere
20 January-Saskatchewan (Canada),Municipal by-election in the Rural Municipality of Cana #214
20 January-Uganda,Districtal elections
21 January-Himachal Pradesh (India),District Councils,Township Councils and Village Councils elections 3rd phase
23 January-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Burns Lake and Belcarra and School district election in Stikine #87
23 January-Texas (USA),Special election for State House district #68
23 January-Libya,Municipal elections in  Garabulli and a rerun in two precincts of Swani Bin Adam
23 January-Queensland (Australia),Local council by-elections in Tonwsville #10 and in Rockhampton
24 January-Portugal,President
24 January-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Yamagata,Prefectural election in Gifu and local elections in 21 municipalities
25 January-Trinidad and Tobago,Local government by-elections in 5 districts in Trinidad and Local assembly election in Tobago
25 January-Uganda,Municipal elections
26 January-Alabama (USA),Special election for Birmingham City Schools District 7 1st round
26 January-South Carolina (USA),Special election in Chesterfield,Special primary election in Florence and Local council election in Saluda
27 January-Bangladesh,Mayoral election in Chittagong
28 January-Andhra Pradesh (India),Indirect Legislative Council by-election for 1 seat (elected by the members of Legislative Assembly) 
28 January-Bihar (India),Indirect Legislative Council by-elections for 2 seats (elected by the members of Legislative Assembly) 
28 January-Uttar Pradesh (India),Indirect Legislative Council by-elections for 12 seats (elected by the members of Legislative Assembly)
28 January-Rajasthan (India),Ajmer Municipal Corporation, Municipal Councils and Town Councils elections
28 January-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in The Flinders Ranges
30 January-Gabon,Indirect Senate election (by local and departmental councillors) and Parliamentary by-election at Akieni 1st round
30 January-Bangladesh,Municipal elections 3rd phase
30 January-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Fort St. James
31 January-Japan,Local elections in 26 municipalities
1 February-Dominica,Village council election in Morne Jaune/Riviere Cyrique
2 February-New York City (New York,USA),Special election for City Council District 24
2 February-South Carolina (USA),Special election in St. Stephen
3 February-Dominica,Village council election in Giraudel/Eggleston
3 February-Uganda,Subcounty division elections
4 February-Zambia,Local council by-elections in Vubwi town council and Miputu ward
6 February-Nova Scotia (Canada),Liberal Party: Internal leadership election
6 February-British Columbia (Canada),School district election in Kootenay-Columbia #20
6 February-Nigeria,Parliamentary by-election in Magama/Rijau constituency
6 February-Gabon,Indirect Senate election (by local and departmental councillors) 2nd round
6 February-Queensland (Australia),Local council by-election in Winton
7 February-Liechtenstein,Parliament
7 February-Ecuador,President 1st round and Parliament
7 February-Japan,Local elections in 24 municipalities
8 February-Uganda,Parliament 2nd round
8 February-Dominica,Village council election in Dublanc/Bioche
9 February-Oklahoma (USA),City council primary election in Oklahoma City and Special primary election for Tulsa County treasurer
9 February-South Carolina (USA),Special elections in Allendale and Briarcliffe Acres
9 February-Andhra Pradesh (India),Village Councils elections 1st phase
13 February-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-elections in the Kootenay Boundary Regional District and Revelstoke and
School district election in Chilliwack #33
13 February-Andhra Pradesh (India),Village Councils elections 2nd phase
13 February-Gabon,Parliamentary by-election at Akieni 2nd round
14 February-Kosovo,Parliament
14 February-Japan,Local elections in 9 municipalities
14 February-Bangladesh,Municipal elections 4th phase
14 February-Punjab (India),Municipal and township elections
16 February-Pakistan,Parliamentary by-elections in Karachi #88,Sanghar #43 and Pishin #20
16 February-Wisconsin (USA),Municipal and judicial primary elections
16 February-Colorado (USA),Recall election in Montezuma-Cortez School District
17 February-British Columbia (Canada),Chief and community elections in the Fist nation of St. Mary's Indian Band 
17 February-Andhra Pradesh (India),Village Councils elections 3rd phase
18 February-Lord Howe Island (Australia),Local elections
19 February-Pakistan,Parliamentary by-elections in Wazirabad Gujranwala,Nowshera #63 and in Kurram #45
19 February-Turks and Caicos (UK),Parliament
20 February-Rwanda,Village elections
20 February-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Northern Grampians-Kara Kara ward
21 February-Niger,Presidential runoff election
21 February-Laos,Parliamentary and provincial elections
21 February-Pakistan,Parliamentary by-election in Tharparkar #221
21 February-Andhra Pradesh (India),Village Councils elections 5th phase
21 February-Gujarat (India),Municipal elections
21 February-Japan,Local elections in 15 municipalities
22 February-India,Indirect by-elections of the Council of States (Senate) for 3 seats
22 February-British Columbia (Canada),First Nation Tl'etinqox Government election
23 February-British Columbia (Canada),First Nation Xat'sull/Cmetem' by-elections
23 February-New York City (New York,USA),Special election for City Council District 31
24 February-Western Australia (Australia),Local government by-election in East Pilbara
24 February-British Columbia (Canada),First Nation  Kitsumkalum Band chief and council election
25 February-British Columbia (Canada),First Nations K'atlodeeche election and First Nation Muskowekwan Referendum
26 February-British Columbia (Canada),First Nation Tl'azt'en by-election in Pinchie and Referendums in First Nations of Birch Narrows Dene Nation and Buffalo River Dene Nation
26 February-Western Australia (Australia),Local government by-elections in Chittering,Karratha and Nedlands
27 February-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Telkwa and Campbell River,School district by-election in Langley #35 and
First Nation Anishinabek Referemdum
27 February-Nigeria,Gubernatorial elections in Nasarawa and Yobe
28 February-El Salvador,Parliamentary and municipal elections
28 February-Carinthia (Austria),Municipal elections 1st round
28 February-Japan,Local elections in 12 municipalities
28 February-Bangladesh,Municipal elections 5th phase
28 February-Gujarat (India),District council and township elections
1 March-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-elections in Clare & Gilbert Valleys and in Kangaroo Island
1 March-Gujarat (India),Council of States by-elections for 2 seats
1 March-Assam (India),Council of States by-election for 1 seat
2 March-Rhode Island (USA),Referendum on bonds issues 
2 March-South Carolina (USA),City council elections in Laurens county and in Lockhart
2 March-Vermont (USA),City council election in Montpelier
2 March-Micronesia,Parliament
2 March-Chuuk (Micronesia),Parliamentary and Senate elections
2 March-Burlington (Vermont,USA),Mayoral election
2 March-St. Louis (Missouri,USA),Mayoral primary election
2 March-Azad Kashmir (Pakistan),Legislative assembly election
3 March-Belize,Parliamentary by-election in Corozal Bay and Municipal elections
3 March-Pakistan,Indirect election of Half of Senate (elected by provincial assemblies)
4 March-Kenya,Parliamentary by-election in Matungu
5 March-Rwanda,District elections
5 March-Western Australia (Australia),Local government by-election in Menzies
6 March-Queensland (Australia),Local council by-election in Barcoo
6 March-Cote d'Ivoire,Parliament
6 March-British Columbia (Canada),School district by-election in Coast Mountains and Mayoral and council by-elections in Tofino
6 March-Niger Delta (Nigeria),Gubernatorial election
7 March-Bolivia,Gubernatorial 1st round and municipal elections,Provincial elections in Beni,Regional assembly election in Gran Chaco and
Sectional Executives election in Tarija
7 March-Switzerland,Referendums on change in the Electronic Identification Services Act,
Economic Partnership Agreement between the EFTA States and Indonesia and banning the veiling
7 March-Valais (Switzerland),Gran Council and st round of Council of State elections
7 March-Geneva Canton (Switzerland),Local Referendum about tax discounts and City Referedum in Geneva about
issues of credit 
7 March-Appenzell Ausserrhoden (Switzerland),Cantonal by-elections 1st round
7 March-Solothurn (Switzerland),Municipal elections 1st round
7 March-Thailand,Parliamentary by-election in Nakhon Sri Thammarat #3
7 March-Japan,Local elections in 6 municipalities
9 March-Alabama (USA),Special general runoff election for Birmingham City Schools District 7
9 March-Maine (USA),Special election for State Senate district #14
9 March-California (USA),Municipal election in Orange county
9 March-Phoenix (Arizona),City council elections 2nd round
10 March-British Columbia (Canada),Skowkale First Nation elections
10 March-Andhra Pradesh (India),Municipal elections 1st round
11 March-Ontario (Canada),Atikameksheng Anishnawbek First Nation elections
12 March-Ontario (Canada),Wabauskang First Nation elections
13 March-Western Australia (Australia),State elections
13 March-Queensland (Australia),Local council by-election in Rockhampton #3
13 March-Norfolk Island (Australia),Regional council election
13 March-Palawan Province (Philippines),Referendum on the partition of the province
13 March-Andhra Pradesh (India),Municipal elections 2nd round
14 March-Central African Republic,Parliamentary runoff election
14 March-Honduras,Presidential primary elections and municipal elections
14 March-Baden-Württemberg and 	Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany),State elections
14 March-Hesse (Germany),District and local council elections
14 March-Carinthia (Austria),Municipal elections 2nd round
14 March-Telangana (India),Legislative council elections for 2 seats
14 March-Andhra Pradesh (India),Legislative council elections for 2 seats
14 March-Japan,Local elections in 11 municipalities
15 March-Karnataka (India),Legislative council by-election for 1 seat
15-17 March-Netherlands,Parliament
17 March-Saint Helena (Ascension and St Helena Islands,UK),Referendum on the adoption of Ministerial Government
18 March-Kenya,Senate by-election in Machakos
19 March-Curacao (Netherlands),Parliament
19 March-San Marino,Elections of two Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of the State)
19 March-Bhutan,Local by-elections in 3 municipalities
20 March-United States,House of Assembly special elections for Lousiana #2 and #5 districts
20 March-Goa (India),Municipal elections 
21 March-Congo Brazzaville,President
21 March-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Chiba Prefecture and local elections in 26 municipalities
22 March-Laos,President (by the Parliament)
23 March-Israel,Parliament
23 March-South Carolina (USA),Special election in Spartanburg
25 March-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial elections
25 March-British Columbia (Canada),Saik‘uz First Nation council elections
27 March-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal election in Nelson and Shackan Indian Band chief and council election
27 March-Assam (India),Legislative assembly election 1st phase
27 March-West Bengal (India),Legislative assembly election 1st phase
27 March-Nigeria,Parliamentary by-election in Aba
28 March-Turkmenistan,Indirect Senate election
28 March-Valais (Switzerland),Council of State runoff election
28 March-Japan,Local elections in 26 municipalities
28 March-Nigeria,Gubernatorial election in Sokoto
29 March-Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda),Local assembly election
30 March-Chuuk (Micronesia),Parliamentary and Senate elections 2nd round
30 March-South Carolina (USA),Special election in Florence
30 March-British Columbia (Canada),Squiala First Nation council election and Okanagan Indian Band general election
31 March-Ontario (Canada),North Channel Métis Community Council general election 
31 March-Sikkim (India),Municipal elections
1 April-Assam (India),Legislative assembly election 2nd phase
1 April-West Bengal (India),Legislative assembly election 2nd phase
3-4 April-Kosovo,President (by the Parliament) 
4 April-Bulgaria,Parliament
4 April-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Akita Prefecture and local elections in 21 municipalities
4 April-Cameroon,Local by-election in Menoua
5 April-Vietnam,President (by the Parliament)
6 April-Greenland (Denmark),Parliamentary and Local elections
6 April-Wisconsin (USA),Judicial and municipal elections
6 April-Anchorage (Alaska,USA),Mayoral election
6 April-Missouri (USA),Mayoral election in St. Louis and city council election in Jefferson 
6 April-Omaha (Nebraska),Mayoral primary election
6 April-Colorado (USA),City council election in Colorado Springs
6 April-Mississippi (USA),Mayoral and city council primary elections in Jackson
6 April-Nebraska (USA),Mayoral and city council primary elections in Omaha and City council primary election in Lincoln
6 April-Oklahoma (USA),City council election in Oklahoma City and Special election for Tulsa County treasurer
6 April-South Carolina (USA),Local council election in Winnsboro
6 April-India,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in 6-Malappuram of Kerala and  39-Kanniyakumari of Tamil Nadu
6 April-Kerala (India),Legislative assembly election 
6 April-Puducherry (India),Legislative assembly election
6 April-Tamil Nadu (India),Legislative assembly election
6 April-Assam (India),Legislative assembly election 3rd phase
6 April-West Bengal (India),Legislative assembly election 3rd phase
6 April-Tripura (India),District and local tribal areas elections
6 April-British Columbia (Canada),Hupacasath First Nation election
7 April-South Korea,Mayoral by-elections in Seoul and Busan
9 April-Samoa,Parliament
9 April-Djibouti,President
9 April-Meghalaya (India),District council election in Garo Hills
10 April-Maldives,Island council elections
10 April-West Bengal (India),Legislative assembly election 4th phase
10 April-British Columbia (Canada),Squamish First Nation election
10 April-Pakistan,Parliamentary by-election in Daska #75
11 April-Peru,President 1st round and Parliament
11 April-Ecuador,Presidential runoff election
11 April-Bolivia,Gubernatorial runoff elections
11 April-Chad,President
11 April-Benin,President 1st round and local elections
11 April-Kyrgyzstan,Municipal elections and Referendum on the new Constitution
11 April-Appenzell Ausserrhoden (Switzerland),Cantonal by-elections 2nd round and Municipal by-elections 1st round
11 April-Japan,Local elections in 50 municipalities
11 April-Abkhazia (Georgia),Local council elections 
12 April-Yukon (Canada),Territorial elections
13 April-South Carolina (USA),Special election in Georgetown
14 April-Cayman Islands (UK),Parliament
15 April-British Columbia (Canada),Esketemc First Nation council election
15 April-Uttar Pradesh (India),Local elections 1st phase
16 April-Ontario (Canada),Mississaugas First Nation Referendum
17 April-Quebec (Canada),Conservative Party: Internal leadership election
17 April-British Columbia (Canada),Local council by-election in Masset
17 April-India,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats and State assemblies by-elections in a total 12 constituencies across 10 States
17 April-West Bengal (India),Legislative assembly election 5th phase
17 April-Nigeria,Gubernatorial election in Rivers 
18 April-Cape Verde,Parliament
18 April-Ticino (Switzerland),Municipal elections
18 April-Neuchatel (Switzerland),Cantonal elections 1st round
18 April-Japan,Local elections in 91 municipalities
19 April-Uttar Pradesh (India),Local elections 2nd phase
20 April-Delaware (USA),City council election in Dover
21 April-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 6 wards of KwaZulu-Natal and in 1 ward of Limpopo
21 April-British Columbia (Canada),Litton First Nation election
22 April-West Bengal (India),Legislative assembly election 6th phase
23 April-Goa (India),Municipal elections in 5 councils
24 April-India,Indirect elections of the Council of States (Senate) 1st phase
24 April-British Columbia (Canada),Local council by-election in Castlegar and School district by-election in Powell River School District 
25 April-Albania,Parliament
25 April-Solothurn (Switzerland),Municipal runoff elections
25 April-Japan,Parliamentary by-election for 2 seats in Nagano and Hokkaido and local elections in 64 municipalities
26 April-April-West Bengal (India),Legislative assembly election 7th phase
26 April-Uttar Pradesh (India),Local elections 3rd phase
28 April-Bhutan,Local council elections in Thimphu,Phuentshogling And Gelegphu
28 April-Alberta (Canada),Frog Lake First Nation election
29 April-West Bengal (India),Legislative assembly election 8th phase
29 April-Uttar Pradesh (India),Local elections 4th phase
29 April-Pakistan,Parliamentary by-election in Karachi-East
30 April-Nepal,Parliament 1st round
30 April-Kerala (India),Council of States elections for 3 seats
30 April-British Columbia (Canada),Gitxaala First Nation election
1 May-Texas (USA),Mayoral and city council elections
1 May-Tasmania (Australia),State elections and Legislative Council elections in Derwent, Mersey and Windermere
2 May-Appenzell Ausserrhoden (Switzerland),Municipal by-elections 2nd round
2 May-Glarus (Switzerland),Cantonal elections
2 May-Japan,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Wassamu and Local elections in Shiso
3 May-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Kinkora, and Kensington
3 May-British Columbia (Canada),Bonaparte First Nation elections 
4 May-Montana (USA),Special and school board elections
4 May-Nebraska (USA),City council election in Lincoln
4 May-Ohio (USA),Mayoral,City council and judicial primary elections in Cleveland,City council and judicial primary elections
4 May-United States,House of Representative special primary election for Ohio #11
in Franklin county and Columbus and City council primary election in Cuyahoga county
4 May-Spain,Regional elections in Madrid
5 May-Manitoba (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Brandon #5 and Pinawa
5 May-Pakistan,Parliamentary by-election in Khushab #3
6 May-England (UK),Local elections and Local assembly election in London
6 May-Wales (UK),Local assembly election
6 May-Scotland (UK),Local assembly election
6 May-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Wudinna
8 May-British Columbia (Canada), Gitwangak Indian Band Election
8 May-Queensland (Australia),Local council by-election in Carpentaria
9 May-Neuchatel (Switzerland),Cantonal runoff elections
10 May-Nepal,Parliament 2nd round
10 May-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal elections
10 May-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-elections in  Borden-Carleton, Crapaud and Breadalbane
10 May-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-election in Crossfield
11 May-British Columbia (Canada),Soda Creek Tribe council elections
11 May-Nebraska (USA),Mayoral and City council elections in Omaha
12 May-Saskatchewan (Canada),Mayoral election in Carrot River
12 May-Vanuatu,Provincial elections in Penama,Shefa,Malampa and Tafea
13 May-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Airdrie and Shotts
15 May-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Qualicum Beach and Fort St. John
15 May-Ontario (Canada),Shawanaga First Nation elections
15 May-Slovakia,Gubernatorial and regional elections
15-16 May-Chile,Constitutional Assembly election and Gubernatorial,Mayoral and Municipal elections
16 May-Japan,Local elections in 15 municipalities
16 May-Croatia,Local elections
17 May-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-election in Cornwall
18 May-Pennsylvania (USA),Municipal and Judicial primary elections
18 May-Oregon (USA),School board elections in Multnomah County
19 May-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 8 wards in Eastern Cape,5 wards in Gauteng and 2 wards in Free State
20 May-Pakistan,Parliamentary by-election in Badin #1
21 May-Vanuatu,Provincial Council Elections in Penama,Malampa,Shefa and Tafea Provinces
22 May-British Columbia (Canada),Takla First Nation elections
22 May-Nigeria,Gubernatorial elections in Oyo State
22 May-New South Wales (Australia),State by-election for 1 seat in Upper Hunter
23 May-Vietnam,Parliamentary and local elections
23 May-Japan,Local elections in 19 municipalities
25 May-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal elections in the Northwestern areas
26 May-British Columbia (Canada),Nuxalk Nation general elections
26 May-Syria,President
29 May-British Columbia (Canada),Local by-elections in North Vancouver School District,Vernon School District and Richmond
29-30 May-France, Consular Advisors and Consular Delegates elections
30 May-France,Parliamentary by-elections in Pas de Calais #6,Paris #15,Indre et Loire #3 and Oise #1 1st round
30 May-Cyprus,Parliament
30 May-Catalonia (Spain),Parliament
30 May-Japan,Local elections in Shibetsu and Chitose
31 May-Somaliland,Parliamentary,Senate and municipal elections
1 June-India,Indirect by-elections of the Council of States (Senate) for 3 seats
1 June-United States,House Representative special election for New Mexico 1st congressional district
2 June-Israel,President (by the Parliament)
2 June-Kuwait,Local elections
3 June-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Norfolk #2
5 June-Latvia,Local elections
5 June-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Terrace
5 June-United States,Tribal council elections in the Cherokee Nation
5 June-Texas (USA),Mayoral runoff election in Fort Worth
6 June-Mexico,Parliamentary election,Gubernatorial elections in Baja California,Baja California Sur,Sonora,Chihuahua,
Nuevo Leon,Sinaloa,San Luis Potosi,Nayarit,Queretaro,Colima,Tlaxcala,Guerrero,Michoacan and Campeche and Municipal elections
in all states except Hidalgo and Durango
6 June-Peru,Presidential runoff election
6 June-Saxony-Anhalt (Germany),State election
6 June-France,Parliamentary by-elections in Pas de Calais #6,Paris #15,Indre et Loire #3 and Oise #1 2nd round
6 June-Misiones Provinces (Argentina),Local deputees election
6 June-Japan,Local elections in 14 municipalities
7 June-British Columbia (Canada),Haisla Nation general elections
8 June-New Jersey (USA),Republican Party: Gubernatorial primary election
8 June-Virginia (USA),Judicial primary elections and Democratic Party: Gubernatorial primary election
8 June-California (USA),City council election in Riverside 1st round
8 June-Mississippi (USA),Mayoral and city council elections in Jackson
9 June-Mongolia,President
9 June-Manitoba (Canada),Municipal by-election in Snow Lake
10 June-British Columbia (Canada),Kitselas First Nation and Sq’ewlets First Nation Elections
12 June-Algeria,Parliament
13 June-Finland,Municipal elections
13 June-Switzerland,Referendums on on the COVID-19 Act,on the Federal Act on Police Measures to Combat Terrorism,
on the Federal Act on the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions,on banning synthetic pesticides in Switzerland
and for clean drinking water and healthy food
13 June-Poland,Mayoral by-election in Rzeszow
13 June-Mauritius,Municipal elections
13 June-Japan,Local elections in 9 municipalities
15 June-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Copper Coast
16 June-Saskatchewan (Canada),Municipal by-election in Indian Head
17 June-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Chesham and Amersham
17 June-United Kingdom,Indirect House of Lords by-election for 2 seats
17 June-British Columbia (Canada),Nee-Tahi-Buhn Band By-election
18 June-Iran,Presidential and local elections
18 June-Western Australia (Australia),Mayoral election in Nedlands
19 June-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Penticton and Silverton
19 June-Nigeria,Parliamentary by-election in Gwaram constituency
20 June-Armenia,Parliament
20 June-France,Departmental and regional elections 1st round
20 June-Martinique (France),Territorial assembly election 1st round
20 June-French Guiana (France),Territorial assembly election 1st round
20 June-Corsica (France),Territorial assembly election 1st round
20 June-Reunion (France),Departmental and regional elections 1st round
20 June-Guadeloupe (France), Departmental and regional elections 1st round
20 June-Mayotte (France), Departmental elections 1st round
20 June-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Shizuoka and local elections in 21 municipalities
21 June-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Souris West and Sherbrooke
21-22 June-Ethiopia,Parliamentary 1st stage and local elections 
22 June-British Columbia (Canada),Lake Babine Nation General Election
22 June-New York (New York,USA),Mayoral primary election
23 June-Manitoba (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Killarney-Turtle Mountain and Ste. Anne
23 June-Bahamas,Local elections
24 June-Gibraltar (UK),Referendum on partially legalizing abortion
25 June-Aruba (Netherlands),Parliament
26 June-Canada,General election of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne
26 June-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Burnaby
27 June-France,Departmental and regional elections 2nd round
27 June-Martinique (France),Territorial assembly election 2nd round
27 June-French Guiana (France),Territorial assembly election 2nd round
27 June-Corsica (France),Territorial assembly election 2nd round
27 June-Reunion (France),Departmental and regional elections 2nd round
27 June-Guadeloupe (France), Departmental and regional elections 2nd round
27 June-Mayotte (France), Departmental elections 2nd round
27 June-Jujuy (Argentina),Local deputees elections
27 June-Japan,Local elections in 11 municipalities
27 June-Nigeria,Gubernatorial election in Jigawa
30 June-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in 4 wards in Western Cape,2 wards in KwaZulu-Natal and 1 ards each in Northern Cape and Eastern Cape
1 July-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Batley and Spen
2 July-Namibia,Regional council by-election in Opuwo
3 July-Western Australia (Australia),Local government by-election in Armadale
4 July-Salta (Argentina),Local deputees and senators elections,local council elections and mayoral election in Aguaray
4 July-Japan,Local Assembly elections in Tokyo and local elections in 8 municipalities
7 July-British Columbia (Canada),Gitsegukla First Nation Chief and Council Election
8 July-Ireland,Parliamentary by-election in Dublin Bay South
9 July-Ontario (Canada),Nipissing First Nation General Election
9 July-United Kingdom,Indirect House of Lords by-election for 1 seat
10 July-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Pouce Coupe
10 July-Queensland (Australia),Local council by-election in Richmond
11 July-Bulgaria,Parliament
11 July-Moldova,Parliament
11 July-Slovenia,Referendum on on amendments to the Waters Act
11 July-Japan,Local elections in 10 municipalities
12 July-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Eyre
15 July-United Kingdom,Indirect House of Lords by-election for 1 seat
17 July-Queensland (Australia),Local council by-election in Cassowary #6
18 July-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Hyogo and local elections in 26 municipalities
18 July-Sao Tome and Principe,President 1st round
20 July-Tasmania,Local government by-election for 1 seat in Glenorchy (elected by postal voting)
22 July-Isle of Man (UK Dependency),Local elections
22 July-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Flinders
24 July-Nigeria,Gubernatorial elections in Lagos and Ogun
24 July-British Columbia (Canada),Samahquam First Nation Chief and Council Election
24 July-Queensland (Australia),State by-election for 1 seat in Stretton
24 July-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Cardinia Shire Council-Westernport Ward
25 July-Azad Kashmir (Pakistan),Legislative assembly election
25 July-Japan,Local elections in 5 municipalities
25 July-Kazakhstan,Local elections
26 July-Saint Lucia,Parliament
26 July-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Adelaide
26 July-British Columbia (Canada),Tla'amin First Nation elections
27 July-Northwest Territories (Canada),Territorial by-election in Monfwi
28 July-Pakistan,Provincial by-election in Sialkot #38
from 29 July to 13 November-Somalia,Indirect Senate elections (elected by Federal States assemblies)
1 August-Japan,Local elections in 10 municipalities
1 August-Mexico,Referendum to determine if former presidents can be prosecuted for corruption
3 August-Washington State (USA),Judicial,mayoral and city council primary elections
3 August-United States,House of Representative special election for Ohio #11
3 August-Arizona (USA),City council primary election in Tucson
3 August-Kansas (USA),City council primary election in Wichita
3 August-Michigan (USA),Mayoral and city primary elections in Detroit and Lansing
3 August-Madhya Pradesh (India),Municipal by-elections
4 August-Manitoba (Canada),Municipal by-election in Portage la Prairie #3
6 August-California (USA),City council primary election in Los Angeles
7 August-Sarawak (Malaysia),State election
8 August-Japan,Local elections in 10 municipalities
9 August-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Welland
9 August-India,Indirect by-election of the Council of States (Senate) for 1 seat
10 August-Utah (USA),City council primary election in Salt Lake City
10 August-British Columbia (Canada),Tsawataineuk First Nation election
12 August-Zambia,Presidential,Parliamentary and local elections
13 August-British Columbia (Canada),Prophet River First Nation election
14 August-Nigeria,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Lere
15 August-Salta (Argentina),Local deputees and senators elections
17 August-Nova Scotia (Canada),Provincial election
21 August-Queensland (Australia),Local council by-election in Isaac #6
22 August-Japan,Local elections in 7 municipalities
24 August-St. Petersburg (Florida,USA),Mayoral primary election
24 August-Alabama (USA),Mayoral election in Birmingham 1st round
25 August-Namibia,Regional council by-election in Katima Mulilo
27 August-Palau,State primary election in Ngaraard
28 August-Northern Territory (Australia),Local council elections
28 August-Japan,Mayoral election in Hombetsu
29 August-Japan,Local elections in 14 municipalities
29 August-Corrientes (Argentina),Gubernatorial election and local deputees and senators elections
30 August-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Mayoral and councillor by-election in Victoria
30-31 August-Estonia,President (by the Parliament)
4 September-New South Wales (Australia),Local government elections
4 September-Kaduna (Nigeria),Local government elections 1st round
4 September-Saskatchewan (Canada),Zagime Anishinabek Fist Nation elections
4 September-Ontario (Canada),Zhiibaahaasing First Nation elections
5 September-Sao Tome and Principe,President 2nd round
5 September-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Ibaraki and local elections in 21 municipalities
7 September-Japan,Local election in Takachiho
8 September-Morocco,Parliamentary,regional and municipal elections
8 September-British Columbia (Canada),Simpcw First Nation elections
11 September-Northern Territory (Australia),State by-election in Daly
12 September-Macau (China),Local assembly election
12 September-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Mie,Prefectural by-election in Kochi and Local elections in 20 municipalities
12 September-Argentina,Parliamentary primary election
12 September-Lower Saxony (Germany),District and local council elections and Regional elections in Hannover 1st round
12 September-Pakistan,Local elections in 39 districts
13 September-Norway,Parliament
13 September-India,Indirect elections of the Council of States (Senate) 2nd phase 
13 September-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-elections in Tumby Bay and in the Flinders Ranges
14 September-California (USA),Gubernatorial recall election
14 September-Montana (USA),Municipal primary election in Helena
14 September-Ohio (USA),Mayoral,city council and judicial primary elections in Toledo
16 September-Bahamas,Parliament
17 September-San Marino,Elections of two Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of the State)
17-19 September-Russia,Parliamentary elections,Local parliamentary elections,municipal elections and local referendums
18 September-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Pouce Coupe and Creston
18-28 September-Hungary,Opposition Parties Coalition:Presidential primary elections 1st round
19 September-Gagauzia (Moldova),Parliament
19 September-Hong Kong (China),Election Committee elections
19 September-Japan,Local elections in 13 municipalities
20 September-Canada,Parliament
20 September-Bangladesh,Local council elections 1st phase
21 September-Maryland (USA),Mayoral and city council primary elections in Annapolis
23 September-Isle of Man (UK dependency),Parliament
24 September-Vanuatu,Municipal council by-election in Port Vila
25 September-Iceland,Parliament
25 September-Kaduna (Nigeria),Local government elections 2nd round
25 September-Queensland (Australia),Local council by-election in Mapoon Aborigenal council
25 September-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Abbotsford 
26 September-British Columbia (Canada),Squamish Nation general elections
26 September-Germany,Parliamentary election,State and district elections in Berlin and State elections in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Thuringia
26 September-Lower Saxony (Germany),District and local council elections and Regional elections in Hannover 2nd round
26 September-Upper Austria (Austria),State and municipal elections
26 September-Switzerland,Referendums on the Swiss Civil Code and on taxation reforms
26 September-Portugal,Municipal elections
26 September-Trento (Italy),Referendum on becoming a biological sustainability province
26 September-San Marino,Referendum on the abortion
26 September-Japan,Local elections in 24 municipalities
27 September-Austria,Indirect Federal Council by-election for Upper Austria seats
28 September-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Municipal elections
28 September-Palau,Gubernatorial primary election in Koror
29 September-Japan,Liberal Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
30 September-Ethiopia,Parliament 2nd stage and Referendum in the SouthWest Region on statehood
30 September-West Bengal (India),Local assembly by-elections in 159-Bhabanipur,56-Samserganj and 58-Jangipur
30 September-Odisha (India),Local assembly by-election in 110-Pipli 
2 October-Qatar,Parliament
2 October-Georgia,Local elections
2 October-Prince Edward Island leadership election (Canada),2021 New Democratic Party: Indirect leadership election
2 October-British Columbia (Canada),Hagwilget Village First Nation elctions
3 October-Zug (Switzerland),Municipal election
3 October-Japan,Local elections in 29 municipalities
3-4 October-Italy,Parliamentary by-elections in Siena #12 and Rome Primavalle #11,Regional elections in Calabria and 1st round of the municipal elections
4 October-India,Council of States elections for 2 seats in Tamil Nadu and for 1 seat each in Puducherry,West Bengal,Assam,Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh
4 October-Bihar (India),Indirect Legislative council by-election for 1 seat (elected by the member of the Legislative assembly)
4 October-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-election in Three Rivers
5 October-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Municipal elections in Cottlesville and Summerford
5 October-Alabama (USA),Mayoral election in Birmingham 2nd round
5 October-Alaska (USA),Mayoral and city assembly elections in Juneau
5 October-Morocco,Indirect Senate elections (elected by regional authorities)
6 October-Nasarawa (Nigeria),Local government elections
6 October-Tamil Nadu (India),Municipal elections 1st phase
7 October-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Wattle Range
8 October-New Zealand,Local council by-election in Christchurch Coastal ward
8 October-Vanuatu,Parliamentary by-election in Pentecost
8-9 October-Czech Republic,Parliament
9 October-Nigeria,Gubernatorial election in Plateau State
9 October-Tamil Nadu (India),Municipal elections 2nd phase
10 October-Iraq,Parliament
10 October-Paraguay,Municipal elections
10 October-Japan,Local elections in 10 municipalities
10-16 October-Hungary,Opposition Parties Coalition:Presidential primary elections 2nd round
13 October-St Helena (Ascension and St Helena Islands,UK),Legislative council elections
14 October-Bangladesh,Local council elections 3rd phase
14–27 October: Germany, Bavaria, Parliament recall referendum
16 October-Christmas Island (Australia),Parliament
16 October-Cocos Islands (Australia),Island council election
16 October-Western Australia (Australia),Mayoral and city elections
16 October-Ontario (Canada),Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte Fist Nation Ratification Vote
17 October-Cape Verde,President
17 October-North Macedonia,Local elections
17 October-Estonia,Municipal elections
17 October-Kosovo,Municipal elections 1st round
17 October-Armenia,Local elections 1st stage
17 October-Japan,Local elections in 39 municipalities
17-18 October-Italy,Municipal runoff elections
18 October-Alberta (Canada),Municipal elections,Senate nominee election and Referendums on Equalization and on daylight saving time
18 October-Ontario (Canada),Municipal by-election in Westport
19 October-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Port Adelaide Enfield
19 October-Northwest Territories (Canada),Municipal elections
19 October-South Carolina (USA),Local council election in Rock Hill
20 October-Barbados,President (by the Parliament)
21 October-Yukon (Canada),Municipal elections
21 October-Zambia,Parliamentary by-election in Kaumbwe,Chairperson elections in Chisamba and Lusangazi Districts and Local Government Elections in Kamifungo Ward of Masaiti Town Council,
Lufubu Ward of Mwansabombwe District,Kalilele Ward of Mushindamo Town Council and Mulamfu Ward of Zimba Town Council
22 October-Victoria (Australia),Local council election in South Gippsland Shire (elected by postal voting)
22 October-Fiji,President (by the Parliament)
23 October-Alberta (Canada),2021 Alberta Party:Internal leadership election
23 October-British Columbia (Canada),Little Shuswap Lake Fist Nation Chief election
24 October-Uzbekistan,President
24 October-Japan,Local elections in 46 municipalities
25 October-Saint Helena (Ascension and St Helena Islands,UK),Indirect Chief Minister election (elected by the Legislative council)
25 October-Nunavut (Canada),Territorial elections
25 October-Puntland (Somalia),Municipal elections in Eyl, Ufeyn and Qard districts
26 October-Japan,Mayoral election in Suttsu
26 October-Malawi,Parliamentary by-elections for 4 seats
28 October-Ontario (Canada),Mississauga First Nation by-election
30 October-Manitoba (Canada),Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba:Internal leadership election
30 October-India,Parliamentary by-elections for 3 seats in and State assembly by-elections for 4 seats each in  West Bengal and Assam,3 seats each in Meghalaya,Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh,
2 seats each in Rajastan,Karnataka and Bihar,1 seat each in Andhra Pradesh,Haryana,Maharashtra,Mizoram,Nagaland and Telagana
31 October-Qatar,Parliament
31 October-Japan,Parliamentary electons,Gubernatorial election in Miyagi Prefecture and Local elections in 33 municipalities
31 October-North Macedonia,Local elections 2nd round
1 November-South Africa,Municipal elections
from 1 November-Somalia,Indirect Parliamentary elections (by local clan assemblies)
2 November-United States,Gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia,Municipal elections in Boston,Buffalo,Albany,Cincinnati,
Cleveland,Concord,Durham,Toledo,Atlanta,Rochester,Columbia,Detroit,Jersey City,Santa Fe,Albuquerque,Annapolis,
Helena,Minneapolis,St. Paul,Lansing,Miami,Topeka,New York,Seattle,Harrisburg,Pittsburgh,Manchester,Syracuse and St. Petersburg,
City council elections in Los Angeles,Wichita,Olympia,Boise,Des Moines,Salt Lake City,Columbus,Aurora,Essex County,Erie County,Cuyahoga county,Franklin county,
Allegheny County,Orlando and Tucson,Mayoral and City council runoff election in
Riverside and City council and mayoral primary elections in Hialeah
2 November-Colorado (USA),Referendum on a bond issue
2 November-Pennsylvania (USA),Judicial elections
2 November-Virginia (USA),Judicial elections
2 November-Washington State (USA),Judicial elections
2 November-Palau,State primary election in Pelielu
3 November-Saskatchewan (Canada),Municipal by-election in Moose Jaw
3 November-Manitoba (Canada),Municipal by-election in Morris
3 November-Quebec (Canada),Municipal elections in Kativik Regional Government
4 November-Falkland Islands (UK),Parliament
5 November-British Columbia (Canada),Tl'azt'en Nation council election in Pinchie
6 November-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Granisle
6 November-British Columbia (Canada),Skway First Nation council by-election in Nooksack
6 November-Prince Edward Island (Canada),New Democratic Party:Internal leadership election
6 November-Nova Scotia (Canada),District council by-election in Colchester #10
6 November-Anambra (Nigeria),Gubernatorial election
7 November-Nicaragua,President and Parliament
7 November-Quebec (Canada),Municipal elections
7 November-Nunavut (Canada),Municipal elections
7 November-Switzerland,Council of State election in Fribourg 1st round
7 November-Japan,Local elections in Ichikai,Kamitsu and Katsushika
8 November-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-election in North Rustico
8 November-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Beaubassin East,Cambridge-Narrows,Drummond,Kedgwick #2,Lameque,Nigadoo,Petitcodiac,Port Elgin and Saint-Louis de Kent
9 November-Japan,Mayoral election in Mishima
9 November-Palau,State election in Koror
9-10 November-United Kingdom,Indirect House of Lords by-election for 1 seat
10 November-Pitcairn Islands (UK),Island council and Deputy Mayoral elections
11 November-Palau,State election in Ngaraard
11 November-Bangladesh,Local council elections 2nd phase
13 November-Prince Edward Island (canada),Liberal Party:Internal leadership election
13 November-Louisiana (USA),Mayoral and City council elections in New Orleans 
14 November-Bulgaria,President 1st round and Parliament
14 November-Kosovo,Municipal elections 2nd round
14 November-Armenia,Local elections 2nd stage
14 November-Argentina,Elections of half of Parliament,local deputees elections in Buenos Aires Province,Buenos Aires City,
Catamarca,Chaco,La Rioja,Mendoza and San Luis,
Local senators elections in Buenos Aires Province,Catamarca,San Luis and Mendoza and Gubernatorial election in Santiago del Estero
14 November-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Hiroshima and local elections in 37 municipalities
15 November-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-elections in Riddoch and Somerton
15 November-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Provincial by-election in Cornwall-Meadowbank
15 November-Beijing (China), Haidian District People's Congress
16 November-Florida (USA),Mayoral and city council elections in Hialeah and Mayoral and city council runoff elections in Miami and Orlando
16 November-Denmark,Regional and municipal elections
16 November-Liberia,Parliamentary by-elections in Bong, Bomi,Grand Gedeh and Nimba
17 November-Saskatchewan (Canada),Mayoral by-election in Birch Hills
18 November-Tonga,Parliament
20 November-Malacca (Malaysia),State election
21 November-Bulgaria,President 2nd round
21 November-Chile,President 1st round,Parliamentary and Senate elections and regional elections
21 November-Central African Republic,Local elections 1st round
21 November-Venezuela,Gubernatorial elections
21 November-Japan,Local elections in 17 municipalities
23 November-Northwest Territories (Canada),Hay River Reserve Fist Nation council elections
25 November-British Columbia (Canada),Coldwater First Nation elections
25 November-Dominica,Parliamentary by-election in Grand Bay
26 November-Palau,State election in Ngchesar
26 November-Samoa,Parliamentary by-elections for 6 seats
27 November-Algeria,Provincial elections
27 November-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Comox
28 November-Honduras,President and Parliament
28 November-Kyrgyzstan,Parliament
28 November-Switzerland,Referendums on strengthen the nursing care, on forbidding the re-election of
judges and on more aid to people affected by Cod-19 
28 November-Switzerland,Council of State election in Fribourg 2nd round
28 November-Japan,Local elections in 10 municipalities
28 November-Thailand,Local elections
29 November-India,Council of States by-elections for 1 seat each in Kerala and West Bengal
29 November-India,Indirect Legislative council by-elections for 6 seats in Telagana,3 seats i Adhra Pradesh and 1 seat in Maharashtra (elected by the Legislative assembly)
29 November-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal by-election in Tignish
30 November-Japan,Mayoral election in Kamikawa
30 November-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Municipal elections in Kippens
30 November-British Columbia (Canada),Skawahlook First Nation Constitutional plebishite
30 November-British Columbia (Canada),Akisqnuk First Nation Ratification Vote
2 December-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election in Old Bexley and Sidcup
3 December-British Columbia (Canada),Kwakiutl Band Council Fist Nation elections
4 December-Gambia,President
4 December-New South Wales (Australia),Local government elections
4 December-Queensland (Australia),Local council by-elections in Northern Peninsula #5 and Moreton Bay #7
4 December-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-election in Vernon
4 December-Ekiti (Nigeria),Local government elections
5 December-Armenia,Local elections 3rd stage
5 December-Japan,Local elections in 12 municipalities
6 December-Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago),Local assembly election
7 December-Palau,State election in Peleliu
7 December-Vanuatu,Provincial election in Torba
7 December-Florida (USA),Special council election in Jacksonville #3 and Municipal runoff election in Orlando
7 December-New Hampshire (USA),Special election for State House Rockingham #6
7 December-New Jersey (USA),General runoff election in Jersey City
7 December-New Mexico (USA),Municipal runoff election in Albuquerque
7 December-Washington (USA),Recall election in Seattle #13
8 December-Switzerland,President (by the Parliament)
10 December-Maharashtra (India),Legislative council elections for 8 seats
10 December-Karnataka (India),Legislative council elections for 25 seats
10 December-Telangana (India),Legislative council elections for 12 seats
10 December-Andhra Pradesh (India),Legislative council elections for 8 seats
10 December-British Columbia (Canada),Namgis First Nation Councillor election
11 December-Louisiana (USA),Municipal election in New Orleans and Baton Rouge
11 December-Palestine,Local elections in 154 towns and villages in the West Bank
11 December-Texas (USA),Judicial and School Board runoff elections
12 December-New Caledonia (France),Referendum on the independence
12 December-Transnistria (Moldova),President
12 December-Portugal,Municipal election in Esqueiros,Nevogilde and Travassos
12 December-Japan,Local elections in 5 municipalities
13 December-Northwest Territories (Canada),Hamlet elections
13 December-Alberta (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Sturgeon #6 and Lethbridge #5
13 December-South Australia (Australia),Local council by-election in Hillcot
14 December-Arkansas (USA),Special primary election for State Senate #7
14 December-Connecticut (USA),Special election for State House #116
14 December-Iowa (USA),Special election for State Senate #1
14 December-Massachusetts (USA),Special primary election for State Senate #1 Suffolk & Middlesex District
14 December-Nebraska (USA),Recall electiion in Saunder County
16 December-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election in North Shropshire
18 December-Sarawak (Malaysia),State assembly election
18 December-Taiwan,Referendums on the construction of a receiving terminal for natural gas energy production on Taoyuan’s Datan Algal Reef,
on lifting restrictions on the import of pork from the USA,on the activation of the Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant and on whether referendums should be held alongside general elections
19 December-Chile,President 2nd round and Parliament
19 December-Hong Kong (China),Legislative council election
19 December-Japan,Local elections in 9 municipalities
19 December-Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistn),Local council elections in 17 districts
20 December-Namibia,Regional council by-election in Ncamangoro
21 December-Wisconsin (USA),Special election in Lannon City
26 December-Portugal,Municipal election in Ribeira
26 December-Mali,Regional and municipal elections
26 December-Japan,Mayoral elections in Higashikurume and Tonosho
26 December-Bangladesh,Local council elections 4th phase