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???? (fall)-Laos,Municipal elections

from October 2002 to March 2003-China,Staggered parliamentary elections 
4 January-Hawaii (USA),US House special election for the congressional seat #2
4 January-Taiwan,Village chiefs elections
5 January-Nigeria,PDP Party: Internal Presidential primary election
7 January-Nigeria,ANPP Party: Internal Presidential primary election
7 January-Texas (USA),Special election for State House #62 2nd round
5 January-Lithuania,Presidential runoff election
8 January-Canada,Municipal By-election in Rhineland  Council, Ward 1 (Manitoba)
9 January-Canada,Municipal by-election in Telsin (YT)
9 January-Nauru,President (by the Parliament)
10 January-Djibouti,Parliament
10 January-Nigeria,APGA Party: Internal Presidential primary election
11 January-Canada,Municipal runoff election in Whistler (B.C.)
14 January-Canada,Municipal by-elections in Maple Creek (SK)
14 January-Oklahoma (USA),Special primary election district #17
14 January-Nashua (New Hampshire,USA),Referendums
14 January-Iowa (USA),Special election for State Senate #26
15 January-Czech Republic,President (by the Parliament)
1st attempt
15 January-Pakistan,Parliamentary by-elections
16 January-Maharashtra State (India),Internal Chief of State election (by the parliament)
16 January-Botswana,Mayoral election in Gabarones
17 January-Oklahoma (USA),Special Democratic Primary election
17 January-Minnesota (USA),Special election for State House #40A
17-18 January-Nauru,President (by the Parliament)
19 January-Anieres (Switzerland),Local referendum on whether $3.1 million of
taxpayer money should be spent to renovate a municipal property housing the restaurant
19 January-Serbia,Socialist Party: Internal leadership election
19 January-Cuba,Parliament
19 January-Costa Rica,Municipal and mayoral elections in the Limon province
and in the Turrialba municipality - slated for the floods
21 January-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Silerton
22 January-Netherlands,Parliament
22 January-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
23 January-United Kingdom,Local council by-election in Halifax
24 January-Czech Republic,President (by the Parliament) 2nd attempt
24-26 January-Canada,New Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
25 January till 16 March-Bangladesh,Staggered local council elections
26 January-France,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Paris #17 and Val d' Oise #5 1st round
26 January-Taimyr Autonomous Okrug (Russia),Gubernatorial election
26 January-Japan,Gubernatorial elections in Aomori and Ehime prefectures
and mayoral elections in Kitakyushu and Fukuoka
26 January-Rodrigues (Mauritius),Regional assembly by-election for 1 seat in Grande Montagne #6
28 January-Israel,Parliament
28 January-Kentucky (USA),Special election for the 17th Senate District
28 January-Oregon (USA),Special election
28 January-California (USA),County election at Orange
28 January-Minnesota (USA),Special election for State House #52B
29 January-Manitoba (Canada),Municipal by-election in Rosser 
30 January-Graz (Austria),Municipal elections
?? February-Zimbabwe,ZNLWVA Party: Internal leadership election
1 February-Texas (USA),Local elections
2 February-France,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Paris #17 and Val d' Oise #5 2nd round
2 February-Hesse (Germany),State election
2 February-Lower Saxony (Germany),State election
2 February-Kyrgyzstan,Referendum on giving more powers to the Parliament
2 February-Magadan Oblast (Russia),Gubernatorial election 1st round
2 February-Japan,Mayoral election in Hiroshima and gubernatorial elections in
Yamanashi and Aichi prefectures 
3 February-Minnesota (USA),Special election for State House #40A
4 February-Orlando (Florida,USA),Mayoral election 1st round
4 February-Idaho (USA),City council elections
4 February-Washington State (USA),Special elections
4 February-California (USA),County elections at Orange and Riverside
6 February-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Middleton and Whiteville
9 February-Montenegro,President 2nd attempt
9 February-Monaco,Parliament
9 February-Switzerland,Referendum: Direct Democratic Rights,
Contributions by the Cantons to Social Security, Cantonal and loval referendum day 
9 February-Gabon,Indirect Senate election (by local and departmental councillors)
9 February-Hong Kong (China),District Council by-election in Kowloon City Hoi Sham District
10 February-Canada,Municipal by-elections in Cornwall (Prince Edward) for 2 seats
11 February-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Paris
11 February-Oklahoma (USA),Special General Election for State Senator, District 17
11 February-Minnesota (USA),Special election for State House #52B
11 February-Iowa (USA),Special election for State House #62
12-14 February-Kenya,Mayoral (civic) elections
14 February-Trinidad and Tobago,President (by the Parliament)
14 February-Canada,Green Party: Internal leadership election
14-15 February-Canada,Alberta Alliance Party: Leadership convention
15 February-Comox (Canada),Referendum on Airport Expansion
16 February-Cyprus,President
16 February-Mordova Republic (Russia),Election of the Head of the Republic
16 February-Magadan Oblast (Russia),Gubernatorial election 2nd round
17 February-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal by-elections for 2 seats
18 February-Wisconsin (USA),Local primary elections
19 February-Armenia,President 1st round
20 February-Ghana,Parliamentary by-election in Wulensi
20 February-Cold Lake (AB,Canada),Plebiscite on a tax raise to fund a new recreation complex
22 February-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-elections in Greeter Geelong
22 February-Vancouver (Canada),Plebiscite on the 2010 Winter Olympic Bid
22 February-Chester (NS,Canada),Plebiscite on Town Status
22 February (?)-Amarillo (Texas,USA),Municipal elections
25 February-Serbia and Montenegro,Election of the federal assembly 
(91 seats voted by the Serbian parliament and 35 seats
by the Montenegro parliament)
25 February-Kiribati,President
25 February-Chicago(Illinois,USA),Mayoral election 1st round
25 February-Illinois (USA),General primary elections
25 February-Orlando (Florida,USA),Mayoral election 2nd round
25 February-Minnesota (USA),Special election for State House #32B
26 February-Yorkton (SK,Canada),Plebiscite on a Health Levy
26 February-India,State elections in Himachal Pradesh,
Nagaland,Tripura and Meghalaya
26 February-India,State assemby by-election in Ratabari (Assam), Humnabad (Karnataka),
Pampore (Jammu and Kashmir), Poriyahat (Jharkhand), Bhokarden (Maharashtra),
Sattangulam (Tamil Nadu), Gauriganj and Haidergarh (Uttar Pradesh)
26 February-Jersey (UK),Senatorial by-election
28 February-Iran,Mayoral and local council elections
28 February-Czech Republic,Internal presidential election 3rd attempt
28 February-Japan,Local elections in Higashikawa,Naganuma and Okuryu
2 March-Estonia,Parliament
2 March-Syria,Parliament
2 March-Belarus,Local elections
2 March-Schleswig-Holstein (Germany),Municipal elections
2 March-Catamarca (Argentina),Gubernatorial election
3 March-Indiana (USA),Special election in Vernon
4 March-Micronesia,General election
4 March-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Covington
4 March-Vermont (USA),Municipal elections
4 March-California (USA),County elections in 12 counties
4 March-Ghana,Parliamentary by-election in Wulensi
5 March-Armenia,Presidential runoff election
5 March-Belize,Parliamentary and municipal elections
6 March-Cuba,President (by the Parliament)
7 March-Serbia and Montenegro,Federal presidential election (by the Parliament)
8 March-Malta,Referendum on joining the EU and Local council elections
9 March-Turkey,Parliamentary by-election in the Siirt province for 3 seats
9 March-Mexico State (Mexico),State,municipal and district elections in 124 municipalities
9 March-Austria,Municipal elections in the state of 
10 March-Nauru,President (by the Parliament)
11 March-Netherlands,Provincial elections
11 March-Arizona (USA),Local elections
11 March-Oregon (USA),Local elections
11 March-Washington State (USA),Special elections
11 March-Pennsylvania (USA),Special election District# 37
14-15 March-Victoria (Australia),Local council elections in 54 municipalities
15 March-China,Indirect elections of the President and the Parliament Chairman
16 March-China,Indirect elections of the Prime Minister
16 March-El Salvador,Parliament
16 March-Finland,Parliament
16 March-France,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Eure et Loir #3 and Seine-Saint-Denis #7 1st round
16 March-Liechtenstein,Referendum on giving more power to the king
16 March-Bashkortostan (Russia),Parliament
17 March-Saskatchewan (Canada),Provincial by-elections in Battlefords-Cut Knife and in Saskatoon-Fairview
17 March-Canada,Municipal by-election in Baker Brook (NB)
18 March-Georgia (USA),Special elections
18 March-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Collegedale
18 March-Pennsylvania (USA),Special election District#99
18 March-Tasmania (Australia),State government by-election in Latrobe council
19 March-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
19 March-Palestine,Internal Prime Minister election
19 March-Wallis and Futuna (France),Rerun of the 2nd 19-12-02 assembly elections due to irregularities
22 March-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Mountain City
22 March-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Mont Laurier and Riviere Rouge 
23 March-Russia,Mayoral election in Novorossiisk
23 March-Chechnya (Russia),Referendum on the republic's draft
constitution and draft laws on the election of the president and parliament
23 March-Slovenia,Referendums on joining the EU and on joining the NATO
23 March-France,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Eure et Loir #3 and Seine-Saint-Denis #7 2nd round
24 March-Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda),Local council elections
24 March-New Brunswick (Canada),Municipal by-elections in 8 municipalities
25 March-Ghana,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Navrongo Central
25-26 March-United Kingdom,Indirect House of Lords by-election for 1 seat
28 March-Hong Kong (China),Village Representative by-election 
29-30 March-Zimbabwe,Parliamentary by-elections in Kuwadzana and Highfield
30 March-Benin,Parliament
30 March-Russia,Legislative elections in Rostov Oblast
30 March--Switzerland,City election in Geneva
30 March-Lower Austria (Austria),State elections
30 March-Portugal,Elections for the Communities Council for Azores and Madeira 
?? April-Mauritania,Renewal of 1/3 of the Senate (elected by the councillors)
1 April-San Marino,Indirect election of 2 Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of State)
1 April-Wisconsin (USA),Local elections
1 April-Illinois (USA),Municipal elections
1 April-Chicago (Illinois),Mayoral election 2nd round
2 April-Rhode Island (USA),Municipal primary election in Jamestown
4-5 April-Canada,Prince Edward Island Liberal Party: Internal leadership election
5 April-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Surf Coast
5 April-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Jacksboro
5 April-Louisiana (USA),Municipal primary elections
6 April-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in L'Assomption 
6 April-Hong Kong (China),District Council by-election in Sham Shui Mei Foo District
7 April-Turkmenistan,People Council (Senate) elections
7 April-Qatar,Municipal elections
8 April-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Farragut
8 April-Missouri (USA),Municipal elections
8 April-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections 1st round
8 April-Nevada (USA),City council elections in Las Vegas and Mesquite
8 April-Indiana (USA),Special election in Evansville
8 April-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Municipal by-election in Corner Brook 
8 April-Ghana,Parliamentary by-election in Gomoa East
10 April-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Tenn. Ridge and Spring Hill
12 April-Malta,Parliament
12 April-Hungary,Referendum on joining the EU
12 April-Nigeria,Parliament
13 April-Warri (Nigeria),Parliamentary election postponed 1 day for the insecurity
13 April-Japan,Gubernatorial elections in Hokkaido, Iwate, Tokyo,
Kanagawa, Fukui, Mie, Tottori, Shimane, Fukuoka, Saga and Oita prefectures
13 April-Japan,Prefectural assembly elections in 44 prefectures (all but
Ibaraki, Tokyo and Okinawa)and local elections in 12 municipalities
13 April-Sapporo (Japan),Mayoral election
13 April-Portugal,Municipal by-elections in Serzedelo and Delaes
14 April-Somaliland (Somalia),President
14 April-South Dakota (USA),Municipal runoff of the 8-4-03 elections 1st day
14 April-Quebec (Canada),Parliament
15 April-Texas (USA),Special election for State House #43 1st round
16 April-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Dayton
17 April-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Lenior City
18 April-South Dakota (USA),Municipal runoff of the 8-4-03 elections 2nd day
19 April-Nigeria,Presidential and gubernatorial elections
20 April-Thailand,Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
20 April-Russia,Mayoral election in Norilsk
20 April-Kemerovo Oblast (Russia),Legislative elections
20 April-Japan,House of Representatives by-election in Tokyo Constituency No. 6
22 April-Washington State (USA),Special elections
22 April-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Johnson City
22 April-Michigan (USA),City primary elections
24 April-Turks and Caicos (UK),Parliament
24 April-Ghana,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Amenfi West
25 April-Togo,Rally of Togolese People Party:Internal presidential primary election
26 April-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in 7 councils
26 April-Queensland (Australia),State assembly by-election for 1 seat in Maryborough
26-27 April-Papua New Guinea,Parliamentary by-elections for 6 Southern Highland seats
27 April-Japan,644 Mayoral and 1622 municipal elections
27 April-Japan,House Of Representative by-elections in the Ibaraki #7, Yamanashi #3
and two more constituencies
27 April-Argentina,President and Vice President elections
27 April-Argentina,Congressional elections in the provinces of Santiago del Estero y
La Rioja
27 April-Argentina,Gubernatorial elections in La Rioja and San Luis
27 April-Paraguay,President,Parliament,Senate and gubernatorial elections and municipal elections in Santa Rosa and Yasycany
27 April-Yemen,Parliament
29 April-Qatar,Referendum on the new Constitution
29 (?)April-Malawi,MCP Party: Internal presidential primary election
30 April May-Burundi,Indirect appointment of the Chief of the Transitional Government
(the President of the Republic)
?? May-Cocos Island (Australia),Island council election
May-Eritrea,Staggered local elections
1 May-Scotland (UK),Parliament
1 May-Wales (UK),Assembly election
1 May-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Hohenwald, Sevierville and Jefferson City
3 May-Western Australia (Australia),Local government elections
3 May-Tasmania (Australia),Local government elections
3 May-Christmas Island (Australia),Island Council election
3 May-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in 6 councils
3 May-Indiana (USA),Mayoral elections in Vemon
3 May-Texas (USA),Mayoral elections including Dallas, El Paso, Forth Worth, Austin
3 May-Texas (USA),Special elections for the US 19th Congressional District 1st round
3 May-Louisiana (USA),Municipal elections
3 May-San Antonio (USA),Council elections
3 May-Denver (Colorado),Mayoral election 1st round
3 May-Nigeria,Local assembly elections
3 May-Nauru,Parliament
5 May-Tuvalu,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Nanumea and Niutao
5 May-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Van Leer
6 May-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in 7 councils
6 May-Lawrenceburg (Tennessee,USA),Mayoral election 1st round
6 May-Virginia (USA),City council and primary elections
6 May-Indiana (USA),Municipal primary elections and special election in Marion County
6 May-Ohio (USA),Municipal and mayoral elections
6 May-Texas (USA),Special election for State House #43 2nd round
6 May-California (USA),County elections at Calaveras, San Luis Obispo and Sutter
7 May-Rhode Island (USA),Municipal elections in Jamestown
7 May-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
8 May-Malta,Parliamentary by-elections for 7 seats
9 May-Kiribati,Parliament 1st round
10 May-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Atoka, Brighton and Munford
10-11 May-Iceland,Parliament
10-11 May-Lithuania,Referendum on joining the EU
11 May-Montenegro,President
11 May-North Ossetia (Russia),Parliament
11 May-Micronesia,President (by the Parliament)
11 May-West Bengala (India),Municipal, village and mid-sized township elections
11 May-Turkey,Saadet Party: Internal leadership election
12 May-Canada,Parliamentary by-election in Perth-Middlesex (Ontario)
12 May-Philippines,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Isabela #4
13 May-New Jersey (USA),Non partisan municipal elections
13 May-Oklahoma (USA),Special primary election senator district #17
13 May-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Pigeon Forge and Parkers Crossroads
14 May-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Waverly
14 May-Kiribati,Parliament 2nd round
15 May-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Bolivar and Collierville (1st round)
16-17 May-Slovakia,Referendum on joining the EU
17 May-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Mc Ewen
18 May-Switzerland,Referendums on keeping the nuclear power, cutting army funding,
reforming the civil defense force, introducing new  disabled rights and car-free Sundays
18 May-Belgium,Parliamentary and Senate elections
18 May-Tokushima (Japan),Gubernatorial election
20 May-California (USA),County Recall election at Plumas
20 May-Kentucky (USA),Gubernatorial primary elections
20 May-Oregon (USA),Local elections
20 May-Lawrenceburg (Tennessee,USA),Mayoral election 2nd round
20 May-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in 4 councils
20 May-Pennsylvania (USA),Mayoral primary elections
20 May-Washington State (USA),Special elections
20 May-Michigan (USA),Special election
20 May-Quebec (Canada),Rerun of the provincial election in Champlain
20 May-Russia,Legislative elections in Leningrad Oblast
21 May-Barbados,Parliament
21 May-India,State by-elections in Babubarhi (Bihar), Songadh (Gujarat), Fatehabad (Haryana),
South Solapur (Maharashtra) and Vidyasagar (West Bengal)
24 May-Iraq,Local council election in Kirkuk
24 May-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Milledgeville
24 May-Guatemala,FRG Party: Internal primary presidential election
25 May-Armenia,Parliamentary election and Referendum on the new Constitution
25 May-Spain,Municipal elections
25 May-Basque Regions (Spain),Local parliamentary elections
25 May-Asturias (Spain),General council election
25 May-Navarra (Spain),Local parliamentary elections
25 May-Bremen State (Germany),State and local elections
25 May-Moldova,Local elections
25 May-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Vila Fria
25 May-Khabarovsk (Russia),Local elections
25 May-Belgorod Oblast (Russia),Gubernatorial elections
25-26 May-Italy,Municipal elections 1st round
26 May-Rwanda,Referendum on the new Constitution
26 May-Netherlands,Indirect Senate election
26 May-Hatohobei (Palau),Special election
27 May-Idaho (USA),City council elections
27 May-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Ethridge
29 May-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Burns and Troy
29 May-Nauru,President (by the Parliament)
29 May to 1 June-Canada,Progressive Conservative Party of Canada: Leadership Convention
1 June-Togo,President
1 June-Thailand,Parliamentary by-election in Sri Sa Ket
3 June-United States,US House by-election for 1 seat in Texas #19
3 June-Denver (Colorado),Mayoral election 2nd round
3 June-California (USA),County elections in 11 counties 
3 June-Manitoba (Canada),Provincial elections
3 June-Nevada (USA),City council elections in Carlin, West Wendover,Eko and Wells
3 June-New Jersey (USA),General primary elections
3 June-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in 9 councils
3 June-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections 1st round
3 June-Texas (USA),Special election for US House #19 2nd round
3 June-Israel,Municipal elections in Jerusalem, Haifa and Ohr Akiva
5 June-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Shelbyville, Luttrel and Maryville
6 June-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Lakewood
6 June-Azerbaijan,Islamic Party of Azerbaijan: Internal presidential primary election
6(?) June-Azerbaijan,Ana-Veten Party: Internal presidential primary election
7 June-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in 6 councils
7-8 June-Poland,Referendum on joining the EU
8 June-West Bengal (India),Parliamentary by-elections in Nawadwip and Vidyasagar
8 June-Vladivostok Oblast (Russia),City Duma elections
8 June-Aosta Valley (Italy),Regional council election
8 June-Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy),Regional council election
8 June-Argentina,Gubernatorial election in Cordoba
8 June-Japan,Mayoral election in Sapporo 2nd round
8-9 June-Udine,Viareggio and Rosarno (Italy),Municipal elections 1st round
8-9 June-Aosta Valley (Italy),Gubernatorial election
8-9 June-Italy,Municipal elections 2nd round
9 June-New Brunswick (Canada),Provincial elections
10 June-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in 5 councils
10 June-Maine (USA),State elections and referendums about state bonds issue
10 June-Oklahoma (USA),Special election senator district #17
12 June-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Cornersville
13 June-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Sweet Water
15 June-Quebec (Canada),Municipal election in de Sept-Iles 
15 June-Canada,Municipal by-election in Montreal
15-16 June-Italy,Referendums on the article 18 of the Constitution
(about the flexibility on dismissing the employees in the small companies)
and on reducing the electromagnetic pollution
15-16 June-Udine,Viareggio and Rosarno (Italy),Municipal elections 2nd round
15-16 June-Czech Republic,Referendum on joining the EU
16 June-Canada,Parliamentary by-elections in Levis et Chutes de la Chaudiere and in Temiscamingue
16 June-Alberta (Canada),Referendum (non-binding) on the size of County Council in Yellowhead County
16 June-British Virgin Island (UK),Parliament
16 June-Australia,Labor Party: Internal leadership election
17 June-Jordan,Parliament
17 June-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Collierville 2nd round
17 June-Georgia (USA),Special elections
17 June-South Dakota (USA),Municipal elections 1 st round
17 June-South Dakota (USA),Municipal runoff of the 3-6-02 elections
17 June-California (USA),County elections in Shasta
17 June-Pennsylvania (USA),Special elections District#44 and #168
17 June-Tasmania (Australia),State government by-election in Flinders council
18 June-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
19 June-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Smithville
19 June-Jamaica,Local elections
19 June-Israel,Labor Party: Internal leadership election
19-22 June-Malaysia,UMNO Party: Convention,internal leadership election
20 June-Latvia,President (by the Parliament)
21 June-India,Parliamentary by-election in Chiraigaon (Uttar Pradesh)
22 June-Tajikistan,Referendum on allowing the president to run for 2 more 7 year-terms and
on 36 more amendments
22 June-Argentina,Gubernatorial election in Tierra del Fuego 1st round
23 June-Canada,Municipal by-election in Wheatland County (AB)
24 June-Tasmania (Australia),State government by-election in Kentish council
24-28 June-Angola,UNITA Party: Internal leadership election
26 June-Canada,Town of Conception Bay South (NL): Referendum on a New Community Center
26 June-Saskatchewan (Canada),Provincial by-election in Carrot River Valley 
28 June-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Collinwood
29 June-Poland,Social Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
29 June-Argentina,Gubernatorial election in Tierra del Fuego 2nd round
29 June-Argentina,Gubernatorial and municipal elections in Tucuman
?? July-Japan,Municipal assembly elections in Kani and Gifu Prefectures
1 July-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Mt.Pleasant
1 July-South Dakota (USA),Municipal runoff of the 17-6-03 elections
1 July-Micronesia,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats
4 July-Kiribati,President
5 July-Kuwait,Parliamentary and municipal elections
5 July-British Columbia (Canada),Referendum in Prince Ruper on the City purchasing the Skeena Cellulose mill
6 July-Mexico,Parliament
6 July-Campeche State (Mexico),Gubernatorial,municipal
and local elections
6 July-Colima State (Mexico),Gubernatorial,municipal
and local elections
6 July-Mexico D.F. (Mexico),Municipal and local elections
6 July-Guanajuato State (Mexico),Municipal and local elections
6 July-Morelos State (Mexico),Municipal and local elections
6 July-Nuevo Leon State (Mexico),Gubernatorial,municipal and local elections
6 July-Queretaro State (Mexico),Gubernatorial election
6 July-San Luis State (Mexico),Gubernatorial,municipal and local elections
6 July-Sonora State (Mexico),Gubernatorial,municipal and local elections
6 July-Corsica (France),Referendum on on giving Corsica greater control over
energy policy, transport and the disbursement of regional aid money
6 July-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Charlemagne 
12 July-Kashmir (India),All Parties Hurriyat internal leadership election
12-13 July-Hong Kong (China),Village Representative elections 1st stage
14 July-Trinidad and Tobago,Local government elections
16 July-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in New Market
18-22 July-Botswana,BDP Party: Internal leadership election
18-21 July-Botswana,BCP Party: Internal leadership election
19 July-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-election in Casey City
19-20 July-Botswana,BAM Party: Internal leadership election
19 July-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Spring City
19 July-California (USA),County elections in Glenn
19-20 July-Hong Kong (China),Village Representative elections 2nd stage
22 July-Pennsylvania (USA),Special election District#3
23 July-South Africa,Municipal by-elections 
24 July-Bermuda (UK),General election
26 July-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Burlison
26-27 July-Hong Kong (China),Village Representative elections 3rd stage
27 July-Cambodia,General elections
27 July-El Salvador,FMLN Party: Internal presidential primary election
28 July-California (USA),County runoff elections in San Luis Obispo
1 August-Samoa,Parliamentary by-election in Alataua West
2 August-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Pegram
2-3 August-Hong Kong (China),Village Representative elections 4th stage
3 August-Hong Kong (China),District Council by-election in Sham Shui Po Lai-Kok District
3 August-North Korea,Parliamentary, provincial, municipal and local council elections
3 August-San Marino,Referendum on switching to a one-candidate-per-list election system
5 August-Nova Scotia (Canada),Provincial elections
5 August-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Saltillo
5 August-Mississippi (USA),Gubernatorial primary 1st round elections
5 August-Iowa (USA),Special election for State House #100
5 August-Idaho (USA),City council elections
7 August-Turks and Caicos (UK),Parliamentary by-elections
7 August-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in 10 councils
8 August-Nauru,President (by the Parliament)
9-10 August-Hong Kong (China),Village Representative elections 5th stage
12 August-Oklahoma (USA),Special primary election democrat district #17
14 August-Cook Islands (New Zealand),Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Rua’au
16 August-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-elections in Ballarat City
16 August-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Trenton 1st round
16-17 August-Hong Kong (China),Village Representative elections 6th stage
17 August-Karachaevo-Cherkessia (Russia),Presidential election
24 August-Buenos Aires City (Argentina),Gubernatorial election 1st round and Congressional elections
24 August-Catamarca (Argentina),Rerun of the gubernatorial election
25 August-Rwanda,President
26 August-Iowa (USA),Special election for State House #30
26 August-California (USA),County elections at Calaveras and Riverside
26 August-Mississippi (USA),Gubernatorial primary 2nd round elections
30 August-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Michie
30 August-Texas (USA),Early votes for the 13/9 referendums
30 August-British Columbia (Canada),Park Board by-election in Cultus Lake 
30-31 August-Zimbabwe,Local council and municipal elections in in 21 cities and towns
31 August-Rio Negro (Argentina),Congressional and gubernatorial elections
31 August-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Lajeosa da Raia
2 September-Nunavut (Canada),Territorial by-election in Nanulik 
2 September-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Tellico Plains
4 September-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in
Alexandria and Altwood
4 September-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Municipal by-election in Twillingate 
7 September-Sverdlovsk Oblast (Russia),Gubernatorial election
7 September-Novgorod Oblast (Russia),Gubernatorial election
7 September-Omsk Oblast (Russia),Gubernatorial election
7 September-Murmansk (Russia),Mayoral elections
7 September-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Areosa
7 September-Argentina,Congressional and gubernatorial elections in the Province of Santa Fe
7 September-Veracruz State (Mexico),Municipal and local elections
9 September-Montana (USA),Municipal primary elections
9 September-Iowa (USA),School Board Elections
9 September-Minnesota (USA),Municipal and School primary elections
11 September-Iqaluit (Nunavut,Canada),Referendum on
improvements to municipal water services
11 September-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in
12 September-Morocco,Municipal elections
13 September-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Vonore
13 September-Texas (USA),Referendum on  22 proposed constitutional amendments
14 September-Argentina,Runoff of the gubernatorial elections in Buenos Aires City
14 September-Argentina,Congressional and gubernatorial elections in the Provinces of Jujuy,
Chaco (1st round), Buenos Aires and Santa Cruz
14 September-Sweden,Referendum on introducing the EURO as national currency
14 September-Estonia,Referendum on joining the EU
14 September-Volgograd (Russia),Mayoral elections
14 September-Japan,Mayoral election in Zushi
15 September-Norway,Local elections
16 September-Georgia (USA),Special elections
16 September-Oregon (USA),Local and special elections
16 September-Washington State (USA),State Primary elections
18 September-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Arlington
18 September-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Brent-East
18 September-Zambia,Parliamentary by-elections for 4 seats
19 September-Dominica,President (by the parliament)
20 September-Kazakhstan,City,district and provincial councils elections
20 September-Latvia,Referendum on joining the EU
20 September-Japan,LDP Party: Internal leadership election
20 September-City of Merritt (BC,Canada),Municipal by-election and Referendum on a destination casino
20 September-British Columbia (Canada),Municipal by-elections in Chilliwack
and in the village of Harrison
20-21 September-Swaziland,Parliamentary elections 1st round
21 September-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Samora Correia
21 September-Quebec (Canada),Municipal by-election in Roberval
21 September-Bavaria (Germany),State elections
21 September-Brandenburg (Germany),Municipal elections
21 September-Saint Petersburg (Russia),Gubernatorial elections 1st round
21 September-Leningrad Oblast (Russia),Gubernatorial election
21 September-Tomsk Oblast (Russia),Gubernatorial election
21 September-Sverdlovsk Oblast (Russia),Runoff of the gubernatorial election
23 September-New Mexico (USA),Special elections
25 September-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Dickson and Lakeland
25 September-Maldives,Internal presidential nomination for the October popular referendum
26 September-India,State assembly by-elections in the States of Kerala (11- Ernakulam),
Maharashtra (37-Solapur), Andhra Pradesh (215-Karwan),Karnataka ( 216 - Hungund,74-Vemagal),
Meghalaya (22-Laban),Orissa (114- Birmaharajpur) and West Bengal (179- Uttarpara)
27 September-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Trenton 2nd round
28 September-Tyrol (Austria),State elections
28 September-Upper Austria (Austria),State and local elections
28 September-Argentina,Gubernatorial and Congressional elections in Neuquen and Misiones
28 September-Corrientes (Argentina),Provincial elections
29 September-Rwanda,Parliament
29 September-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Provincial elections
30 September-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in
Knoxville 1st round
?? October-Morocco,Indirect election of 1/3 of the House of Councillors (Senate)
1 October-San Marino,Indirect election of 2 Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of State)
1 October-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Adamsville
1 October-Namibia,Parliamentary by-election in Windhoek West
2 October-Ontario (Canada),Provincial elections
4 October-Louisiana (USA),Gubernatorial primary elections
4 October-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in
4 October-Oman,Parliament
4 October-Township of Esquimalt (BC,Canada),Referendum on borrowing to repair the Sewer System
4 October-Northern Territory (Australia),State assembly by-election in Katherine
5 October-Chechnya (Russia),President
5 October-Saint Petersburg (Russia),Gubernatorial elections 2nd round
5 October-Montreal (Quebec,Canada),Municipal by-election
5 October-Argentina,Congressional and gubernatorial elections in San Juan
5 October-Argentina,Congressional election in the province of Cordoba
5 October-Chaco (Argentina),Runoff of the gubernatorial election
5 October-Japan,Mayoral election in Kaminoseki
7 October-California (USA),Gubernatorial recall election
7 October-Iowa (USA),City Primary elections
9 October-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Memphis 1st round
9 October-Russia,Rerun of the mayoral elections in Norilsk
10 October-Tuvalu,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seats in Nukufetau
12 October-Thailand,Parliamentary by-election in Nanthaburi
12 October-Albania,Municipal elections
12 to 19 October-Western Sahara (Morocco),Polisario Front:Congress and internal leadership elections
15 October-Azerbaijan,President
16 October-Yukon (Canada),Municipal elections
18 October-Swaziland,Parliamentary elections 2nd round
18-19 October-Romania,Referendum on adapting the country's Constitution to the european standards
19 October-Switzerland,Parliament and Senate elections
19 October-Aland (Finland),Parliamentary and local council elections
19 October-Tabasco State (Mexico),Municipal and local elections
19 October-Formosa (Argentina),Congressional and gubernatorial elections
20 October-Northwest Territories (Canada),Municipal Elections for Cities and Towns, excluding Inuvik
21 October-Swaziland,Indirect Senate elections
21 October-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Provincial elections
22 October-Saskatchewan (Canada),Municipal,city and village elections
22 October-Winkler (MB,Canada),Referendum on Expanded Liquor Service
25 October-Botswana,Parliamentary by-election in Francistown East
25 October-Maldives,Presidential Referendum
25 October-Colombia,15 Referendums on reforming the Congress , cutting the state's expenses
and freezing the public salaries for 2 years
and on fighting the corruption
26 October-Colombia,Gubernatorial and local elections
26 October-Bulgaria,Local council and municipal elections 1st round
26 October-Russia,Rerun of the mayoral election in Norilsk
26 October-Brandenburg (Germany),State and local elections
26 October-Spain,Regional elections in Madrid
26 October-Italy,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Trieste
26 October-Trentino Alto Adige (Italy),Regional council and provincial council elections
26 October-Argentina,Congressional elections in the provinces of Catamarca,Tucuman,La Pampa
and Mendoza
26 October-Argentina,Gubernatorial elections in the provinces of Mendoza and La Pampa
27 October-Mirror (AB,Canada),Plebiscite on dissolving the Village and annexing it to Lacombe County
28 October-Israel,Municipal elections 1st round
28 October-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Franklin
28-29 October-United Kingdom,Indirect House of Lords by-election for 1 seat
30 October-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Lebanon
31 October-1 November-Czech Republic,Senate by-election for 1 seat in Strakonice 1st round
1 November-Victoria (Australia),Local council by-elections in Greater Bendigo
1 November-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Gilt Edge and Oneida
2 November-Georgia,Parliament 1st stage -75 seats elected in single seat constituencies
2 November-Georgia,Referendum on reducing the size of the parliament from 235 deputies to 150
2 November-Bulgaria,Local council and municipal elections 2nd round
2 November-Italy,Radical Party: Internal leadership election
2 November-Quebec (Canada),Municipal elections
3 November-Prince Edward Island (Canada),Municipal elections
3 November-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Selmer
4 November-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in 5 councils
4 November-Idaho (USA),City council elections
4 November-Boston City (USA),City council elections
4 November-Dallas (USA),School Board elections
4 November-Houston (USA),Mayoral election 1st round
4 November-Kentucky (USA),Gubernatorial and general elections
4 November-Mississippi (USA),Gubernatorial and general elections
4 November-Virginia (USA),Legislative elections
4 November-Indiana (USA),Municipal and special elections
4 November-Pennsylvania (USA),Mayoral elections in Philadelphia 1st round and other towns
and special election in the district #27
4 November-Georgia (USA),Municipal elections
4 November-Georgia (USA),Special elections in the counties of Rabu, Towns, Union and a portion
of the White county 1st round
4 November-New Jersey (USA),General elections
4 November-Oregon (USA),Special district elections
4 November-Ohio (USA),General elections and referendums about job plans
4 November-Connecticut (USA),Municipal elections
4 November-Washington State (USA),State elections
4 November-Montana (USA),Municipal elections
4 November-Minnesota (USA),Municipal and School elections
4 November-North Carolina (USA),Municipal elections
4 November-Iowa (USA),City elections 1st round
4 November-San Francisco (California,USA),Mayoral election 1st round and
referendum on rising the city minimum wage to $8.50 an hour
4 November-California (USA),County elections in 43 counties
4 November-Michigan (USA),Special election in the 38th District
4 November-Maine (USA),Referendums about state bonds issue
4 November-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Municipal by-election in the town of Woody Point 
4 November-Israel,Runoff of the municipal elections in 10 municipalities
4 November-Kyrgyzstan,Municipal elections
5 November-Saskatchewan (Canada),Provincial elections and rural municipality elections
6 November-Falkland Islands (UK),Legislative council by-election for 1 seat in Camp
7 November-Mauritania,President
7-8 November-Czech Republic,Senate runoff by-election in Strakonice and 1st round in Brno
8 November-Canada,Regional Municipality council by-elections in Halifax
in the districts #2,#3 and #16
9 November-Japan,General election (lower house of the parliament)
9 November-Argentina,Congressional and gubernatorial elections in the province of Chubut
9 November-Puerto Rico (USA),USA Congressional primary elections
9 November-Guatemala,Presidential 1st round, parliamentary and municipal elections
9 November-Puebla State (Mexico),Gubernatorial election
9 November-Madagascar,Municipal elections
10 November-Ontario (Canada),Municipal elections
10 November-Nunavut (Canada),Plebiscites on Local Alcohol Regulations in
Baker Lake, Kugluktuk, Rankin Inlet and Resolute Bay
11 November-Aimeliik (Palau),State election
12-15 November-Canada,Canada,Liberal Party of Canada: Leadership convention
12 November-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Smyrna
13 November-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Memphis (2nd round), Pulaski and Hardmore
14-15 November-Czech Republic,Senate by-election for 1 seat in Brno 2nd round
15 November-Louisiana (USA),Gubernatorial election
16 November-Serbia (Serbia and Montenegro),Presidential election --not validated because the low turnout--
16 November-Catalonia (Spain),Regional assembly elections
16 November-Venice (Italy),Referendum on splitting Venice and Mestre
in two municipalities (4th attempt) -not validated because the low turnout-
16 November-Montreal (Canada),School Board elections
16 November-Salta (Argentina),Congressional and gubernatorial elections
16 November-Paraguay,Municipal by-election in Yasy Cany
16 November-Gagauzia (Moldova),Local government elections 1st round
17 November-Marshall Islands,Parliamentary and local government elections
17 November-Canada,Municipal by-election in the town of Black Diamond (AB)
18 November-Oklahoma (USA),Special primary election republican district #44
18 November-Mississippi (USA),Special runoff elections
19 November-Mozambique,Municipal elections
20 November-India,State assembly election in Mizoram
20 November-India,State assembly by-elections in the states of Bihar (67-Sithamari, 204-Fatwa
and 236-Barachatti) and Uttar Pradesh (132-Mahsi and 401-Harora)
22 November-Webb (Texas,USA),Referendum on limiting the expenses for building schools on  $142,000,000
21-23 November-Canada,British Columbia New Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
22 November-Canada,Municipal by-election in Berwick (Nova Scotia)
23 November-Croatia,Parliament
23 November-Hong Kong (China),District council elections
23 November-Argentina,Congressional elections in the provinces of Corrientes, Entre Rios,
San Luis and Tierra del Fuego
23 November-Entre Rios (Argentina),Gubernatorial election
23 November-Jamaica,JLP Party: Internal leadership election
24 November-Northwest Territories (Canada),General election
25 November-Georgia (USA),Special elections in the counties of Rabu, Towns, Union and a portion
of the White county 2nd round
26 November-Northern Ireland (UK),Assembly election
27 November-Grenada,Parliament
27 November-Gibraltar (UK),Assembly election
27 November-Vanuatu,Parliamentary by-election in the Efate island
29-30 November-Zimbabwe,Parliamentary by-election in Kadoma
30 November-Japan,Mayoral election in Osaka
30 November-Gagauzia (Moldova),Local government elections 2nd round
30 November-San Marino,Local elections
30 November-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Vilarandelo
1 December-India,State assembly elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh
and Delhi
1 December-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Municipal by-election in the town of Mount Perl 
2 December-Australia,Labor Party: Leadership election
2 December-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Clinton
2 December-Iowa (USA),City elections 2nd round
2 December-Ngeremlengui (Palau),State election
4 December-Peleliu (Palau),State election
6 December-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Ashland City, Pikeville and Centertown
6-7 December-Zimbabwe,ZANU-PF Party: Convention and Vice-president internal election
7 December-Russia,Duma elections
7 December-Russia,Mayoral elections in Moscow City, Yekaterinburg and Tyumen 1st round
7 December-Russia,Gubernatorial elections in Moscow, Tver, Yaroslavl,
Kirov, Orenburg, Tambov, Sakhalin, Novosibirsk and Vologda 1st round
7 December-Bashkortostan (Russia),Presidential election 1st round
7 December-Kabardino-Balkaria (Russia),Parliamentary election
7 December-Perm Oblast and Komi-Permyak Autonomous Okrug (Russia),
Referenda on merging the two regions
7 December-Uruguay,Referendum on opening the participation of foreign capital
in the state-run oil company Ancap
7 December-Saint Marteen (Netherlands Antilles,Netherlands),Referendum on
reforming the institutions
8 December-Northwest Territories (Canada),Municipal Elections for Hamlets and Settlements
9 December-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Humbolt 2nd round
9 December-San Francisco (California,USA),Mayoral runoff election
9 December-Houston (USA),Mayoral runoff election
9 December-Philadelphia (USA),Mayoral runoff election
9 December-Oklahoma (USA),Special election republican district #44
9 December-Melekeok (Palau),State election
9 December-Angola,MPLA Party: Internal leadership and presidential candidate election
10 December-Switzerland,Indirect Federal council and Presidential elections (by the Parliament)
10 December-Beijing Province (China),District and county elections
13 December-Tennessee (USA),City council elections in Ducktown and Tazewell
13 December-Canada,District of Sooke (BC): Plebiscite on a Sewer System
14 December-Northern Cyprus,Parliament
14 December-Andorra,Regional elections
14 December-Gagauz Yeri (Moldova),Local government elections 3rd round
16 December-Indiana (USA),Special election in Benton
16 December-Minnesota (USA),Special primary election for State House #18A
21 December-Guinea,President
21 December-Mauritius,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Piton-Riviere du Rempart #7
21 December-Bashkortostan (Russia),Presidential runoff election
21 December-Yekaterinburg (Russia),Mayoral runoff election
21 December-Russia,Gubernatorial runoff elections in Sakhalin, Tver, and Kirov oblasts
21 December-Mordova Republic (Russia),Parliament
24 December-Pitcairn Islands (UK),Island council election
28 December-Serbia,Parliament
28 December-Guatemala,President 2nd round and rerun of the municipal elections in 7 municipalities
28 December-Springdale (Arkansas,USA),Referendum on Sunday liquor sale
30 December-Minnesota (USA),Special election for the State House #18A
30 December-Wisconsin (USA),Primary election for the District #17
30 December-Algeria,Indirect election of the Council of Nation (Senate)