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Maximiliano Herrera's Human Rights Site
The Home Page
Electoral Democracies
It ranks all the independent countries in three categories: Electoral Democracy, Pseudo Democracy and Dictatorship according to their electoral system. It also includes a list of the countries without elections.
Freedom in the World
It ranks all the independent countries according to their political freedoms and civil rights.

It also includes the website Freedom in the Territories which shows the same ranking for the related territories and non-independent regions.

World Rank
It contains a list of all independent countries in the world ranked according to
their HDI (Human Development Index) or living standard.
It means incomes, political situation, health system, social situation,etc....

The site also includes a link to World Rank in the Territories which includes the same statistics of living standard in the related non-independent territories.

A World in Trouble
This site shows the perception of the risk of a coup or a new conflict for every independent country. This perception is ranked in: HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, VERY LOW and NONE.
New Countries
This site shows the possibilities of some territories becoming independent. The statistics includes the short term chances and the long term chances of achieving independence.

It also includes another list which shows the statistics of some independent countries to be annexed into another country in the future.

Military Power Index
The Military power index shows the influence of the military forces in the societies of the independent countries.


Adam Carr's Election Archive It contains a huge database with the results of the past world elections
IFES provides information and links about worldwide elections.
Parties and Elections in Europe This site contains several electoral links.
Electoral Services International (former Code Incorporated) delivers election and registration supplies worldwide and provides customized materials to support secure voting worldwide.
Electoral Management Systems provides consulting services to support Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) and good governance programs that enhance political processes to improve the electoral cycle.
Lantrade Global Supplies provides professional solutions for all aspects of the electoral process.
The International Observer also contains an electoral calendar and other political news.
Bank Holidays also includes an electoral calendar.
Elections En Europe includes electoral results and information in all European countries at national, regional and local levels. (in French)
ACE Electoral Knowledge Network provides authoritative information on elections, promotes sustained networking among reputable election professionals and offers capacity development services to electoral management institutions and electoral assistance providers.
Electoral Geography provides a map of elections worldwide.


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  • 12 February-Rodrigues Island (Mauritius),Regional assembly election
  • 9 April-South Ossetia (Georgia),President


8 January-Colombia,Mayoral election in Fresno (Tolima)
10 January-Georgia (USA),US House and Senate runoff elections


January-Tokelau (New Zealand),Island council and mayoral elections
15 January-Japan,Local elections 
15 January-Portugal,Municipal by-election in A.F. de Galveias
17 January-Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago),Local assembly election (Trinidad Express)
20 January-Lower Austria (Austria),Municipal elections in Waidhofen an der Ybbs
22 January-Japan,Local elections 
22 January-Tanzania,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Dimani constituency
22 January-France,Socialist Party: Presidential primary election 1st round
24 January-Somalia,President (by the Parliament) 
29 January-France,Socialist Party: Presidential primary election 2nd round
29 January-Japan,Local elections in Kitakyushu,Kameyama and Toda
29 January-Haiti,Presidential runoff election
31 January-Alabama (USA),State House special election in the district #67
1 February-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Free State ward #12 and in Western Cape wards #11 and #25
3 February-India,Indirect Legislative Council by-elections in the States of Uttar Pradesh,Karnataka and Maharashtra (elected by Council from Graduates and Teachers Constituencies)
4 February-India,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in 2-Amritsar constituency
4 February-Goa (India),Legislative assembly election
4 February-Punjab (India),Legislative assembly election
5 February-Liechtenstein,Parliament (L. Jacquemin 30/1/16)
5 February-Japan,Local elections
7 February-New Mexico (USA),County election in Bernalillo
11 February-Uttar Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly election 1st phase
12 February-Japan,Local elections
12 February-Rodrigues Island (Mauritius),Regional assembly election
12 February-Germany,President (by the Parliament)
12 February-Turkmenistan,President (Reuters 15/10/16)
14 February-Washington State (USA),Special election
14 February Minnesota (USA),Special election
14 February-Oklahoma (USA),City primary election in Oklahoma City
15 February-Indonesia,Gubernatorial elections in the provinces of
Jakarta,Aceh,Bangka Belitung,Baten,Gorontalo,West Sulawesi and West Papua
and municipal elections
15 February-Uttar Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly election 2nd phase
15 February-Uttarakhand (India),Legislative assembly election
19 February-Uttar Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly election 3rd phase
19 February-Ecuador,Presidential 1st round,parliamentary,gubernatorial and municipal elections
19 February-Canada,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Ottawa–Vanier
19 February-Japan,Local elections
21 February-Marshall Islands,Constitutional Convention Representatives elections
21 February-Wisconsin (USA),Municipal and judicial primary elections
23 February-Uttar Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly election 4th phase
26 February-Japan,Local elections
27 February-Uttar Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly election 5h phase
28 February-Illinois (USA),Municipal primary elections
March-Macedonia,Local elections
March-Barbuda (Antigua and Barbuda),Local council elections
1 March-South Africa,Municipal by-elections in Eastern Cape ward #16 and in Free State ward #39
4 March-Niue (New Zealand),Parliament (Niue Electoral Commission 15/10/16)
4 March-Uttar Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly election 6th phase
4 March-Manipur (India),Legislative assembly election 1st phase
6 March-Connecticut (USA),Municipal primary elections
7 March-Alabama (USA),Municipal election in Tuscaloosa
7 March-Missouri (USA),Municipal primary elections
7 March-Los Angeles (California,USA),City primary election
7 March-Micronesia,Parliament (Micronesia Electoral Commission 8/11/16)
7 March-Chuuk (Micronesia),Gubernatorial election
8 March-Manipur (India),Legislative assembly election 2nd phase
8 March-Uttar Pradesh (India),Legislative assembly election 7th phase
11 March-Western Australia (Australia),State elections
12 March-Peru,Municipal elections
12 March-Abkhazia (Georgia),Parliamentary elections and local elections in Gali district (RFE/RL 16/12/16)
14 March-Idaho (USA),Special election
15 March-Netherlands,Parliament
18 March-Alberta (Canada),Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta: Internal leadership election
21 March-Georgia (USA),Special elections 
25 March-Louisiana (USA),Municipal primary election
26 March-Hong Kong (China),Chief Executive election
26 March-Saarland (Germany),State legislative election
26 March-Tunisia,Municipal and regional elections 
27 March-Somaliland,Presidential,Parliamentary,Senate and municipal elections 
April-Timor Leste,President 
April-Bangladesh,President (by the Parliament)
April-Malta,Local council elections
April-Sri Lanka,Local government elections
April-Cote d'Ivoire,Regional and municipal elections
April-Iraq,Provincial elections
April-Turkey,Referendum on introducing the presidential system
April-Alberta (Canada),Liberal Party of Alberta: Internal leadership election
1 April-Myanmar,Parliamentary by-elections for 2 seats in Kyethi and Mong Hsu (Shan State)
1 April-San Marino,Indirect election of two Capitani Reggenti (Heads of the State)
2 April-Armenia,Parliament (L. Jacquemin 16/12/16)
2 April-Ecuador,Presidential runoff election
4 April-Illinois (USA),Municipal elections
4 April-Missouri (USA),Municipal elections
4 April-Wisconsin (USA),Municipal and judicial elections
4 April-Alaska (USA),City election in Anchorage
4 April-Colorado (USA),City elections in Colorado Springs
4 April-Nevada (USA),City primary elections in Henderson,Las Vegas and North Las Vegas
4 April-Nebraska (USA),City primary elections in Lincoln and Omaha
4 April-Oklahoma (USA),City election in Oklahoma City
6 April-Gambia,Parliament
9 April-Serbia,President (L. Jacquemin 17/12/16)
9 April-Finland,Municipal elections
9 April-South Ossetia (Georgia),President (Osinform.org)
18 April-Georgia (USA),Special elections
23 April-France,President 1st round (L. Jacquemin 30/3/16)
25 April-Washington State (USA),Special election
29 April-Louisiana (USA),Municipal elections
May-Algeria,Parliamentary and local elections
May-Italy,Municipal elections
2 May-Graz (Austria),Municipal and district council elections
2 May-Mississippi (USA),Municipal primary elections 1st round
2 May-Nebraska (USA),City election in Lincoln
2 May-Ohio (USA),City primary elections
4 May-United Kingdom,Local council elections in England,Wales and Scotland and English Regional Mayors elections
6 May-Tasmania (Australia),Legislative council elections in the divisions of Launceston, Murchison and Rumney
6 May-Texas (USA),Local elections
7 May-France,President 2nd round (L. Jacquemin 30/3/16)
7 May-Schleswig-Holstein (Germany),State legislative election
9 May-British Columbia (Canada),Provincial election
9 May-Nebraska (USA),City election in Omaha
14 May-North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany),State legislative election
14 May-Yerevan (Armenia),Municipal elections
16 May-Mississippi (USA),Municipal primary runoff elections
16 May-Idaho (USA),Special election
16 May-Los Angeles (California,USA),City election
19 May-Iran,Presidential and local elections (L. Jacquemin 27/7/16)
19 May-Croatia,Local elections
24 May-Cayman Islands (UK),Parliament (Cayman Island Government)
27 May-Canada,Conservative Party: Internal leadership election
June-Albania,President (by the Parliament)
June-Timor Leste,Parliament
June-Venezuela,Gubernatorial and regional council elections 
3 June-Latvia,Local elections
4 June-Coahuila and Nayarit States (Mexico),Gubernatorial,local deputees and municipal elections
4 June-Mexico State (Mexico),Gubernatorial election
4 June-Veracruz State (Mexico),Municipal elections
4 June-Cambodia,Local elections
6 June-New Jersey (USA),Gubernatorial,General assembly and Senate primary elections
6 June-Mississippi (USA),Municipal elections
6 June-California (USA),City election in Riverside
11 June-France,Parliament 1st round (L. Jacquemin 4/5/16)
13 June-Virginia (USA),Gubernatorial and House of Delegates primary elections
13 June-Nevada (USA),City elections in Henderson,Las Vegas and North Las Vegas
18 June-France,Parliament 2nd round (L. Jacquemin 4/5/16)
18 June-Albania,Parliament (Sot News 8/11/16)
24 June to 8 July-Papua New Guinea,Parliament (L. Jacquemin 9/2/16)
July-Sierra Leone,President and Parliament
July-Saint Helena (UK),Parliament
July-India,President (by the Parliament)
July-Samoa,President (by the Parliament)
July-Nagorno Karabakh (Azerbaijan),President
2 July-Senegal,Parliament (L. Jacquemin 2/2/16)
9 July-South Sudan,President,Parliament and Senate elections and gubernatorial and Local assembly elections in the 10 States
18 July-Georgia (USA),Special elections
22 July-Tokyo (Japan),Prefectural Assembly elections
27 July-Kuwait,Local elections
29 July-Gabon,Parliament 
August-Angola,Parliamentary and local elections
August-Angola,President (by the Parliament)
August-India,Indirect Vice-presidential election (by the Parliament and Senate)
August-Kazakhstan,Indirect election of half of the Senate 
August-Jordan,Municipal elections
1 August-Washington State (USA),City primary elections
1 August-Alabama (USA),Municipal election in Dothan
1 August-Kansas (USA),Municipal primary election in Wichita
4 August-Rwanda,President (L. Jacquemin 14/12/16)
8 August-Kenya,President,Parliament,Senate and local elections
8 August-Michigan (USA),Municipal primary elections
8 August-Minnesota (USA),Municipal primary elections
8 August-Missouri (USA),Municipal primary elections
9 August-Argentina,Parliamentary primary elections
22 August-Alabama (USA),Municipal elections in Birmingham 1st round
29 August-Idaho (USA),Special election
29 August-Arizona (USA),City election in Phoenix 1st round and city primary election in Tucson
29 August-Florida (USA),City primary election in St Petersburg
September-Aruba (Netherlands),Parliament
September-Kurdistan (Iraq),Local assembly election
September-Portugal,Municipal elections 
September-Catalunya (Spain),Referendum on the independence
10 September-Russia,Parliamentary (Duma) by-election for 1 seat in Leningrad #112,Gubernatorial elections in Kaliningrad,Yaroslav,Kirov,Tomsk,Perm,Mordovia,Sverdlovsk,Belgorod,Novgorod,Ryazan and Saratov,
Presidential elections in the Republics of Karelia,Buryatia,Local parliamentary elections in Adygea Republic, Sevastopol,North Ossetia,Udmurt,Krasnodar,Penza,Saratov and Sakhalin and Local elections
11 September-Norway,Parliament
12 September-Ohio (USA),City primary election in Toledo
17 September-Macao (China),Legislative council election
24 September-France,Indirect Senate elections for 1/3 of the members
26 September-Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada),Municipal elections
October-Burgerland (Austria),Mayoral and municipal elections
October-Lower Austria (Austria),Municipal elections in Krems
October-Sicily (Italy),Regional elections
October-Cuba,Municipal elections
October-Congo Brazzaville,Indirect election of 1/2 of the Senate
October-Anambra (Nigeria),Gubernatorial election
October-Christmas Island (Australia),Parliament
October-Cocos Islands (Australia),Island council election
1 October-San Marino,Indirect election of two Capitani Reggenti (Heads of the State)
from 1 to 29 October-Canada,New Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
3 October-New Mexico (USA),City election in Albuquerque
3 October-Alabama (USA),Municipal elections in Birmingham 2nd round
8 October-Luxembourg,Municipal elections
10 October-Liberia,President and Parliament
10 October-Iowa (USA),City primary elections
10 October-North Carolina (USA),City election in Raleigh 1st round
14 October-Louisiana (USA),Municipal primary elections in Orleans Municipal Parochial and judicial primary elections
15 October-Estonia,Municipal elections (Estonia Electoral Commission 8/11/16)
16 October-Alberta (Canada),Municipal elections
17 October-Georgia (USA),Special elections
20-21 October-Czech Republic,Parliament (Czech Republic Electoral Commission)
29 October-Argentina,Parliamentary (half) and Senate (one third) elections
November-Slovakia,Regional elections
November-Falkland Islands (UK),Parliament
5 November-Quebec (Canada),Municipal elections
7 November-United States,Widespread Mayoral elections including New York City,Los  Angeles,Atlanta,Boston,Buffalo,Minneapolis,San Bernardino,Seattle and Charlotte,
Judicial elections in New York,Mississippi,Pennsylvania and Washington
7 November-Virginia (USA),Gubernatorial and House of Delegates elections
7 November-New Jersey (USA),Gubernatorial,General assembly and Senate elections
7 November-Arizona (USA),City runoff election in Phoenix ans city election in Tucson
7 November-North Carolina (USA),City election in Raleigh 2nd round
7 November-Northern Marianas (USA),Gubernatorial and Parliamentary elections
10 November-Palau,State elections in Ngaraard and Ngchesar States
11 November-Palau,State election in Koror State
18 November-Louisiana (USA),Municipal elections in Orleans Municipal Parochial and Judicial elections
19 November-Chile,President,Parliament and Senate elections (L. Jacquemin 30/1/16)
21 November-Florida (USA),City election in Hialeah and city runoff of the 7/11 elections in Miami 
21 November-Denmark,Regional elections
26 November-Honduras,Presidential,Parliamentary and local elections (L. Jacquemin 30/1/16)
December-Switzerland,Indirect Presidential election (by the Parliament)
December-Pitcairn Island (UK),Deputy Mayor and Island Council elections
December-Venezuela,Municipal elections
December-Bermuda (UK),Assembly election
4 December-Nunavut (Canada),Hamlet elections
5 December-Florida (USA),City runoff of the 7/11 election in Orlando
5 December-Iowa (USA),City runoff elections
5 December-Georgia (USA),General and special elections
7 December-Idaho (USA),City runoff of the 7/11 election in Boise
20 December-South Korea,President

????-United Kingdom,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Copeland
????-Spain,PSOE (Socialist)Party:Internal leadership election
????-Sprska Republic (Bosnia and Herzegovina),Referendum on the authority of state and international institutions
????-South Ossetia (Georgia),Referendum on becoming part of Russia
????-Guinea,Municipal elections
????-Guinea Bissau,Local elections
????-Niger,Local elections
????-Lesotho,Local government elections
????-Congo Kinshasa,Gubernatorial elections
????-Congo Kinshasa,Indirect Senate elections (by the Provincial Assemblies)
????-Mauritania,Indirect election of 1/3 of Senate (elected by municipal councillors)
????-Ghana,Referendums on the abolition of the death penalty,on the declaration of war by the President and
on the swearing-in of the President before parliament by the chief Justice
????-Chad,Parliamentary and regional elections
????-Togo,Municipal elections
????-Sierra Leone,Referendum on the abortion law
????-Puntland (Somalia),Local council elections 
????-Galmudug (Somalia),President (by the Parliament)
????-Palestine,Municipal elections
????-Egypt,Local council and municipal elections
????-India,State assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh
????-Kurdistan (Iraq),Referendum on the independence
????-Kirkuk (Iraq),Referendum on whether the Kurdish regions within Iraqi governorates
of Diyala, Kirkuk and Ninawa will become part of the Iraqi Kurdistan region
????-Kurdistan (Iraq),President
????-Afghanistan,Parliamentary and district council elections
????-Bangkok (Thailand),Gubernatorial election
????-Vanuatu,Referendum on Constitutional amendments
????-Fiji,Municipal elections
????-Chuuk (Micronesia),Referendum on the independence
????-Guam (USA),Referendum on self-determination
????-Canada,Parliamentary by-election for 1 seat in Calgary-Heritage
????-Ontario (Canada),Provincial by-election in York West 
????-Quebec (Canada),Bloc Quebecois: Internal leadership election
????-Manitoba (Canada),New Democratic Party: Internal leadership election
????-Venezuela,Parliamentary by-elections for 4 seats in the Amazonas State
????-Venezuela,Presidential recall referendum


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