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January-Guinea Bissau,Parliamentary and local elections
5 January-Sri Lanka,Parliament
6 January-Hong Kong (China),Rural representative elections in 6 districts
8 January-Georgia (USA),General runoff election 2nd stage
8 January-Puntland (Somalia),President
13 January-Niger,Local elections
13 January-Hong Kong (China),Rural representative elections in 8 districts
15 January-Virginia (USA),Local election in Pulasky county
20 January-Portugal,Municipal by-election in Talhadas
20 January-Basilicata (Italy),Regional elections
20 January-Hong Kong (China),Rural representative elections in Kaifong
27 January-Bolivia,Presidential primary elections
30 January-South Africa,Municipal by-election in the Free State ward #47 
February-Solomon Islands,Parliament
3 February-El Salvador,President 1st round 
5 February-Virginia (USA),City election in Lovettsville
10 February-Abruzzo (Italy),Regional elections
16 February-Nigeria,President,Parliament and Senate elections
16 February-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Yamanashi
17 February-Sardinia (Italy),Regional elections
24 February-Thailand,Parliament 
24 February-Senegal,President 
24 February-Moldova,Parliament 
24 February-Cuba,Referendum on the new Constitution 
26 February-Chicago (Illinois,USA),Mayoral election 1st round
March-North Korea,Parliament
March-Tristan da Cunha (Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha,UK),Island council election
March-Mali,Referendum on the creation of a Senate
2 March-Nigeria,Gubernatorial and State assembly elections
3 March-Estonia,Parliament 
3 March-Nicaragua,Regional election in the Costa Atlantica Region
5 March-Micronesia,Parliament
5 March-Chuuk (Micronesia),State election and Referendum on the independence
5 March-Kosrae (Micronesia),State election
5 March-Tampa (Florida),Mayoral and city council elections
10 March-El Salvador,Presidential runoff election
10 March-Salzburg (Austria),Municipal elections
12 March-Phoenix (Arizona,USA),Mayoral runoff election
15 March-Slovakia,President 1st round
19 March-Jacksonville (Florida,USA),Mayoral primary elections
20 March-Madagascar,Parliament
20 March-Netherlands,Provincial elections and Island Council elections
23 March-New South Wales (Australia),State elections
24 March-Burkina Faso,Referendum on adopting a semipresidential system
24 March-Ecuador,Municipal elections
27 March-Somaliland,Parliamentary,Senate and municipal elections
29 March-Slovakia,President 2nd round
31 March-Ukraine,President
31 March-Turkey,Local elections
April-Guinea Bissau,President 
April-Malta,President (by the Parliament)
April-India,State legislative elections in the States of Telangana,Odisha and Andhra Pradesh
April-Malaysia,UMNO Party: Internal leadership election
1 April-San Marino,Elections of two Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of State)
2 April-Chicago (Illinois,USA),Mayoral election 2nd round
2 April-Colorado Springs (Colorado,USA),Mayoral election
2 April-Las Vegas (Nevada,USA),Mayoral primary elections
2 April-Kansas City (Missouri,USA),Mayoral primary elections
6 April-Taiwan,Referendum on the independence
7 April-Andorra,Parliament
8 April-India,Parliament
10 April-Belize,Referendum on submitting territorial, insular and maritime dispute with Guatemala to the International Court of Justice 
12 April-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Tottori
14 April-Finland,Parliament
17 April-Indonesia,President and Parliament
20 April-Afghanistan,President
20 April-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Mie
22 April-Japan,Gubernatorial elections in Fukuoka,Hokkaido,Fukui and Kanagawa
27 April-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Oita
29 April-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Shimane
May-South Africa,Parliament
May-South Africa,President (by the Parliament)
May-Chad,Parliamentary and regional elections
May-Micronesia,President (by the Parliament)
May-Alberta (Canada),Provincial elections
May-Bermuda (UK),Municipal elections 
1 May-Nashville (Tennessee,USA),Mayoral primary elections
2 May-United Kingdom,Local elections
2 May-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Nara
4 May-San Antonio (Texas,USA),Mayoral election
5 May-Panama,Presidential,Parliamentary and municipal elections
7 May-Indianapolis (Indiana,USA),Mayoral primary elections
12 May-Lithuania,President 
13 May-Philippines,Parliamentary,Senate and local elections
14 May-Jacksonville (Florida,USA),Mayoral election
17 May-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Tokushima
18 May-Australia,Half of the Senate election
19 May-Switzerland,Referendum on the Federal Act on Tax Reform and AHV Financing
21 May-Malawi,President and Parliament 
21 May-Kentucky (USA),Gubernatorial primary elections
21 May-Philadelphia (Pennsylvania),Mayoral primary elections
23-26 May-European Union,Parliament
24 May-Ireland,Local elections and Referendums on divorce,on reducing the voting age and on extending voting rights 
25 May-Malta,Local council elections
26 May-Belgium,Parliamentary and regional elections
26 May-Germany,Local council elections in the States of Bremen,Baden Wuttenberg,Brandenburg,Hamburg,Meckelnburg-Vorpommern,
Rheinland-Pfalz,Saarland,Saxony,Saxony-Anhalt and Turingia
26 May-Bremen (Germany),State elections
26 May-Spain,Regional elections
26 May-Greece,Local elections
26 May-Italy,Local elections and Regional elections in Emilia Romagna,Calabria and Piadmont
27 May-Netherlands,Senate
June-UNITED NATION,Security Council election
June-Latvia,President (by the Parliament)
June-Albania,Local elections
June-Moldova,Local elections
June-Tonga,Local elections
2 June-Mexico,Municipal elections in the States of Aguacalientes,Durango and Baja California,Gubernatorial election in Baja California and
local deputees elections in Baja California,Quintana Roo and Tamaulipas
4 June-Las Vegas (Nevada),Mayoral election
15 June-Bougainville (Papua New Guinea),Referendum on the independence
16 June-Guatemala,Presidential 1st round,Parliamentary and municipal elections
25 June-Kansas City (Missouri,USA),Mayoral election
28 June-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Aomori
30 June-Uruguay,Presidential primary elections
July-Nauru,President (by the Parliament)
July-Japan,Election of the half of the Senate
27 July-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Gunma
August-Abkhazia (Georgia),President
August-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Saitama
1 August-Nashville (Tennessee,USA),Mayoral election
6 August-Mississippi (USA),Gubernatorial,State House and State Senate primary elections
18 August-Guatemala,Presidential runoff election
25 August-Argentina,Presidential and Parliamentary primary elections
27 August-Knoxville (Tennessee,USA),Mayoral primary elections
30 August-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Saitama
September-Montserrat (UK),Parliament
September-Faroe Islands (Denmark),Parliamentary election and Referendum on self-determination
September-Kazakhstan,Local elections
September-Ascension Island (Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha,UK),Island council elections
September-Maharashtra (India),Legislative assembly election
September-Vorarlberg (Austria),State elections
1 September-Germany,State elections in Saxony and Brandenburg
8 September-Russia,Parliamentary by-elections in Novgorod #134 and in Khabarovsk #70,Gubernatorial elections in 16 regions,Indirect Gubernatorial elections in
Crimea and Kabardino Balkaria (by the local parliaments),Local parliamentary elections in 13 regions,municipal elections in 21 regions and indirect municipal elections in Chelyabinsk
9 September-Norway,Local elections
10 September-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Iwate
19 September-Arlington (Tennessee,USA),Mayoral election
22 September-Congo Kinshasa,Gubernatorial elections
October-Bolivia,President and Parliament
October-Cameroon,Parliamentary and local elections 
October-United Arab Emirates,Parliament
October-Botswana,President and Parliament
October-Ethiopia,President (by the Parliament)
October-Hungary,Municipal elections
October-Ukraine,Municipal elections
October-Madeira (Portugal),Legislative assembly election
October-Aland (Finland),Parliamentary and municipal elections 
1 October-San Marino,Elections of two Capitani Reggenti (Chiefs of State)
3 October-Memphis (Tennessee,USA),Mayoral election
6 October-Portugal,Parliamentary and municipal elections
12 October-Louisiana (USA),Gubernatorial,State House and State Senate primary elections
12 October-New Zealand,Local elections
13 October-Greece,Parliament
15 October-Mozambique,President and Parliament
20 October-Switzerland,Parliament
20 October-Christmas Island (Australia),Parliament
20 October-Cocos Islands (Australia),Island council election
21 October-Canada,Parliament
27 October-Argentina,President,Vice President,Parliament,Senate,Gubernatorial and local deputees elections
27 October-Uruguay,President 1st round and Parliament
27 October-Ukraine,Parliament
27 October-Thuringia (Germany),State elections
27 October-Colombia,Gubernatorial and municipal elections
November-Marshall Islands,Parliament
November-Namibia,President and Parliament
November-Tunisia,President and Parliament
November-Gibraltar (UK),Parliament
November-Pohnpei (Micronesia),Gubernatorial election
November-Hong Kong (China),District council elections
November-Mali,Regional and municipal elections
3 November-Romania,President
5 November-United States,Gubernatorial elections in Kentucky and Mississippi,State House elections in Mississippi,Virginia and New Jersey
and State Senate electios in Mississippi and Virginia
and widespread mayoral elections including Columbus,Denver,Houston,Philadelphia,Indianapolis,Knoxville and San Francisco
7 November-Falkland Islands (UK),Referendum on the electoral system
16 November-Louisiana (USA),Gubernatorial,State House and State Senate runoff elections
26 November-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Osaka
30 November-Uruguay,Presidential runoff election
December-Mauritius,President and Parliament
December-Pitcairn Island (UK),Deputy Mayor and Island Council elections
December-Switzerland,President (by the Parliament)
December-Andorra,Municipal elections
December-Azerbaijan,Municipal elections
1 December-Senegal,Municipal elections
6 December-Japan,Gubernatorial election in Kochi

????-Sprska Republic (Bosnia and Herzegovina),Referendum on the independence
????-Blue Nile,Abyei and Nuba Mountains (Sudan),Referendum on joining South Sudan
????-Libya,President and Parliament
????-Libya,Referendum on the Constitution
????-Libya,Local elections
????-Egypt,Local council and municipal elections
????-Puntland (Somalia),Local council elections
????-Ghana,Referendums on the abolition of the death penalty,on the declaration of war by the President and
on the swearing-in of the President before parliament by the chief Justice
????-Congo Kinshasa,Indirect Senate elections (by the Provincial Assemblies)
????-Madagascar,Provincial and regional elections
????-South Ossetia (Georgia),Referendum on becoming part of Russia
????-Syria,Regional assembly elections in Northern Syria (not recognized by the Central government)
????-Palestine,President and Parliament
????-Kirkuk (Iraq),Referendum on whether the Kurdish regions within Iraqi governorates
of Diyala, Kirkuk and Ninawa will become part of the Iraqi Kurdistan region
????-Yemen,Referendum on the new Constitution
????-Yemen,President and Parliament
????-Bangkok (Thailand),Gubernatorial election
????-Canada,Parliamentary by-elections in Outremont,Burnaby South,York Simcoe,Nanaimo-Ladysmith and Saint-Léonard—Saint-Michel