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-Institutions and organizations

Amnesty International is a very important reference about human rights.

Human Rights Watch also contains a lot of useful documents and human rights reports.

Freedomhouse has very complete reports about human rights, as well as political, religious, labor and press freedoms.

CIA World Factbook An annual report made by the CIA in which you can find every kind of general information about all the countries.

US Human Rights Report

UNITED NATIONS  official website

NATO official website

IMF International Monetary Fund site contains several economic statistics and indicators. Note:the presence of this link is just for statistics purpose and doesn't imply at all any bias or preference towards this institution.

WORLD BANK official website

FAO Site also contains economic and social data and statistics.

UNICEF official website

Moody's offers economical rates and stats.

OSCE official website

World Trade Organization

International Labour Organization

International Committee of the Red Cross

CARITAS official website

Transparency International offers statistics about corruption in the world.

Pax Christi

Heritage offers statistics about economic freedoms.

The Fraser Institute also offers statistics about economic freedoms.

Care International

Reporters without borders contains statistics about freedom of information around the world

Medecins sans frontieres is an independent and neutral organization which helps people during famines and conflicts around the world.

The ONE campaign is focused on fighting AIDS and extreme poverty around the world.

The Hunger Site

Walk Free Foundation offers the new Global Slavery Index

The Hunger Site

The University of Minnesota Human Rights Library is the largest online collection of International Treaties, Human Rights Documents, Bibliographies, links, and other human rights resources.

The Changemakers is a site of articles on social change enterprises around the world with a complete Library collection of human rights materials

Ashoka works in support of individuals around the world engaged in social change and human rights activity.

World Organization Against Torture

Oxfam is a confederation of 17 like-minded organizations working together to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice.

Rulers is an outstanding encyclopedia which includes the rulers of all the countries in their history.

Meretz works to support full and genuine peace between the State of Israel and its neighbors in the Middle East.

Free Middle East is also another website which promotes peace and democracy in the Middle East

Startlocal contains a list of lots political organizations all over Australia

Open Colleges promotes and contains statistics about gender equality

-The press agencies provide real-time news from everywhere in the world. The most important are:






RFE/RL Newsline

Itar Tass


Radio Deutsche Welle

Radio Netherlands

Radio Australia

Xinhua Net

Channel Africa

Pan African News Agency

-Some sites also provide personalized info:






-Online magazines are great sources of political and economic news:



Business Week

The Economist

-Some useful fonts of information in Spanish are:

Firmas Press: the most interesting issues in Spanish written by the journalist Carlos Alberto Montaner

Politica21: An international and spanish political page on the WEB

Tiempos del Mundo: the best source of latin american info and news

Latin American Newsletters

Democracia Participativa

-The main newspapers of every country have their sites, most of them with an english version:

Le Monde

The London Times

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

La Repubblica

El Pais

The San Petersburg Times

The Turkish Daily News

The New York Times

The Miami Herald

The Washington Post

The Los Angeles Times

The Toronto Star

El Universal

Buenos Aires Herald

The Santiago Times

Jornal do Brasil

The Jerusalem Post

Middle East Times

The Bangkok Post

The Times of India

The Korea Herald

The Japan Times

The Straits Times

The Malaysian Star

The Philippine Star

The Australian

More online newspapers can be found at Online Newspapers

More US newspapers can be found at Online Daily News Source

The best source for College Newspapers at Journalism Degrees and Programs


-Other Maximiliano Herrera's pages:

The Personal Home Page: Some of the editor's personal data and photos.

Extreme Temperatures Around the World: It is the most completed database on the WEB, containing the extreme temperatures for dozens of localities around the world.