Karl Rove, Netanyahu and Islamic Uprisings


                                                                                                                               By John Jones


The hate machine, lie machine, and the money machine are all on full blast with intent to kill any chance progressives and liberals have standing—especially President Obama and some Senators.


But why is Netanyahu demanding war with Iran ‘now’ as arguing there is no reason to wait—yet he has ‘never’ proven his allegations (nor should we trust information coming from their camp)?


And how convenient this mysterious Anti-Muslim video shows up in the right hot spots to set off protests across the Arab world, as if an October Surprise, to create the likeness of frustration with Jimmy Carter and lingering American hostages in Iran, whilst Ronald Reagan won the presidency (as the hostages were released the very next day after he became President in secret agreement)?

Despite how vehemently Republicans deny it—many of the current problems of this country are due more to Bush’s White House years (especially economic ones—but hardly all).  Their case, that is since bungling Bush, is that a President, as a supposed omnipotent leader, can magically change almost any set of circumstances, and is thus completely, or substantially, responsible for his or her own fate (read what media pundits and spin doctors choose to see as his fate).  Just pull up those bootstraps boy.


Nevertheless the economy has taken a very long time in its making.  Even most Americans, if given adequate sound bite explanations, can understand magical thinking and simplistic rhetoric is politics over substance.  (And where were there constructive efforts by Obama’s opponents?)


The Republican strategy has been to deny, ignore, deceive, and attack.


Still everyone ought to know by now both major parties (top down) are corrupt.  Both parties have allowed a Police State to continue to grow its tentacles while siphoning tax dollars to feed their new surveillance industry.


But what is also becoming known, since there is now no other viable alternative candidate in Ron Paul, is that the Romney/ Ryan team will likely be a huge disaster in the making for a majority of Americans.  So despite the fact that President Obama doesn’t exactly deserve to be President any longer (with so many compromises from his promises), at this point, We The People of United States, need to protect ourselves from worse calamity and calumny with Karl Rove and his shadow group (to actually think it could get worst).


So despite what well seems like another stolen election in the making, such as with disenfranchising voters with new State laws, alienated, apathetic, disappointed, disheartened, angry, resentful, confused, Americans, and all independent minds must get out and vote in huge numbers this election—because this election still deeply matters.  So before people get any ideas about rioting after a stolen election, and despite what a letdown the American Empire as a whole has become, people need to get out and vote—especially the young and the embittered.


Romney knows Obama’s voters are disappointed with him and will play this card to the max.  But the only choice we Americans currently have is bad or terrible (which is enough for many people to give up on the fixed system and think there will be no difference).


Many, many Americans resent not having any real choice for something truly new.  And they are angry across the divide.  Many Republicans are highly angry as well (at least the smarter ones).  They know Romney did not truly win the nomination—State counts and procedures were manipulated.  They well realize he was foisted on their party by a sophisticated propaganda machine including mainstream media, and people like Karl Rove and billionaire donors like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers.


Plenty of mainstream Republicans loved Ron Paul, and know full well he was illegally deprived of real market share and likely he would have been the real nominee had it actually been a fair process (but was too much threat to their criminal and ideological status quo).


It was Karl Rove who decided Mitt Romney was the most electible of the candidates running that his ilk considered acceptable (which wasn’t saying much).  But this is exactly the point.  Americans need to be reminded, again and again, in loud and bold terms, about Karl Rove’s last protégé.  Both Karl Rove and George Bush’s names should haunt these debates as deservingly the nightmare apparitions they are.  Rove has a knack for choosing people who don’t understand moral ethics, despite rhetoric to the contrary and more importantly portend enormous catastrophe.


But then here is part of the problem—both Democrats and Republicans have not been able to indict their own kind, as part of the Neo-Con-Artist, post-9/11 illegal wars, imperialist, doubling of Pentagon/Police State budget, spy on Americans, corporate crime racket, Torture Inc., etc., that controls too much of Washington D.C. to this very day.  With both parties, the American people don’t really have a government; per se, but instead have what seems more like organized crime (that now includes all fascist possibilities).  


Are we to go back to the stuff of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Scooter Libby, etc.?  9/11 happened on their watch—that is when Dick was at control center in the basement of the White House, supposedly employing “stand-down” status instead of allowing Air force fighters to shoot down a supposed plane heading toward the Pentagon; that is while another Rove choice as half-to-empty suit, named George Bush, was reading a children’s book upside down at a school house in Florida (and get this his mother was a librarian).


Yes sir if you haven’t listened to the cameo of Michael Ledeen in one of those 9/11 truth movement videos (I think Loose Change) describe how Bush didn’t really know why he was elected and then after 9/11 he found out (with Ledeen’s conceit of a insider snicker), then you owe it to yourself to learn about Michael Ledeen, his ideological group and his doctrine. The question soon might be “What will a naïve Romney not know to later find out?”


“Karl Rove Is Back With HIS New Choice*!*” ought be the clarion call for today’s Paul Reveres.


“Karl Rove Is Back With HIS New Choice*!*” should strike terrorism in the heart of any truth-seeking American.


And yet what should equally scare people is how many Americans are won over with blind ideology, romantic schmaltz fests, and a reprehensible level of media control and biased coverage.  The whole reality show, that is the whole Allegory of the Cave by Plato, in which shadows are projected onto a cave wall from a fire to those chained to rocks inside and see them as pretense reality, is really about re-electing Karl Rove (a man who should be in a straight jacket taking medications or in a prison cell reading comic books).


Meanwhile red-blooded Republicans were sensing they were dealing with a lightweight until the Democratic Convention speeches proved to be a game changer.  But Mitt Romney, in the fashion of a reactionary cleric, uses current uprisings and protests in the Middle East to suggests the obviously right thing to do is have America spend ‘more’ on the Military (not considered the problem has already been one of using our military to too much fight Israel’s enemies, as Zionist-centric foreign policy, and thus further alienating The Many in the Middle East).


One week after 9/11 Netanyahu was in Washington explaining to “our” Congress who were America’s attackers (that turned out to be a long list of Israeli enemies); and every since we have been fighting Netanyahu’s enemies (who naturally are all terrorist if they are his enemies)?


Apparently 9/11 was supposed to transform the Middle East.  (See PNAC or Project for a New American Century.)  And so somehow supposedly we ‘owe’ Israel another war against Iran, just like we illegally went to war in Iraq for Israel.   (See “I don’t mean to say I told you so, but…” by Stephen M. Walt in Foreign Policy Magazine posted February 8, 2010 at ForeignPolicy.com where he explains that both George Bush and Tony Blair admitted the illegal Iraq War were really for Israel.) 


But what we, the American people, do not deserve right now is anything Karl Rove, and his donors and allies, are trying to breath life into.  Flatly he is bad news.


And it is not just Rove, it is a huge war chest and many forms of smear campaign, with plenty a diverse motive.  If Obama wins a second term it will seem a miracle (given how nasty and resourceful his gaming opponent are—including their capacity to steal elections and rig electronic vote counting—something else neither the Democratic Party nor progressives bothered to press much for investigation or change).


Yet suddenly the voting machine issue reappears in Craig Unger’s new book Boss Rove: Inside Rove’s Secret Kingdom of Power and controversies such as Michael Connell mysteriously dying in an airplane crash, similar to Senator Paul Wellstone’s mysterious story—so well timed before the passage of the Patriot Act.  (You can see an interview about Boss Rove at DemocracyNow.Org August 31st show about 25 minutes into video).  Why didn’t progressives challenge how votes can be secretly processed “only” by private corporate employee access—that is since the stolen election in 2004?


Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky were right: you can’t trust the powers at be to substantially change anything (including faux progressives as think tanks and left-leaning printing presses).  They won’t upset the apple cart funding their coffers.


 Occupy!  Occupy the voting machines.


And what are the so-called Romney designated “American values” Obama supposedly apologized for after our Ambassador to Algeria was killed?  If you get on the Internet and do your own fact checking you can see this was misrepresentation of the President (but perhaps lies and distortion don’t mean anything to professional politicians). 


Much of the Arab and Muslim world hates American foreign policy with good reason—going back to our CIA deposing a democratically elected leader Mossadegh in Iran in 1953 and replacing him with a cruel Shah dictator and a trained SAVAK Police State.  Mitt Romney, and his team, is playing American ignorance (and probably his own).


If modern day Muslim and Arab countries wrote a Declaration of Independence against the United States and Israel it would include a long list of violations and usurpations similar to what our Founding Fathers wrote in their Declaration against colonizing England.  (By the way, despite films like Obama’ America 2016 by ideologically conservative, right-wing, misfit, commentators like Dinesh D’Souza (who himself is a foreigner from English colonized India), it was in season to be anti-colonialist back when this country was founded!)  But then most Americans are again ignorant to the level of oppressive violence Europeans inflicted to Native Americans, African Slaves, Central Americans and South Americans, just like they are equally ignorant to the level of current imperialism being inflicted today—such as murder by death squads for a few old European rulers and companies like United Fruit Company in Guatamala (1953-1990).  


Apparently ‘values’ many politicians and mainstream media people display today include the value of lying and the promotion of mythical lies—yes the very philosophy of strong-arm Leo Straus and his Neo-Con-Artist students.  If you don’t know about the political philosophy of Leo Straus and his admiration of Machiavelli you need to learn about his philosophy—that too many of the American elite and politicians take to heart, such as the belief that the masses must be lied to, and that some “Noble Lie” must be promoted.  In this case our noble lie is that America stands for justice and the promotion of Democracy (which in reality of its actions it does not).


Both Romney and Ryan act as Straussians (which is not to say Obama does not because he claims we are promoting Democracy when instead we are fighting for Corporatism, Plutocracy, Resource Greed, Zionism and Militarism (merchants of death profiteering by war middle and lower socioeconomic classes die fighting and suffering).


The Paul Ryan announcement for Vice President took away media heat (there wasn’t any in MSM) off the story about Mitt Romney taking money from death squad leaders in Central American in the 1980s to get Bain Capital off the ground (see DemocracyNow.Org story on “Romney’s Death Squad Ties: Bain Launched with Millions from Oligarchs Behind Salvadoran Atrocities”).


Then there was a leaked video on YouTube forced to close it down: :Romney admits to using Chinese slave labor at Bain Capital” (still can be found elsewhere)?  Or how about Romney going overseas to accept donations from foreigners (which is illegal)?



Yet what is pernicious about Paul Ryan is his capacity to bring on seemingly well-crafted allegations in sophistic manner, and to speak to the American public with the kind of seemingly rational slogans they love to hear.  Given the levels of ideological distortion built up in this country Ryan is a serious threat to anything less than what is truly candid.


So we need deeper thinking on some so-called libertarian assumptions related to concepts of freedom and liberty, including and especially freedom of business operation and property rights of business shareholders.  Someone needs to make a case that there are values besides personal freedom and the sanctity of property rights that must be recognized in any society.


Ron Paul was very correct in his instinctual distrust of big government.  But he is wrong in his all-too-trusting fondness for unfettered liberty for corporate America and the investor class (too little did he criticize business enterprise save banks).  Corporations, that is, big business such as International Corporations, are as potentially dangerous as are Governments.  Equally so are Religions, as dogmas, also as potentially dangerous as are Governments and Corporations.  So Ron Paul took a big step for mankind making it axiomatic that too much government is steeped in corrupt possibility (which we all clearly see).  Thank you Ron Paul for all your service and integrity (and please do continue on as most Americans are on YOUR side).  But still as much as you have studied economics you don’t know it all Ron.  Theory and idealist ideology is one thing—but reality can be another.


It is those absolutist lovers of Ayn Rand, true believers of ‘real’ individualism, admirers of pulling up one’s bootstraps and making one’s own bed, are people we need to focus as also deluded to ideology.  Surely people have capacity to determine, to some extent, and sometimes to a great extent, their own fates—and this responsibility is very important.  (And yet the majority of people accept that as common sense.)


But Ayn Rand was an extremist reaction to the collectivist notions of Stalin’s authoritarianism.  She was not, nor can ever likely be, some middle of the road form of centric sanity.  This is not to say her notions are not important—they especially are—but they must be equally weighed against other considerations of larger realities than her ‘ego’ perspective.  Many people cannot just simply create their own circumstances as if the imagination were the same as reality.  And notice Rand was not a deity.  She was mere mortal like all who argue to persuade.  (And yet due to general naiveté on the part of many Americans we have tendency to become fanatical about one form of ideology or another; and then we can switch pell-mell whenever it serves our purposes—irrespective of consistency).


Note:  It should be recognized that not only was Ayn Rand an émigré atheist she was radically so (and feminist).  How ironic for so many so-called Christians to believe in her absolutism and still think they know everything there is to know about economics, public policy and social responsibility?  (No narrow-minded fanaticism here?)


Likely, if Ayn Rand was such a lover of individualism, she could agree with the following statement:


At this point in history, given man’s inherent evil, ignorance, fear and constant anxiety, as well as his greed, capacity for crime and conspiracy, and given man’s inherent limitations, such as he gloms onto deceit and self-deceit, it would be sane to suggest the human race has proved itself a failure.  So maybe all future pregnancies should be aborted until the human population of mankind extinguishes itself.


This is what a true individualist does—speaks like an iconoclast.  He or she goes against the grain of conformity, becomes contrarian, and suffers as one not likely to be accepted by any herd mentality of any majority.  This is what Ayn Rand is supposed to represent—not some “religio-collectivist” notion that all embryos are sacred and must live out in any crazy culture even if that culture would be diagnosed as schizophrenic.


And even if Rand did not exactly agree with the idea of Homo sapient failure, she certainly would believe the individual has right to differ from the majority with free speech (something Republicans find very hard to tolerate).  Today a politician can’t even be intellectually wrong about some factual details regarding rape and chances of birth—as if every politician should know every crucial detail to every important matter (or the sanctimonious truth squads on both sides of the fence will hound the ends of the earth)?  To think Karl Rove would play Capo with threat with Atkin’s (even if a joke) shows us a level of Republican intolerance.


Instead of slicing and dicing concepts on abortion maybe we should be asking questions like:  “What truly sane child, given some magic ability to choose before actually being conceived, would really want to be born in this world with so many social and political troubles?”  How many kids today really like the plate they have been so duly handed by their parents?


Instead we have a generation of conformers who claim to “worship” the notion the individual and his or her “ego” is now the supreme entity of the universe.  Personal striving, achievement, satisfaction becomes the new religion.  We can all be self-centered and focused on what-is-in-it-for-me.  It is all about personal glory of individualism?  Instead of a God and duty to others we have endless pursuit to satisfy the unlimited demands of the ego and id as our new mantra (within the myth of an economic culture that lets the best, brightest and most merit-worthy rise to stardom).


Steve Jobs deserved all his billions.  Those Chinese workers didn’t build any of ‘his’ company’s market-share.  No it was strictly his cunning intellect, and the fact he provided very few American jobs that paid anything.  Sure he had entrepreneurial spirit and perseverance.  So do many people who fail trying to start a company, as well as those who join the entrepreneurial team after the hard risks and personal sweat days are past gone (most employees).


But still hey let’s have a Hate Dolly Parton Day!  How dare her suggest in a hit song Working Nine to Five some office workers feel they are not getting compensated fairly!  Didn’t she know it was strictly the top inner circle of managers and stock investors are the only ones that built the company to what it was worth—and it reasonably they be paid 400 times as much as the average employee?  Your daily-grind, as mere peasants, has little to do with business success?


Rather it’s all about property rights of investors to move money any and everywhere, free from all fetters, governments, and ethical considerations.  Dolly Parton must be a crypto-Communist with her song whining about drinking a cup of ambition and never getting credit.  Call in to Rush Limbaugh!  Call the Un-American Activities Committee and tell Ryan’s Wisconsin ghost Joseph McCarthy!


Nobody lives in vacuum.  All civil realities including businesses are social realities.  All people and activities are affected by other cultural realities—including the many tax dollars that government gives businesses as incentives and breaks.


And to advocate for freedom from business regulation as to advocate for no, or few, laws for business, which is more or less the equivalent of advocating for anarchy (but their phrase is less regulation).  How many of these freedom fighters are arguing for less laws or regulations for personal liberty?


Why should human people have to obey rules and regulations set to harmonize society?  Obviously that goes against the ideal of libertarian freedom—the oppressive notion that people should be subject to some regulation?  Maybe Jane wants to drive her car 120 miles an hour?  Maybe she doesn’t want to follow the rules of the road because there are too many stop signals?  Maybe Harry wants to destroy his neighbor’s broken fence as eyesore?  So let’s argue there are way too much regulation (read law) controlling people—who are ed worthy of the sacrosanct natural rights inherent in mankind!  (How many caterpillars and nematodes argue about “natural rights” while being sprayed with pesticides?) 


Still Ron Paul is correct in pointing out a deep tendency for over-regulation and intrusion on freedom and personal liberty; but this cockamamie notion that business people and investors should be able to do whatever they want is ludicrous—more importantly it is criminal—which is one reason why this country and its pseudo-intellectuals thrive with so much self-righteousness and feel they can sneer about offended “American Values”.  


We need to be witness to watch Mark Achbar’ excellent and highly worthy documentary The Corporation to reacquaint ourselves to a Corporation’s incapacity to care about human ethics.  We need to rediscover the definition of a psychopath as defined in this movie from professional classification criteria.


Ayn Rand followers live in an urban myth: they want to believe that whatever happens to me in my life is solely because of what I decide to do about it and how I operate.  As if one is solely responsible for everything that happens in one’s life.  (Only humans are so conceited to conceit the attitude their wills and intellects are so dominant a force in the complexity of life’s web that they are the ultimate determinates of practically everything.)


Equally they are consequently also ready to blame the individual as unworthy if living on the streets or sentenced to America’s huge prison complex, as big tax drain for more privatization (and never, or seldom, is society or other circumstances beyond personal control at fault).  It’s all fair.  Everyone has equal opportunity.  Sure and give me some tax-free inheritance money please.


This is why Ryan blames Obama for the current economy.  Obama should miraculously turn around the massive habits of millions of people, and billions of dollars of investment money that moves freely around the world, and decades of business trends and infrastructure realities, and all such related assumption in a mere few years?  (If you can be convinced in the power of miracles than nothing more needs be expressed.  Amen.)


Bankers had nothing to do with the economy over the decades?  Mortgage lenders are not to blame?  People who created a multiplicity of financial instruments are not to be focused?  And of course all Senate and House legislators who created a multiplicity of legislation over the last several decades are innocent?  Plus massive dept of war and illegal invasion has nothing to do with it (which the legislative bodies are currently conspiring for more of Israel’s demands).  It is simply because the President is guilty as charged by some in the MSM and radio talk show illusion.


Finally, we need to avoid Mitt Romney because Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu thinks he is the king who will decide our next President.  He plies his own brand of terrorism treat of eminent war with Iran (scaring the entire world).  This is reason enough to vote again for President Barack Obama.


And sure Israel can attack whoever it wants but it should know the U.S. can equally break any previous agreement it has with Israel as well.  Existential threat you say—well if ya’ll decide to attack then make it the “real” World War to end all wars.


We must teach our elderly people they have been lied to over and over again.