The American revolution

During the past eight years, most Americans have been silently enduring a sharp decrease in their living standards and their freedoms.
Since the 9/11 attacks, the world has not been the same; this is especially true for the United States.
The cost of the Iraq war and the so-called war on terrorism is being paid by American citizens in terms of higher living costs, a slowing economy, higher unemployment, longer working hours, more controls, and more threats to their privacy.
For years, most Americans have silently made sacrifices in these areas for the sake of a better and a safer America, and world.
At least that's was they thought. Now, they seem to be taking a fresh look at things.
After years of sacrifices, suffering and humiliation at seeing their currency plummet, ordinary Americans are bowing their heads while travelling abroad with their dramatically downgraded and cheap dollars.
One of the biggest humiliations has been seeing signs in the heart of the financial center, New York City, saying "Euro
currency is preferred."
Consumption of antidepressive pills is at its highest level, and unexplainable killings by crazy people who later commit suicide seems to be turning into an epidemic.
The housing slump has been dramatic, and has sent thousands and thousands into bankrupcy; desperate people are cheated by the banks and sick patients are being kicked out of hospitals for lack of payment.

There is no doubt these are hard times for Americans.
The bright economic era of the Clinton administration is now seen as an old, sweet dream, a very distant one.
All this frustration has been coming out in the past months; the economy is worse than ever, the sacrifice of thousands of Americans in the war against terrorism is not bearing any fruit; and the world seems more insecure and turbulent than ever.
Most Americans are fed up. They cannot stand any more. President Bush's popularity has dropped from over 80% in 2001 to just over 20%, the biggest slump in popularity of any American president.
How can we blame them ? Patience is not unlimited.

Many analysts, as well as ordinary citizens around the world, are surprised by the "hurricane" which is sweeping the United States. Hurricane Obama seems to be getting stronger and stronger, almost unstoppable.
In the past few days, the gains have been spectacular, and Obama has swept states with clear white majority populations.
There is no doubt, in my opinion, that we are experiencing a true American revolution. Yes, a popular democractic revolution of people who really want to speak their voice, and express their frustration.
Americans are tired of being cheated and used as perennial patriots for the sake of humanity; they are just suffering,
and in exchange they are hated by the whole world.
Why should ordinary citizens pay for their government's mistakes and ineptitude ?
Why should a humble American worker sacrifice and work a whole year, only to take two weeks of holiday in France or Brasil or China and be screamed at: "Assassin, go home!"

Is there a godly plan in which American citizens are doomed to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the world?
They are saying: "Give us a break! We have had enough of this story! Let me live in peace, dammit!"

Hillary Clinton accuses Barack Obama of cheap talk, but without any result: Obama seems unstoppable, an avalanche which is just getting bigger and bigger while rolling down the slope.

There is a will for change in American society. For the first time in a long time, this will is being strongly demonstrated.
People are angry, and see Obama as one of them, far from the political elite which is seen with distrust.
Americans are hungry for a change, a big one. Many are comparing Obama to Kennedy, others to Martin Luther King.
Obama 's speeches seem to absorb energy from the people around him and in turn people seem to absorb the energy of his speeches.
We can call it a popular revolution. Obama may or may not win, but this is a huge signal that something bigger is coming. People are waking up and want a country they can feel is theirs again.

God bless the American Revolution!