We need a world in which no one has to live in fear of being arbitrarily arrested by the state police of a tyrannical government. 


The men in control of totalitarian regimes, such as dictators like Gaddafi, or the controlling cliques of one party states, such as China, are generally nothing but gangsters.  In fact they are the world’s top gangsters having acquired unlimited power, privilege, wealth and total control of millions of ordinary people.  Being determined to keep their gains they create repressive state laws and brutal state police to enforce them.  They epitomize evil.  If there was only one totalitarian state in the world it would be one too many. 


We need a world in which everyone has the right to live in freedom and it is quite feasible that this could be attained.


The way not to attain this is through the UN which is flawed, unwieldly and often ineffective.  Many of its members are tyrannical regimes each possessing a vote. China and Russia also possess the Veto, often rendering the Security Council useless.


It should be the right of every person on planet Earth to live in freedom with the right to express thoughts and opinions without fear of persecution, and the right to vote on an ongoing basis for representative government.   This can only be achieved within a democracy and it should be the aim of all good people to bring about a world where all governments are democratic.


I think that the democracies should form a new world body with the purpose of establishing democratic governments throughout the world and the exclusion of totalitarian regimes forever.


Such a new democratically based world body or association could run on par with the UN and eventually replace it.  It could pass resolutions, or not, as in the UN, and being based on democratically elected governments would have more validity for legality than a UN corrupted with totalitarian regimes.


It should not be too difficult to attain a world in which everyone lives in freedom within a democracy in a reasonable period of time, as it is what most ordinary people desire.   Oppressed people, the world over, yearn for democracy, and given half a chance will destroy or otherwise remove their self appointed rulers.


The new world democratic body should provide all means of assistance, including armed force as necessary, to help people everywhere attain and maintain freedom.  Naturally there could be no question of conflict with China for instance, and democracy here can only be encouraged to evolve in other ways, such as by world opinion, persuasion, economic pressures etc.


Probably the most important first step would be a declaration of basic rights of freedom under democracy for every world citizen.


                                                                                                                    Harry Dison